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Hey Clockie,
After “Room For Ruby"I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about gems who have their gem on their navel and how they have the capacity to deceive people but they only seem to mention Rose and Navy…excluding Pink Diamond from that list. She has a navel gem too, so does that mean that she also could be deceptive? What are your thoughts?

It also fails to include Steven, Skinny Jasper, numerous aristocrats we see in The Answer, Smoky Quartz, and Rainbow Quartz.

I think that it’s very funny as much as canon has taken a very strong stance that no two people are going to be interchangeable or identical that the fandom puts a lot of emphasis on trying to categorize Gems.

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Explore Season 7 of Game of Thrones with Inside GoT: A Story in Cloth Screenshots Part 3


Arya in her ragged clothes not quite yet North, i’m guessing going through the Riverlands at this stage with her Ned Stark hair. I wish we got to see more of the outfit she wore on the EW cover but i’m guessing that’s the later half.

Jon The first picture in Winterfell I believe, being his broody honourable self. The other two pictures I believe from the grassy hill that looks undeniably similar to the grassy hill Tyrion was walking upon in the trailer and Emilia posted a IG picture of herself battling the strong winds on that grassy hill. I believe it’s in Dragonstone, whether Kit is filming a scene there, having a photoshoot or just posing I don’t know but Jon looks adorable anyway like his struggling to look good and also not let the wind carry him away.

Dany looking incredible in her throne room in Dragonstone and at her map table, I’m really digging this variation of many of her new Targaryen outfit. I love how the red is not only the cape but threaded through her black dress as well, it’s stunning. No wonder Jon is unable to resist her lol.

bloodredmoon87  asked:

Bodyguard scenarios (HAHA LOOK AT ME BEING SUBTLE!), masks, names and address, secret admirers and tattoos for Romanogers, of course. ;)

(for my kink meme)

Okay, so I lagged on writing this and that’s nothing new but, YES THANK YOU FOR BRINGING US BACK TO THE ROYAL ‘VERSE!! Confession: I’ve actually been working on a fic about how Bodyguard Steve and Princess Nat meet and get together and all that jazz, but I keep rewriting everything because I can’t make up my mind! I promise I haven’t forgotten about this ‘verse, though :D

Her gown is a champagne paillette Oscar de la Renta that her parents had made for her to wear to the masquerade, and she knows that it must have an impressive price tag. It’s gorgeous, and she absolutely shouldn’t be tossing it onto the floor of her hotel suite like some dress she picked off a rack, but. She can’t really focus on anything other than Steve’s lips on her skin, kissing down the column of her throat, across her collarbone, above the dip of her breasts, his hands fumbling to tug her dress off. There’s something a little more urgent about the way he’s touching her, a little more forceful, and god, does she love it. Steve is a gentleman through and through, but he’s not afraid to be a little rough with her now that he knows she likes it, and he respects her way too much to treat her like she’d break if he made one wrong move.

And, okay. She knows part of his forcefulness has to do with the fact that he’d spent all night hovering nearby while guys kissed her hand and her cheek and blatantly flirted with her, even though she hadn’t made any advances of her own. She wouldn’t, because she’d never, ever do that to Steve. But it’s not like she can come out and tell everyone that the princess is having an affair with her bodyguard.

God. The media would never let her live that one down.

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The RFA’s Love Live headcanons

a post that no one asked for but i really need to do


  • His best girl is definitely Chika
  • Like he really loves how hardworking and passionate she is about being an idol? He can really relate to her with that
  • Honestly though like I feel that his worst girl would be Nico? Like he’s the kind of person that actually doesn’t like her
  • He thinks she’s annoying and her “nico-nico-ni” thing got old really quick
  • But Seven wastes no time calling him out for acting a lot like her
  • He like Honk from m’s but when Chika came along, he fell in love
  • As for sif, he’s not the most hardcore player, he’s mostly free to play, but for certain sets he likes he’ll spend some money to make sure he gets the cards he likes
  • He struggles to get any higher than a C combo on Mermaid Festa Vol. 2, so he gives up after like 15 tries
  • He’s the type to give up trying to FC songs if it takes more than 5-10 tries


