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okay so like unpopular opinion, and its probs not the time bc i’ve had 1.5 very large margaritas (yes, its a wednesday, and yes, i do have work tomorrow) but i’ve had 1.5 very large margaritas and i do not care, so:

i cannot believe that jkr thought severus snape and peter pettigrew were sympathetic characters worthy of redemption, and that draco malfoy was not

like???? draco was a child for so much of the series! they were all children! and of course he made terrible choices and of course he did things that were wrong. but how can you compare him to snape and pettigrew and find him lacking? snape betrayed a woman he claimed to love out of a desire for acceptance and abused her son for years. pettigrew betrayed his best friends who would have died for him, which ended with one in jail, one dead, and the other destitude, and then he went and betrayed them all AGAIN 13 years later!

draco joined voldemort for his family, because he was raised to be this way, because he loved his parents and wanted to do what his father wanted. he wasn’t happy! he didn’t enjoy it! and no, that doesn’t make his actions any better, it doesn’t make the terrible things okay.

but he betrayed voldemort in the end! he wasn’t evil or cruel, he was awful, sure, but those things are worlds apart.

just. how can you look at grown men who betrayed the people closest to them, again and again, for selfish reasons, and look at a teenager who did horrible things because he loved his family, and say the former is more deserving of redemption and forgiveness than the latter? how???

honestly i’ll fight jkr and anyone who disagrees with this post in a denny’s parking lot at dawn


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.

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Why do so many resources say that mammals are the dominate animals? Is there anyway bird superiority more prominent ?

This phrase is fairly difficult to define because, realistically, the dominant phylum is, and has been basically forever, the arthropods. With estimates of 1 to 10 million species and population numbers that are just staggering to think about, quantitatively they are the winners by several thousand landslides made up of primarily beetles.

But I digress. When we say the Cenozoic is the “Age of Mammals” or the Devonian is the “Age of Fishes”, it’s used more in terms of which clades exploded after the previous mass extinction (or, in earlier periods, diversified with massive geologic or climatic shifts) and took over a majority of the available ecological niches during that era/period/etc.

For example, after the Late Permian decided it preferred the Earth empty and told everyone to get rekt, the way was paved for the ancestors of dinosaurs to diversify and take over - hence the Mesozoic being known as the “Age of the Reptiles”. The same thing then happened with the K-Pg extinction event (with the exception being that the Cretaceous was generally less dramatic about the whole affair), opening up those niches for the mammals to expand into and diversify through the Cenozoic. 

To go off track for a hot second, it’s a very interesting cycle of extinction-diversification that happens repeatedly. The species that are most susceptible to extinction are those that are too specialized to adapt to change (looking directly at you, Ailuropoda melanoleuca). Conversely, those that are most able to survive and then take advantage of a sudden availability of niches following an extinction event are those that are generalists (in terms of range, habitat, feeding, and the like). Various populations of these generalists will then adapt into new species as they diverge from other populations in different niches, which eventually leads to each having a very specialized lifestyle as they evolve to further take advantage of the niche. This then puts them firmly in the category of “too specialized to adapt to change” and they are now susceptible to the next major shift. SUPER COOL, RIGHT???

Anyway, to get back on track, claiming any one class/phylum/order/species (Anthropocene, anyone?) of species is “dominant” during a period of geologic time is reductive, biased, and does paleontology as a whole a disservice. There are so many interesting clades that are left out when people assume the whole world at the time was populated by one small set of species (where are my extinct Ordovician hexacorallian fans at, amirite). We could just as easily call the Mesozoic the Age of Ammonites, or the Age of Conifers, and be just as accurate. 

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Do you have any advice for someone with driving anxiety? I've had my license for like 3 or 4 years now, but I can't make myself drive alone without getting really panicky. I'm ok until I get to turns, then I start freaking out and blanking out on what I'm supposed to do or who turns first

I personally do not enjoy driving, and I do at times find it very stressful and upsetting (particular in rush hour traffic). I want to stress that driving is not for everyone and that many people go through their entire lives without owning or operating a vehicle. There are lots of other ways to get around, including public transportation and cycling, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to drive if you don’t want to.

That said, here are some tips to help you feel more comfortable behind the wheel…

1. Positive reinforcement. Start rewarding yourself anytime you go for a drive, even if everything didn’t go as smoothly as you wanted it to. What’s important is that you’re getting the experience, not how far you drive or how fast you go. Buy a bulk package of your favorite treats, and reward yourself for a job well done.

2. GPS. Don’t be afraid to use GPS, even if you already know where you’re going. Nobody is going to know you’re using GPS and most navigation apps will let you listen to music at the same time. I love Google Maps, especially because it lets you know a mile ahead of time if you’re going to need to make a turn. These specific directions will help focus you and make you feel more confident behind the wheel!

