being funky


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

thank you all so much ! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

i wanted to show appreciation for those i love who i’m mutuals with! at first i wanted to do all my mutuals, but considering when i reached 300 & wanted to do that it was Too Much, i figured it’d be much better to just list the big favorites – not that i don’t care about each and every one of you. anyways it’s under the cut! i love you all wow thank you again for putting up with me

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my very good beautiful friend @givealexahand fed me commissioned me to draw these boyz hangin out just guys being dudes

that moment when your friends are being gay and you take the chance to get some gesture drawing in

The day Bra is born is the day Vegeta gets the old gang back together to become TEAM THREE STAR DADS.

“HEY BALDY check out how cute my kid is! She already broke out of her playpen three times this week! Nothing can stop her!”

“Haha that’s great man!”

“YEAH. And Gohan, listen, start training with Pan soon, these two need to start sparring!! Let’s see what a quarter saiyan can do!!”

“Uh okay Vegeta…she’s still pretty little..”


“Vegeta -”


I’m in love with the idea of these three being dads with their daughters. Having to talk about girl stuff, showing up to train one day with their nails painted with glitter, carrying sweet handbags around for them, making panicked eye contact when it’s clear none of them know whats going on, BUT ALSO being so proud watching them learn how to fight, seeing a new generation of saiyans growing up in front of them, watching them being friends together, . I’m such a softie for it.

And I want to see Vegeta being overly proud all the time.

@puppyvegeta can you imagine Vegeta dragging Grandpa Goku out to train with him teasing him forever? I CAN.

  • riggs suffering from ptsd /depression / insomnia, miranda crushing his guard, holding him so tight until no demon remains (i don’t believe everything was butterflies and rainbows, not with riggs)
  • riggs doing mayhem in Mexico in black leather jacket, hair loosely tied back, dark glasses, mischievous smile, murthaug following him like his shadow
  • riggs being riggs, a funky, feral and confused ex Navy SEAL, showing some mad skills along the way
  • riggs

taekoyaki  asked:

saw your post. wait, kjd sucked? whatwhatwhat wHERE AND WHEN bc he never did? :O i've followed exo since 2012 and omfg i was drawn to him first bc his voice + charms and all that good stuff nvlnlkdgjblskjglhk

okay so i dont say he sucks but he used to be a bad dancer and everyone made fun of him

chensing machine is like a sarcastic joke tbh it started in 2012 somewhere during tao’s bday party people were screaming ‘dancing machine’ at jd

i think it’s bc he had a shorter training period and he got into sm for his beautiful voice (like baek) 

but here’s all the stuff i could find about his dark dark dancing past

there is this vid where yx is teaching jongdae how to dance.. making jd look like a dancing noodle

this video of him at smart exhibition

(1:30 > ‘Do you remember any fan?’ jd: ‘One fan said I was a dancing machine… I wonder if she meant it/was a compliment….’)

(everyone laughing bc chenchen being funky )



BUT now he has improved a lot

(you should also see this link bc its important! he worked rlly hard to improve)

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)

imaypossiblybereal  asked:

Does Jinwey just adopt anyone and everyone?

It’s like an inside joke with his friends and family. If he could adopt the universe, he would.

But asides that, in Jinwey’s species (man, I should really come up with a name for them) family merging and adopting others into families is common (kinda has to do something with their ancestors used to be a hive-mind based species). But rarely done outside their species. 

Jinwey and Coran develop a father-son relationship over time and then Jinwey’s just like ‘might as well make it official~’ owo


some art birthday presents for @yramaga

happy birthday will!! i drew joseph last year (i think it was last year. i have lost the concept of time entirely.) so i decided to draw caesar. here he is, the bubble man. i also finished mgs2 and i needed to draw a snake to get the Emotions™ out of my system. it’s a win win for both of us. also, i wont stop saying happy birthday until it’s 12am in your time zone. im sending you a birthday cake on a fighter jet as i type this. i hope u have a lovely day, you’re one of the most important ppl in my life that shaped me into who i am today, and im glad we’re still good friendos despite the incredibly long distance and i really genuinely hope i get to fly out to washington this summer to meet you (っ´▽`)っ