  • He loves them all equally how can you expect him to choose a best girl???
  • Like, he loves Hanayo, what with hwo much she nerds out over idols, but so does Dia, so she’s adorable too?!! But also Nozomi’s really funny with her cards, but Yohane fell out of a tree when she was introduced how could he not love her? And don’t even get him started on Eli-
  • He’s the type of person that doesn’t save up loveca for certain sets, so he just does a 10+1 every time he has enough
  • But nearly every time he scouts, he gets a UR.
  • When the Taisho Romance set first came out on JP, Zen sold his soul saving for Honoka when she came out on WW, he had over ten pulls, but he didn’t get her rip but Yoosung got two copies of her in one pull
  • His luck is incredible
  • Yoosung had to avoid Zen for a good few days after that
  • Zen never forgets


  • Dia Kurosawa
  • It was like love at first sight
  • When she saw the introductions for Aqours, Dia immediately got her attention, and she couldn’t help but find her self-introduction adorable, as well as be incredibly interested in her hobbies and skills
  • And when the anime started airing hoo boy
  • If it were possible, she fell for Dia even more.  Not only did she relate to her, with her being a student council president and everything, but as soon as Dia started nerding out over m’s, she was hooked
  • By the time Dia’s initial UR came out, she had over 1000 loveca saved up mostly free to play, and a little paid
  • Thankfully she did get her (twice)
  • That was the only time any of the RFA ever saw her cry


  • Rin. Just. Rin
  • He completely unironically starts saying “nya” all the time
  • Rest in fucking pieces Jaehee
  • He tries playing the game, but oh my god. He’s so bad at it. Like?? can’t even fc a normal song, rip in peace the first time he plays master
  • But he refuses to be bad at it
  • He will become a whale to make his teams full of healers and plocks so he can pass all the songs
  • Ends up fcing fucking Mermaid Festa master just from the amount of plocks he has
  • *Whispering* “Assistant Kang, what’s my Itunes password again?”
  • “Mr. Han… you can’t keep using company funds to buy loveca, you’re going to get us both arrested.”
  • “I won’t tell if you won’t.”


  • Is it really a question?? Eli. His best girl is Eli
  • It started somewhat as a joke to get on Jumin’s nerves, but he quickly became the “my girl is the best girl” guy
  • The fact that Eli has one of the best voices only makes him more adamant about that
  • Can you say “whale”
  • Nico Equal Love Live? Tsunamy Wave? Are you even trying???
  • When he first got into SIF, his goal quickly came to be in the top ten for rankings every day
  • He also has all of Eli’s URs idolized
  • And full UR teams
  • Full of score ups at level 8
  • Seven take a break for one goddamn day
Favorite Character: Obi

So, my favorite character in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is Obi. 

Why Obi?

He’s fantastic! Shall I count the ways?

Okay, so for one thing cat-like eyes, cat-like eyes!!!

And he’s the sass-master general from the get-go. 

He’s a badass. 

Like, doing flips and shit. 

Like, he can hit the place in front of someone’s face as they run.

Like, he can move really quickly and accurately. 

Like, he’s a ninja in all but name. 


Like, he’s always there to catch “Miss” when she falls.

There’s so much more to say in that department but I’m moving on now.

Because it’s beyond that.

Because he starts off being a less than perfect character and we get to watch him become a gentleman; dedicated to those around him. Gentle and kind.

And he flirts with everyone, which is unbelievably entertaining to watch. But it’s only teasing.

And most of all, he has an incredible self-restraint. 

He’s definitely fallen for “Miss” (Shirayuki) you can tell. In his eyes when he looks at her. You can see the love and adoration. He never blushes, but you can see it in his eyes. But it is this adoration that causes his self-restraint. 

He cares for her enough to say nothing about it. 

He is so happy for Shirayuki and Zen and respects their relationship enough that he keeps it in. 

He might even ship them as much as the actual fandom. It’s painful to watch when you see his perspective, but even though he probably longs for her, he is content to save her and be a friend, ignoring his feelings.

That takes more self-restraint than I think most regular people could even dream of having.

