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Is it just me or is there a disconnect between how Tony is portrayed in CW and how Marvel treats his portrayal in that movie? Like, when I watched it for the first time, I thought he was clearly in the wrong and acting in an unjustifiable manner. Same for other people who have watched it with me. But then I feel like a lot of Marvel people act as though it was "morally ambiguous situation" or as though "both sides were right" or whatever when that really, really was not the case AT ALL.

Oh I totally 100% agree with this. Like i get that they had to be kinda on the fence about it bc the concept of getting people to choose a side is what drove the marketing campaign, but from the way they were talking i was like hmm will i be swayed? Instead I walked into the room 100% Team Cap and somehow left the cinema even more Team Cap than before I saw the movie. I’d put this under a read more but it’s 3am and I’m on mobile so apologies, bc it’s gonna be long. I have a lot of things to say on this topic.

There was nothing morally ambiguous about it. There was no “both sides were right and wrong and it’s hard to choose”, like that mentality makes no sense to me. Or rather it does make sense, but I wish it didn’t.

Steve’s stance in this movie regarding the accords was about taking responsibility for your own actions. About having the power to choose only to use their enhanced abilities to help and do good. About owning the consequences of their actions if they choose to help. It was about not handing those consequences off to someone else. It was about not allowing people with agendas to potentially send them into a situation where they’re using there abilities to hurt rather than help. Which given what happened with SHIELD, you can’t exactly blame him for.

Tony’s stance regarding the accords was one that was much more driven by ego - something that drives a large amount of his decisions throughout the MCU at large as well as the rest of this film, as noted by Natasha. Tony felt guilty. He knew his choice to create Ultron against the suggestion of basically everyone is what led to the events in Sokovia. On top of that he gets cornered by a grieving mother who says she also blames him for the death of her son in Sokovia. Tony doesn’t want that guilt. He wants someone else to make the decisions for him. He wants someone else to say “yes you can be here” and “no you can’t go there” because that way, when things go well and they save the day with little to no casualties they get to be the heroes, they get the press. And we know Tony loves to be the showman, he loves the attention, bc as previously mentioned - he’s driven by ego. However when things do go wrong, he can appease his conscience by saying “I didn’t choose to be here, you gave me the order to be here, that choice was yours, that responsibility is on your shoulders.” - He wants the glory with none of the responsibility. He also wants the accords to cut down his workload so Pepper will come back to him. He literally says that. Tony stans are super quick to call Steve selfish for helping Bucky, but conveniently ignore the fact Tony says that Pepper left him bc he was spending too much time focused on the suits and being Iron Man, and he hoped the accords would give him a medium between the two so he could fix that.

And then there’s Steve and Bucky. I cannot physically wrap my head around the idea that people call Steve’s actions in this movie selfish. Especially given where Bucky ends up at the end of this movie. Steve’s actions were not dictated by the simple fact he wanted his friend back. They were dictated by the fact that no one else was trying to help him. No one else believed there was any world in which Bucky was innocent. No one else was trying to look out for him. And when has Steve ever done anything but look out for the little guy, the underdog? Even when he was the little guy, he was still looking out for anyone without someone in their corner. Had Steve made any choices different to the ones he had, Bucky would have died. Had he let someone else go to Bucharest to get him, Bucky would have been shot on sight, despite not being guilty. The government laughed at the idea of even giving Bucky a lawyer, they’d already decided his guilt, so had Steve handed Bucky over when Tony demanded, Bucky would have been given a trial by people that had decided his fate and already believed him a traitor to his country. He wasn’t being selfish, he was trying to save a life that no one else thought was worth saving.

Tony was so caught up in his stance being right, he didn’t even register that Steve had stopped even fighting about the Accords. When they met at the airport Tony was still there about the accords and about bringing them in, and he would not back down from that. Steve wasn’t there about that. And he told Tony this. He told him that Bucky hadn’t been the one behind the UN attack. He told him who actually was. He told him about the other soldiers in Siberia. He told him about Zemo travelling there and the danger posed if he activated 5 Winter Soldiers. He told him that he needed to get there before that happened. Steve was trying to do his job as an Avenger, to help people. Tony was too caught up in his own need to be right to realise that. Tony was willing to let all that shit happen rather than admit he was wrong.

