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*Scars* Newt x reader

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Newt x reader. The reader has scars all over. She has a scar on he face from when she was attacked as a child. Is stands out. It doesn’t bother Newt he thinks your beautiful no matter what. What happens when Tian tries to convince newt to leave the reader for her.  Tina thinks he should be with someone like her. Who doesn’t have a huge scar on her face. 

♦ A/N: Although I do not hate Tina, for this story she is written as the mean one. So, if you are a super Tina fan, this story may not be for you!

You had grown up self conscious due to the fact that you had been attacked at a very young age by your parent’s Hippogriff. They were breeders of the magical creature and that’s how you had met your best friend and now boyfriend, Newt Scamander. His mother was also a Hippogriff breeder and were close friend’s to your parent’s. 

Unfortunately, at the tender age of four, you tried to approach the mighty creature without the proper knowledge of how. In it’s frightened state, the creature attacked and ever since you had a fear of the creature. 

Newt, being a magizoologist, was gentle with you and made it known that he would help you gain the trust of the creature when you were ready.

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I can't think of any other couple straight/gay/animals/aliens who look as good and cute together as Darren and Chris. Like seriously. THEY JUST LOOK AWESOME TOGETHER AND THAT'S ONE OF MILLION REASONS WHY I SHIP THEM. Sorry, it just hits me sometimes... I can't wait to see them together publicly and adorably..

I know right?

They’re so a power couple.

Look at them being pretty and with the world in their hands. 

We’re in two, dear anon to can’t wait to see them being handsome as ever and totally in love in public.

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Hey six, what other youtubers do you watch?

I watch a LOT of Jacksepticeye (and of course Wiishu! I have a cactus named Wade and I like to sit with him and watch the Woosh), I love LordMinion777, chuggaconroy (lord I’ve been watching him and TheRunawayGuys for forever), Cr1tikal, Foxtrot44 on twitch, Achievement Hunter (tho not as much bc Ray was my favourite), some Game Grumps, and Geek Remix (love those girls dearly 💕)

As for non gaming, I watch a lot of CinemaSins, SlowMoGuys, Dan and Phil, Fun2draw (love her art), withwendy (her sewing videos are amazing and really easy to follow), and GiovyHobby (he makes figurines and he’s insanely talented, his fnaf figures are so realistic I watch his videos when I can’t sleep).

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but those are my big ones!

You knew love

Originally posted by mukenope

Summary: You knew love, and you knew Luke, Michael, Ashton and Calum.

A/N: This is my favorite piece so far! It has been on a long road but now it’s here and I’m actually really proud of it. It’s a bit different, but I hope you’ll give a chance! Also, I really like the Michael part, but it contains mentions of alcohol, drugs etc. so if you’re not comfortable with reading about that, you can just scroll past his part x

You knew love, although your version was a bit different than your friends’. They would fall in love over and over again and their feelings never lasted long. They got drunk on love and swelled in self-pity, when the hangover hit them, while you saw love as something precious, something rare and something that made life worth living. You had experienced love four times, with four very different boys; their only thing in common was a strangely passionate fondness of music. And the love you shared with each of them had taught you about yourself, truth, sadness, anger, hate, love and life itself.

Your first love taught you that soft, blushing cheeks, nervous whispers and sweaty palms were way better than bad boy images, expensive cars and heartbreak. Luke taught you how to fall in love without getting broken, he taught you how to trust and how to not just be lovers, but also best friends.

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how has it already been one week since:

everyone lost it seeing the guys in suits.

seeing maddy, jordan, momma joseph, and jenna looking beautiful/handsome as ever.

being able to spot josh everywhere thanks to his beautiful neon hair.

waiting for their categories and freaking out over the pictures we saw.

when they won their first Grammy and took their pants off.

watching josh struggle with his pants and tyler just getting it done. (jenna said tyler had unbuckled his belt during the nominations).

being immensely proud of these two guys from Columbus, Ohio.

tyler’s beautiful speech and josh being the incredible supportive best fren.

they are now Grammy winning artists.


still so proud.


