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Hullo, friend, so I checked the raws and at the "good morning" scene it's written in full katakana, just like when the shadow talks in the Ark, and the next time of Allen's possession normal speech is used but I'm not sure who it really was bc Neah seems to only completely come to his senses when he sees Allen's face in the mirror, what do you think is going on?? Is the 14th imitating Neah?? I'm so co fused. (Also maybe this full katakana user said "koware" when Allen's arm shut down??)

For the most part evidence seems to point that katakana = Noah Memory (at least for Noah characters, with the Earl being a bit of a special case). I also think that, as Nea had only used katakana to speak by then, it was a very effective way to portray that the one speaking was the Noah inside Allen.

And… at least in my copy that isn’t so?

There is hiragana in the furigana, but that’s a pattern that can be seen in other Noah Memories and matches the later scene inside Allen’s mind (when he calls both the Earl and Allen mad puppets). The first time Nea uses hiragana like a normal japanese speaker would IS when he wakes up and sees Allen’s face in the mirror.

I think Nea is gaining awareness. The way he speaks in this scene isn’t as… robotic, so to speak. The grammar is more diverse, the sentences longer. He adds sentence enders. However, the katakana seems to indicate that the part of him that is awake is mainly the Noah and not the person himself.

This is mostly my personal read of this scene, but perhaps it’s more like having a fever? You are sort of aware of your surroundings, but you hardly remember the details because you aren’t fully yourself / in your full capacity.

Then, we still know little about how the Earl’s Noah Memory works… It does seem smarter than the others from what we have seen. Nea is the Earl in a sense, so his memory being smarter than usual wouldn’t be that strange.

I still think the koware is Nea’s Noah, but we have no way to confirm that.

Playlist of the week #3

1. Migos - Slippery (ft. Gucci Mane)

2. Belly - White Girls (ft. Travi$ Scott)

3. Big Sean - Sacrifices (ft. Migos)

4. Playboi Carti - Mangolia

5. Travi$ Scott - Butterfly Effect

6. A$AP Rocky - RAF (ft. Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean)

7. Chief Keef - Hate being sober

8. Drake - Gyalchester

9. Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet

10. Flatbush Zombies - New Phone, Who Dis?

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Suggest me some 2017 hip hop, rap & rnb songs ?

• KING Z3U$ - Pistol Whip
• Travi$ Scott - beibs in the trap (feat. NAV)
• Night Lovell - Trees of the Valley
• Future - Low Life (feat. The Weeknd)
• Kanye West - Blood on the leaves
• 6lack - Prblms
• Kendrick Lamar - untitled 2
• A$AP Rocky - Telephone Calls (feat. Tyler, the Creator, Playboi Carti, Yung Gleesh)
• ScHoolboy Q - THat Part (feat. Kanye West)
• Dylan Brady - All I ever wanted
• The Weeknd - Reminder
• Post Malone - Too Young
• Migos - Kelly Price (feat. Travi$ Scott)
• Joey Bada$$ - Devasteted
• Stetch - Clouded
• KV KA - Who you
• Flatbush Zombies - Ascension
• J. Cole - Deja Vu
• A$AP Rocky - Phoenix
• Travi$ Scott - Drugs you should try it
• Migos - Slippery (ft. Gucci Mane)
• Belly - White Girls (ft. Travi$ Scott)
• Big Sean - Sacrifices (ft. Migos)
• Playboi Carti - Mangolia
• Travi$ Scott - Butterfly Effect
• A$AP Rocky - RAF (ft. Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Frank Ocean)
• Chief Keef - Hate being sober
• Drake - Gyalchester
• Earl Sweatshirt - Faucet
• Flatbush Zombies - New Phone, Who Dis?

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I was curious enough about what was going on those 4 spoiler pages to try translate them best I could (with what little knowledge I have) so my attempts made at 6 AM is under the cut for spoilers

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Vincent’s Plan?

Recently, I wrote a random musing about how the twins really could have complimented each other in terms of personality. Our!Ciel was considerate and caring, while real!Ciel was more pragmatic and outgoing. A combination of these traits would make for a nearly ‘perfect’ individual to act as both the earl and the watchdog. As I was considering this a strange thought occurred to me.

