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yes hi hello, how do I audition for blue sargent

During a rather slow hour at work last week, I started to seriously contemplate if “niceness before knives” could be worked into a tattoo - for a modern day AU Leliana, of course. Wound up sketching some crude design of it when I got home:

Maybe for the (left) upper arm? Indicative of the Left Hand needing to lay down her burden, and also an area that she could see and touch for remembrance. 

Consequently this led me to plot out what other ink the Orlesian bard-Chantry sister-vanquisher of the Blight-Left Hand of the Divine-Inquisition spymaster would adorn herself with.

Far, far too much thought. –___–

“Wifey”. It IS hard to confuse. But certain people do insist on reading into it what they want to hear…..
….What if those “certain people” are not the shippers, but instead are those insisting that Cait is only his TV wife?? Nothing in the tweet suggests that this wasn’t his meaning, and his continued use of the term in referring to Cait in situations that are clearly not Outlander related would give some weight to this interpretation. Sam is a master at the double entendre, and also of the more simple double meaning. I think he would exploit the ambiguity here to allow him to use wifey freely, (because it pleases him, and Cait, to do so- and it is most likely a true statement as well) while also hiding behind the TV wife meaning the other side insists on foisting onto him to avoid this being a “reveal”.

The Tvland like would also fit nicely into this theory as well. While it is true that she is his wifey in tvland- it doesn’t say that she is his wifey ONLY in tvland so that does not preclude her also being his wifey in other lands, or even in the real world!