And then at the end. When Zemo plays the video of The Winter Soldier killing his parents. Tony stans try and justify his reaction by saying it was instinctive. That he reacted to seeing the guy who killed his parents in front of him. But Tony stans just see what they want to see instead of what was actually there. Tony’s reaction was not to Bucky. His reaction was to Steve. He saw the video and he didn’t react. He asked Steve if he’d known, and when Steve says he hadn’t known it was him, he asks him again. And when Steve admits he had known, that’s when Tony reacts. That’s when Tony goes for Bucky. Which the writers have said was Tony recognising Bucky was the thing Steve loved most, and wanting to take it from him to hurt him for not telling him. He knows it wasn’t Bucky that killed his parents, he acknowledges it more than once, but he doesn’t care.

And Tony gets away with it. He gets excused for it. He breaks the rules of the accords he was so strongly in support of, and he gets off scot free. Meanwhile Sam and Clint and Scott and Wanda are locked in an underground prison cell. And it’s because Tony is the epitome of both White Male Privilege and Money Can’t Buy Everything But It Can Buy Anything. He’s rich, he’s powerful, he’s white, he’s male, and that means he does shitty things and gets away with it. He doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of his actions because his consequences are never so severe he can’t buy his way out.

You remember in Captain America: The First Avenger, Erskine says to Steve “A strong man, who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength, and knows compassion”? Apply that to Tony and Steve in this movie because it explains the way they behave perfectly. Tony is the first man described. He grew up in wealth, he grew up in a powerful family with a powerful name, he always had privilege, and now in this film he wants to use that privilege to pass off the responsibility that comes with his power. Steve is the second guy. Who was the little guy, who had to fight for everything he got. Who lived majority of his life as the little guy, and even with his bigger body and new abilities, still has the mindset of the little guy. Still knows and remembers all too well what it was like not to have any sort of power at all, and how important it is to use that power to help the best way you can. And knows you have to be respectful of everything that comes with that power, including taking responsibility for it.

That was longer than i thought it would be so tl;dr - i agree, there was a HUGE disconnect between the marketing of it vs the reality of it in the film.

lmfao I wonder if anyone is getting tired of me explaining that thailand isn’t a developed country and lacks a lot of developed privileges. 
Which directly affects the standard of animal welfare in a great big way. 

sad dirk headcanon time

so in episode 5 when todd’s putting bright pink plasters on dirk’s scratched up face, dirk looks disappointed and wistful and asks ‘why did they have to be pink?’ kinda sadly. this just seemed a lil odd to me, considering dirk obvs has a thing for bright colours and is anything but hyper-masculine

likely reason: dirk just isn’t a fan of pink, it’s not his colour, whatever

my sad reason: dirk associates pink with bad things

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To be pro-life doesn’t just mean to be anti-abortion.

It’s also to be pro-universal healthcare, to ensure the poor and lower income families are able to see doctors.

It’s also to be in favour of climate change solutions, so that we can better protect the planet God gave us.

It’s to fight for equal access to education. To ensure each one of God’s children has the same opportunities.

It’s to fight to abolish the death penalty.

It’s to actively work together to help defeat poverty and world hunger.

It’s to understand and take in refugees and those fleeing war torn countries.

There is so much more to being pro-life than just being anti-abortion. We need to fight to protect life at all stages as well. We must not lose sight of that.




New headcanon acquired:

Louis and Elise are twins. Sid wanted to date the bro. But the Raydad said “no no”.
Elise didn’t like that her brother was prettier than her. So she asked daddy to take measures. Now she is engaged to Sid. All are unhappy. Except Louis. That is relieved he won’t be marrying Sid.