What if the idea of using both boys to fulfill these roles had been Vincent’s plan all along?

When Vincent was talking to Diederich, he was making plans for the future in case something was to happen to him. He asked Diederich to watch over the boys. This is itself seems normal enough. However, when Diederich starts to talk our!Ciel about how he (our!Ciel) needs to start planning for his future, just as Vincent had been doing, Vincent says it’s too early to worry about that.

This seems a bit odd. Here is Vincent planning for the future of the boys if something was to happen to him, but then turns around and tells Diederich it’s too soon to worry about our!Ciel’s future as he is just a young boy.

Later, Frances brings up idea that being the watchdog might be too hard for our!Ciel, and Vincent should take the time to really consider what would happen should something happen to real!Ciel.

Vincent however doesn’t seem concerned. He calmly says they would have to relinquish the title and duties, but I’m not sure if he’s that serious. It honestly seems as if he’s not concerned.

Vincent later takes the boys out to look over their land and the people working on it. They talk about the duties of an earl, and Vincent talks to both boys directly AND equally. At no point does he tell our!Ciel he doesn’t have to worry about these things or say something about how this lesson is directed towards real!Ciel. In fact, Vincent only watches on as the boys talk and they use the word ‘we.’ Real!Ciel is talking in terms of what he’s going to do with his brother and not on his own.

We know that real!Ciel doesn’t want his brother to leave him, but Vincent is only quietly watching them talk.

When you really consider the matter, our!Ciel had the better disposition for being an earl and real!Ciel was better suited for being the watchdog. What if Vincent had always planned for both of them to take those positions and to help each other?

Of course, only one could actually hold the title and such. In that regard, real!Ciel was the one destined to be the earl and watchdog. He was the one with the planned out future, but perhaps Vincent had a similar plan for our!Ciel. This might be why he hasn’t made any real plans for him - at least not plans he had shared. After all, most people wouldn’t have been able to tell the twins apart. Both could have effectively worked as the earl and the watchdog without anyone being the wiser. In fact, Earl Phantomhive could have even been in two places at once. People would have thought they were interacting with real!Ciel when it could have been our!Ciel all along.



“Something happened. It was so embarrassing. My skin feels itchy with it. I hate to think that people would have gone home and talked about it…like it was a joke…over their Yorkshire puddings or summat. It’s too much out there. I don’t even know how to explain it. It smashes up all of your senses. I’m not strong enough to deal with it all on my own.”


I’ve now seen the entire chapter in Korean, and I must say… wow.

I’m not posting pics here, but I’ll describe what I see and discuss a few things that I’ve been going over with a few people since I saw it.

The cover is their happy life shattering like a broken mirror. There’s a short recap of ch133, showing the boys awake that morning, split panels of the family and all the happy servants. Then the twins staring at the clock again. Ciel decides to investigate, but our earl stays behind. After a while, and since Ciel hasn’t returned, our earl ventures out of their room, too.

He hears noises and encounters Sebastian, the dog, who has been muzzled by someone. Our earl removes the muzzle, and the dog tries to herd him around, as usual. But, when our earl falls, the dog licks him. Dog Sebastian then leaves the room, and there are more noises. Our earl runs around the manor, finding all these corpses. Then he sees the dog has been killed… and his parents. Something that struck me was the fact that our earl turns Vincent from his side to his back, and… phew… particularly rough scene. Notice all these people are dead, and yet their eyes are open. That’s not uncommon, of course, but —

So, then our earl runs up to Tanaka as Tanaka is giving him warnings to stay away. The text must be essentially the same as it was before in a previous flashback of this scene. But now, we know that Ciel was not around when our earl found Tanaka. I suspect that Tanaka is trying to warn our earl that Ciel has been kidnapped. This explains why: 1) Tanaka says “Lord Ciel….” and 2) The perps say something along the lines of “Let’s take this one, too.” They already have Ciel in their possession.

We see a different view of Tanaka being stabbed, and the knife approaches and pulls back from some height… and it looks suspiciously like Lord Polaris’/“Knife Dude’s” modus operendi. Could both attacks have been by the same person? Perhaps, but I really can’t say. I sort of doubt it but can’t disprove it, either. And then the chapter ends with our earl being captured.


