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I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe

@ghost-wants-murder congrats on gettin old ilu



here r the rest of the drawings i did for the karabita mer/ghost au! these ones r more story-based, p much chibita finds karamatsu and kidnaps him bc mermaids r a valuable commodity on the black market, but a lot of things happen and they both catch Feelings™

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what tips can you give to me who is trying to learn how to draw human features as well as Korean eyes. to be more specific, BTS member eyes. I could draw some of them separately but when I draw them out they don't come out well. your drawings are beautiful. I'm also having problems drawing the head shape. I'm still practing.

sorry this is so late I’m not very good at tutorials ;-; but really practice is the key!! dont buy into that myth that using references is cheating, drawing from photos again and again is the absolute best way to begin to understand how certain body parts look and act!

Its 1000% okay that you can draw things separately but once you put them together they look funky, being able to recognize when proportions are off is the step you need to take in order to improve!

thank you all so much ! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

i wanted to show appreciation for those i love who i’m mutuals with! at first i wanted to do all my mutuals, but considering when i reached 300 & wanted to do that it was Too Much, i figured it’d be much better to just list the big favorites – not that i don’t care about each and every one of you. anyways it’s under the cut! i love you all wow thank you again for putting up with me

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my very good beautiful friend @givealexahand fed me commissioned me to draw these boyz hangin out just guys being dudes

that moment when your friends are being gay and you take the chance to get some gesture drawing in

The day Bra is born is the day Vegeta gets the old gang back together to become TEAM THREE STAR DADS.

“HEY BALDY check out how cute my kid is! She already broke out of her playpen three times this week! Nothing can stop her!”

“Haha that’s great man!”

“YEAH. And Gohan, listen, start training with Pan soon, these two need to start sparring!! Let’s see what a quarter saiyan can do!!”

“Uh okay Vegeta…she’s still pretty little..”


“Vegeta -”


I’m in love with the idea of these three being dads with their daughters. Having to talk about girl stuff, showing up to train one day with their nails painted with glitter, carrying sweet handbags around for them, making panicked eye contact when it’s clear none of them know whats going on, BUT ALSO being so proud watching them learn how to fight, seeing a new generation of saiyans growing up in front of them, watching them being friends together, . I’m such a softie for it.

And I want to see Vegeta being overly proud all the time.

@puppyvegeta can you imagine Vegeta dragging Grandpa Goku out to train with him teasing him forever? I CAN.

Council Gajevy is CANON....(and rockin' that uniform)
College!AU Hyuk

find leo (here), ravi (here), hakyeon (here), hongbin (here) & ken (here)

