being civic minded

ok y’all so I watched the Batman ‘66 episodes “Hizzonner The Penguin”/”Dizzoner The Penguin” last night and I am now CONVINCED that the Gotham writers saw this episode and were like “holy shit this is half of season three, right here, written for us, amazing”

and i have evidence

it all starts with our pal Ozzie being suspiciously civic-minded, and fighting off some bad guys…

And then ~shockingly~ Penguin decides to run for mayor!

the people loooove Penguin

[two (2) bouncy boys!!]

[good Politician Hand Gestures™]

[^^^ retro Penguin fangirls]

He’s gonna clean up Gotham! Make it safe for law-abiding citizens!! *wink, wink, nefarious plotting* 


!!!!! #vintagenygmobblepot; half a century of Penguin/Riddler confirmed

alas, things end badly for Penguin’s political ambitions when the Dynamic Duo interfere, and he (unsuccessfully) tries to get rid of them via unnecessarily complicated death scale….

melting ice + acid = death …..familiar???????? 

hey eddie the 60s called and they want their ridiculous murder contraption back


conclusion: the gotham writers love batman 66 as much as I do and i can only assume this means that season four will begin with the joker terrorizing gotham city with his own personal flying saucer

a million ghostbusters headcanons

here are some sad and not sad ghostie headcanons: 

-holtzmann doesn’t speak to anyone in her family of origin. her mom died when she was young and her dad is super conservative and never approved of how very queer she is/has always been. 

-but fortunately she grew up in a college town where she was able to sneak into lectures from a young age. she had a lot of grown up “friends” who fed her and let her hang around while they were tinkering or doing experiments. 

-she was very quiet until she got comfortable with someone and would just start talking to them and basically not stop until she’d said ALL THE THINGS. 

-once she got to college she fell into affairs with multiple teachers, including one secretly poly married couple. she never intentionally tried to hide the relationships, but she also never talked about the people she was seeing, so a few of the relationships ended in spectacularly bad ways, including one breakup that is still legend at her women’s college campus. 

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