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An Empath is a person who has the ability to feel and share other people’s feelings and pains. Empaths are very sensitive to their surroundings, what they eat, and who they are around.  Naturally, Empaths are kind, good-hearted, spiritually attuned, and excellent listeners.

Are you an Empath?

  • You know stuff without being told
  • Public places, like malls or busy grocery shops, can be overwhelming
  • You feel others emotions and pains by taking them on as your own
  • Seeing violence, cruelty, bullying is unbearable.
  • You know when someone is lying to you
  • You pick up physical symptoms off of other people such as colds, body aches, headaches, pains, etc.
  • You have digestive disorders or lower back pains.
  • You are always looking out for the underdog. Anyone whose suffering, in emotional pain or being bullied draws your attention.
  • Others will always want to unload problems on you, even strangers.
  • You are a good listener.
  • You are constantly tired and drained of energy.
  • You are drawn to healing, holistic therapies, and all things metaphysical. 
  • You have a creative streak and a vivid imagination.
  • You have a love for nature and animals. You find yourself constantly outside connecting with animals and seeking refuge in nature.
  • You need lots of alone time or you will go crazy.
  • You get bored or easily distracted if not stimulated.
  • You find it impossible participate in things you do not enjoy.
  • You strive for truth and honesty
  • You are always looking for answer and knowledge. You always are found with you nose in a book.
  • You like adventure, freedom, and traveling.
  • You have a messy room, desk, locker, etc.
  • You constantly and seem to be in your own little world.
  • You find rules, routine, and control imprisoning.
  • You find yourself prone to gaining weight without necessarily overeating
  • You are able to sense the energy of food and often do not eat meat from an animal that was mistreated.
  • You have been labeled as overly emotional or too sensitive.
  • Your feelings are hurt easily.
  • Animals and children take a natural liking to you.
  • You are fairly quiet especially in crowds.

If you answered yes to all or most of these you are definitely an empath.

Ways to cope with Empathy:

  • Allow yourself to have lots of quiet time without electronics. Curl up with a book and put on soothing music instead.
  • Take time out of your day to sit in nature
  • Pet a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, etc.
  • Meditate
  • If crowds are overwhelming, eat a high-protein meal beforehand (this grounds you) and sit in the far corner, not dead center.
  • Ground yourself
  • Cleanse your space, aura, and chakras of negative energy
  • Practise breathing exercises
  • Carry or wear protective crystals
  • Develop a energy shield for your body

Crystals for Empaths:

  • Rose quartz - Helps push away negativity, provides a bit of extra energy, excellent for grounding.
  • Black tourmaline - Protects from negative energy.
  • Amethyst -  Helps to heighten and sharpen an empath’s intuition.
  • Lepidolite - Eases any anxieties empaths have when around other people. This crystal is well known for its power, peace, and its ability to promote luck, love, and sleep.
  • Malachite - Removes emotional blockages and helps calm when you are in a stressful situation. Absorbs any negative feeling you might hold inside of you.
  • Amazonite - Helps balance emotions.
  • Citrine - Repels negative energy. Relieves depression and mood swings. Opens the mind to new thoughts, helps with dream recall, and increases self esteem.
  • Obsidian - Repels negative energy, grounds you, and balances emotions.
  • Aqua Aura Quartz - Deflects and traps harmful energies.

Essential Oils for Empaths:

  • Basil - Lifts fatigue, anxiety, and depression.
  • Frankincense - Has an uplifting effect, prevents people from draining energy, helps your concentration, and clears mind clutter.
  • Geranium - Uplifting, decreases anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Jasmine - Mood enhancer, balances emotions, boosts self-esteem and lifts anxiety and depression.
  • Lavender - Balances emotions, relaxes body and mind, and clears negative energy.
  • Marjoram - Calms emotional trauma
  • Rose - Mood enhancer.
  • Sage - Uplifting, grounding, relaxing, prevents people from draining energy, and good for anxiety.
  • Vetiver - Calms nerves.
  • Ylang-Ylang - Relaxes and good for anxiety.