The “100 Most Handsome Faces of [insert year here]” is such BS. /facepalm/ Like, have none of you people ever laid eyes on Jensen Ackles? He is the most handsome human being that will ever exist! He is too precious for this world, too pure, too beautiful, and too perfect.

Too good for that list.

dean/cas tropes that never get old to me:

  • describing Dean as the most beautiful man Cas has ever seen
  • describing Cas as the most handsome person Dean has ever seen
  • cause same, man, same
  • Dean breathlessly struggling to tell Cas that he loves him
  • Cas’ gentle acceptance before he does the same!!!!!
  • Dean waking up for the first time next to Cas and being so deliriously happy that he gets to have this
  • Cas being extremely frank and earnest about how wonderful he thinks Dean is
  • just
  • Dean and Cas being hopelessly in love
  • always
  • <3

200 Years


Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Prompt: “ You left me…with no warning and no explanation” and “ I can’t lose you”

Summary: Elijah left you years ago and now your back in New Orleans and things between you are still tense, which then leads to him confessing why he had to leave.

You were back….back in a town that offered nothing but secrets, death and lots of family drama. Life hadn’t been easy when you were younger, family separated and some unbelievable events spun your life around quicker than you could yell stop.

Your mother always described you as a naive young girl, who would one day get herself killed at wanting to know every wonder that you came across, she wasn’t exactly wrong by the way. Technically you were dead, but that’s not the term you went around using. You were in fact a vampire, the myth that people read about someone coming to suck they blood, with fangs and immortal, was what you had turned into.

That changed everything, you were no longer than naive girl your mother painted you as, instead you were a head strong girl who could look after herself. If your mother ever find out how your life ended up to be, she would most definitely be shocked and unnerved by it all.

Walking down the streets of New Orleans it was quiet, not what the city normally was like. But things most likely changed since you last visited which was around 200 years ago, that’s correct you have been a vampire for what seemed like eternity. It all started back around the 1900′s right here in this very town and let’s just say you would never forget that night.

Flashback 1900

“What’s a pretty lady like you waking at night all alone” a creepy guy standing at the corner said.

Keeping your head down you didn’t respond and just kept on walking.

“Hey don’t walk away when I’m talking to you!” he shouted speeding up to catch up to you.

He grabbed your arm and pulled you backwards with the amount of force he used, “I don’t want any trouble” you said.

“That’s too bad”. he hissed

He roughly pushed you against the cold, hard brick wall and the contact was sure to bruise your back. “Please, I just want to get home”.

“Not today sweetheart”.

You closed your eyes waiting for whatever was coming next.

“Step away from the girl, I will only warn you once” another voice joined the situation.

Opening your eyes your breath stopped in your throat when you saw a man dressed in a suit, looking handsome and well put together.

“What are you going to do about it?” the guy asked who still had you pinned up against the wall.

The other man smiled, “I assure you that you don’t want to find out what I will do about it”.

The guy didn’t look scared, instead he looked like he was going to challenge the other man, before you knew it the man in the suit grabbed the other guys throat and flew him across the street. The guy ran not once looking back.

“Thank you, but how did you manage to do that?” you asked

“Trust me you don’t want to know, now I suggest you head home before something like this happens again”.

“Could you at least tell me your name, I deserve to know that much”.

He adjusted his suit and looked towards you, “Elijah…Elijah Mikealson”

“I’m Y/N, thank you again Elijah”.

You headed off down the street, looking back to find that Elijah was no longer there.

Present Day

That was the first time you had meet one of the famous Mikealson siblings, but what you didn’t know back then was it wasn’t going to be the last.

Flashback 1900

Ever since that year Elijah had saved you, it was impossible to stay away from him. You had met his brother Klaus and his sister Rebekah, and had learned about his other two siblings Kol and Finn. However you weren’t sure what exactly happened to them per say, but you knew that this family had all sorts of issues.

They had also explained who they were…vampires. It was a term you never thought you would hear, but they were real and 3 of them were in the same room as you.

“Rebekah let’s go out to that ball tonight?” you asked.

"Elijah and Klaus would kill us if we went, they’re quite protective those brothers of mine” she responded.

