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  • Atlus: This is Ryuji, as a child his father would beat him. He is also a victim of Kamoshida, where he overworked Ryuji until he had a permanent leg injury.
  • Atlus: This is Ann, she was forced into being in a relationship with an adult.This adult also saw her as a helpless slutty girl.

Happy Star Trek 50th Anniversary! 

I’m so excited! Here’s the main cast as cats!!

little dog models on the prairie

Mochi expression studies 

does anyone else wonder how namjoon and taehyung manage to always look so effortlessly painfully good in whatever they wear? like how?

My Home

Genre: Fluff, Angst, AU

Characters: model!Kim Jongin x columnist!Reader; Reader’s parents and siblings.

Warning/s: None

Summary: You’ve been independent for long, and your parents are proud of you for that. What they’re not aware of is that you’ve been keeping something from them.

A/N: Unlike the request, I will not name any country and will be as vague as possible about it for it to be neutral. 

I’m sorry this took so freaking long???? Anyways, have fun reading!

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Her Being a Model and Doing a Lingerie Shoot: WINNER


He would gently ask you to decline if you could, however if you couldn’t he would be defeated and simply nod his head for you to do it and then never bring it up again.


He would know better than to interfere with your job, since you did the same. If it was something you had to do for better opportunities in your promotion, he would allow a lot.


Would go with you to the shoot so that he could keep a close eye on all male employees and if something end the photo-shoot right there and then.


He would be furious and would totally be against it, blaming that shoot on all of your male photographers, saying that you only got asked to do that since they wanted to see you barely clothed.

Of Doctors and Role Models
  • Co-worker: I'm still going to watch Dr Who. But it's not my show anymore. It's not the show I grew up with. They want more girls to watch it.
  • Me: Girls already watch it. I watch it.
  • Co-worker: Not many.
  • Me: *??? Cite your sources plzkthx ???*
  • Co-worker: The Doctor was my role model when I was growing up and he can't be that anymore. Now the Doctor's only going to be a role model for girls.
  • Me: ...When I was growing up my role model was Disney's Robin Hood. He was male... And a fox.
  • Co-worker: You wanted to be a fox?! They eat out of bins.
  • Me: *headdesk* Way to miss the point, dude.

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are you going to audition???

Although I am in a city where Pledis are holding auditions, unfortunately I have very,,, little,,, talent/skill,,, BUT one of my best friends is part-Korean and a super good dancer/rapper so I think he might have a good chance! He’s thinking about it so we’ll see ^^ Please wish him luck if he does decide to audition~

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edit: good luck to everybody who is going to audition in the near future~


alright Teen Titans Go! you’ve completely captured my heart

but let’s stop playing games you know who i came to see where is he

where’s my episode with slade trying to chase down his kids to bond with them and making terrible dad jokes and turning out that under his armour he wears the #1 Dad shirt joey made him in kindergarten 10 years ago

or my episode about raven hitting it off with jericho (because he’s so quiet and nonintrusive) and all her other love interests teaming up to try to outdo him in everything they undertake to get raven’s attention back on them

or my episode where it turns out jericho has actually been able to talk this whole time but he just can’t get intelligent conversation out of anyone

come on Teen Titans Go! what are we gonna do about this


Morse likes photos time very much, but she is not very good at it.

She wants to sniff the camera, she wiggles a lot, she hides her face, and she has to check out every nook and cranny of the photo booth. She is a fine example of how you can be not very good at a thing and still have a lot of fun doing it.

Never stop doing what you love.

Little doodle cause I felt like Phil was missing out on the light up shoes party!

Korean gentlemen!

Hey! to say I love your blog would be an under statement! I’m obsessed! your blog is very popular these days! I’m sending in my own story time, but I was hesitant because I’m a bit shy.

So I’m in my 20s, dark caramel/brown skin tone and so… usually hanging out with my friends a lot, we know so much about each other! even knowing our outside friends! But it came to my surprise that one of my good guy friends (my guy friend is White, he’s like a brother to me!) has a friend I never met! He’s Korean-American. I asked my friend about him and he said he met him at this get together and they had so much in common they hung out the past weeks, and he’s cool yada, and I’m like you’re making a new friend and didn’t tell me ahaha, but it was cool! I know eventually I would’ve met him!

So on to how I met, him, I’ll call him J, so when I went to my friends house as I do a lot, J was there, that was my 1st time ever meeting him, I came in dressed in my workout clothes, looking a hot mess, so you can imagine when I saw him, my heart dropped, I was like, do I have the wrong house, I literally said that! because my friend had the door unlocked for me! I was thinking, you could’ve at least told me! my friend walked in and he was like, “Oh meet J, J meet my friend” and he stood up and greeted me with a hand shake and my hands were shaky, because let me tell you! I’m dead serious, he looks like a celebrity, like super star, idol status, his hair was even fucking pushed back!!! he was wearing all black and he smelt sooooo good omfg! I’m sorry, I just…wow thinking about  when I met him the 1st time. When he got closer to me to say hi, his eyes were a little light brown, and he has reallyyyyyyyyyyyy nice skin, like tell me what you use?!