So Louis ran away from home, because he didn’t want Sid to be part of his family in ANY way. He changed his name from Harneit to Haonart. But they misspelled. So now he is Louis Howard.
Too bad it turned into a Cinderella drama, because his step parents were terrible to him and he got traumatized. That’s how he ended up disliking nobles so much. They were a bit sadistic and made him clean the house while singing with Lucia, the blue bird. In one of these sessions he fell from the stairs and forgot everything about his past life. Everyone decided it was to better to pretend it didn’t happen. But Louis ended up with a permanent bump on his head, which is why he wears his hair so slicked to the side.

Archduke Harneit didn’t like how Robert ruined Bergenia. But his plans in Stein failed. He got so salty he moved (that’s also how Louis and Byron met each other in their childhood) and changed his name to “Sannes”. Because he went “Sannes of a bitc-”!
Then, when princess cleaned up Robert’s ass in his route, Archduke Harneit moved to Wysteria, to try to destroy Robert from the inside. And engaged Sid to his daughter to make sure he wouldn’t pull a magician trick and get evidence to ruin his evil plans.

But princess MC got tired of Robert. In reality she always wanted Rayvis. Because he is the # original vampire daddy. Also, Sid asked her for a solid, because he couldn’t stand Elise any longer, since his one true love is Cinderelouis.
So she plotted with Sid, that once again summoned the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. (Or that or he made a pact with Byron, the demon Lord). And so they found out evidence of Rayvis plan for destroying Robert. Because # GET OVER IT.

MC went to him and said
“we broke up already and he is back in the ostracism of the Friend Zone Realm”

Rayvis heart-night’s heart throbbed like “doki doki suru” because all he wanted in his vampire unlife was for someone to make Robert suffer (because being banished from his own country, hide your identity for life, abandon your friend’s and family, having to wear ugly clothes and hair, and become an unpaid full-time psychologist wasn’t enough).
And so MC said “come to me, daddy”.
And Rayvis said “no”, flipped his bangs fabulously and went back to his coffin.

The end.

Watching Bucharest Pride on TV is so beautiful~ ❤❤

Ahhh, I wish I could go~

A thought on Disney/Pixar's 'Coco'

So I just saw an article in Vanity Fair for the new upcoming Disney Pixar film Coco. Disney describes it as a “love letter to Mexico.” While I find that absolutely beautiful, and I’m excited for more Mexican representation and actors in the industry, I am disappointed that it seems like the only Mexican story worth telling is about one holiday, Día de los Muertos.

I want to see more stories showing the different colors and values of Mexicans. I want them to show the strong passion and the love of laughter. While the day of the dead is a visually stunning celebration, I want them to show the beauty of my country through both the landscape and the people.

I mean, my home state has an underwater cave full of giant crystals, that makes a man look like an ant. There are beautiful waterfalls and tree laden mountains. There are dust covered towns and makeshift homes that the native people live in. There are beautiful, shiny cities. There are fantastic highways and tunnels that weave through the city.

So while I don’t think that just because the topic has been covered it should never be touched again, I want to see the Hollywood industry step up and show the beauty of my country.

That being said, The Book of Life did a beautiful job, and I’m excited to see what Coco will bring.

GOT7 reaction to you getting pregnant whilst they’re away on tour

@hey-crow-tits said to reactionsthatigot-7:
Can you do a reaction to Y/N getting pregnant when they are on their break and Y/N lives overseas. Hopefully this makes sense😅

i knew the extreme ‘if you do’ gifs would come in handy some day! 
thank you for the great request ^_^
i hope you like it 
~ahgase Omma 

he can’t stay anywhere where there are expensive things! he’s not happy to say the least, and he’s on a rampage to get this feeling of complete betrayal out of his system.

he finds out just before he goes on stage and its the worse day ever. everything is ruined, and its even connected preforming to a memory of her! he refuses to preform. 

probably one of the worse things that could be done to him. he was always there for you but clearly you didn’t want him there, and now this! its a good thing he’s not in the same country.