So, a few other observations I’d like to make:

1. I believe our earl knows, by this point, that Sebastian (dog) means to protect him, even if he’s kind of scary and rough about it. So, when it’s time to come up with a name for the scary demon who is contracted to protect, our earl selects this name. Not only that, but he doesn’t refer to the dog as “Ciel’s dog” or “the family dog”; he says “my dog”. He recognizes dog Sebastian’s service and appreciates the one time it showed him affection… before being killed in the line of duty, so to speak. I was discussing this with @t-stray and @guarddogclaudia a bit ago.

2. I also observed (in our discussions) that our earl’s approach to being watchdog is much like that of dog Sebastian. Might seem heartless, hateful, and cruel, but underneath is concern, affection, and love. We see this with how our earl pushes everyone away; how he treats Soma is a perfect example. He actually wishes to protect others from harm and hardship, if possible. It can be hard for anyone to express their emotions, let alone explain them, so it must be particularly hard for a dog who can’t even speak. Must also be hard for a demon who struggles with understanding “human emotions”. When he experiences them (or something like them), he doesn’t seem to recognize them, and he definitely cannot explain them. How/why would he even begin to explain them to his Young Master? Instead, there are brief moments when he expresses them through his actions and in the way he words things — soft moments, like how Ciel used to be… like how his parents were. But the rest of the time he acts like a rival… or like his canine namesake… pushing and pulling, teasing, insulting, etc. It’s like the phrase “gotta be cruel to be kind”. The dog, the demon, even our earl — they don’t know how else to be.

3. During our discussion, @t-stray also made a little revelation. Remember how our earl had this terrible nightmare that everyone was dead and staring at him? Yeah… that’s because the bodies he found that day still had their eyes open. He felt like they were looking at him, even though he knew they were dead. Even Sebastian seemed at a loss what that was about. Our earl must have never told the demon the details of the attack. Kind of like how he didn’t mention that he used to suffer frequent bouts of asthma; he didn’t find it to be necessary, and the demon probably never thought to even ask. Good (though really creepy) catch!


One last thing. I’m going to, for now, stick with the idea that ch135 will be about the events leading up to the sacrifice and contract, and that ch136 (in January) will be about “that day” (also in January). Moreover, I’ll say that ch135 might essentially start out with:

1. The twins being reunited with each other before being sold to the cult, and

2. Our earl finding out that Ciel managed to get and hide (swallow) the ring to protect it from the kidnappers, etc.

Okay, that’s it for now….

Tanaka’s Loyalty

The recent release of Chapter 130 confirms that Tanaka did in fact know about the twin switch. (The former part of real!Ciel’s statement appears to be a mistranslation by online translators)

This revelation has been guarded by the former butler since that dreaded night almost four years ago. He could have manipulated our!Ciel, revealed his secret, distrusted him, etc., but he remained at our!Ciel’s side as a loyal, humble servant.

These panels display the emotional toll that the twin situation has placed on him:

These few panels display what I receive as a reluctant, exasperated Tanaka. Since he was never planning to reveal the switch, it’s understandable for him to feel overwhelmed or in need of bracing himself before divulging such information.

Personally, I don’t think Tanaka’s reserved, saddened expressions stem purely from the exhaustion of keeping our!Ciel’s secret. Tanaka cares deeply for the Phantomhive household and most likely both of the twins. He was protecting our!Ciel, but now that the truth (or the real!Ciel) is out, he can’t control what will happen– specifically what will happen to the “criminal” in this situation, our!Ciel.

While Tanaka looks saddened as he reveals this damaging information, his expression when facing real!Ciel is quite different:

Is it just me, or is that look as cold as ice?

Compared to his other expressions in this chapter, he doesn’t seem saddened or pained at all– he comes across as surprisingly stiff and even unattached. Despite this, he calls real!Ciel “Master Ciel” and welcomed him (whether or not he had questions about his appearance).