Before I even asked him where the 2 of them are headed to, my friend told me to a small dinner party for J’s good friend engagement, (In my head I was thinking you guys only known each other for few weeks and he’s already around the family , but I didn’t want to be rude!) basically an engagement party to celebrate, I was like “Cool, congrats to her!” and J out of no where said, “You wanna go?….I mean if you want, she’s cool, she wouldn’t mind…” the way he said it was sooo cute, it’s like he was thinking to himself “should I ask or not, oh why did i just do that?” ahaha! So without a hesitation, I was like “SURE!” I put that in all caps, because that’s how it felt I said it, I was soooooooooo happy he  asked me, and his smile….HIS SMILE!! HIS MUTHA FKIN SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the most sexiest smile, I’ve ever seen, his teeth are so white and straight! he told me it’s in about 3 hours, but he was just hanging around with my friend. I’m talking too much ahaha but after that talk, I went home, and child! when I told you, I did makeup on my face like never before, I even stopped by the store to by new makeup so I can look extra good, eyelashes and all. Even my sister was like “whose gonna be there? you looking like that?” I didn’t tell her.

Fast Forward! to the engagement party!!! BTW His family and friend were  soooooooooooooooooo nice! I felt like I’m apart of the family! but let me get to the good stuff!

So my friend picked me up, so we could go together. I walked out of my house, looking fine, feeling fine, had on a gorgeous red dress, hair pin up in a bun! So as I walk to the car, I was being silly, doing a model walk and jokingly started twerking (which I was stiff because the dress was so tight ahaha!) and as I get closer to the car, mind you it’s late at night and my house has a long walk way! so as I get closer……J was in the car and my heart dropped from embarrassment, I was thinking I hope he didn’t see that shit! but to my surprise, he got out the car and opened the door for me, he…..SIGH!! Even held my freakin hand to help me get in the car, he held my hand, he held my hand! not just held, but like a grab, so I’m thinking! damn, I’m already having a crush on him! and he said “There we go, watch your head” he was so sweet helping me in the car!!!

On our way to the venue, I was nervous, because I didn’t want his family to be like “who this random white boy and black girl with our son/friend” so I was rehearsing how I would act, what I would say to them! and J!!! J, , J, J! He’s so sweet, he was telling me how cool his people are and that we will have fun! And after that, we were just chilling and listening to music, and then he pulls down the visor (mirror) and he was staring at me, but not the entire time, just like off and on, being….sneaky/sly about it, like he was “fixing his hair” but everytime, he was looking at me, and I pretended like I wasn’t paying attention, but I put my head down and I smiled soo hard! I couldn’t believe it, 1st he held onto my hand, now he’s staring at me! so we got to the venue and he helped me out the car…I can’t with him, I’m having so many feels writing this that I’m squealing! we walked into the venue, and when we 1st get in, as we waited a little, he pulled out a chair for me, touched me on my back and told me “I’m a gentlemen, you don’t have to stand, here” KHKWIPHPH9U9U023!!@@@@!!!!!!!!!! HE’s soooo everything! he’s handsome, looks like a celebrity, so gentlemen like! the party was so much fun, and like I said every one was so sweet, I even exchanged numbers with 1 of his family members , his sister!! she’s drop dead gorgeous too! she reminds me of Bora from SISTAR, all of his family were handsome and gorgeous, I was like wtf! and we’re going out tomorrow! yes! this is recent! so I’ll have more to tell in the future, if you guys want! We’re going to see Goosebumps ahahaa! I talked to her the most that night, we were laughing and laughing, she’s my age, and she’s so cool! She visits Seoul a lot, since they have family there. And J did come over to us and sat right in the middle of us! he kind off pushed his sister to the side and he turned over to me…mind you he’s extremely close to me, like almost kissing close and his eyes are so gorgeous up close I nearly lost my words, he told me not to listen to his sister, and she’s crazy (he was joking, you know sibling love) and his sister told him we’re going to the movies Friday to see Goosebumps and he said he wants to go and that him and my friend can go too, lmao he said “like a double date, you can take my sister, I’ll take him” that was funny! I thought he was asking me out for a second!

I’m already getting to know 1 person that’s close to him, that’s so cool! they’re beyond nice! OH YEAH! and I talked about South Korea with his family! he was mingling with others, and so was I so we didn’t see much of one another at the party, until I was sitting down at the table by myself drinking , chilling and I look up and J was staring dead at me, I don’t know how long he was staring at me, but he did play it off by waving at me lol! it was too cute! The party ended and J actually took a ride with his friends and family so he could go spend time with his niece!

So before we were leaving he came up to me and my friend and he gave my friend a hug and told him he’ll see him later and then I was standing there awkward thinking how would he say bye to me and that it would be so cool to get a hug and he did!! he hugged me and told me he really enjoyed our company, thanks so much for coming, and his hands went from my back from hugging me to down my elbows and we both laughed, I guess he was embarrassed like “sorry touching her too much” but it wasn’t awkward and it was fast, so it wasn’t touchy in a rude way. he’s so sweet! (and single ahaha!) and that smile!!!! 


Here’s a gifset of Bass clenching his jaw for sammxhill