“Who says they need to know?” you raised your eyebrow and Rebekah smiled.

“Dear sweet Y/N shall I dare say that we’re corrupting that innocence of yours?”.

You laughed and both you and Rebekah looked towards the two brothers chatting away in the next room.

The plan was to sneak out which was going to be difficult but you were determined to have some fun with Rebekah, even if it cost the disapproval of her brothers. Finally there was an opportunity to sneak out which both of you took, Rebekah and you linked arms and headed to the ball that was being thrown by the most handsome guy you had ever seen, well second handsome if you counted Elijah.

The house was massive and beautiful, Rebekah and you entered into the foyer and hundreds of guests were scattered all around. The two of you danced and mingled with as many people as you could, however the night was cut short when Rebekah came up to you to say that it was time to leave.

“Rebekah we just came, do we have to leave so soon?” you asked as you followed her out the door.

“If my brothers find out were gone, they will surly be mad. And the consequences will be major, at least for me”.

“Hey we’re allowed to live Rebekah”.

She stopped and took a breath, before turning to you with sadness in her eyes.

“Maybe you are Y/N, but I haven’t lived. Despite the fact I’m a vampire it isn’t all that it seems, not when you have a brother like Niklaus”.

She walked off and you felt sorry for her, running up to join her something jolted you. A noise was heard but yet no one was in sight, you turned around and saw nothing and turned to the front and Rebekah was no longer there. “Rebekah? Come on Rebekah this isn’t funny”.

Feeling a presence behind you it made you turn around swiftly and a tall, dark figure was hovering over you. Screams came from your mouth, before he bore his teeth straight into your neck.

Present Day

Memories like that haunted you til to this very day. And the one man who owned you answers was Elijah Mikealson himself, matters were still left unresolved and being a vampire meant having years upon years of patience to wait for those said answers. And you weren’t leaving New Orleans until you got them.

The Mikealson compound stood proud and tall, you didn’t know what you would find or how Elijah’s life turned out since you last saw him, or what has changed. But the one thing that didn’t change within you was that feeling, of utterly abandonment and loneliness all caused by the same person.

Stepping on inside you braced yourself of what was going to happen.

“Who are you? You can’t just walk in her uninvited” a women’s voice demanded.

Turning around a girl with brown hair and a snarky look on her face was standing in front of you, she didn’t look threatening but then again neither did you. “Who am I is none of your concern. So I suggest you leave, before things take a ugly turn”.

“Did you just threaten me?” she growled and her eyes glowed.

A werewolf was standing before you, it didn’t surprise you New Orleans was known for werewolves, vampires and witches.

“Oh sweetheart if you thought that was a threat, you clearly don’t know me at all”.


You knew that voice all too well, and hearing it again after all this time rattled you in ways you didn’t think were possible. “Who are you? And what are you doing in my family home? I will only ask once, so you best answer quickly before I lose my patience”.

“I’m quite hurt you don’t recognize me Elijah”.

There he was standing in front of you, and here you were standing opposite him. A reunion that only one party knew about. “Wait you know each other?” the girl asked.

“Y/N is an old family friend” Elijah said.

“Well friend isn’t a term I would use anymore”.

“Hayley would you please give us a moment?” he politely asked the girl.

She nodded and left the compound, leaving the two of you alone for the first time in years.

Elijah had escorted you to a room upstairs, he unbuttoned his suit jacket and it seemed like that was one thing that hadn’t changed about him.

“State your terms, what is it that you want Y/N?”

You smiled, of course Elijah would get straight to point that’s the kind of man he was. He didn’t waste time, and found the most efficient way to get things done.

“What no hello, or how are you? Or how about how has life been treating you ever since you got turned into a vampire?” .

He stared at you with longing eyes and regret for what he had done, “Is that why you came here to New Orleans to do, bring back old memories that are better left buried?”.

“My sweet Elijah. I came because you owe me answers, and I’m not leaving until you give them to me”.

He leaned against the table, returning to his calm demeanor. “You’re going to have to be more specific than that if you want answers”.