3. Beautiful Atmosphere. If you’re going to be spending a good amount of time traveling by car, you might as well keep your car as esthetically pleasing as possible. Buy yourself an air freshener, play relaxing music, take your car to the car wash on a regular basis to keep it vacuumed and clean. Adding some personal touches to your car will help you feel more at home on the road.

4. Go your speed. It’s true that most drivers will drive over the speed limit, but that doesn’t meant that you have to! If you’re on a two lane road, move over to the right lane to allow people to pass you (this lane is commonly referred to as the “slow” lane). If someone is driving on your butt and giving you anxiety, pull over to the side of the road to allow them to pass. I do this all the time. If you need to drive under the speed limit for any reason, use your hazard lights.

5. Call someone. If you’re anxious about driving by yourself, put a friend or family member on speaker and talk to them while you drive. It’s important that you get used to driving by yourself (alone in the car), but this way someone will be able to talk to you and encourage you if you need it. Remember to be safe and either use an aux cord to connect your phone to your speaker system, or to leave the phone on speaker. Never drive around with your phone under your ear!

Take your time- people learn to drive at their own pace and there is no schedule you need to follow. Good luck babe!

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HI, okay so because I’m really good at being an adult, I didn’t keep track of my expenses very well and 260 euros was billed from my account yesterday. Sadly I can’t get that money back from the people who billed it, but now I’m in a pickle for the rest of the month. SO it would be very rad if you could spare 15$ to help me not be in debt for the whole of November. I will be eternally grateful, seriously.

1. send me an IM on tumblr OR email me on, with what you want me to draw for you.

2. then when we agreed on the final design tell me what you want to give me (minimum of 15$, but more is always greatly appreciated) and give me your PAYPAL email so I can send you INVOICE

3. once I received the money via the invoice, I’ll mail the finished drawing to you within two weeks.


If you can’t spare anything, please help by REBLOGGING and spreading the word!! 

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Hello, I love your blog! In a few months I'll be moving to a new city for a new job. I've moved around before, but I've always moved with family members (which makes it easier I think) and this will be my first time living completely alone in a new place. I'm also a bit of an introvert and can have a hard time finding friends. Do you have any tips on making this transition a bit smoother and staying social? Thank you!

Living On Your Own (For the First Time)

1. PKW. Phone, keys, wallet. Every time you go anywhere. Check twice. The worst part of living on your own is having to rely on yourself to never forget to lock yourself out or leave your wallet at a sandwich shop in a mall. Make absolutely sure you have duplicates of your keys (I would get a couple made) and give one to a friend who lives nearby who you can count on. I also like to keep an extra set inside the apartment itself in a secure place, just in case. Your landlord can let you in during office hours, but giving a key to a trustworthy friend helps you 24/7.

2. Cleaning routine. You don’t have to sit down at a writing desk and draft this out, but spend a few minutes coming up with a basic cleaning regime for you to follow. It’s definitely easier to do a little each day, but if that doesn’t work for your schedule set aside at least an hour and a half during your time off to get your apartment spotless. I don’t know about you, but whenever I deep clean my apartment I feel like I’m living in a hotel for a day, and I absolutely love it.

3. Make a “moving” shopping list. This is everything you will need (minus food) for your first week at your new place. First aid kit, cleaning supplies, tape, cat food, etc. Your first week moving into your new place will be stressful enough, you don’t want to be halfway through setting up your living room and realize that you forgot to buy trash bags.

4. Secure yourself. I’m not the most agile or fast person in the world, and I do live in a mid-sized city that has a good deal of crime. The apartment complex I live in is very safe, but I still like to double lock my front door at night. It might be smart to keep some pepper spray or a baseball bat somewhere in your apartment, just in case.

5. Stay social. Even the most anti-social person gets lonely. Make sure to hang out with your friends, not just your co-workers, your actual friends. Get out off your apartment every few days and go see a movie, get a cup of coffee, go people watching at the park, etc. It’s easy to get depressed if you’re living alone and doing the same things the same way every day- allow yourself to mix it up.

6. Meal prep. It can be stressful and seem useless to cook complicated or “fancy” meals when you’re living on your own. Plan your meals for the week and make a list before going shopping. Get yourself enough food to make a variety of dinners that will only take you fifteen minutes. If you do want to go crazy and make steak and mashed potatoes for yourself, make enough for two meals. Also, nobody is going to think poorly of you for stocking your fridge with a couple frozen dinners.