I love his character, and I’m glad that he met the other characters, because they helped mold him into the man he is now.


officially my new favorite paramore video. hayley forgets the lyrics to “be alone” but the way she handles it is adorable. i’ve never seen her so happy onstage!

close-up videos like this really highlight what an incredible performer hayley is (and shoutout to taylor for being his usual flawless self)

The Legend of Korra and Gender Representation

Just a very informal piece on gender in the series and one reason why I love the show so much:

Korra reflects the kind of woman we’re never allowed to admire. She’s independent, she lets the world know she’s angry, she raises her voice, and she doesn’t apologize unless she actually hurts someone.

She loves to fight. Loves it to the core. Where many female characters express themselves through art, music, dance, and generally the more delicate forms of expression, Korra throws her fists with a grin on her face. She adores sports. A speeding car makes her heart beat faster. She accepts her challenges and charges at them head-on.

She struggles with admitting fear, and this does hurt her. Much of the show focuses on this. Korra’s strength is very much physical, and this is a trait typically portrayed by men. I’ve read criticisms of this aspect of Korra’s personality: that her pronouns could be replaced with male ones and her character wouldn’t be much different. The thing is, Korra represents a kind of woman who does exist, very commonly, in the real world.

I’m an example, and women I typically find myself attracted to possess these characteristics. I look up to Korra, not just because she’s physically strong and courageous, but because she manages to overcome her weaknesses and become such a well-rounded individual. She actually grows and learns and overcomes, something I’ve yet to do in many ways.

Korra made me realize it’s okay for me to build muscle as easily as I do and that it’s okay to show it off and be proud of it. That it’s okay that my legs are thick because they’re strong. That it’s okay to get angry and let myself be heard, and that it’s also okay to be absolutely terrified of the problems I face.

Despite all of her characteristics that are usually attributed to male characters, Korra is still very much a woman. She identifies strongly and obviously as such. She doesn’t try to be anything other than herself; physically strong as emotionally expressive. She maintains a hard edge while at the same time being unbearably adorable.

Korra has been crafted so well as a female character. This is so incredibly important. She breaks every single gender expectation without calling any attention to this fact.

And there are so many other characters in the show who do the same. Asami and Bolin both break the mold. Asami flaunts her physical beauty and sexual allure but she does it entirely for herself. She’s incredibly independent, deeply brilliant and analytic, and the fact that she can easily defend herself in a physical confrontation doesn’t define her. She doesn’t flaunt this fact, and uses her strength for self-defense. She represents another kind of woman, taking the image of a shallow socialite and revealing a fully-developed, three-dimensional character. She shows that a woman can be sexy, flirty, and social while at the same time possessing other qualities that make her unique and strong.

Bolin appears to be the typical air-headed, girl-crazed jock, who turns out to be very much in touch with his emotions. He expresses himself openly, freely, and shamelessly. His range of emotions is full and varied, and this reminds us of the importance in encouraging boys to be emotionally expressive as well as girls. Bolin is powerful, loyal, and deeply caring, while still openly crying at times and squealing with excitement at others.

Mako appears as the typical brooding teenager with a dark past. He does indeed have a dark past burdened with heavy responsibilities no child should bear. However, he doesn’t let the fact that he’s had to rely on morally ambiguous means to survive ruin him. He makes mistakes throughout the series but he learns and grows because of them, and he does learn to open up as his arc unfolds. Mako is deeply rooted in typical masculine traits, and that is perfectly okay. Mako treats his friends with the love and respect they deserve and never uses his past as an excuse to abuse anyone.

I love what Konietzko and DiMartino have done to represent the spectrum of gender expression in both A:TLA and LOK. They’ve created deeply well-rounded characters whose identities don’t depend on tropes for their genders, but whose genders are still an integral part of who they are. Not once is Korra criticized or questioned for her brazen personality, nor Asami for her flirtatious nature, Bolin for his expression of emotion, or Mako for his silent attitude. And that this is all written with a young audience in mind is beyond important. Kids get to grow up with a new representation of men and women: people who can be just who they are without having to follow any kind of expectation for behavior regarding their gender.

I can’t wait to see what kind of writing comes out in the next couple of generations.  

k but Iris West

I’m mainlining The Flash before the season finale (I’m done ep 3) and HOW is Iris West so perfect? literally the minute she bounced in all date-canceling for Barry’s atom smasher smashing and eating his fries - Best Friends Who are Naturally ALL up in each others GRILL yes give this to me!

