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new year's resolutions
  • everyone else: lose weight! be healthy! don’t procrastinate! be productive! find the cure for cancer! save all the narwhals and dolphins! love others and love yourself!
  • me: learn how to rap cypher pt 3 and have at least 0.05% of the swag the rap line has

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Ayyyy it's your wizarding world of #larrimation gifery anon sending you mad love and a belated birthday shout. Good looks on the delay of your happy creations. No worries darlin!! That was very kind and considerate. It's all good and will be worth the wait. Like you, I get late night unsober anon ideas. Ima take this bong rip in honor of your bday. Here's to you and another year of great success and many more nights of larry arts & crafts. Cheers💃🔮🎨

oh helllllooooooo there matey oh mine! Thank you thank you for the shout and bong rip in my honour! Here’s an arts & crafts thing i made just for you of me (via Harry) joining in to show my appreciation! You the best.

Damian Wayne: Over-Protective

Imagine having a sibling like relationship with Jason Todd and having met members of his family before but when you meet Robin you both instantly hit it off, much to Jason’s dismay.

Warnings: Swearing


It was unexpected bumping into Red Hood and trying to help him out a little since he’d saved your life. Considering you were only young and so willing to repay your debt he taught you some useful skills and found you to be entertaining company, especially after being brought back from the dead himself. It was nice to have someone so fun and carefree around and after running into him a few times he decided to keep an out for you, plus you learnt a few things from him.
It took you some time for a proper friendship to develop, but as a young child you soon realised something.
“You care about me.” You smiled up at the vigilante across from you.
No, I don’t.” Red Hood breathed, waiting by his motorcycle to drop you home since you’d decided to sneak out in search of adventure again.
“Yes you do, or else why would you be teaching me all this.” You justified proudly.
“I knew it! Thanks Jay!” Your joyful grin returning upon hearing no response from the vigilante and you were quick to wrap your arms around his waist in gratitude.
“Whatever kid, let’s go.” Jason replied nonchalantly, awkwardly patting your back signalling that you can let go now. You both hopped onto his motorcycle ready to go home.
“Hey - helmet now!” Red Hood ordered, noticing your lack of safety gear.
“You big softie.” You muttered under your breath, but apparently he heard you.
“What was that?!”
“You total badass.” Was your instant correction, voice raising an octave this time.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” The vigilante responded, his tone holding a hint of amusement.

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What your fave Heathers Song says about you
  • <p> <b>Beautiful:</b> I have a nostalgia kink<p/><b>Candy Store:</b> I think I'm sassy but really I'm a bitch<p/><b>Fight For Me:</b> I am not saying I have ever fantasized about people fighting over me but, I have fantasized about this<p/><b>Freeze Your Brain:</b> I love being emo<p/><b>Big Fun:</b> I have never been to a party<p/><b>Dead Girl Walking:</b> I love to sin<p/><b>Me Inside Me:</b> I am very emo and also narcissistic<p/><b>Blue:</b> I love to laugh at this song, then I remember how horrible white boys are afterwards<p/><b>Our Love Is God:</b> I misinterpreted the Great Gatsby<p/><b>My Dead Gay Son:</b> All my favorite characters are dead<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> My love life is a hot mess, please help<p/><b>Shine a Light:</b> I am inappropriately open to strangers<p/><b>Lifeboat:</b> I am very emo, like I need to calm down with the eyeliner right now<p/><b>Kindergarten Boyfriend:</b> I was a belieber or 5SOS fan<p/><b>Yo Girl:</b> I am bad at picking friends<p/><b>Meant to be Yours:</b> I look happy and cheerful on the outside but all I listen to is screamo on my way to work<p/><b>I am Damaged:</b> I've fucked up, real bad. Can you forgive me?<p/></p>

god I’m so unhappy here


People so salty because of “overused onew x chicken jokes” I’ll stop when he stops dressing like Colonel Sanders for Halloween and saying chicken is his favorite food in every interview. And well, things like this vine!! 