You laughed at what he was trying to do, “Cut the crap Elijah. You left me! With no warning and no explanation. I was turned into a vampire, stripped of my free will and I became a monster who’s only desire was to kill. Do you have any idea what it felt like to be alone, and scared with who and what you had become!?”.

“Y/N” he tried to move towards you but you moved back.

“Don’t be noble in this situation, don’t use that charm to make all of this go away. I spent 200 years of my life learning how to control who I am, the cravings were always there and I had to do anything I could to stop them. I counted on you, I trusted you and your family…I loved you”.

Sitting down on the couch this was all getting too much, seeing Elijah again was too much. He walked towards the window, starting intently out into the city before speaking.

“I had left you not by my own free will, but because Mikael our father had found us again and we had to leave. Klaus and I went to look for you and Rebekah, when we found her she had said she lost you somewhere down the road. She wanted to go back to you, but I told her not too. Our father was closing in and we had to leave right there and then, to risk not getting caught”.

Mikael had always been a problem towards the family, you heard stories of him a vampire that hunted vampires and those stories always sent shivers down your body.

“You could of came back, why didn’t you come back?” you asked fighting back every nerve in your body that was telling you to let the tears out.

“It was too dangerous, I couldn’t risk Mikael finding you and hurting you” he responded.

You had thought if you had gotten an explanation that things would be better, that this feeling would go away and the emptiness would be filled. But instead everything still remained the same.

“I can’t lose you was what you said to me all those years ago, you didn’t keep that promise”.

Getting up you didn’t want to do this anymore, you made your way to leave but Elijah super sped blocking the path. “I am a man of my word Y/N, and just because I wasn’t right there beside you doesn’t mean I wasn’t there watching over you, to make sure you were okay”.

Staring at him, you said. “Well I got what I came for, so goodbye Elijah”.

“Stay” he simply said.

Staying would just complicate things, you got the answer you had been searching for. Maybe it wasn’t the one you wanted, heck you didn’t know what answer you wanted. But all you knew was that you got one, and that was the only reason you came here to New Orleans in the first place. Elijah telling you to stay, didn’t change a thing.

“I came here for one reason only, I have no intention of staying Elijah”.

He stepped aside and let you through, walking down the stairs you were so close to leaving when once again Elijah appeared in front of you.

“We solved 200 years worth of issues, why won’t you let me leave now?”

“Because this is me keeping my promise, I can’t lose you and I meant that 200 years ago just like I give you my word now. Stay and let’s start anew, Niklaus would be happy to have you and Rebekah when she comes to visit would be glad to see you as well.”

Something that you thought you would never feel again was his lips on yours, which happened without any warning. The kiss felt the same like it did the first time, and everything between you and Elijah reconnected due to this simple but yet powerful action. It wasn’t enough to erase all the bad blood, but it was a start. His answer, the kiss, seeing him again was all baby steps towards the ultimate goal….to press the restart button and to start fresh with a man that played a part in changing your life forever.

Pack Mom:Part 5

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Tagged peeps: @sallyp-53 @december-sunrise @beaconhills17 @winchesterreid

Characters: Y/n, Derek, Liam, Peter, Jordan, Scott, Kira, Allison, Isaac, Lydia, Jackson, Malia, Stiles, Aiden, Ethan

Pairing: Derek x Y/n (Female for this series) Liam x Y/n(mother/son bond)

Word count: 1844

Warning: Slight angst. Insecure Liam once again. Cute protective Derek. Little mentions of sex. Stiles being a moron.

Summary: Pack night. What could go wrong?


Pack Mom Masterlist

Pack night. 

The night y/n loved and hated. 

She loved having the entire pack over, including Jordan and Peter, when he decided he could be bothered. 

But she was a perfectionist. 

A pleaser. 

While this was great for Derek in the bedroom, he hated it anywhere else. 

She would run herself ragged, trying to get everything right, every snack and every type of food people could ask her for. 

She knew she should slow down, but she couldn’t.

So here she was, making a few different dishes, baking cookies and brownies and plating up the food. 

Derek was just watching her run around. 

She always did this and she always ended up exhausted. 

So he got up and took the oven mitts out of her hands.