Resources:  Christel Broederlow,,,,,

Comment if you are an empath and a way you cope as an empath. Let’s see how many empaths are out there!

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Mystics==

Does anybody else ever feel that your friends have other people that they call friends, they have other people to fall back on and you, you only have them. If they were to leave, you’d have nobody, whereas they would still have those other people in their lives. Such a lonely thought.

shout-out to the benevolent muscle men from mob psycho 100

when mob joined the body-building club, it felt like his presence there was gonna be a punchline, but the benevolent muscle men took him in with open (burly) arms. they’ve never made fun of him nor bullied him nor teased him for being so physically weak… they’ve always treated him as an equal and looked out for him and protected him and cheer him on as he grows… they don’t even pick on the nerds in their equipment classroom. thank you, benevolent muscle men. thank you for your kindness, patience, and sportsmanship.

can we talk about how much strength and willpower it must have taken for sana to bare her soul out into that message she sent to the girls. 

she opened up about how a social worker told her she had anger management issues.  she opened up about her deepest insecurities. she opened up about how she never felt enough in any which way to the things that make up her identity. 

how she opened up about how much she perhaps had let that affect the girls because she just, for once, wanted all the different parts of her identity - her muslim side, her norwegian side, her moroccan side - all to just, come together in some way, in some form of harmony so as to prove it to herself and the world: that, see, all the parts of my identities can be in sync, because she was tired of people, both close to her and strangers, telling her it couldn’t.

and she did that by having the girls and herself join the bus because that became so important to her, proving people wrong became so important to her, because she was bullied for always being the “other”, and even in that, she got bullied again. got set up again, got deceived again. got ostracised again. because yet again, she was the “other”.

until she finally realised that she couldn’t be silent anymore, and so she made a huge error. a huge huge huge error, and then she owned up to that error. she was ready to face the consequences of that error she made, one of those being that, if she didn’t make the girls understand why she did what she did, and if she didn’t do it NOW, then she’d lose the girls that have been her best friends, for perhaps, forever. 

and maybe if she did lose them forever, the one thing she wanted more than anything from them, was forgiveness for her ways.

sana laid herself bare. she opened herself up entirely, perhaps for the first time ever, to the girls, to eva, vilde, chris and noora, knowing what the stakes were. knowing that she could have said all this, and still, perhaps it may not have been enough of an explanation.

but she did it, anyway. she did that. and i am so, so, so proud of her. so proud of sana.

On the boys’ current relationship...(quick Super Sons meta)

I’ve posted on this a lot yeah, but it still gets me reading Super Sons #4 just how much Damian likes Jon. 

Not really in a shipping sense, but in a “I want to be friends” sense. “You were dying to team up, you just won’t admit it!” Honestly, at this point I think that was pure projection on Damian’s part. He wants to believe that he was doing this to appease a ten-year-old rather than himself. But I don’t think Jon honestly wanted much to do with Damian (I’m beginning to think the Christmas special took place much later than this, given that 1. their relationship seemed much more advanced there and 2. Super Sons was originally supposed to come out before that special). Jon is just so innocent a kid, I think here he still believes that automatically nice = good person and brash = mean person who doesn’t like him. Therefore, Damian’s tsundere-esque behavior doesn’t make sense to him. Why won’t this jerk who kidnapped him, who is always putting him down and being a bully and doesn’t give outward signs of caring about anyone just leave him alone if he finds him so annoying? On some level he does want to impress Damian, but I don’t think he much likes his personality yet. Hell, he even realizes how much Damian wants to be friends (him pointing out that Damian could have dealt with this case with any of the Titans in the last issue) but he just doesn’t get why he’s so difficult about it.

But Damian did want to team up, and not just to make Jon more of a super. Damian likes him in his own way that I don’t think even he understands yet. Just the sheer extent to which he went to make this team up happen and continue says more than any cracks at Jon’s inexperience. The fact that he so quickly got accustomed to calling him “Jon” (never even Jonathan but Jon) and even riding on his shoulders indicates that he took to this kid pretty fast. He just doesn’t know how to make someone like you other than fighting crime with them and showing off how skilled you are. 