7. Customer service. Living alone means that you are going to be doing a lot of talking to customer service representatives. Get comfortable talking to people over the phone. Tell the rep what you need as quickly as you can, and try to be polite because customer service at a phone center is a garbage job that doesn’t pay well. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to ask for a manager if you’re upset or unhappy with your service. Take their survey at the end of your phone call, tell them how unhappy you are. It’s someone’s shitty job to look at all those surveys, no complaint goes unheard. Companies with great phone service: Verizon, Apple, Amazon. Companies with awful phone service: USPS (literally the worst), electric companies, health insurance companies.

8. Guest space. This is not required, but it’s a good idea to have some sort of space for a friend to stay the night. A friend of mine had a bad breakup, showed up at my apartment with ten minute’s notice, and then fell asleep on my couch after an hour of crying. It as 7:30! Whatever, she needed it. Keep an extra blanket and pillow in your closet, I like to keep travel sized shampoos and conditioners in my bathroom cabinet on the off chance a guest wants to use my shower. I got these at a hotel for free, but they’re available at CVS and other pharmacies.

9. Toilet paper. Don’t let yourself run out of toilet paper! I like to buy more when I notice I only have one roll left. The same deal goes for paper towels.

10. Enjoy. Living on your own is simoltaneously exciting and exhausting, but an all around must-have experience. Enjoy the freedom to forget to make the bed, to decorate your bathroom however you want, to have ice cream for dinner, to watch reruns of Friends and cry when Rachel decides to move to France. Make sure to give yourself lots of space to move at your own pace, but please remember to eat three meals a day and to go to the doctor’s for a checkup at least once a year!

Making Friends

First things first- we as humans are social creatures. We seek out social interaction, even the most antisocial person in the world still needs the occasional stimulating conversation. Don’t stress about making friends, it’ll happen one way or another.

The best friendships are created organically, but that said, there are some things you can do to quicken the process.

1. Friends by proximity.  Be social and inquisitive when meeting your new co-workers and that openness will help you create fast friendships. Ask lots of questions, people love it when you ask them lots of questions about things. Remember elementary school? Remember how easy it was to make friends then? You’ve got this.

2. Places. Hang out at places that you would normally hang out with your friends. Scope out cool bookstores and cozy coffeeshops, and be on the lookout for similar-minded people. Find reasons to talk to these strangers, whether that means asking them for directions, what they’re drinking, etc. The next time you run into them, you’ll be able to start up a conversation.

3. Events. One of the quickest ways to make lots of new friends is to join a group that meets weekly that does something that’s important to you. This could be anything from a book club, to a Dungeons and Dragons game, to volunteer work. Go to your local library and read the bulletin board looking for groups that interest you. You may have to get on the internet to find something close by. At the very least you’ll have a weekly social event to go to where you won’t feel out of place.

4. Neighborly. This next one depends on you, but if you have cool looking new neighbors introduce yourselves to them. Hit them up at random and say something casual like “I was going to go out for a drink, wanna join?” Planning things in advance puts pressure on acquaintances, so try to be spontaneous.

If any of my followers have any ideas, please chime in! And good luck!

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Why dont you make Pay??????

Eh… I don’t want to.

But for real. You got a seat and some snacks?

I love Pay. I really do. I’m a sucker for secret twin/sibling stuff. And @trashpandaballs did an amazing job when he created him. He’s complex and well rounded enough that a lot of people can relate to him in someway.

And being such a great fandom character, many use his character go over addictions, mental issues, and emotions in general. As well as play out humor, practice cute outfits, and think about sibling bonding.

But some of those reasons why he’s relatable is also why I’m hesitant to draw him. Mostly, I end up changing him from his original design.

You see,under all the sass and fun, Pay is a drug and alcohol addicted man, who suffers from depression, at least that’s what I’m perceiving. He also is a rent boy ( ?is that what it’s called?) so that he can make ends meat and is in some why hurt from tough dealings all the time.

And the Pay I draw, ends up being a depressed man that is seeking to get there life together, because they’re learning that they deserve to have a life and to experience happiness. And sometimes gets bruises because he knocks into furniture due to having long limbs.

I honestly don’t see Pay that way. Or at least the way he is portrayed. It doesn’t make very much sense to me. (I also doubt that Pat would ever let Pay get to that level of homelessness or starvation without doing something.)

Knowing who Pat is, the character that is, and how he acts, gives no indication of a rough up bringing. Most of the time, Pat is shown being a pretty good adult. So however Pat was brought up, Pay would have been brought up the same way. Though that’s not to say twins will be exactly the same if raised in the same environment.

Take me and my brothers for example. (not exactly twins but) We all have loving parents who taught us to be kind, generous, independent, and responsible. And yet being raised the same, taught the same, and loved the same. We could obviously not be any more different. But we have the same morals, mannerisms, humor, and some other base stuff.