So…Does Tanaka have a twin preference? Could his cold expression when dealing with real!Ciel hint at a distaste of the true heir? Interestingly enough, even if he favors our!Ciel, his loyalty to the Phantomhive Household urges him to serve the rightful earl. Or is there something else that prompts him to do such– perhaps knowing another secret or wanting to protect our!Ciel?

 Plus, let’s not forget Tanaka’s reaction when he first saw that our!Ciel (who he knew was the younger twin) was alive:

Pretty different treatment…

Some Tanaka-centric Questions That This Chapter Raises:

  • What did Tanaka think happened to real!Ciel when only our!Ciel turned up alive?
  • What does Tanaka currently think about real!Ciel (concerning his whereabouts for the past three years, his “living” status, etc.)?
  • Did Tanaka know about real!Ciel’s existence/ apparent survival prior to his appearance at the manor?
  • Does our!Ciel know that Tanaka knew about the switch?
  • Why has Tanaka kept silent about the switch?
  • Why did Tanaka let our!Ciel live under the guise of real!Ciel?
  • Does Tanaka have a favorite twin?
  • Which twin will Tanaka serve?
  • Is Tanaka telling the truth?

Personal Thoughts:

Tanaka is an extremely loyal servant who serves the Phantomhive household to the best of his abilities. While his loyalty dictates that he should follow tradition and serve the rightful master, his personal closeness and knowledge about the twins seems to make this task complicated.

Despite knowing extremely damaging information about our!Ciel, Tanaka does not act on it and never intended to do anything (even if he didn’t know what happened to real!Ciel). Plus, if the information was revealed/ the fact that he knew about the switch or identity theft came out, he could get into some serious legal trouble, as our!Ciel has lied to the Queen. All of this tells me that Tanaka cares immensely about our!Ciel.

Tanaka did not want to reveal the information that would ruin our!Ciel’s ruse and humiliate him. However, the appearance of real!Ciel forced his hand. 

Judging from Tanaka’s expressions, he seems to be more emotionally attached to our!Ciel (Though I’m sure seeing a kid you practically raised crumbling into a pathetic mess is a difficulty for anyone; plus, the room’s atmosphere definitely wasn’t fitting for a jovial greeting).

Interestingly enough, real!Ciel does not seem to hold a grudge or have any hostility against Tanaka, since he greeted him with a casual, “Oh, Gramps.” However, this might not be true the other way around…

Does Tanaka dislike or distrust real!Ciel? Has real!Ciel done something cruel, mean, or terrible in his past that caused this?

Furthermore, will Tanaka serve real!Ciel?

Since Tanaka was preparing tea, I’m guessing he’s not real!Ciel’s butler (plus, the servants would certainly notice Tanaka arriving with “Ciel” rather than Sebastian, or real!Ciel showing up with someone who wasn’t Sebastian in general). Thus, Tanaka would simply be following Phantomhive tradition to serve the true master if he served real!Ciel. He does not have a guarantee of power, honor, or prestige (though I’ve never taken Tanaka for someone who’d be attracted to those things).

Furthermore, the one known as “Earl Phantomhive” does not need Tanaka to rule the Phantomhive household– Tanaka is simply a loyal, high-ranking servant who would be a five-star asset. While he is not needed, Tanaka is also an excellent verification of being “Earl Phantomhive,” as he is well-known to the Evil Noblemen.

Anyway, since real!Ciel doesn’t actually need Tanaka, as he could reveal himself as the true heir to family and authorities, Tanaka and our!Ciel could be in legal trouble. Real!Ciel’s position of power puts Tanaka in a difficult position, as it could be a “Join or Die” situation.

I am still curious about how much power real!Ciel has, as he could easily strip our!Ciel of power by going to family or the authorities, yet he chooses a rather dramatic reveal method… This seems to coincide with his prideful personality, imo. Aside from that, could real!Ciel actually reveal himself? Is there something or someone stopping him from doing this?

Over the past three to four years, Tanaka has been protecting our!Ciel. If real!Ciel threatened our!Ciel, I could see Tanaka “switching sides” to serve him.

While that could happen, I think this chapter makes it clear that Tanaka cares very deeply for our!Ciel and chose to serve him and to protect his lie. 