“Go sit. I’ll do this. You can watch my fine ass, I know how much you love that”, he said, winking at her. 

She giggled. 

She did love to look at his ass. 

Firm and hard, but still soft at the same time. 

She loved wrapping her legs around his waist, her feet touching it. 

She shook her head, pushing the images of his ass to the back of her mind, this proving difficult seeing as Derek just bent over, shaking his cute butt a little as he got the cookies and brownies out of the oven.

“Really, guys? Keep your weird kinky stuff in the bedroom please”, Liam said, walking into the kitchen. 

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Sabo, Ace, Luffy reactions when their s/o stands up for them in an argument?? Please!



(Y/N) could be the type of person to work problems out calmly. That was one of the reason he fell in love with them in the first place. Another reason he loved them was because of the fact that if you managed to actually make them really angry, they could be pretty intimidating. Sabo just loved to see the different sides to their personality, and now was one of those times.

The two of them finally had enough free time to go out on a date. It would have to be short, but neither of them minded. They cherished every moment they spent together.

The couple found a small cafe and decided that would be a nice place to have their date. They ordered their drinks and bought a dessert to split. For the next few minutes Sabo and (Y/N) simply talked.

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The request from msmaxnificent was “Can I request a steamy and romantic threesome smut with Klaus and Elijah/ Plus, the female reader is a vampire and the plot takes place at a party where she meets the Mikaelson brothers and is taken home for the deed to happen?”

Author: Tori

Y/N: Your name
Y/E/C: Your eye color

CHARACTERS: Reader, Klaus Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert

Here you go, @msmaxnificent


“Do I really have to go?”
“Yeah, you really do.”
“Elena, I feel ridiculous,” you whine, fiddling with the bust of your dress. You did admit earlier, it is a beautiful dress; a midnight blue, floor-length dress that looks like flowing water as you walk, and it has silver hems on the bottom and on the short sleeves. Elena had gotten you some shoes to match the dress, nothing fancy, just some silver stiletto heels. Your makeup is simple, just a dark smoky eye with a shimmering lip gloss that almost looked silver in the light.
Even though you do look stunning, you do not want to go to this stupid party. It’s being hosted by the Mikaelsons, aka the very first vampires ever. Elena is going with Damon, and apparently she needs someone to cling onto if Damon leaves her.
You sigh and grumble to yourself as there’s a knock at the door, and Damon’s head pokes in, “Is everybody decent?” You snort, “You’re supposed to ask that before you open the door, otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose of asking.” Damon shrugs, adjusting his tie in the floor-length mirror in the room, “Are we all ready to go?” Elena nods, putting on some diamond earrings, “Yep, Y/N, you ready?” Tucking a lock of Y/H/C hair behind your ear, you smile painfully, “Yeah… all ready.”
After a short drive, the three of you arrive at the Mikaelson mansion. You step out of Damon’s car and gawk at the giant house, completely lit up. The front doors are open and you can already see a lot of people inside, and there are more streaming in from their cars. Damon winds his arm in Elena’s and they begin walking towards the mansion. Elena must’ve seen you about to take off in the opposite direction, because she grabs your hand and drags you with her. You groan and stop resisting, just letting her pull you along.
As you step up the marble front steps, your mouth drops open at the grand ballroom. There are so many people here, so many that there are at least fifteen to twenty waiters, no doubt who have been compelled, who are balancing silver trays with champagne flutes and wine glasses on them. As one passes by, you quickly snatch a glass of red wine, taking a large gulp to try and soothe your nerves. When you look to your right, you nearly choke on your wine to see that Damon and Elena have already disappeared. Quickly scanning the crowd, you try and find either one of them. You don’t know anyone here, why would they just leave you? Growing quietly, you weave throughout the crowd and stop when you spot a dark head that looks like the back of Damon’s. Switching your glass to your other hand, you stomp across the dancefloor until your reach him. You put your free hand on his shoulder and whip him around, “Why did you just leave- oh, my god.”
This is not Damon. This is Elijah Mikaelson, one of the Original vampires. He is definitely the most handsome being you’ve ever seen; dark eyes and hair, a jawline so sharp it could kill someone, and a perfect mouth. You don’t even realize you’re staring until he clears his throat and looks down at your hand still squeezing his muscular shoulder. You yank your hand back and run it shakily through your hair, “I am so sorry, I thought you were someone else,” you say, your heart thumping against your chest. The Original smiles, “It’s quite alright, this is an interesting way to meet someone. I am Elijah Mikaelson,” he says, taking your hand and lightly pressing his lips against it. You nearly swoon right where you stand, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you say with a small smile. He studies your face for a second or two and then looks over your shoulder, motioning to someone behind you. Another man in a suit identical to Elijah’s steps up beside you, but this man has sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes. He looks to Elijah with a smirk, “Meet someone to bring home to the family, Elijah?” he asks with an incredible accent. Your face turns bright red, making the two men chuckle. “Dear brother, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my brother, Niklaus,” Elijah says. You smile as Niklaus takes your hand in his, mimicking his brother’s actions and kissing the top gently, “Call me Klaus, love.”
In the back of your mind, you are thanking Elena a million times over for dragging you to this party, because now you’re standing here talking to two incredibly handsome men. By now, you’ve had about four glasses of wine, and your head is starting to feel a little fuzzy. The three of you had moved to the side of the ballroom and are now sitting on a large plush couch with you in the middle of Elijah and Klaus. “Are you feeling alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks softly, giving Klaus a look which you cannot detect. You nod and giggle, “I’m fine, I think I just had a little too much to drink,” you say with a small hiccup. Klaus stretches his arm out behind you, letting his fingers brush against the bare skin on your shoulder, “Would you like us to take you home, love?” You raise an eyebrow and shiver slightly as his fingers rub light circles on your shoulder. Chuckling nervously, you cross your leg which lifts the side cut in your dress up, showing your exposed thigh. Elijah’s jaw clenches at the sight of your skin, but he clears his throat and looks at your face with a surprisingly calm expression, “I can assure you will get home safe and sound, Y/N.” You study Elijah’s face for a minute before giving a small smile, “it would be nice to get some air.” You nearly jump when you feel Klaus’s lips right by your ear, “we can do more than just take you home, Y/N,” he says in a low voice, his lips taking the cartilage of your ear and nibbling on it gently. To anyone watching you, it looks like Klaus is just whispering in your ear, but you know better. Your fists clench tightly and the space next to you opens up. Elijah holds out his hand to you, which you gratefully accept. He leads you through the large crowd with Klaus trailing behind like some dangerous animal stalking his prey.
Once you’re outside, you pull out your phone and quickly send a text to Elena saying, ‘hey, I’m not feeling too well. Elijah and Klaus are gonna take me home. I’ll ttyl.’
Slipping your phone back into your clutch purse, you take Elijah’s arm and follow him around the back of the house to the large garage. Klaus opens the back door to a large black SUV, and you climb in with Klaus behind you. Elijah gets into the driver’s seat, pulls out of the long driveway, and after giving him your address, starts on the road.
