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The Family is Alright Chapter 1

Series: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou / Ochako Uraraka (Kacchako)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Bakugou’s parents were more than surprised when he told them he started dating a girl. Actually, they were shocked. And much to his annoyance, both asked to meet the girlfriend.

Uraraka’s parents were both glad that she found someone. Despite being embarrassed, it didn’t stop her parents from constantly calling and texting her asking when they were going to meet him.

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can i request a scenario where the phantom boys are about to kiss their s/o but are interrupted suddenly? i love your work!

Akira would be quite indifferent to it. He would slowly pull away from you with a smirk, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear as he does so. He would offer a simple apology, muttering a soft sorry under his breath with the smirk still plastered on his lips. He wouldn’t offer an explanation to accompany his apology; instead, he would lean forward to whisper something in your ear, telling you what he would do to you the moment the two of you are finally alone once more. He would only chuckle the moment he sees your cheeks heating up in embarrassment, the smirk on his lips widening just a fraction.

Ryuji would definitely be embarrassed at being caught in the moment, and he would immediately pull away from you, turning his head away from you as if in an attempt to avoid your gaze. His cheeks would immediately heat up as though in embarrassment, and while he would try and find the right words to get the two of you out of the mess you’ve landed yourselves into, he would stammer over his words too much that his words wouldn’t be easily understandable. This would lead to you speaking up for the two of you instead, as well as him grumbling curses under his breath in the background.

Yusuke would also be embarrassed, and immediately, he would pull away from you as he clears his throat and utters an apology, telling you that he got too caught up in the moment. There would also be a light blush on his cheeks as he opens his mouth and speaks something once more, muttering something under his breath, his voice too soft that his words would simply become incomprehensible.

Akechi would be frustrated, although he would try and hide it on the inside. Gently, he would pull away from you, muttering an apology for acting too inappropriate. He wouldn’t forget to smile as he utters the words, although he would clench and unclench his fists against his sides as he tries to calm himself down. Still, that doesn’t mean he would be able to stop himself from teasing you, smiling down at you as he leans down to whisper something in your ear.

“Next time, then,” he would say and he would wallow at the sight of a slight blush that coats your cheeks, seemingly as though in embarrassment.

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@ anon about isak's softness, thought I was the only one. he's become so so soft like the eye rolls are there but cute ones and how he's not saying things like 'k whatever' and is being deadass shy(??) embarrassed(??) when he forgets to serve Sana when he I think wouldve been like 'fuckkk sorry' but this is a softer way, his expressions then and just little things his smile welcoming her in ugggh just his whole being and I'm loving it it's so pure I'm happy for him

It’s really subtle, but I wholeheartedly agree with you both. There’s such a softness around this boy (promise I won’t do another long post about it lol) but it’s just the truth. In really simple ways, how indeed he offers a soft smile to Sana when he opens the door, how even though their friend is right here, there’s nothing that could prevent him to kiss his boyfriend goodbye, and even if he failed at it made the effort to make Sana some tea, how simple it seems but the way he actually listens to her, so appreciative she went out of her way to help him, and even though it maybe hurt him a bit, not blaming Sana for not saying she knew Even, but on the contrary telling her what a good person she is, and the trust when he saw her looking at his computer but doesn’t hesitate one second letting her alone in the flat. 

Isak isn’t simply free today (”my life was so fake before…”), but he seems so much more open about his feelings. Holding on his boyfriend’s hand, wearing a ridiculous little flower. Isak making it also obvious what a caring friend he is, being present for Sana even when she pushed him away. There’s such a peace now when I look at him, especially that last clip in their little home sweet home. When it’s so messy, but life is good, and Isak is happy. Bless :)

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we can pretty much trace the start of 'let's have Damon' do something stupid to justify drama. That's why Damon snapped Jeremy's neck at the start of season two. Not because of natural character flaws but because they wanted to justify why Damon was bad. And they did the same in s5. He had character development but they just wanted to use him for drama again. He truly was redemeed otherwise thats why he's the better man and DE were endgame


When was Damon truly redeemed? When did Damon have any form of character development? When did this happen? How does Damon “rescuing” Elena from being embarrassed at Miss Mystic Falls make up for the fact that he raped Caroline and tried to kill her, that he tried to kill Bonnie, that he was responsible for Vicki’s death, that he killed Tanner, and killed Lexi and killed random people because he felt like it? How does one dance make him redeemable anon? Tell me. How does Damon saving Elena from a vampire in 1x10 but kidnapping her and bringing her to another state while she was unconscious constitute as redemption and character development? Explain that to me. Explain to me how Damon killing Jeremy doesn’t fit into his character and is just the show making drama to make drama when we already had Katherine attempting to kill John, stabbing Stefan, and turning Caroline into a vampire? When we had Tyler turning into a werewolf. Tell me. Tell me how that isn’t Damon just being Damon. Tell me where his redemption happens amidst all of the consistently shitty things he does to the people around him.