  • major: film 
  • minor: astronomy 
  • sports: track & field 
  • clubs: anime club lol, extraterrestrial enthusiasts club 
  • lots of people are really confused by hyuk’s choice to be a film major because like ???? why ??? and he’s like “because astronomy is a minor in this university and the only place i get to talk about aliens and not be looked at as some weirdo is film class.”
  • and tbh hyuk’s interested in films that are retro, he could care less about anything that comes out nowadays. he’s a big science fiction fan
  • like someone was like hey have you seen deadpool?? and hyuk was like …….who……..
  • probably owns like 100000 copies of back to the future 
  • quotes the original jurassic park and gets ticked off when people say that the remake was better because ??? no ???  you’re wrong and here’s a comprehensive list of reasons why-
  • once ravi mentioned that he didn’t really get the whole hype about godzilla and hyuk wouldn’t shuttup for like three hours at some point hakyeon had to shove a whole kimbap in his mouth in hopes that hyuk wouldn’t be able to talk through all that rice
  • falls asleep in basically every one of his core classes except for “history of science fiction as a genre” and “avant-garde film” (mostly because that class blows his mind he doesn’t gET any of it but it’s cOOL)
  • actually secretly sucks at screenwriting he’s always asking ken for help since ken minors in creative writing and ken’s like how are you a film major if you can’t even write up your own script and stuff and hyuk’s like how about you shut it you’re pre-med whaT DO YOU KNow
  • was bribed onto the track and field team by the coach because he saw him on campus running to class and holy hell those long legs are FAST ZOOM
  • goofs around in anime club with fellow anime lover jungkook whom he also got to join the i love aliens club or extraterrestrial enthusiasts club which hyuk actually co-founded LOL
  • hyuk made an argument about how aliens are real for one of his thesis papers and the professors were like what ….is…..he
  • so how do you meet alien, science-fiction lover film major hyuk?? well basically you accidentally show up in the wrong club room one day sEE you meant to join a club surrounding your major  but you mixed up the rooms and instead of going to 1204… went to 204…….the……extraterrestrial enthusiasts club room…..
  • and when you go inside you’re a little suspicious because there is this tall, sort of childish looking boy with his feet up on the desk and a magazine over his face sleeping ???? and there’s like two other people who are you looking @ you shocked from behind a laptop where you persume they’re watching like star trek or something and you’re like ………….
  • i think im in the wrong place
  • hyuk has woken up and the magazine’s slid from his face and he’s like heeEEEYyy are you into aliens too??? im glad you came to join us we don’t have many people but the clubs really fun i promise, want me to tell you all about it??? and he’s so excited and like upbeat all of a sudden it catches you offguard and before you know it you’re nodding 
  • and this tall, cute after he basically leaned his face right into yours, boy is now blabbering at you about the stars, space, and aliens and you’re just way too dumbfounded to really respond 
  • and like by the end of a very long speech you’re kind like ,,,,,,um actually- and hyuk’s like yeah??!!??! and you dont have the heart to tell him you came to this room by mistake and honestly like aliens aRE cool but you’re no where near as passionate so you just thank him for telling you all this stuff and you get up and hope you can just run for it but hyuk’s like “wanna come next week too? we’re gonna watch ET” and you’re like…………how can i say no to his cute face goddamn ive only known him for like twenty minutes do N T give in
  • but you’re like “oh ET? ive never seen it-” and hyuk’s like up on his feet grasping your hands in his like YOu HaVENT weLL you GOTTA 
  • and now you’re basically committed rip you and rip joining your major club
  • but tbh you know you shouldn’t just stick around because he’s cute like that isn’t a valid reason to join a club and so it bugs you a bit after and while you’re walking around campus you see??? the boy from that club, he told you his name was hyuk
  • and he’s like sitting  at this table outside with three big textbooks around him that have like photos of the milky way and the planets and you’re kinda like wait…..isn’t he just a film major??? and you get a little closer and you’re trying to make out what he’s writing and then you hear his voice like 
  • “hey you’re from last time right??? are you trying to steal my astronomy homework answers or something/???”
  • and you look up to see hyuk looking down at you with this smile and you kinda fluster and you’re like n O i was just,,,,wondering what you were studying since you’re a film major and this is all stuff about well…..astrophysics 
  • and hyuks like Yeah it’s for my minor!! it’s astronomy and so rocket science is kinda my hobby
  • and in your head you’re lik,e HOBBY but you kind of chuckle awkwardly like o o h,,, sorry for bothering you!!! and he’s like nAH it’s cool if you ever wanna know about like thermodynamics or the rotation of the milky way galaxy - i got you
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,holy shit that sounds so smart i just thought he was some weird kid who liked alien movies but he knows what he’s talking about ???
  • and hyuks just like sooooo you’re gonna come to club right?? and you wanna be like gtg but you can’t say no now not with his cute face and his cute voice and cute nose gOD so you’re like ok yes ill come….and hyuks like chuckling like COOL HIGH FIVE and you’re like in your head nvm he might be super smart about space but he’s still fuckig twelve 
