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honestly just thinking about it…………….. the most revolting thing about all the Chris Wood interviews at SDCC is, for me, the fact that he must know the criticism Mon-El’s character has received, he’s clearly aware of how and why he and his relationship with Kara is being heavily criticized but instead of just admitting that yes both are very problematic he goes out of his way to assert that “he is just a harmless puppy” and a relationship that starts with the involved parties hating each other and involves constantly giving each other a hard time is “not toxic or unhealthy”

  • tumblr: look at this dream dads game! it's so PROGRESSIVE!! it's gay!! it has a trans guy!! it's REPRESENTATION!!!!
  • some ppl: uh that game calls itself "a game from game grumps" and the game grumps are racist and transmisogynist, so maybe you should stop calling a game made by arin "has said the n word multiple times" egoraptor progressive
  • tumblr: you're just being overly critical :// i thought you wanted PROGRESSIVE REPRESENTATION and then when you finally get a game made by horrible people you CRITICIZE it?? lol

Stans: ugh if you hate the show so much then why do you watch it?

Me: I don’t hate it. I’m allowed to enjoy a show while being simultaneously critical of its flaws and it’s not illegal to point out those inconsistencies and problems.

Stans: …..

Stans: ….

Stans: ugh if you hate the show so much then why do you watch it?

i might be a radfem but trump’s order banning transgender people from military service is an erosion of their rights and sets a dangerous precedent and i would strongly hope that my fellow radfems would join me in condemning it. being gender critical =/= celebrating the erosion of legitimate trans rights

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i thinks max will now definitely die? bc i was unsure before but .. they made him meet simon and those two bonded a bit so .. when max dies it'll also have an impact on simon now?! i think max will be hurt at the beginning of the episode .. the others go hunting for "jonathan" and when they're all gone seb will finish the job .. it would hurt so much more when they realize the monster they're hunting has been among them all along and they left him with max .. at least that's how i'd do it lmao

I dunno, Anon. I still believe that Max will be alive (not sure in which state tho). Like I said before, if you ask me the Lightwoods looked too calm for Max being dead in that trailer and not only would it be too obvious since everybody is expecting it to happen but also kinda meh?

Besides, Max being in a critical state is the perfect opportunity to bring in Catarina and I am also guessing for Malec to resolve their “fight”. But the latter is just a guess.


We traveled into the fucking Nine Hells to get Pike a suit of armor. We went and battled a city of vampires so Percy could feel good about his name. We fought goliaths for Grog. We’ve traveled across planes of existence so you could fix your fucking daddy issues. But you’ve never done anything for me. Ever! You’ve never risked anything, you don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me. What’s my mother’s name?

“Fun” drinking game

take a shot of your favourite beverage everytime:

  • Matt clasps his hands
  • Taliesin rolls and says: “That will do”
  • Travis plans some violent scenario
  • Sam is being a little shit™
  • Shopping!
  • Shop keeper is being harrassed
  • “You can certainly try…”
  • Doors
  • Matt is doing intense in-character eye contact with one of the players
  • Sibling moment™ with the twins

No one can deny that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is beautiful.

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She not only has a great character design, but in the show she’s also been remarked to be considerably attractive.

But even more importantly is that Marinette actually knows this!!! 

My girl is aware that she looks good and she’s not afraid to admit it!

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In Stormy Weather, Alya tells her that she should model with Adrien and when she was hesitating, it wasn’t because she was worried whether or not she was “too plain,” she’s concerned about who’ll look after Manon. 

But once she’s reassured that Alya has that taken care of, she just goes for it and not once does she ever stop and question her looks being “good enough” to model with Adrien Agreste. She’s confident enough that it is.

It’s really refreshing to have a young girl who’s comfortable and self-assured with her appearance without it being criticized as vain or wrong to acknowledge her attractiveness!


Fenris and Isabella rip off a piece of Hawke’s bedsheet once romanced yes yes but MERRILL gets level 6000 magical girl armor and staff??? like your bae could neve r…..

  • Lion 4: reveals Rose to have been completely clueless as to who Steven was gonna be, effectively destroying the 'Rose knew everything' haze the characters have been in living in since season one, something a lot of people were disgruntled by.
  • (Some of) the Fandom: There's no plot or development to this. It doesn't have what I wanted from it. It's useless. Why did Crewniverse even MAKE this?

i’ve been having some feelings about things. 

transcript below if ya need it

“Hey, maybe that thing you think is because of ingrained racism and you should be critical of why you think that.” “Im not racist fuck you”

We live in a racist culture. Racism is tied to almost (if not) everything. What we find hot, what we find sexy, what we love and hate.

When people talk about how certain preferences are racist, it’s not an attack to say you’re a filthy, irredeemable racist. Usually, anyway.

It’s a way of saying that racist cultural context makes you hate the same thing in a brown character that you love in a white character.

It’s the way of saying that as a culture, we’re willing to make literal Naz*s more complex and empathetic than a black woman or an Asian man

Why do you like Tony Stark but not Scott McCall? Why do you NoTP James and Kara, but not literally any other white ship?

Finn and Rey vs Rey and her torturer. Dizzy isn’t gay enough but fanon slash ships are better lgbt rep than an actual queer boy.

These may not be conscious decisions, but they’re being made anyway. Just because you don’t realize your bias, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

So recognize your bias. Confront it. Then work on being better. More critical. Because it may just be fandom to you, but media isn’t just 2D

Media seeps out of 2 dimensions –out of tv & books & movies– and shapes the way we humanize and empathize with real people.

Dont hide behind “It’s just my opinion”. Your opinion doesn’t mean shit when it perpetuates a culture where there’s no justice for black ppl

It doesn’t mean shit when the culture is sick. Your opinion is informed by and informs culture. So stomp that shit out early.

But seriously, why is Steven like…..literally shrinking.. like just look:

(Season 1, Episode 6, “Cat Fingers” ) 

VS.  (From Season 4, Episode 19 “Tiger Philanthropist”)

Steven is significantly shorter, barely being taller than the counter. His head and hair are way bigger and his legs are shorter. His whole body just looks compressed to be honest….yikes