Given this information and his body language, I don’t think Tanaka would betray our!Ciel. In my opinion, serving or doing damage control with real!Ciel to protect our!Ciel would be a prime reason for his change of masters.

Vikings Preference "How they react to you being the new Earl"

(Wooo Vikings :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Ragnar-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be in shock but would manage to hide it by acting pleasantly surprised. He wouldn’t have ever expected you to be an Earl at all from your appearances but would smile and greet you, giving you the respect you deserve as an Earl and seeking your help in his quest.

Rollo-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be stunned and amazed to meet you, never expecting for someone like you to be a leader at such a young age. He’d want to actually fight alongside you and become a close friend as much as to protect you as he’d need of your help to make his dreams come true.

Floki-When he realizes that you are the Earl, his eyes would widen in shock but he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from bursting into laughter out of excitement. He’d feel like he had known you the whole time but learning of your reign would only make him happy and glad that he had such a powerful ally by his side this whole time.

Athelstan-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be curious yet so quickly enamored by you that he would ask Ragnar about your past and such. He’d want to know how you came to power at such a young age and not to mention with your frame, only to end up spending hours talking about you.

Bjorn-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be impressed and would admire you even more, showing you his respects. He’d want nothing more but to impress you with his manners and skills in hopes you’d take notice of him in another light, considering your young age and cute/beautiful appearance to him.

Ubbe-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d quickly give you all his respects and honor an Earl such as yourself deserves. He wouldn’t want you to think of him as impolite from the way he had been treating you before simply because of your young age and non menacing appearance, making him nearly completely change himself around you

Hvitserk-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be impressed and would laugh and smile, thinking that your position as a leader to be rather hot. He’d find himself being even more attracted to you and would be more than willing to spend even more time with you, letting you tell him about your exploits, only to end up obviously asking you to consider him.

Sigurd-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d completely change his attitude towards you and would give you all the respect he owes you. He’d feel bad from the way he had been treating you, just as a simple friend and such, and wouldn’t even dare to speak ill of you.

Ivar-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be amazed and would do anything he can to get closer to you, in order to ask how did you achieve such success in spite of your youth and small frame. He’d try to convince you of his dreams and get you to join him, only to quickly realize his infatuation for you and not being able to deny any of it.

Halfdan-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be astounded and would be utterly speechless. He’d give you all the respect and credit, even starting to fear you after hearing from your people all of your exploits despite your young and small frame. Since, he’d always keep an eye on you on the battlefield and be even more impressed by your fearlessness.

Harald-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be amazed and wouldn’t be able to stop himself from basically worshiping you. He’d already have some feelings for you but knowing that you were so powerful as well would only make him admire you and ask you to join his cause, obviously hinting at a marital union.

Aethelwulf-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d feel oddly less threatened by you, knowing your true nature yet nonetheless, he’d put up a front of respect to ease your people. Although he’d be surprised to know of your high position, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but feel like it was welcoming to know that you were the Earl rather than someone menacing looking.

King Ecbert-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be overly excited and would be more than content that you were the one he had to truly deal with. He’d find it much more amusing to talk to you and would do anything he could to keep you around and spend his days with you, in hopes to sway you in the direction he’d want.

Arne-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d be surprised and speechless, both from your size and age as well as he wouldn’t know how he should be addressing you anymore. He’d suddenly act more reserved around you and would address you more properly than before, only to wait for your approval of him being less formal.

Torstein-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d laugh his ass off even more and would find you to be the cutest looking Earl ever. He’d just want to squeeze you oddly enough and once he gets drunk he’d find it to be the perfect opportunity, only for Ragnar and everyone to apologize to you.

Erlendur-When he realizes that you are the Earl, he’d scoff and feel deceived by your appearance, only to seek for your help in his quest for vengeance. He’d realize that he had an advantage somehow and would do anything to convince you to join him to take down Ragnar.

Lagertha-When he realizes that you are the Earl, she’d be impressed and wouldn’t hide her admiration for you. She’d give you countless of praises and would give you her help with anything you need from an Earl to another, making you grateful for her.

Aslaug-When he realizes that you are the Earl, she’d be in disbelief and would oddly be jealous of your position. She’d realize that you could be a potential threat to her reign and would try her best to convince you of being her ally more than anything else.