  • and so the day of club comes around and you come thinking it’s just gonna be you, hyuk, and those two random kids who don’t really even talk but to your surprise it’s just hyuk and you’re like um and he’s like oh hey the other two have lab today so it’s just us !!! I got the directors cute of ET tho get ready to let it blow your mInd and he does this laugh that’s become a familiar sound and you can’t help but feel kinda nervous because alone …. just you and hyuk……
  • and so hyuk gets the projector turned on but for some reason it’s being funky and hyuks like this is annoying let’s watch it on my laptop and he pulls it out and motions for you to sit right next to him and you’re like ,,,, so close and then hyuks plugging in headphones and is like here we can share !!! and he’s so casual and you’re like sweating because you two have to lean in to the screen and the wire of these headphones isn’t that long and you’re like snjfkajfs how is he not in the least bit affected ,,,
  • but hyuks just grinning and nudging you like it’s about to start!!! and basically you sit there with him for two hours in VERY close proximity and it’s actually like at first you’re nervous because hyuks so cute and you guys are alone but then hyuks explaining movie references and making jokes and like halfway through you….you’re enjoying it like ALOT
  • like you never knew watching some old alien movie could be so enjoyable and like you don’t notice but while you’re giggling along with some parts or watching with your mouth open and like are super concentrated hyuk is stealing glances at you and swallowing because ok…..he loves ET but right now there’s someone much more interesting (AND CUTE) in the room (HINT: he thinking bout u)
  • and when the movies over you’re like holy shit hyuk that was great I could watch it again and hyuks like I felt the sAME way the first time it’s awesome right
  • and hyuks like hey it’s pretty late you live on campus right and you’re like nah i dorm and it’s like a 20 min walk?? and hyuks like scrunching up his nose like it’s late let me walk you ok 
  • and you’re like o….oh sure that’d be really nice…..
  • and for the first time there’s this silence because you two are both freaking out inside because the other cute person in the room is so cute ts hard to deal with
  • but anyway hyuk gets his stuff and you get your bag and you’re walking talking about the movie and hyuks getting all excited and adorable and you’re like omg and then you look up and you’re like oooo stars and hyuks like you’re right!!! and then he goes off on this rant about stars and what they’re made of and you just laugh and hyuks like what’s funny???
  • and you’re like nothing!!!! you’re just super cute getting all smart about the stars 
  • and hyuks like cute?
  • and you’re like yea-oH I SAID THAT OUTLOUD 
  • and hyuks like kinda snickering now like you think I’m cute???? and he like steps closer and you playfully push his arm like wHat no i uh I didn’t uh weLL MY DORMS THERE BYE 
  • and you like scramble off and hyuk’s standing there a good ten minutes after youre gone smiling goofily to himself because frick you think he’s cute he thinks you’re cute is this.,,, real
  • and i mean you have only known each other for like a week and a half so like there’s no big confession are anything yet for the most part you just keep going to club and watching movies with hyuk and joking around and doing fun stuff together and hyuk will sometimes text you at like midnight and be like yoO dude look at the sky you see that star that’s actually-
  • and like you never get bored with him because he’s so fun and witty, slightly sarcastic and teasing, but also super smart and interesting
  • and like half the movies you never even knew existed he introduces to you and like after the semester is like pretty much over you’re like for the last day of club let me pick out a movie ok 
  • and hyuk’s jokingly like what if it’s a sucky movie and you’re like HEY and he’s like jkjkjk im looking forward to it 
  • but like the day you show up to play the movie like the room is locked??? and you and hyuk are like fRIck they must have already started closing up campus for the break and you’re sad like damn i wanted to watch the movie and hyuk’s pretty sad too but then he’s like waiT
  • and you’re like ??? and he’s like we can watch it at your dorm right?? you said your roommates already gone for break right and you’re like yeah but ,,,,,, the RA is gonna freak if they find out you’re staying this late and he’s like wELL ill just have to be very sneaky 
  • and tbh you wanna be like hyuk we can just watch this tomorrow at a starbucks on our laptops but you know his mischievous little butt isnt gonna be satisifed so you’re like fine ok come over
  • and he’s like i caNt just walk in then they’ll know im there im coming in through your window
  • and you’re like HYUk and he’s like it’s fine you’re on the first floor anyway and you’re like ….true,,,,,but still it’s risky
  • yet somehow twenty minutes later you’re walking past your RA’s open door and wave and you’re like nOThing suspicious and you’re just making it to your room, locking the door, and hurrying over to open your window and you’re like ok the coast is clear
  • and hyuk JUST TO BE DRAMATIC like pops out of a bush across the street and runs over humming the song they play in like spy movies and you’re just standing there with your eyebrows raised like really hyuk and he basically just somehow gets his long ass body through your window and he’s like MIssion CLEAR and you’re like GOD YOU NERD 
  • but anyway soon enough you two are sitting on your bed, laptop on your lap, and you’re playing the movie and it’s your favorite and you’re nervous because wiLL hyuk like it
  • and the minute it starts hyuk’s like i know this…and he turns to you and he’s like … do have good taste afterall (-: and you’re like SH ut up ofc i do but you’re secretly elated that he approves and like 
  • an hour in you two are like leaning against each other it’s so soft and cute in the darkness of your room WHEN SOMEONE KNOCKS ON THE ODOR
