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Inside the World’s Greatest Scavenger Hunt, Part 1

Yahoo Finance’s David Pogue spoke to Misha Collins, star of the CW series “Super Natural,” and creator of the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen.


AKB48 General Election Official Guidebook 2016 - Iriyama Anna

I once again want to participate and give something back

014 Iriyama Anna Age 20 AKB48 Team A
[Predicted rank] 10th place    [Last year’s ranking] non-participation

The cool beauty of AKB48 who didn’t run last year returned to the biggest event of the group that is the general election. After charging up her power, she will suprass the 20th place that she got in the year before last!

I was able to go on being in AKB48 because the fans were there.

  For Iriyama, this year’s general election will be her first run in two years. First of all, we will hear her talk about her reason for not running for the general election last year.

“I felt a bit inferior in anyway to run for the election since I didn’t participate in the handshake event nor worked on the same activities as everyone. Besides, if by not running for the election the posibilities for the other members to get hold of a chance to rank increase, then that will benefit AKB48. That is why I didn’t run for the general election last year.”

  There are several reasons why she decided to run for the general election this year.

“The first one is because of what I feel. Last year, I have been able to put my feelings in order by not participating in the handshake event and not running for the election, but this year, even though I didn’t participate in the handshake event, I was able to deal with my feelings that led me to make a decision to run for the election. The second reason which also the biggest reason is because I want to repay the fans’ who has been supporting me for the two years. To tell you the truth, because of "that incident”, I have thought about leaving AKB48. But, because of the fans’ encouragement that told me, “Don’t leave” I have been able to go on. However, because I can’t take part to handshake events, there’s no place for me to share my feelings with those very fans (that supported me). And they probably developed the same feelings as mine, as though there’s no place for us to go. Therefore, as I run for the general election, regardless what ranking will I get, I want us to mutually think, “Even though many things happened, we’ve always done our best together!”“

I want to see the new sight with the current AKB48.

  There are more reasons why she decided to run for the election.

"I watched last year’s general election with Ricchan and it was genuinely fun. I felt doki doki while wondering what rank will they get since I also voted the same gen members and this was the first time I thought that the general election was so much fun like a festival (lol). Also, I remember I was very happy when AKB48’s members’ name got called. I indeed love AKB48. Therefore, this year I thought I would like to once again experience such a fun and interesting event. And so, I thought, "Let’s enjoy it with the fans”.“

Now, I want to enjoy my life and live more like a human being.

  The mental growth that happened behind the scenes (in private) has let her to grow accostumed to enjoy herself.

"After all, hardships change people (wry smile). It made me start to think about life and made me think, "Let’s enjoy our lives and live more like a human being!”. Therefore, even though I’m originally a shy person, I thought it’s a waste of time by being all shy. If I don’t participate in the general election, I won’t be able to enjoy it and I won’t be able recall it. And so, now, whatever the result is, I can confidently accept it. Even though at one time in the past when I was predicted to be the 77th, I was so depressed thinking, “I’m finished. There’s no use for me to be in AKB48”, now, I have no thoughts like that at all. Because no matter what the result is, 10 years later, it definitely will be fond memories which I surely will laugh at when I’m talking about it. Now, I’m sure of myself and I have more confidence as a human being than I ever had. Even though in the past, I had no confidence at all in myself (lol)“

  And then, because of the root of all her reasons which is her love for AKB48, she want to see the new sight.

"In the 10th anniversary’s the theater performance, Yuihan who was officially appointed to be the new general manager said, "We have to cross over what AKB48 has achieved until now”. I was like, “Wow! That’s very cool!” and practically moved. When I heard her speech, I thought, “I want to see the sight of the new AKB48 together with Yuihan”. Do I have to say it to her? Of course, I have to! And so, after I told her that she replied, “I’m very happy to hear you said that. Geez, you try to make cry~!” (lol).“

  This magazine predicted Iriyama Anna to be ranked the 14th which means that she’ll be ranked up 6 position from two years ago. When we told her that, she asserted that with a smile.

"If I rank the 14th for real, I’ll have to give the best back to the fans!”.

⚫ Run for the general election after two years
⚫ Active as an actress such as playing in the drama “Siren”
⚫ Also settled in the senbatsu as in charge of the visual

► “I appeared in the drama "Siren” and was inspired the the co-stars. Since I didn’t run for the election last year, this year, I want to repay the fans for the last two years and I want to enjoy it the election".

⬛ “My work as an actress is fulfilling such as appearing in dramas and the movie "9 Windows” while I play an active part as the regular senbatsu. People will have an expectation on me in my run for the general election after two years".

As always, thanks to the wonderful @mirokuu48 for the great help!