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He’s gonna kill you! (…) I can change this. Right there! Right there! Who talks to somebody they love like that? I should’ve never said yes to you, Danny. I should’ve never said yes to any of this. Oh my God! I finally feel like myself! I’m leaving you, Danny. / Are you ready to move in together? Feel the brotherly love! / Yesterday, you were completely into the idea of us moving in together and helping each other. The only difference is, instead of two monsters, three! So, look, a minute ago, you loved this place. If anything, you should love it even more. It comes with its own guardian angel. / Whoa! White butt! White butt! Sorry! I’m sorry! / - You don’t know what this curse is yet. You don’t. You don’t know what I’ve done to you. The wolf doesn’t just change you physically. It changes who you are. - Well, there’s strength in numbers, right? (…) Josh… I’m with you. Always. / - I was attracted to you. I flirted with you! So, obviously, we must’ve… - No. We obviously mustn’t’ve. We don’t sleep together. / Oh, my god. I changed you! The Aidan that I love… that I’ve always loved… would never give up on Josh. I don’t think that we’re meant to be together! We’re supposed to be roommates. / I forgive you. I love you.

Being Human (US) 4x08 - Rewind, Rewind…

Here’s How Benedict Cumberbatch Became Smaug In ‘The Hobbit’

How do you play a giant dragon when you’re a mere human? By being Benedict Cumberbatch, of course.

In new behind-the-scenes footage from “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” released as part of the Extended Edition Blu-Ray out on Nov. 3, we find out what really went into creating the greedy dragon