  • and you ALMost scream because w AHt the RA should be asleep by now 
  • but you hear there voice asking if they can come in and you’re like hyuk get under the blanket right now go and hyuks like fuck ok and you like get up, open the door and smile and the RA’s like “what’s the noises coming from your room??” and you point at your laptop on your bed along with a lump…..which is just you know your blanket…..and you’re like oh im watching a movie and you’re RA is giving you the LOOK but they’re like ….ok……..turn down the volume and you’re like ofc!!!! good night!!~!!!sleep well!!!!
  • and when they’re gone you’re like phew and you lock the door and climb back under the blanket which hyuk is still under and you’re like i think we’re good but 
  • like
  • hyuk isn’t like??? sitting back up???? and you’re like “hey are you o-”
  • and then like you feel like a warm hand wrap around your waist and like pull you under the covers and hyuk’s lips settle on the side of your neck and it’s hot under the blanket but your face is EVEn hotter because what is happening
  • and you’re like “hyu-hyuk?” and he’s like “do you like it? is it ok for me to do this?” and he like keeps kissing the skin of your throat, biting ever so gently here and there and you’re like o…..oh….and you like don’t even notice it but your hands tangle in his hair
  • and before you damn know it hyuk’s going further down
  • and WELL i will leave the rest up to your imagination 
  • and like ok when you wake up it’s like you’re wrapped up in these big strong arms and your face is like directly in someones chest and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • what
  • and you like shout just a little because WOAH and you wake up hyuk’s whose disoriented with a total bedhead and he’s like WAHT WHAt did the RA COME
  • and you’re like HYUK YOUR NAKED
  • and hyuks like yeah i know. you’re naked too
  • and you look down and you’re like HOLY SHIT HYUK WHAT HAPPENEd and he gets this grin on his face and points to this red spot on his collarbone and he’s like “well, you really did go hard last night. i didn’t think you had it in you.” and you’re like sfhklsa whAT and hyuk’s like yeah ^^ also didn’t know you were a groaner that was hot
  • and you’re like blushing lik hYU K w E SL E PT TOge THER HOW 
  • and he shrugs like well after your RA almost caught us like the movie was basically over and like i like you so i wanted to touch you and well you let me touch you and things escalated and we touched a lot and did alot more than touch-
  • and you put your hands up like oh my god ok i understand now
  • and hyuk leans over to kiss your fingertips and you let out a little eek and he’s like “why, do you wish it didn’t happen?”
  • and your heart thumps against your chest and you’re like no that’s not it,,,,it’s just,,,,a lot to take in,,, and he’s like chuckling like TRUe i AM pretty big- and you’re like DO nOT BE GROSS rIGHT Now and he’s like sorry sorry and then just pulls you into his arms and starts kissing you and you’re so overwhelemd because he’s so energetic even though you’re kinda sore but like a nice sore 
  • but before you know it hyuk’s like i gtg and sneaks out of your window again with his shirt on backwards and he’s like ill text u!!! and you’re like ok omf
  • and like for a while you’re like ,,,,what if hyuk thinks this is just a one night stand and you stress but like a half an hour later you get a text from hyuk that’s like 
  • “can i officially call you the scully to my mudler” and then three seconds later he’s like “wait no they didn’t date in the x-files mudler was in love with aliens so can you be the alien to my mudler” and you’re like oh my god hyuk are you asking me out and he’s like yes and you’re like yes i will go out with you BUT DO NOT call me alien i SWEAR TO GOD
  • and from then on you and hyuk are the cutest nerdiest campus couple
  • you guys are always sitting somewhere on campus watching movies or bickering playfully over games or just like hyuk has you in his lap with his long limbs around you
  • and like he doesnt say it outloud because he doesn’t wanna sound c*rny but at some point he’s like i found ,,,,my own precious star,,,,,except he probably like runs to the bathroom and smacks his own face like GET IT TOGETHER THEY’RE CUTE BUT DONT GET CORNY HAN SANGHYUK
  • and ravi’s probably like at the sink next to him like dude what the hell are you saying
  • tbh when you tell his friends you guys are dating leo’s like “really? how do you put up with him” and hyuk’s like (-: what (-: does (-: that (-: mean (-: hyung and leos’ like……rip im sorry nvm
  • you and hyuk texting each other dumb selfies during classes where you’re bored
  • hyuk probably takes pics of the professor and like draws on the pics and sends them to you like ‘look i turned my prof. into goku :P’ and you’re like jesus u weeb
  • hyuk is big and always hungry you get in the habit of having snacks on hand for him and he’s like ily and you’re like do you love me only for my snacks and he’s like yes and you’re like ill kill you and he’s like ??? can you even REACH me and you’re like BOY 
  • you and hyuk will probably have the cutest damn halloween couple costumes i feel like he goes so hard for halloween
  • hyuk reading his screenplays outloud to you and you’re like hyuk baby i love you but what the hell is going on in this and he’s like TBH idk please help……
  • hyuk: i wanna tattoo of a ufo on my butt you: DO IT hakyeon: ODNT ENCOURAGE HIM
  • hyuk basically being a lil shit most of the time but like also refusing to let you get up off his lap because no no you’re soft and he wants to hold you forever no one else has the right to hold you like this but him your alien loving boyfriend
  • hyuk with a smile on his face: if you touch them, i will murder everything you love in this galaxy
  • you wear hyuk’s big sweatshirt that has like marvel characters on it and it’s like a dress it like goes past your knees and you’re like its big and warm LIKE YOUR BOYFRIEND