You’re too busy staring out the window that you jump almost a few inches in the air when you feel a warm hand on your thigh. Glancing down, you spy Klaus’s hand inching closer and closer to the aching warmth between your legs. You chew on your lip and look forward, catching Elijah’s eyes staring at you in the rearview mirror. His gaze is almost glassy, and his deep brown eyes are almost black. Your attention is turned back to the Original sitting next to you as he suddenly cups your sex, making you gasp loudly. “Are you alright, Y/N?” Elijah asks, yet you hear the smirk in his voice. “Y-yeah, I’m fine,” you grind out through clenched teeth as Klaus’s fingers rub your slit up and down through your dress. You see Elijah’s hand grip the steering wheel so tight that you fear he might rip it off, and you smirk as you use your imagination as to where his other hand might be.
Klaus presses hard on your clit, making your whole body lurch forward and your thighs clamp together. He chuckles in your ear and begins kissing down your neck, grazing his prominent fangs against your skin. You groan and tilt your head to the side just as the car pulls into your driveway.
Reluctantly, Klaus pulls away and climbs out of the SUV. You walk up the porch steps, intentionally swaying your hips side to side for the two men behind you. Pretending to fumble for your keys in your clutch, you slowly curve your back so your rear sticks out. You hear a sharp intake of breath behind you, presumably Elijah’s.
Deciding to stop torturing them, you finally unlock the door and push it open. You feel a pair of strong arms lift you up and speed upstairs with you, dropping you on your bed. You stare up at Elijah with wide eyes as he quickly sheds his suit jacket. He wraps a hand around your throat and pushes you back on the bed, careful as to not cut off your air supply. He climbs over your body and leans his face down to yours, “Do you know how hard it was for me to drive when I could smell your arousal and hear those delightful noises coming from your mouth?” Your eyes dart down to his lips and back up to his eyes, “Elijah, please kiss me.”
“It would be rude of me to not honor a lady’s wishes,” he says softly, cupping your cheek. You lean into his touch as his lips meet yours gently. Your hands travel up his chiseled biceps and around his large shoulders as his tongue traces your bottom lip. You moan softly as he kisses the corner of your mouth, your cheek, and down your neck.
“Starting without me, brother? I always thought you were the patient one,” Klaus says with a smirk as he stands in the doorway. You give him a mock glare over Elijah’s shoulder, but moan as his lips and teeth find your sweet spot under your ear. Klaus saunters over to the bed and sits you up; his fingers easily find the zipper on your dress and tug it down. You slip your arms out of the dress and lift your hips up as Elijah peels the rest of the dress off your body, leaving you in your black lace panties and bra. Klaus captures your lips with his in a powerful kiss that sends tingles down your entire body as Elijah slowly spreads your legs. The dark-haired Original shimmies down the bed until he’s situated between your open thighs. You look down to see his handsome face staring up at you with a lopsided smile, his finger stroking your hips. Giving you a wink, he dips his head down and presses his lips against the wettest part of your panties. You let out a loud groan as Elijah’s tongue moves against your pussy through the fabric of your panties, “God… Elijah!”
The hybrid Original watches his brother slowly pull your panties down until your bottom half is completely exposed to their hungry eyes. Elijah wastes no time in burying his face in your pussy, his tongue immediately thrusting into you and his nose rubbing against your clit. Your hips jerk up but are then pushed down by Klaus who puts his lips to your ear, “Do you like what my big brother is doing to you, Y/N?” You bite your lip and nod furiously, “F-feels so good…” Elijah nips at your clit just as he slides a long finger into your soaking pussy, curving it upwards searching for that rough patch. You let out a long, drawn out moan, grinding your hips against Elijah’s face.
Elijah’s deep eyes meet your own Y/E/C ones as he slides another finger into your pussy, thrusting them in and out slowly. You struggle to keep your eyes on his, your head is swimming and your body is on fire. Klaus, not wanting to be upstaged by his brother, leans down and wraps his lips around your nipple gently. You feel his fangs against your skin and feel your own hunger beginning to peak; both for blood and wanting to come.
As soon as Elijah sees the red veins slowly appear under your eyes, his pumps his fingers faster and faster, each time hitting that golden spot inside you. You’re so close, so goddamn close. With one final thrust of his fingers, Elijah sinks his fangs into your thigh. You scream in pain and pleasure as your orgasm comes crashing down on you, wave after wave of ecstasy pouring over your body.
Elijah slowly pulls his fingers out of you and lifts his mouth off of your thigh, your wound healing instantly. You pant heavily, staring up at the ceiling. Feeling movement next to you, you look over to your side to see that Klaus has climbed atop of you, his aching hard cock nudging at your entrance. You bite your lip and lift your legs around his hips just as he slams into you. Your yell is muffled by Elijah’s lips, his hand holding the side of your face lovingly as his brother thrusts in and out of your pussy. You paw around aimlessly for Elijah’s cock, the past orgasm apparently messing with your vision. Elijah chuckles, takes your hand, and places it on his throbbing erection. You moan as Klaus lifts your leg over his shoulder, the new position allowing him to piston into you with renewed strength. Your hand wraps around Elijah’s cock, rubbing him up and down the best you can. Elijah sighs in pleasure and watches your pussy as Klaus fucks you harder and harder.
The dam is threatening to break again, your voice is growing hoarse with all the moaning erupting from your throat. Elijah reaches down between your legs and gently rubs your overstimulated clit with his fingers, causing a scream to rip from your mouth. Klaus lifts both legs over his shoulders and thrusts into you one last time, spilling into you with a loud groan.
The feeling of Klaus coming into you mixed with Elijah rubbing your clit sends you over the edge again. Your whole body tenses and fluid gushes out of your pussy, making Elijah moan softly. Your eyelids flutter closed as sleep threatens to overtake you. You wince slightly when Klaus pulls out of you, rubbing your thighs with his warm hands. You nearly scream in surprise when you feel a cool towel being pressed to your sore womanhood. Elijah smiles sheepishly, “Apologies, I just figured you wanted to get cleaned up.” You laugh and close your eyes, “It’s fine, ‘Lijah. Thank you, guys,” you say softly, looking over at Klaus into his deep blue eyes. He grins and brushes your hair out of your eyes, “Anytime you need a ride home, just ask.”