a short while is spent being angry, the rest of his life he’s in a state of darkness, feeling lonely and lost. its like theres nothing around him, he can touch things but he doesn’t feel them

after the initial anger, he's breaks down. not understanding how it all went wrong, was it a sudden thing, a long time thing, him, you? so many question but he doesn’t want to hear the answer.

completely lost in a word thats a new level of lonely he’s never felt before, sure he’s angry he always will be, but now he's always going to be alone too. he thinks back to the times he thought he finally had everything he could ever want. but thats gone now.

he finds out back at the hotel, he storms off right away, needed to go somewhere, anywhere. but it does nothing to ease his pain, he comes back to find he’s also locked out, but he doesn’t care to knock to come back in, he’s anger is back again.

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“For all the young people in this room and those who are watching, know that this country belongs to you –- to all of you, from every background and walk of life.  If you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a proud American tradition –- the infusion of new cultures, talents and ideas, generation after generation, that has made us the greatest country on earth. 

If your family doesn’t have much money, I want you to remember that in this country, plenty of folks, including me and my husband –- we started out with very little.  But with a lot of hard work and a good education, anything is possible – even becoming President.  That’s what the American Dream is all about.  

If you are a person of faith, know that religious diversity is a great American tradition, too.  In fact, that’s why people first came to this country –- to worship freely.  And whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh – these religions are teaching our young people about justice, and compassion, and honesty.  So I want our young people to continue to learn and practice those values with pride.  You see, our glorious diversity – our diversities of faiths and colors and creeds – that is not a threat to who we are, it makes us who we are. So the young people here and the young people out there:  Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you don’t matter, or like you don’t have a place in our American story – because you do.  And you have a right to be exactly who you are. 

But I also want to be very clear:  This right isn’t just handed to you.  No, this right has to be earned every single day.  You cannot take your freedoms for granted.  Just like generations who have come before you, you have to do your part to preserve and protect those freedoms.  And that starts right now, when you’re young. 

Right now, you need to be preparing yourself to add your voice to our national conversation.  You need to prepare yourself to be informed and engaged as a citizen, to serve and to lead, to stand up for our proud American values and to honor them in your daily lives.  And that means getting the best education possible so you can think critically, so you can express yourself clearly, so you can get a good job and support yourself and your family, so you can be a positive force in your communities.

And when you encounter obstacles – because I guarantee you, you will, and many of you already have – when you are struggling and you start thinking about giving up, I want you to remember something that my husband and I have talked about since we first started this journey nearly a decade ago, something that has carried us through every moment in this White House and every moment of our lives, and that is the power of hope – the belief that something better is always possible if you’re willing to work for it and fight for it.

It is our fundamental belief in the power of hope that has allowed us to rise above the voices of doubt and division, of anger and fear that we have faced in our own lives and in the life of this country.  Our hope that if we work hard enough and believe in ourselves, then we can be whatever we dream, regardless of the limitations that others may place on us.  The hope that when people see us for who we truly are, maybe, just maybe they, too, will be inspired to rise to their best possible selves.

That is the hope of students like Kyra who fight to discover their gifts and share them with the world.  It’s the hope of school counselors like Terri and all these folks up here who guide those students every step of the way, refusing to give up on even a single young person.  Shoot, it’s the hope of my – folks like my dad who got up every day to do his job at the city water plant; the hope that one day, his kids would go to college and have opportunities he never dreamed of.

That’s the kind of hope that every single one of us -– politicians, parents, preachers –- all of us need to be providing for our young people.  Because that is what moves this country forward every single day -– our hope for the future and the hard work that hope inspires.

So that’s my final message to young people as First Lady.  It is simple.  I want our young people to know that they matter, that they belong.  So don’t be afraid –- you hear me, young people?  Don’t be afraid.  Be focused.  Be determined.  Be hopeful.  Be empowered.  Empower yourselves with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise.  Lead by example with hope, never fear.  And know that I will be with you, rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life. 