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A/N: Request from @stitch2416. Álfablót described a real Norse festival towards the end of autumn, so it is actually a thing. See? I learned something new!

15th October: Álfablót. 🏹 | feat. Ragnar Lothbrok

Words: 666
Warnings: implied smut

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About Kuroshitsuji’s Chapter 132.

Here I am again with a new post about the last chapter of Kuroshitsuji. I think I’ll write my thoughts for every new chapter of this manga from now on, so if you’re interested and you want to share your opinions with me, please follow my blog and let me know what do you think about this amazing manga!

Let’s start !


I love Vincent and the twins all together, this is a very beautiful and sweet picture, thanks Yana-sensei!
But most of all, let’s look at that book: “Celtic Mythology”. That’s the same book Our Ciel really like in the manga. He also found inspiration for the name of his servant Finnian (Finny) in that book. 

Also, Celtic Mythology was really cool in the XIX century: just think about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood; in this century, every country started to discover its own past and its own myths and traditions. That’s why we see Neo Gothic style and Gothic Revival in art, painting, architecture, clothes, and more. Yana Toboso is really careful about this! Well done! 


From cuteness to sadness.

“Franny” just thinks Our Ciel is not good enough to eventually become the Earl instead of Real Ciel if something should happen to him, because Our Ciel’s just too much sickly and fragile. On the other side, Vincent says if that should happen, they “may have to relinquish the watchdog’s duties and our estate to the crown”.

At first I thought he’s so kind, he’s worried about his son’s health, he doesn’t want him to force himself and his bad health to carry on the duties of Earl Phantomhive so he prefers his son to the estate, but then I had a different thought: maybe he would do that because he also thinks that Our Ciel wouldn’t be capable of being an Earl. I don’t know, but Our Ciel seems very sad about it.




Look at Vincent.

Our Ciel says “Even sheep will go elsewhere if they have no grass to eat”. Vincent understands that is the same as his son: Our Ciel would go elsewhere because he has no “grass to eat” at the manor, ‘cause he will never be Earl. 


Soooo Our Ciel’s name is as rare and weird as “Ciel”. Please Yana-sensei, tell us!!!!


The Toy Company!!! Oh god!! He made it!! Aah and that’s so cute (again). 

Also, Real Ciel is so worried about Our Ciel to leave. He doesn’t want to live without him, so cute… But Our Ciel is right: “I want to become capable in my own right”. Probably, Real Ciel can’t understand how Our Ciel should feel about it, because he’s the first son, he will become Earl for granted, while Our Ciel has to build his own future. 

Mmh let’s wait for the next chapter, shall we? 
Let me know what do you think about it!

The Villain of Kuroshitsuji...

This may sound controversial, but I believe that the main villain of Kuroshitsuji is none other than Ciel Phantomhive.

Allow me to explain.

Ciel is a horrible human being. His motives are horrible (revenge), his actions are horrible (up to and including murder), he is generally a brat. Ciel Phantomhive IS the bad guy.

He is not someone to save or protect. He would laugh in your face if you tried. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s what makes him so interesting. If you turn him into a typical “abuse survivor,” he’d be as boring as any other human being. It’s his, dare I say it?, evil tendencies that make him interesting. He is half-demon already.

On the other hand, Sebastian, in a sense, is perfectly innocent. He is only Ciel’s pawn and/or knight, depending. He can only move as Ciel directs. Did Sebastian want to burn all those children to death? No. Ciel COMMANDED him to do it. Ciel uses and abuses Sebastian’s power at every turn, per the terms of the contract.

Of course Sebastian is “problematic,” of course he is a bad, bad man. He’s not a man! He’s a demon. An amoral, selfish, self-interested, hungry demon.

Of course Ciel is the villain, or else Sebastian wouldn’t be interested in him and there would be no story.

The manga is the story of an evil little boy and his demonic butler and the terms of their contract. There are only two possible outcomes and two possible storylines: Either Sebastian is marinating his dinner in its own misery for flavor and will eventually consume his soul OR he is grooming his own demonic companion. Either way, there is a vested interest in Ciel being a HORRIBLE human being.