Romance in Potions

Imagine | You’re a student at Hogwarts with a big crush on Draco and you just so happen to have potions class with him. Warnings: NONE! ENJOY!

You walked into potions class just before it began, finding a seat at the front as to make sure you paid attention this year so that you didn’t fall behind like you do every year. Professor Slughorn was sitting at the front with his quill racing wildly over some parchment as he mixed something together. Students started filing into the classroom and you watched as the Prince of Slytherin walked in, looking ever so handsome. Being part of the Slytherin house, you often caught glimpses of Draco Malfoy but never had the courage to introduce yourself to him. He seemed to be in deep conversation with one of his mates so you turned back to face the front, hoping that the day would go by quickly so that you could get out of his presence and escape to your room.

“Alright everybody, settle down now.” Professor Slughorn said as class began. “We have seating arrangements so that I can tell you apart from each other.

As he went through the list you felt your fingers get tingly as you realized you were last and that would mean you would be sitting in the back.

“Y/N, you and Draco will be sitting together in the back. Please pay attention to me though. I know how it can get back there.” the Professor said.

You froze, looking around the room as eyes stared at you. You began making your way to where you would sit next to your crush, hoping that no one could tell how nervous you were.

You sat down next to Draco, slowly nodding in his direction.

“Hello, Y/N,” He said leaning closer to you.

“Hello,” You said, opening up your potions book.

Draco watched you fiddle with your hair and you waited for him to turn away.

“I’ve seen you around before. Aren’t you in the Slytherin house?” He asked me.

“Yes, I am.” You said nervously.

“Yeah, I thought you looked familiar. I saw you reading in the common room yesterday. You looked pretty happy.” He said leaning back in his chair. “What were you reading?”

You froze, knowing that the book you were reading was romance and that you were sure to be made a fool by him.

“Uh, it wasn’t that interesting in the end. Some sappy love story with like one battle scene.” You said quickly hoping that he would drop the subject.

“I like romance novels. What was it called?” He asked. You looked at him shocked not knowing what to say. So instead you pulled the book out of your bag and handed it to him, avoiding contact as you passed it into his hands.

“Ah, the author is really good. I haven’t read this one though. May I borrow it?” he asked, looking into your eyes.

You nodded, not sure what to say to him. “I actually enjoyed it. Even with one battle scene.” You managed out.

You never thought you would see this side of Draco. He was always plotting something against Harry and the others. You and him talked for the rest of potions about your favorite romance novels and before you knew it, class was over.

“I’ll have this read and returned to as soon as possible.” He said, giving you a cheeky smile before getting up and leaving. You sat there, smiling, knowing that you were going to struggle in this class.

anonymous asked:

Does the DW9 Cheng Pu fix your critisim about Blast!Cheng Pu's design? (It being hard to imagine Blast!Cheng Pu ever looking handsome like historical Cheng Pu?)

I didn’t really have any problems with Blast Cheng Pu. I do think I like the DW9 design better, though.