But given that Jon is already so good at reading Damian in some ways (knows just how to hit him where it hurts when it comes to Batman), as time goes on (and possibly in the next issue where their conflict comes to a head), Jon will come to understand his personality better and get very good at reading him as a whole. He’ll come around to Damian more like what we see in Superman right now. 

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BTS reaction to you getting bullied really badly and coming home crying saying things like you dont want to live anymore. Ty <3

Thanks for the request! I got another request to do this so I’m doing it now.


Once he heard you walk through the door, he shot up from his seat when he saw your tears. He’d ask what was wrong as you threw your bag down on the floor. Sitting across from you, he’d wait for you to speak. When a mumbled “I hate myself, I don’t want to be here anymore” escaped your lips, he’d demand you tell him what was wrong and would move to your side to comfort you. When he realised you were being bullied, he’d stand up from his seat, cracking his fingers.

“Who do I need to beat the shit out of? I’ll get my Hyungs if you want.”

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When he saw the tears in your eyes, he’d cuddle you on his lap and comfort you whilst he asked what was wrong. When “I hate myself…” slipped past your lips, he’d turn to face you telling you not to say such things and that you were perfect. When you’d explain you were getting bullied, he’d offer to walk you to school with Jungkook and Jimin to make sure no one said or did anything. 

“We’ll be like your own personal bodyguards!”

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This boi would go from ‘cute-mochi’ to ‘who-the-fuck-I-need-to-kill?’ in about 0.0001 seconds when he found out you were getting bullied. Then, when Jimin heard you say how much you hate your life, he would hold your face and wipe your tears, telling you to stop saying that and he loves you. From then on, he’d make you call him if anything happened and would pick you up from school whenever he could.

“It’s OK Jagiya, I’m here, I love you.”

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At first, he’d cry with you when he saw you, holding you close. When you started to cry harder, calling yourself every horrible name you could think of, Hoseok would tell you to shush and get you to tell him what happened. He’d almost cry again when he found out you were getting bullied and he hold you so tight you feel like you couldn’t breathe. He’d want you to move schools but shortly realised that would make it worse so he offered to go to school with you and bring Jungkook.

“Don’t worry Jagi, Jungkook will beat them up.”

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(A/N: You’re Suga.)


He’d be more than pissed off to find out you were being bullied, immediately offering to beat them up. When you said it will just make it worse and you’d hate yourself more, he’d get angry and yell at you, telling you not to say things like that. After, he’d apologise and pull you into a hug, telling you how beautiful you are.

“Ah, I’ll fix this for you baby, don't worry..”

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(A/N: You’re Jungkook <3.)


When you stormed through the door at lunch time, tears streaming down your face, he ran over to you. He held you as you cried, telling him how he deserves better. When he realised what you were saying, he’d yell at you, explaining you are perfect for him and he’d ask why you felt like this. When you told him the people at school were bullying you, he’d flip his shit, walking out of the house to find them. You’d end up running to the other boys to help calm him down.

“I’m going to fucking kill them, Y/N!”

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When you walked in, throwing your bag to the ground in tears, he wouldn’t be putting up with any shit and would immediately demand you tell him what’s wrong. When you did, he’d hold you, explaining that you can, move to another school or he’ll go talk to the teachers with you. He’d want to make sure you were ok with what he wanted you to do because your safety and happiness matters most to him.

“Don’t worry, we’ll sort this out.”

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Hope you liked it! Remember, always talk to someone if you’re being bullied <3 -JL 

prompt: #8 “Don’t touch him!” 
pairing: destiel
tags: bullying tw, punk!cas, hurt/comfort, violence tw, high school au
a/n: why do I always write about alistair being a bully, where is my inspiration
for @envydean

“Alistair, please-”

“You think you can come away with begging, you little faggot?” Alistair scoffed as he pushed Castiel further up against the wall. 