Damon is not the better man, Damon feeling sorry for himself because of the shit he does and not striving to actually do anything to make up for it, doesn’t make him the better man. Constantly saying he’s a bad person but not doing anything to rectify his behaviour, constantly relying on hearing about Elena to not kill someone instead of not killing someone because it’s wrong doesn’t make him the better man. Constantly letting the people around him down because that’s easier to deal with then growing the fuck up and being an adult doesn’t make him the better man. He’s a coward.

Stefan is the better man because Stefan earns, Stefan works, Stefan faces consequences, accepts consequences but tries to do some good after and amidst those consequences. Stefan is the better man because even though he sacrificed himself and died he stood across from Elena and put Damon before his sacrifice and told her he was the better man. DE was endgame because the writing on TVD is terrible.

talesfromcallcenters: "I'm putting in my password correctly, but it's not working."

“It keeps saying my username or password is incorrect but the password is right.”

“My account is locked.”

It becomes locked after too many failed password attempts.

Self-entitlement answer, with that tone, you know the one. The one where they are proud and smarmy to have received an error and beaten the site. Coupled with the embarrassment of being clocked by a lowly call centre worker.

“Well there’s something wrong with the site, the password is right.”

No. No, it’s not. The password is wrong and you’re an idiot.

By: spankybottoms_


I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)


OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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Day 1 - Family Introductions

Sorry I had these made for Tomco valentines week but due to complications I couldnt post them, but at lest now I can.


gif meme: jon/arya + quote (requested by @horcrucxs)

The heart is all that matters. Do not despair, Lord Snow. Despair is a weapon of the enemy, whose name may not be spoken. Your sister is not lost to you.

Otayuri Week 2017, Day 6: Pair Skate or Rivalry

I decided to give art a try and go back to my drawing days. Some traditional art with watercolors for today’s prompt (I haven’t consistently drawn or painted in years and it shows, please forgive me). No matter how much anatomy knowledge I’ve absorbed from college, I couldn’t do Otabek’s jaw justice OTL. I googled pair skating pics and selected this pose because I loved it. I sort of like how it turned out. Just sort of. But especially Yuri’s face.

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I'm super ashamed and embarrassed of being/identifying as bisexual because of all the biphobia I've witnessed. It's really fucking with my mental health and idk what to do. It's to the point where I just want to identify as straight, but I know that giving into biphobia and heteronormativity aren't the answer. I'm just lost. Our sexuality is always trivialized and I can't complain about it without being mocked. How do you guys deal with this?

I feel this. Biphobia is the largest cause of creating what is known as The Silent Majority - Bisexuals being the largest percentage of queer people and yet the most misrepresented.

I deal with it by surrounding myself with people who accept Bisexuals, people who cheerlead Bisexuals, and people who love me for me and for my Bisexuality. Aside from it being a good way to maintaining a positive self-image in regards to your own personal Bisexuality, it’s a good rule to live by in general. I also deal with it by educating and stepping in when I see Biphobia.

Spreading information to those otherwise unaware to Bi stigma helps! That’s why it’s always important, for those who aren’t Bi and care, to be a good Bi ally and educate people on the effects of Biphobia, including studies showing, for example, Bisexuals suffering from more mental health issues like depression and anxiety than their Gay/Lesbian counterparts. When we see biphobia existing in general cishet society (where we’re facing homophobia on top of biphobia) we turn to our safe spaces, our queer spaces, but in our safe spaces as well we’re not as safe as we should be. We desperately need these spaces especially since studies show Bisexuals face more sexual violence than their Gay/Lesbian and Straight peers. So when this support system we should have gets taken away for who we are - that’s Biphobia. And it does real actual harm towards Bisexuals. 

“No one is hanging you for being Bi, Biphobia isn’t a thing!” well that’s the interesting part! In addition to dealing with Biphobia, which has its own ugliness as briefly mentioned, Bisexuals also deal with homophobia! (internally and externally, as previously mentioned). So in these moments, when we retreat to our safe spaces to recoup, and we’re forced to behave differently or be not what we truly are, or constantly questioned in regards to the validity of who we are, it does damage! It’s a cycle of violence and further reinforces this notion that, in LGBTQ+ spaces - despite being a very present letter in the acronym, queerness is conditional instead of something inherent. Bisexuality is inherently queer, has its own unique queer experiences, is a marginalized identity through and through, deserves better treatment, and deserves equal support. 

This being said, cause these things need to be said, understanding that these concepts are present and being able to live a happy life are possible. What helped me out of my internalized biphobic/homophobic rut was coming to terms with the fact I wanted to be happy. My bisexuality wasn’t going to change, so I knew the only thing to do at that point was to accept it and learn to love it. There are also SO many Bisexual allies out there! The real world isn’t Tumblr discourse 24/7 I promise you and I can’t tell you how many times my gay and lesbian friends stop me whenever I start thinking biphobicly and step in to reinforce I’m queer and worthy. Bisexuality is beautiful. Your bisexuality is beautiful. It may be hard right now but I promise you it does get better.


endless list of favorite relationships |→ sookie and rory

“Okay, I’ve got it from here, Sookie. I love you.