Steven Universe has seen/been
  • Pearl be stabbed in the gut by herself and then disappear into a gem for 2 weeks, leaving him with the evil clone of herself
  •  Garnet be literally split in half. The person he thinks the strongest be literally split in HALF.
  •  Amethyst turning into his dead mother and freaking out his father to the point he was shutting down
  •  Amethyst (nearly) get crushed by a rock and found out she was meant to be evil and saw her completely break down
  • Amethyst falling off a fucking cliff and had to watch helpless as her body started malfunctioning knowing he had the power to reverse it but didn’t know how 
  • Lars making fun of his dead mother 
  • Connie being drowned in a bubble of water 
  • his three maternal figures chasing after him and Connie angrily in a giant monster form 
  • headbutted unconscious by a giant threat who insulted his mother, split up Garnet, and imprisoned him and his friends to take him to a strange dangerous planet
  • Pearl lash out at him and ran away from him, left him to fall off a giant fucking rock in the sky and made him climb back up
  • Garnet looking at him furious and chasing after him
  • Felt Connie’s panic attack, foreign for Steven 
  • eaten by a fucking bird
  • potential deaths and dangers constantly in Future Vision and Winter Forecast
  • Lapis Lazuli being forced to fuse into a monster and drag herself to the bottom of the ocean 
  • nearly got squashed by Peridot’s machine fist after trying to be friendly to her 
  • Saw Sadie and Lars be eaten by a haunted lighthouse 
  • Centipeedle sacrifice itself for Steven
  • The fusion of two of his mother figures attacking the other mother figure, while the latter lost hope 
  • blamed by his family for taking away his mother 

Steven Universe hasn’t seen/been

  • His own mother
  • hopeless.

So don’t EVER say Steven is a weak character.

Pregnancy Pt. 3

Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Being pregnant was not fun. 

I felt huge–looked huge–I was sick all the time. I couldn’t run very well. I could barely do anything. Luckily though, the baby was healthy. Turns out, carrying a baby was something I was actually good at. Even better, it’s almost over.

I’d started helping Olivia in the pantry, which only made me wish I could go on runs. Olivia was really nice but she talked a lot. She favored small talk, something I sucked at. Being stuck in the pantry with her all day made my head hurt. 

Daryl, of course, still went outside the walls–despite how angry I got every time he left. Like right now, he’d been gone for 12 hours longer than anyone expected. Him being out there without me was terrifying. If anything happened…

I shook my head. Right now I was sitting on the couch in our home. Trying to relax–trying to stop the voice in my head telling me that the father of my child was dead.

“(Y/N).” Rick took a seat beside me. “Are you okay?” 

He’d been with Maggie going over some new plans for Alexandria, I thought that would’ve taken longer. “No. Of course not.”

“You’ve got to stop thinking about him. He’s Daryl. He’ll be fine.” Rick put a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I shook my head. “Can’t you stop him from going out there?”

“I can try to talk to him when he gets back but…” Rick sighed. “If he doesn’t listen to you, do you really think I’ll be able to change things?”

I shrugged. “He respects you. And you’re a father.” 

Before he could speak again the door flew open. Daryl and Aaron came in carrying a large box, their backpacks overflowing with stuff in grocery bags. 

“What is all this?” Rick helped me to my feet as we went to check out the loot. 

Daryl dropped his bag to the ground and immediately came to me. He kissed my lips once before dropping to his knees and kissing my oversized belly. 

“It’s stuff for the baby,” said Aaron. “Everything we could find.”

“So that’s why you took a car,” I commented, running a hand through Daryl’s hair. He was still on his knees, his focus on the baby.

“He wanted to surprise you,” Aaron told me. 

“I’m still mad that he left,” I said, earning Daryl’s attention. “But thank you. You’re a great dad, Daryl Dixon.” 

He was on his feet again. “Help me carry this upstairs,” he said to Rick. “Aaron, grab the bags.” 

“Is that a crib?” I asked, pointing at the box. 


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