And that is true I know for every person who are here – is here today, and for educators and advocates all across this nation who get up every day and work their hearts out to lift up our young people.  And I am so grateful to all of you for your passion and your dedication and all the hard work on behalf of our next generation.  And I can think of no better way to end my time as First Lady than celebrating with all of you.

So I want to close today by simply saying thank you.  Thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country.  Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life, and I hope I’ve made you proud.” —First Lady Michelle Obama giving her final official remarks as our First Lady


Seeing this hashtag made me so happy. Being Salvadorian-American, people say my last name and throw out the American and tell me this isn’t my country. As much as I will forever be proud having my Salvadorian roots, I am also proud of being an American. Why? Because my parents came to this country knowing their kids and future kids were going to have a better life here than in El Salvador. Little did they know that being a minority here in this country still shakes up my life yet I appreciate everything they’ve done. Neither of my parents went to a university, but they pushed me to study. Both of my parents want me to have a better life than what they’ve had/have. Why do you think #hispanicgirlsunited is a hashtag? Because 2015 is understanding that being a Hispanic girl is being a double minority and we stand together educating the world what it’s like being in our shoes. #hispanicgirlsunited because I am proud of where my family came from and it is what motivates me to be who I am today and in the future.

Feel free to tell your story! <3

jfc if i could go one day without having a “what am i doing with my life” crisis, that’d be great. cos now im thinking that maybe an artsy fartsy graphic design art school degrees isnt for me, and i should have actually done psychology, so i could do medical research and help the trans community, as an actual trans person. that would be a pretty fulfilling life. but too bad med school is a long ass journey, im not academically inclined enough, and i already have a uk visa at an art school. 


Dedicated to supagirl. Happy Birthday!

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Have you noticed that they made Noodle paler and paler over time? She was bordering on proper brown during phase 1, then was super white during phase 2, then even whiter during phase 3, and now she doesn't even seem japanese at all. And everyone is saying "oh she's so beautiful now look at her omg!" And it's just really gross and actually very racist.

UM- Ok.. You’re either joking, or you’re really that ignorant.

Noodle has been living in England for most of her life.
Being a less sunny and warm country, it only makes sense that somebody living there would become less tanned.

I’m mixed raced, but I look very pale because I live in England. But whenever I go to Spain for a holiday, I become A LOT darker, my skin practically brown.
People aren’t just one colour.
Noodle is from Japan and still speaks and looks Japanese, despite her skin being paler.

One of my sisters is whiter than milk, and overall looks like an average white, British female.
But her father is dark and her mother light.
My other sister is pale as well, but has some features from our dad.
And two of my other sisters are very dark, and also have our dad’s features. And some of our mum’s too.

It’s about genetics, pigments in the skin, and where you are and how much your skin reacts to certain weathers.

Noodle has spent most of her life in Britain, and so it only makes sense that she isn’t tanned.

It’s different for different people.

Noodle is still a beautiful, Japanese woman, and people complimenting her and talking about her newer design aren’t racist AT ALL.
She IS beautiful, she DOES look absolutely gorgeous, and not because she’s ‘pale’ or 'white looking’, but because she genuinely looks amazing.
Everyone knows she’s Japanese, and that doesn’t differ anyone’s opinions on her.
Well. Aside from ignorant arsehats like you.

She’s beautiful, no matter what.

Educate yourself.

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hey could you tell me sicheng's personality like you did in with mark a few minutes ago? i'm a writter but I have problems to writte about sicheng, bc i don't know how to describe him, like exactly the same way you did with mark please?

BEOf course sweetie! I stan winwin like no tomorrow so prepare for a ride. 

