being erica


Lost Girl AU: A rising female rock band.

Bo: Okay listen up! From now on, your official name is - drum roll please - Lost Girls!

Kenzi: Dude, are you for realzies?

Patsy a.k.a. Lauren: Laaaaaaame.

TamTam: Who’s lost? 

That One Super Gay Episode: Canadian Television Edition

You know that one episode, of that one TV show, that’s just a bit super gay, and it’s awesome? Well, here are three episodes, edited down to its lesbian content, for your viewing pleasure:

Sanctuary “Monsoon” (Amanda Tapping & Sandrine Holt)

Being Erica “Everything She Wants” (Anna Silk & Erin Karpluk)

Combat Hospital “Inner Truth”(Christina Cox & Deborah Kara Unger)