being her incredible and adorable self

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yaaaaaas qween. so who's your favourite queen on rpdr?

I feel like this answer is a slight cop out, but I adore Bob. You have to love someone with that much raw talent, presence, and humor. And because Bob started as a fan, it was so fun watching her be self aware of everything going on around her.

I love Katya for many of those same reasons. Except instead of being self aware, Katya is a storyteller. Everything she does has a wonderfully elaborate offbeat backstory to it. She also has a harrowing backstory, but doesn’t use it as a tool to garner sympathy or pity. Also her athleticism is incredible.

I should also add that I’ve only seen seasons 4 and beyond. Other honorable mention queens:
-Latrice Royale (because of course)
-Detox (for her humor and her amazing looks she served in All Stars 2)
-Alaska (say what you want but she’s incredibly smart and innovative)
-Adore Delano (her All Stars meltdown aside, her personality is magnetic, warm, and effortless)
-Bianca Del Rio (literally no one else in this game was a better comedian)
-Trixie Mattel (not only funny, but has an iconic look that’s uniquely hers)
-Pearl (I just loved her vibe, looks, and the fact that she’s pretty as a boy)
-Kim Chi (she’s such a dork, which I love, and is so innovative)


officially my new favorite paramore video. hayley forgets the lyrics to “be alone” but the way she handles it is adorable. i’ve never seen her so happy onstage!

close-up videos like this really highlight what an incredible performer hayley is (and shoutout to taylor for being his usual flawless self)