He scraped Castiel’s back against the rough stone, not caring that the other whimpered and hissed. His jacket lay useless on the ground, covered in mud, so his bare arms scratched against the wall as well. A few guys stood around, laughing but not doing anything.  "I don’t fall for those pretty blue eyes, you know that right? I’m not a weirdo or a freak, like you.“

While Castiel thought Alistair was exactly those two things, he thought it was better not to say so, seen his situation. If he had a little more muscle, he’d give Alistair a few good punches in the face. He huffed, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

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Imagine Taking Up For Your Friend

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Request: Could you do one where you’re a quiet person who’s never been in trouble at school but someone bullies your friend as they’re a trans-boy and you end up getting suspended for breaking their arm and nose and your brothers get called in? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I hope I did this justice. I don’t know any trans people personally, but I hope this is okay. Is the name I used okay? Is this even okay? Y’all let me know.– Haley xx

You sat in the principal’s office with your best friend Tyler right next to you. Tyler was being picked on by those asshole jocks again, and you had had it. You always told the teachers that Tyler was being bullied but they never did anything for him, so you did what you could, you knocked the meanest one out.

You didn’t even realize you had done it until Tyler had pulled you off. Blood was pouring from the jock’s nose and dripped from your now bruising knuckles. You and Tyler were ushered into the principal’s office while the other guy was moved to the nurse’s office down the hall. After a long talk with the principal, mostly her yelling at you, you were suspended the rest of the day and the rest of the week.

“How’s your hand?” Tyler asked you as you both sat outside the office. You were waiting on your brothers to come and pick you up.

“Fine,” you said, flexing it.

Tyler sighed, “You shouldn’t have done that. You’re now suspended… all because of me.”

“I’d do it again, you know. None of the teachers I told helped you. I had to take matters in my own hands.”

“Literally,” Tyler chuckled.

I saw the impala from outside and knew this wasn’t going to be easy to convince Dean and Sam that knocking out someone was from the greater good. The car doors slammed shut and I internally sighed, I was going to get yelled at by Dean as well.

I gathered up my stuff and walked up to the doors, Tyler following behind me. When my brothers entered the school, Sam asked, “beating up jocks now, Y/N?”

“If they hurt my friends, then ya,” I said. “Dean and Sam, this is Tyler. He’s the reason I punched that jerk in the face.”

“Hi,” Tyler said from behind me.

I watched Dean and Sam give him a once over and they seemed confused. Tyler’s smaller in appearance than most of the boys that we go to school with. “Why were they bullying you?” Dean asked. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Because they’re jerks,” I said, making sure Tyler didn’t have to say the real reason. I want him to protect him as much as I can. Tyler gets a lot of shit for no reason, other than he’s different.

“I’m a trans-boy,” Tyler said quietly. “I’m not the most popular among other boys, but that doesn’t matter,” he shrugged.

“Tyler, you didn’t-,” I said, but he cut me off.

“It’s fine. I get the feeling your brothers are accepting just like you.” I smiled at him and brought him into a hug.


More angsty teen AU, I wish I could do something more elaborated but noo time, sigh.

I imagine that Applejack would be the girl everyone tries to avoid or ignore, so she’s always alone in recess, waiting for the bell to ring so the day can already finish and she can go home I used to do that back in my senior hs years because I had no friends haha good memories

And Rarity is always being picked, bullied and even beaten. She is tough and is sadly used to it, but there’s always times they get to her and she can’t help running away and crying sometimes


Hey, it’s Emily here from MEA3Gaming. After reading through the game theory and matpat tag recently, I decided enough was enough and I was going to finally speak what’s on my mind instead of keeping my mouth shut.

