being harry

when the war ends, ron and hermione go home. harry disappears. no one hears from him for three weeks, he wanders aimlessly from hotel room to hotel room, trying to find a new city, somewhere to begin again. he’s in london when he calls his friends, tells them that he needs them.

for ron, home is full of ghosts, for hermione, home is full of her parents questions, questions she can’t answer. so when harry suggests they get an apartment together, they jump at the chance. hermione does most of the apartment hunting, calculates costs, fills out the forms. ron and harry shop for furniture, ron doesn’t know what home means anymore and harry never knew, so they’re both trying to carve a home for themselves in this new world.

they move into a three bed apartment, but it soon becomes two bed as hermione and ron start sharing more and more often and hermione declares that it’s a waste not to use the third room as a study.

ron cooks, harry cleans, hermione makes sure the bills get paid on time. they talk less than they used to, there’s a silence that hangs in the air, but it’s getting better, they’re healing together.

hermione decides to go to sixth form, she wants to go to university. she’ll think about the future later, but right now she’s young and she wants to learn.

ron gets a job at a local corner store. he volunteers at a soup kitchen on weekends. he doesn’t know what he wants to do or be yet. the wizarding world he grew up in no longer exists.

harry doesn’t do anything for a while. part of him still feels like a ghost. but slowly he starts to thaw out, he starts small, reading to children at the library. eventually he realises he wants to work in social services. he wants to save children the way someone should have saved him.

it’s not perfect. they’re all a little cracked and their lives are messy. there are nights when none of them can sleep. there are days when getting out of bed seems too hard. but it’s okay, cause they’re never alone. time passes, life moves on. they learn how to live again.

 hermione graduates with a ppe (politics, philosophy, and economics) degree and starts to climb the ladder at the ministry of magic. she’s ready to change the world.

 ron proposes to hermione. she says yes. harry starts to suggest he move out but is quickly shushed, it’s been the three of them for so long now that they couldn’t imagine it any other way. ron works with his father in the ministry for a while but when hermione gives birth to their first child he quits. he’d rather be a stay at home dad any day. 

and harry? harry saves children. he works for social services and he’s an expert at seeing past the guise of suburban normality to what lies beneath. his co workers notice how astonishingly good he is at noticing the signs of abuse, and one of them realises why and kindly asks if he’s seen a therapist. he hasn’t but he soon does. he has to edit out the bits about magic but he finds in the end it still does him good. as well as all this, he works with the ministry of magic, helping muggle parents understand what it means to have a wizard/ witch as a child. 

harry never marries, he’s the first to know when ginny and luna get engaged and when luna decides that only grooms having best men is just so antiquated, harry is luna’s best man. 

they grow old together, harry, ron, and hermione. they buy a house in the country side together. to the granger- weasley children, uncle harry is like a second dad. 

the war still haunts them, but they live and learn and love. they change the world, not by winning a war, but by remaining kind after and recognising that it is the smallest actions that play the biggest role.

Tumblr: Sends you all kinds of messages calling you racist because you think there were better best picture choices over Moonlight.

Also Tumblr: Completely unwilling to admit that while Moonlight is a great movie JUST MAYBE it had some problematic depictions of women. Calls you by sexist names such as a “bitch” when you try to bring this up. Preaches tolerance while being intolerant. Both Naomie Harris and Janelle Monae do an excellent job which I think covers up how little these women characters are actually given to do. Both women only assist in helping the male protagonist journey instead of having their own story line or giving the audience a look into their own inner world. La La Land, Hidden Figures, Arrival, and Fences all have better, more compelling, and more complex depictions of women characters. You can love Moonlight for what it does for black LGBT males and still be critical of how it treats women. You can also love Moonlight and respect someone else’s opinion to love a different film more. You can love Moonlight and also still recognize that it is another year of a predominantly male driven story taking home the best picture Oscar instead of a female driven one. It’s good to call the Oscars out on it’s lack of racial and LGBT diversity, but women driven films also get left out most of the time and we have to call attention to that as well.

@eagleslouis (you have me blocked so i cant @) but can you please!! shut up!!! and delete your!!! blog!!!! all you do is constantly shit on harry and call him pretentious for literally no reason at all… u hate him but dont have a logical answer why and its literally all based on his media image which makes u a fucking hypocrite… show me some receipts of harry being anything but kind and generous… ill wait! if you hate harry so much then why are u constantly talking about him like wtf usually when u hate someone u dont bother to talk about them all the dam time! u seem a bit obsessed! you talk about him more than u talk about your fave haha!!! so how about you shut the hell up and stay in ya lane and take several seats. all hes done this whole break is stay quiet and avoid the spotlight yall literally get mad at him just for breathing oh my god…

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I love the idea of being Harry's muse. Where you've reached the stage in your relationship that you're so comfortable around eachother you don't care that he's constantly taking photos of you, even if you're doing mundane tasks like getting dressed for the day or cooking dinner. They'd always be such tasteful photographs that radiated his admiration for you, that you could look back on when you grow older. That's the DREAM

Ugh, I’ve got a request or two for him taking photos, and honestly, the concept of him just snapping photos of you is one of my all time faves. It’s one of my favorite concepts for any couple/OTP or something, and *honestly* if a boy ever does that for me, I might just marry him. And also if he lets me do that to him, cause I love taking snapshots of people but I just feel so awkward, but the little moments… I love getting them and keeping them. 

So anyway. HARRY. Would take the best ones of all. You might not even notice until the shutter was snapping, or maybe even at all, but he’d show you after or you’d catch him looking at them with a fond smile and you’d peer over his shoulder, and it’s like… totally mundane. And maybe a little artsy – like maybe you’re smiling but he’s angled it so only part of your face is visible and it’s a part of your smile that he really loves and that just shines so brightly. Like super wrinkled eyes or a dimple or a wide, gap-toothed grin, or a nose scrunching up, or your mouth wide open and your head thrown back. With either sunshine, or the kitchen stove, or the television with whatever bad program you’d been watching on in the background. There’d be more “typical” ones too, of course, but just those… pieces of the whole moment. He’d pull that off, even if he just cropped it to that after the fact cause he really wanted to focus on just that aspect in this snapshot. 

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What did you mean about LL being an asshole about Harry twerking?

He went on the Ellen show shortly after and like….was rude about the entire thing.  Saying Harry was up in his space and twerking on him.  The manner he was speaking in really rubbed me the wrong way.  Like, chill.  Ellen was quite put off by the whole thing, and I’m glad she defended Harry.  You could tell she didn’t think LL was gonna react the way he did.

Here’s the video.


Have a very drarry Christmas!

(i know it’s past i’m sorry) but this one’s for ya’ll! Thank you so much for everything, these past months have been so much fun ヾ(♡ ³♡)ノ Especially @avoidakedavra for being the sweetest and most supportive person ever

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Magnus’ thumb caressing Alec’s hand. *sigh* :3