being fab as always


EMILY omg it’s your birthday 🎉 (in England it still is and I’m really hoping it is in Australia still) - anyway, Em, you’re the most adorable ray of sunshine I’ve been lucky enough to meet in this online family we’ve all got going ❤️️❤️️❤️️ you never fail to make me smile and feel better, thank you for checking up on me if I’m not feeling fab 💕 Thank you for always being so lovely, so lovely that I sometimes think you’re not real (like that gal Taylor Swift). We have got so much ahead of us, like our TS6 tours that we HAVE to go to together, and all of the places I am going to take you when you come to England 🇬🇧 keep being bloody amazing 🤗 I’m missing our 2 hour Skype chats, let’s catch up soon 😋keep an eye out for something special in the post my lovely 😊 LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💋💋💋 (p.s. @taylorswift it’s Emily’s birthday 🎉 if you didn’t already know) 😂😂😂