When I saw the Gaster video yesterday, I knew the hate (or what you people call ‘Jokes’) to come was inevitable. It broke my heart before I even clicked on the video to watch it as I knew that he was trying to do something he once loved again but it was only going encourage the people who made ‘memes’ or ‘jokes’ of him last time. However, seeing Mat look so helpless and upset just put the icing on the cake for me. I can already see the anons now raising their pitchforks screaming at me to ‘kys’ (real mature by the way) and that he was ‘being a pussy over the fact that people didn’t find his gift the best’. To the people who are saying this, have you even watched the video? Honestly have you? If not or have a hard job understanding it I can post everything he said in a different post and explain each and every sentence if that helps. For the Sans is Ness theory, do I think Sans is Ness? No, of course not, heck mat doesn’t himself! He made it as a joke, to try something new with his favourite games. In the most recent theory Mat even says ‘Did I in anyway think that this was cannon lure to the series, no. Of course not I didn’t think that Sans is actually Ness, but at the end of the day these are theories meant to get you to think about things from a different perspective.’. 

For the Pope video, I was actually extremely proud of Mat. He was asked to give the pope something that represents his community, which is of course games. I’m glad he didn’t just give the pope a flag or something that just have no deep meaning for what he stands for, but something a lot of people within the indie gaming community can relate to. (Before everyone jumps on my back saying ‘It was just a meme!!!’, “Don’t be butt hurt!!!’ just read the rest of the post, even though most of you won’t and will just jump to conclusions like you do with the theories.) For years gamers have been linked to violence (heck as I kid I wasn’t allowed to play any games unless my parents have made sure there was nothing in it) but this game is just a breath of fresh air. Don’t get my wrong I’m not a huge fan of the game in anyway, I understand why people like it its just not for me, but for a lot of people in the undertale community the game are their lives! So why are you all so upset that he gave the pope your favourite game? If someone gave something to the man who I have grown up to loving and being a huge deal within my family, I would be ecstatic. A game no less that breaks the mold of what people stereotypically think of us. But of course some of you find something to gang up on him with. He actually did not talk about game with the pope but rather online bullying, I actually can send you the link if you still don’t believe me or even type out everything he said in a different post from when he spoke to the Pope!

Lastly, the reason why I am so mad about this is the fact that I have experienced bullying, in fact at a young age. I’m not looking for pity, heck it was years ago and I take that experience with me to help others, but I know how crushing it feels. I won’t give details just as it’s personal to me but I was told to grow up and that it was ‘just a joke’. That the names, the taunts, the pushing was just ‘playground banter’, that it was ‘just what happens’ but it’s not. A joke is to make someone laugh, not cry. A joke is to make someone happy, not that they feel like they are useless. So to the people who are still calling it a ‘joke’ just stop for a moment, think about everything you have said and think to yourself what if that was me who was receiving this? What if I woke up everyday to messages saying that I am useless, that I am am unloved. And just grow up and be mature for once, as for people like me who have experienced this first hand, it is something you honestly wouldn’t wish on ANYONE. Sorry it’s so long, I had a lot on my mind and if any of you guys have been bullied or are being bullied, or if you just want to ever talk, you are always welcome to message me.

Emily xx


Imagine an AU where Oikawa had bad eyesight and crooked teeth when he was still a kid, so he had to wear glasses and braces:
— at first Iwaizumi laughed at Oikawa and teased him about it, but stopped once he realized that he was genuinely hurt by that;
— Oikawa wasn’t popular at school, students bullied him for being clumsy and looking kinda nerdy;
— Iwaizumi always ended up fighting to protect Oikawa, kept getting beaten and always had lots of plasters on his body;
— Oikawa didn’t like being protected and constantly asked Iwa to stop standing up for him;
— Iwaizumi couldn’t stand when something or someone made his friend cried, so he only protected him even more fiercely;
— when smoll Tooru was sad, Iwaizumi had to give him his rare beetles. Naturally, Oikawa let them all go instantly, but the fact that they were precious to his friend warmed his heart;
— when Oikawa got into volleyball, Iwaizumi supported him wholeheartedly, so that his friend would do something apart from studying;
— volleyball turned Oikawa’s life upside down;
— his senpais and couches were really kind to him and praised him a lot, claiming that the boy had quite some potential. Oikawa gained all the support and love that lacked from his peers from them;
— of course Iwa wasn’t as thrilled, since he couldn’t learn as quickly and was scolded more often, but he still never left, because Oikawa stopped crying and became more decisive, more confident;
— when they got a little older, Tooru was always upset because the girls wouldn’t pay any attention to him;
— Iwaizumi thought it was stupid;
— when Oikawa got rid of the sorry braces and started using contacts instead of glasses, his peers started treating him better;
— thanks to volleyball Tooru was in excellent shape and he wasn’t a scrawny nerd anymore;
— not much longer after that he was surrounded by flocks of girls and always found time for them and treated them well too, convincing himself that everything was different now;
— volleyball has completely changed the life of little Tooru, and Iwaizumi never stopped supporting and protecting him, even though it might not always be obvious.