  • Dong sicheng where do I start
  • major cutie who knows it
  • he struggles a lot with Korean but he’s always studying so he can have better communication with the Korean fans and his members
  • On weekly idol (forgot which host) but they said his korean level was cute
  • Basically he could do no wrong
  • He’s so pure
  • Confused father of Renjun and Chenle
  • He loves the other china line boys
  • also Kun
  • he loves Kun
  • you date Winwin 
  • Kun comes with the deal
  • Yuta and Winwin are the cutest thing
  • Yuta’s japanese so he knows the struggle of being in a foreign country and not speaking the language
  • It’s so cute in NCT life season 5 when they came up to the house Yuta had winwin read the Korean and help with his pronunciation and made sure he knows what it was
  • Yuta protects Winwin and its adorable
  • He also rooms with Yuta and Doyoung 
  • Doyoung and Yuta are such savages and it like they’re training Winwin to be as well
  • He is flexible af and is amazing at traditional chinese dance
  • Here on weekly idol
  • Stan talent 
  • Stan Dong Sicheng
  • never gets lines
  • he got 2 in firetruck 
  • forever bitter about that man
  • Im sorry
  • cutie pie
  • also really shy 
  • maybe cause he isnt fluent in korean yet
  • but he always super shy on camera 
  • Jaehyun
  • he also loves Jaehyun and Jae takes care of him as well
  • In NCT life season 5 Jae picked Winwin as his assistant over Doyoung who he knows is a better cook
  • also, like mark, cant cook
  • he’s better than mark
  • but still cant cook at all
  • but we still love him
  • Doyoung even taught him how to order food over the phone when he first came to Korea so he wouldn’t starve
  • Basically all of 127 loves winwin
  • who doesn’t love winwin?
  • SM
  • clearly man
  • I mean i dont hate the dread but his natural hair is perfect thank you very much
  • Winwin was only a trainee for a year 
  • also why his korean isn’t great
  • cutie born in 97
  • Pure bean
  • or we’re pretty sure
  • more will be revealed when Winwin can express himself better in Korean
  • He has the face of an angel 
  • Dancer at heart man
  • He loves dance
  • probably spends more time dancing than practicing Korean
  • wouldnt be surprised if he did
  • no arguing 
  • his dancing in firetruck and limitless is amazing
  • Dong Sicheng: Smol and maybe? pure little bean from China born in 97 who is far from being fluent in Korean but is trying hard and getting there. Has fans and the rest of NCT wrapped around his finger and is a dance master

And again way to carried away. I need to finish a paper due at midnight but this is much more important 

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Okay but imagine this: Yuuri standing up for transboy Yurio and comforting him after JJ misgendered him

OMG THO please wouldn’t this be great and SUCH a good moment for the two of them? 

IDK how much personal interaction JJ and Yurio have had with one another, but obviously it’s enough for Yurio to know he’s an obnoxious little pissant and for JJ to know that boy has boobs and GOD does Yurio not have the fucking time for this today? He’s too pissed/upset at/worried about his, he’s freaked out from that fucking ANXIETY ATTACK he just had on the ice and honest to God if he wasn’t about to go to his interview (and wasn’t on camera) he’d tear that fuckboy a brand new gaping asshole

BUT YUURI DAMNIT, Yuuri heard this shit someone tossed over at his rival-slash-son and fuck you that’s not gonna fly the kid has enough stress without someone coming in to HIS home country where life is probably hard enough being trans and probably pretty fucking closeted TBH. His little ladies first remark to any one else just sounds like guys teasing each other with the general misogyny that they’re taught so early but Yuurio figures if he knows and Victor knows surely some of the others know too and he’s gonna corner that asshole and…NOT rip him a new asshole cause even an impassioned Yuuri is still not a screamer (out of bed i mean what) or a violent man but he’s gonna give JJ a twenty minute scolding in the locker room because do you HEAR yourself? Do you really wanna get on YURI PLISETSKY’S bad side that boy will take a skate blade to your throat while you sleep and even if he WASNT the vindictive type WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU that’s just so cruel who taught you to be such a sexist little nitwit cause it sure wasn’t your mother have some respect Yurio is a smart BOY he’s a good kid and he’s probably going to whoop your ass this round and if I hear you make any remarks about being ‘beat by a girl’ or some shit then me and my sasquatch of a boyfriend will find you

….and that’s when i realized you said “comforting” and not “confronting” and suddenly the entire subject of this ask changes I’m sorry Nonnie I’m American and still in a thanksgiving turkey coma but HEY YOU JUST GAVE ME A GREAT FIC IDEA CAN I WRITE THIS?