And she’s just so earnest (like Barry!) and SMILEY and warm omg so warm Candice Patton just radiates this subtle warmth when interacting w/ people on this show ESPECIALLY BARRY w o w the character of Iris is always showering him with love like what did Barry do to deserve this absolute angel loving him all the time? Even when she tells him to get a girlfriend it’s said in such a loving/teasing manner, when they’re on the way to STAR and she tells him she wants him to find #therightperson that gets how amazing he is (but look at how she’s looking at him!), “Iris, yes. She came to see you quite often,” when she leaps into his arms in that frickin’ ROMANTIC MOVIE-ESQUE MOMENT in the cafe, jumping in and defending him when her dad is pretty coldly laying into Barry about his dad’s guiltiness, the way she swings her arm into his when they’re #journalisming at Stagg’s award thing (looking completely married btw), her not letting go of his arm/back post-faint until they reach Eddie inside (& then her arm finally drops), baby!Iris lying to Joe just so baby!Barry can run to prison and see his Dad, “Ever since I have known you you have believed in the impossible. What if you were right? What if you were right about the night that your mom died?” (and it could be proven b/c of this streak guy omg barry get excited!), you’re being self-deprecating about how you’re a complete dork about zombie ants but you shouldn’t b/c “you are still the cutest nerd that I know!”

She just…CARES about him SO MUCH I hope the rest of this show is just Barry Allen appreciating how blessed he is to have her constantly loving him the way she does. This must be such a big thing for him ever since he lost his whole family that night. Has he ever consciously expressed how incredibly important having Iris adore him his whole life is, considering how he could have emotionally shut down after such a scarring event at a young age? From the things Henry Allen was saying when being interrogated it sounds like the Wests and Allens weren’t really close family friend type things between the parents, it was Barry and Iris being BFFs. Which means it was not Joe’s respect/caring for Nora and Henry that brought Barry to live with them, 11-YEAR OLD IRIS’ RELATIONSHIP WITH BARRY IS WHY BARRY IS WHO HE IS TODAY LMAO BYYEE.

also she’s HOT as HELL like holy shit she is BEAUTIFUL but that’s just obvious I don’t even need to mention it. she’s the definition of #goals in every aspect.

It’s a misogynoir thing.

So, lots of people think that the most important things for a female character to be are relatable, sexually available and likable.

- Iris, though a very interesting, driven character just isn’t relatable enough for a large amount of viewers. This is because they see themselves as underdogs and Iris is too confident and self-assured to be the awkward nerdy girl. This is also because she’s black and being black means that people who are unwilling to identify with black people will blame their lack of empathy on bad characterisation or writing.

- Iris has her own sustained romantic plot line with someone who *gasp* isn’t the hero. Whilst it’s fairly clear that she’s in love with the hero and a relationship will one day start on their terms to many people Iris shouldn’t be able to choose who she’s in a relationship or who she screws if Barry desires her.

- Iris is a character who is adorable, funny, smart but she’s also self assured and that kills people. They’re fine with a woman being supermodel beautiful, incredibly feminine in their dress sense and having a plethora of good qualities as long as it only exists for the men in her life. Iris is amazing for herself and that hurts people a lot.

But furthermore Iris is all of these things and more. She’s stubborn, frustrated, private, independent and at times foolhardy. These are qualities that would be applauded as fleshing out her character if she was not Iris West, but instead they’re used as proof to why she’s even worse than actual murders.

Iris West hate is unfounded and transparently entrenched in age old ideas of what a black woman and a ‘love interest’ should be.

Legend of Korra Analysis - Parallels between Korrasami and Beauty & the Beast

Considering how I wrote multiple essays on Kill la Kill when it aired and put down my own speculations and interpretations of certain relationships in that show (i.e. RyuMako), I’m actually very surprised that I haven’t really done the same yet for Legend of Korra, or RWBY for that matter. 

Seeing as how we’re nearing the finish line with Korra, I figured that I might as well try my hand at writing an analysis on the relationship between Korra and Asami within the show (though others such as rcnano13 have put out multiple analytical essays that are vastly more detailed than anything I could probably conjure up).

However, to try and make things a little more interesting and worth everyone’s time, I figured I would try my hand at making a comparison between Korrasami and one of the definitive romances in animated history: Belle and the Beast.

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