Ciel has shown time and time again that he will ALWAYS turn away from the light, from the time he was ten years old and being made the Earl of Phantomhive.

To see it otherwise is a gross misunderstanding of what this manga is really about. Whether you see their relationship as sexual/romantic/shippy or not, the manga IS a sebaciel manga. It is the story of their contract and their. Everything else is tangential and only serves to further that main point.

Save Ciel? Protect Ciel? HA! Don’t make me laugh. That boy has had every opportunity to be saved and he’s turned it down every time.

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How about my good man Merle now that I finished Taz crying

Good man Merle and my fav non-canonical ship

“For the love of Pan Merle” Magnus walked in with a stern look on his face, “we’ve been trying to call you for days!”

“Yea pops, uh—so like…what the fuck.” Taako hissed also mildly annoyed. Both boys ambushed old man Merle the only other place he’d be when he wasn’t working on the youth adventurers guild by his manor. He was down at the coast by Chesneys. His new bar in Bottlenose Cove.

Merle looked up from his seat and smiled a bit, “I swear this time it was on silent.”

“We took it off silent the last time we visited! Do…do you not want us to visit anymore?” Magnus frowned a bit, of course out of all of Merle’s children, biological and not, Magnus was on the sensitive side. Even as the grown man he was, he was already jutting out a puppy-dog pout.

Sheepishly Merle rubbed the back of his neck and slowly rose a hand. “Ok…Ok! You got me…I have been avoiding you guys…just a bit, maybe…you know.”

“Ok…ok I dig…so…again, what the FUCK.” Taako repeated himself with a hand on his hip. “You know we’re all really busy Merle so taking time to see your old face once in a while is more for you than us. I could be at work right now instead of luggin’ around spinach puffs.”

“Ooo! You made me spinach puffs, shucks fellas I didn’t know you missed me so much.”

“Merle we’ve known each other for like…hundred years and some. We saved the world together, so yeah I think we’d miss you every once and a while. You know…” Magnus smiled a bit. “Right Taako?”

“Yea I don’t know I-I uh…had this whole heartful spiel I was going to pull out and try to make half sound like it was real but now I don’t think I can make it sound 20% real. Its all bullshit if I tried.”

Merle sighed a bit putting his hands up, “Ok, ok look I’m not avoiding you boys because I don’t want to talk. I’ve been busy, honest.”

“I thought the guild was closed for the season since…the kids are going back to school.”

“No not the guild…”

Taako rubbed his chin a little, “is it being Earl? Because I, yes Taako, know a lot about what its like being in a placement of absolute power. So if you ever need someone to be your sub for Earl, cha’boi is always up for a little ruling~”

“Taako, being in charge of a group of people is really important. Because of my backstory I’ve gotta tell you I’ve got a sore spot for corrupted politicans.”

“And because of my lack of shits, I don’t really care—“

“—Taako we’re here for Merle not because you want a power trip—“

“—last we spoke we were just going to visit him and he doesn’t want to be visited, did you even tell him we were coming or did you just “rush in” and think he was free?”

“I don’t need an invitation to see our dad!”

“Oh boo fuckin’ who don’t come with me with that familial bullshit, a text would have been fine!”

Taako and Magnus barked back at each other making Merle’s head ring a little. He was wearing his good Hawaiian shirt and summer shorts and did not expect to be bombarded by his grown, adopted sons. He pinched the bridge of his nose and finally felt himself snap. “I’m meeting Davenport.” He sighed, grabbing his glass and taking a long sip of his drink.

“Wha?” Magnus and Taako just looked him over and realized slowly…Merle was dressed up. He had a bowtie made of two ivy leaves and in the knotted center was a daisy. His beard was combed, hair up, new shirt and he actually smelled like something remotely clean other than dirt and wine.

“Oh shit…Merle…are you…dating?”


Merle winced a little, “Long distance…mostly…Davenport has been…you know finding himself and seeing the world now that he’s not just yellin’ his name out like a pocket monster. So I didn’t want to bug him.” Merle glanced at the glass. “But as time went on, hunger being gone and we’re all rebuilding our lives I’ve had a lot of time to be around my kids and remember some of stuff we didn’t get to remember before and I was thinkin, since Davenport and I had something 100 years back…”

“…WAIT YOU WERE DATING CAPTAINPORT?! WHERE WAS I?” Magnus grabbed at his sideburns in pure, screaming exclamation.