// Antoine Griezmann therapy //

(Here’s to all my followers suffering from pain after France’s loss.)

Antoine spent a lot of time pondering during matches. Most of the time he would think about what kind of shot he should go for, or if at the brink of defeat, he wondered if it was even worth running around with a pair of burning lungs from fatigue and trying to kick the ball with his last remnants energy. Other time he thought about you, mainly about what mood you’d be in after the match and what sort of adorable statement you would make that would  make his heart coo out of endearment.

This time he thought about what sort of adjective you’d use to describe him instead of the usual noun hero you’d say. He liked that word. It made him feel a little like superman, something he was always discourage of being because of his frail figure during his childhood. Hero would definitely not be used again, not only did France lose the Euro cup but he couldn’t even make one goal for the team and especially you. Perhaps his luck ran out after that successful match with Germany.

But he wanted to hear that noun hero one more time before accepting his failure.

Antoine felt completely drained out of his own mind that even the simple equation of 2 + 2 made his brain ache a little. The game had lasted incredibly long with Portugal’s stubborn defense, and he felt so much regret that he had ran around for over 100 minutes all to gain nothing but shame for his own home country. He could have hit something out of anger, and should probably be bawling his eyes out but he was simply too jaded to even try to lift his wrists.

His heart thumped a little to see you, half from excitement and half from fear about what you would say to him. Antoine definitely did not and would not stand to see you cry; but that’s exactly what he was met with. You couldn’t help it, just the sheer sadness and exhaustion Antoine was suffering from pained you just to think about. After watching him work so hard and endure in training, this defeat was something he definitely did not deserved. In fact, nobody deserved this sort of failure but that was competition.

“No,” he said, “Don’t cry, please.” a little more softly this time. He walked towards you faster so he could just hold you into his arms. Like how he always did on a Friday night, after you finished watching a sad chick flick. Antoine gently pulled your crying figure onto his chest that probably reeked of sweat, and held you sweetly. You should definitely not be the one crying, instead it should be him spilling the tears. He hated seeing you cry, it tore every part of  his body apart more than any football injury could possibly do.

“Antoine,” you cried, tightly holding onto the back of his wet jersey shirt. “You’re still my hero.” It sort of came out like UYGSBDASHDAISHDIA, complete gibberish but Antoine could have recognized that noun escaping your lips from anywhere because it had a completely different concept to it when you said it. He smiled, despite knowing he had lost something so significant to his own home country. He loved that simple thought of being so important in your life, despite knowing he didn’t even deserve the title of hero anywhere today.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make anything for you.” he sighed, gently stroking the back of your hair as an act of comfort. Just this simple embrace inside corner of the hallway was enough for him to feel better. He shut his eyes, trying to forget about his aching muscles to find peace of the situation. You wanted to reply but you just couldn’t. You didn’t even know it was possible to be this sad. All you could do was listen to the sound of Antoine’s steady heartbeat channeling through your ears and enjoy this overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

“It’s okay, you played and fought so well, and I’m so proud of you.” But if only Antoine could see it the way you saw it. His heart ached a little more at the memory of the fact that he lost. Lost. He Lost. There was just something so goddamn bitter about such a simple, four lettered word. Antoine feared nothing more than losing.

“Hey,” he whispered, kissing your forehead and leaving the imprints of his lips for an incredibly long time before pulling away, “I love you.” That was the only coherent thing going on in his fuzzy brain so he offered it to you in the most genuine and sincere way he could because that was one thing and only thing he was definitely sure of; he was madly and deeply in love with you.

(sorry for the shit quality but i love him too much not to write this.)