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Does it make you angry considering how Sasuke acknowledged Naruto being there for him in their final battle in a not so Sasuke fashion and being completely ooc while he ignores Sakura who has done pretty much the same for him? Sakura deserves an acknowledgement from Sasuke for being there for him too. Also do you think Kishimoto likes giving SS problems?

Sakura did get acknowledgement from Sasuke.

Why do you think he apologised to her and not Naruto? Why do you think he thanked her and not Naruto?

As for your other question, I think Kishi just likes giving the Uchiha clan problems, not necessarily just SS.


Over excited monkey auditions for Project Runway. 


Kuroo Tetsurou Mobile Wallpapers [540x960] requested by the cuties kkeijis & koganegawa ♡

[Feel free to save and use but do not repost or claim as yours]


First selfies I’ve taken since November, I really like my new outfit n_n

You can see the ivy I’ve been working on killing behind me in the photos. Some of the roots are twice the size of my arm!


Color - 19/12/2016

It’s taking me so long to be comfortable with my body, and even to this day pictures like this can get me down and make me doubt myself. I always feel so pressured to conform and want my body to be something it isn’t even tho I know it isn’t for me. But I know every day I’m getting closer to loving my myself and being content. My marks, my fat, my face, it’s me. It’s my container for my spirit and I love it.

*Consultant detectives* 

drawn in Photoshop