So again, whatever Pat learned as a kid is what Pay would have learned too. Not to mention how loving and attentive Pat can be. If Pat were to act like my brothers or me, he would love and care for Pay through all has mental issues and help him wholeheartedly. And Pay would give the same care and love to Pat. Most siblings who have a healthy family bond, will stick together and take care of each other.

Communication is also a big thing between me and my siblings. I doubt that Pat would just drop all contact with Pay because of work. And even with the distance between them, Pat being in the Red Army, they would still find time to talk with each other. I think I should have some experience in this, especially with my brother being in the US Army now.

But yeah. To sum it all up. I just can’t think of why Pay would ever be that way. Or at least a drug addicted rentboy.

I can definitely see him being a recovering alcoholic who has depression and is finally seeking therapy for said depression. Men who are depressed tend to turn to alcohol to “get over it” Statistically, that makes the most sense to me. (especially since i know Pat would keep Pay from doing illegal substances) But with all this kinda going through my head for Pay, I hesitate to draw him because I respect for other people’s ocs and au’s.

 I love trashpandaball’s idea and concept of Pay. And if I could, I would ask if it was okay for me to do that. But with Del gone rn, I have no concrete way of asking for permission to put out my headcannons of Pay like that. I’ll still draw them, but rarely. Mostly because I wouldn’t want it to seem like I’m trying to push my interpretation of Pay over Del’s.

Then again, Pay is just a hypothetical sibling made up by the fandom for a fictional character in a cartoon to give more content and entertain us while the actual show is at a standstill. So not much of this actually is serious, it’s all for fun.

Dear non sexual adult littles,

*Your space is not a k!nk.

*You are allowed to request no minors on your page and still keep it 100% sfw.

*You are allowed to be happy and safe on your blog.

*You are allowed to be an adult outside of little space. It’s not gross.

*You are allowed to have a N$FW side blog. That isn’t gross either.

*You are allowed to like cute things, take naps, have stuffies, want juice boxes and watch a Disney movie.

**Just because you aren’t a minor, doesn’t make you any less of a little, any less valid or good.

**Being an adult little is super hard, you can’t do anything without being watched.

**Non sexual adult littles DO need to be mindful of how they tag things though. But, minors need to also do the same.

We are all sharing this same website, so be kind, don’t cross tag, don’t send hate and don’t ruin others safe space.

First drawing for my Symmphony bnha au! I wouldve posted it earlier but I made a few other doodles that I’ll post another day after I color them

(Some au info under the cut)

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I’m so tired of seeing these “whitewashing” Voltron blogs. Like stop passive aggressively calling out artists and just politely Dm them. You don’t need to humiliate them for making a mistake when you can easily just send them a Dm and explain the situation. Whitewashing is shitty and a lot of the time the artist doesn’t realize what they’ve done. However, being put on blast isn’t a way to fix the situation. (Especially when the character’s skin tone is accurate to the canon and then they get called out for the color palette being “too light”). I honestly feel like these people don’t understand how the real world works or how to have a civil, adult conversation when they feel offended or “attacked” by something an artist might have done without realizing it. Maybe take a break from Tumblr once and awhile and realize everyone is human and no one would purposely try and whitewash a character they love. Just my thoughts.


today’s hxh_69min was “lipstick” ! i filled it twice because the two of them HAD to be a set, you see

WARNING: I used the strobe-light effect three quarters of the way through the trailer. (Also if this video is not functioning, try here.) 

“Young Wolves” Trailer Premise: an adlock-inspired idea, watch in HD

Consulting detective Nero Wolfe is asked for by a joint request from the world’s most powerful governments and their respective secret services. Their target - an elusive criminal mastermind known on file as ‘Aelia Augusta’. However, as the investigation goes on, the faith placed in the young detective begins to waver when questions of his ambiguous past and his loyalty rise to the surface….. 

Nero Wolfe - Cillian Murphy
Aelia Augusta - Eva Green
Archibald “Archie” Goodwin - Joseph Gordon Levitt
Olivia Watson aka 005 - Rosmund Pike
Irene Adler - Helen Mirren & Lara Pulver
Sherlock Holmes - Sir Ian McKellan & Benedict Cumberbatch


Hello Tokyo! (03/20)

Proofread: Sophia (@aseria) (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka | Osaka | Nagoya | Tokyo

Mitsuki: Okay, let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by IDOLiSH7, and it takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Sougo: We started this tour in January, and it felt like it passed by so fast. Thanks to the fans’ warm support, we finally returned back to Tokyo safely.

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