being human meme


Something about David that makes him particularly good, I think, is a complete lack of ego. He doesn’t try and force anything on it, it’s completely natural. And believable. And you want to believe him as well. I think, in the end, there’s just something so open about him, it just really welcomes people in. You find yourself drawn to the screen, and then you sit down and you stay because you want to spend that hour with him.

another meme I will never finish | [1/5] actors ♡ d a v i d  t e n n a n t
  • Jungkook: You and Hoseok are pretty close huh? *Wiggles eyebrows*
  • Yoongi: *Sighs* Stop that. And yeah. He's like my vitamin D supplement.
  • Jungkook: Why? Because he supplies you with all the D you need? *Winks*
  • Yoongi: No that's not what I meant. It's because he is like the sun.
  • Jungkook: Oh...
  • Yoongi: Yeah. I mean he only gives me like half the D I need.

rucas meme ♥ [1/8] quotes 

“hey jexica, my name is lucas friar! i have to choose between two girls. and i thought that i liked them both, but what i really love is that you want to ride unicorns while eating cotton candy and collecting falling stars. i think you would fit in with our group of friends but please don’t tell them i invited you.”


Get To Know Me Meme: Current Celebrity Crushes [2/5] Hilarie Burton

“I don’t engage in social media, which has its good and bad sides, I guess - but the good side is when people hate my guts, I’m kind of oblivious to it.“

let’s support both of our akaashi’s, m’kay?

The Foxes as things my mom and I have said to each other

Neil: Listen Mom, if that’s even your real name…

Andrew: *Gently kisses forehead* I don’t even like you.

Kevin: I haven’t had enough alcohol to survive this.

Nicky: *is endlessly supportive in all of my life pursuits and struggles* what a pretty [craft]. This’ll look lovely hanging in your nice padded room when you’re older.

Matt: Want me to fight them? I know people in low places.

Dan: *first date with my father* *finishes his steak*

Renee: the two most often repeated messages of the Bible are “love everyone” and “mind your own damn business.”

Aaron: Why am I the one doing this? We’re both only 5 feet!

Allison: *casually drops hundreds into my bank account when I’m broke as af*

Seth: I don’t care. I want someone to fight me. (This was my mom, btw)

Wymack: me- *cuddling animals* this is the happiest I’ve ever been. her- I don’t care about your happiness hurry up and come outside.

Abby: Unless there’s blood, I don’t want to hear about it.

Riko & Ichirou: me- I can’t I got…rabies. her- (sweetly) I’ll put you down after work.


get to know me meme [5/5] favourite bands: GLASS ANIMALS
“You see the sad in everything a, genius of love and loneliness and, this time you overdid the liquor, this time you pulled the fucking trigger.”