“My guess?” Taako eyed him up for a second and shrugged. “Dead.” Magnus nodded, there wasn’t really disputing that logic. One point for Taako.

“Look I’m just…you know I’m not getting any younger. And with the adventuring slowing down, the kids are back with their mom for school…I’ve been lonely and not the kind that goes away with shits and giggles I mean…I’m just lonely.” Merle looked down and smiled softly. “I haven’t dated in a long time…and Davenport and I have just been talking while he’s been overseas. I don’t even think this can work…”

“Merle…” Magnus’s eyes grew a bit softer. Their old man just wanted to have a companion. Someone to share these adventuring days with, Magnus and Taako could get behind that idea.

“Who am I kiddin, I’m just some ol’ coot. A memory…Davenport’s been all over the world by now. How do I hold up to that?”

“He’s got a point.” Taako added in getting a nudge from Magnus. “What? I’m not gonna-uh, uh lie to him. Davenport’s been all over the world there is a good chance coming home to Merle isn’t high on his list…but there is a good chance it is.” He placed a hand on Merle’s shoulder. “Ya know, I don’t..uh have much experience because, nat, I’m super loved by everyone but if he really cared…you’ll know.”

“Yea dad, there isn’t a cooler dude out there…well other than the Powerbear he was pretty cool.”

“Yea…yeah he was I miss him.”

Merle chuckled a bit relaxing for only a moment when the doors to the bar opened and a soft voice carried into the building. “Merle?” Davenport looked over at the bar, holding what looked like a bouquet of flowers. Magnus and Taako slowly made themselves scarce as Merle turned and motioned Davenport over. From the look of their faces, the smiles they shared and the way Davenport reached for Merle’s hand. The world paled in comparison to what a hundred years of waiting had made.



I’ll just throw this out there bc I just can’t get this thought outta my head. 

I’ve been rewatching S01, and in episode 3, we learned how big the Ghost River Triangle is, and other places in it that revenants could roam around to, including this city…

“…it cuts through the big city, contains thousands of square miles of forests, foothills, prairie, the Badlands. And all of it… cursed.”

So, if the Triangle covers the area including the big city, I’m wondering if there’s a chance that there are revenants out there, posing as a company employee, a cab driver, or whatever. We all know that once the Earp heir dies, revenants resurrect IN Purgatory, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave the town. It’s all good so long as they stay within the Triangle, and the city here is inside the Triangle. I’m thinking that there are revenants who just want to go on with their lives, hide from the heir, and avoid being killed (like Earl from 2x02).

Now, IF, just if, this big city, that’s inside the Triangle, is the same as the city where Nicole is from (based on her talk w/ Nedley in 2x03), this leads me to the idea/theory that Nicole could possibly be the human-revenant hybrid.

I originally theorized that Waverly is the hybrid, but, idk, this whole ‘Nicole could be the hybrid’ thought just wouldn’t leave me, especially when :

  • I’m still not completely convinced that Bobo is Waverly’s dad (we do know why he never actually tried to harm her tho)
  • we haven’t seen Nicole’s back story yet
  • and the interview of Kat, wherein they were asked which moment in S2 surprised them the most. Her answer was:

The comment from Kat could be about anything, but I think being a revenant is the most shocking thing that could happen to her character. 

I’ll admit tho, I think the ‘Waverly could be the hybrid’ theory is more plausible, and it’s actually what I wanna happen, bc I want Nicole to remain human. I want her to be that kind of character who’s not supernatural and doesn’t really have any super powers, but still cool and badass, not to mention she’s super smart.

This whole theory is far-fetched, and I know I’m over thinking, but I just try to think of all possible, crazy scenarios so I don’t get too mind fucked when something happens in the next 4 eps. But, who am I kidding? I’m sure Emily Andras will find a way to shock us senseless no matter what we expect. It’s scary.

Anyway, I’m sorry for wasting your time with this idea. Bye.