  • Suga: Took Crabb and Goyle from Draco, the best looking student in Slytherin, talks to Barty Crouch JR using Line
  • Jungkook: Gryffinfoor, casually hangs with the basilisk corpse in the chamber of secrets at lunch, best quiddich player in the school
  • Namjoon: Ravenclaw, secretly knows how to cast every dark curse and tutors Hermione Granger
  • Hobi: Hufflepuff, thinks Dumbledore is his best friend but Dumbledore actually hates him, steals fawks and hides him in the Hufflepuff commonroom
  • V: Gryffindoor, constantly asks Nick to pull his head off his neck, beater in the Quiddich team
  • Jimin: Hufflepuff, always being bullied by Hagrid, is somehow friends with the Whomping Willow
  • Jin: Ravenclaw, owns way too many Pygmy puffs, people call him gay after he wore a pink dress to the great ball

dulcetyeoll  asked:

hey sweetie, do you have any baekyeol or kaisoo fluff fics? i need a cute bedtime story ;u; thank you!

Hi cutie^^ Yas I do~ bedtime stories are always needed ;_;

So first kaisoo~

Hospital Blues (Fluff, husbands!kd. Nini had to get surgery and wakes up afterwards having no memory of his husband, but in a fluffy way so no worries)

Just Say (I Do) (Wedding planner!au, fluff, romance, side!baekyeol. seriously one of the fluffiest and bestest fics I’ve ever read, Kyungsoo is planning baekyeol’s wedding but after they ditch him to go on vacation instead, Yeol’s best man, jongin, steps in to help ;) heheh)

If You Call, I’ll Come To You (College!au, fluff.  Kyungsoo finds a lost dog and somehow, well, he kind of ends up with another.)

Take Care (Domestic!au, fluff. So Nini has injured himself but doesn’t want his loving husband to find out. Just tons of fluff and cuteness in this one and kd being domestic af T__T) 

Some Assembly Required (University!au, fluff, smuttt. Nini works at ikea, and Soo needs help to assemble his furniture and tons of fluffy romancy smuttty things yas yas)

This Is Love (Fluff, romance, smutttt. So kd sleep together during a drunken night after meeting each other for the first time, but they want more of each other after that ;;;)

Pebble Hearts (Friends to lovers!au, fluff, romance. Soo really loves penguins, and kd are friends but wants to be more than that)

I Love You, Just Like This (Highschool!au, friends to lovers!au, fluff, slight!angst. Soo is being bullied by ppl, but Nini is always there to take care of him and show him how much he loves him CUTE)

Then baekyeol~ 

Almost Like Being Love (Fluff, riends to lovers!au. So baekyeol are a couple, but they’re not really a couple, although they do everything a couples does T___T)

The Particular Complexities Of Friendship (Fluff, humor. “Just friends” becomes a rather unconvincing excuse after you’ve been living together for some time, doing who-knows-what.)

• Savage, SSadistic, SSSensational (Domestic!au, fluff, smuttt, a lil top!baek yas, friends to lovers!au. So again, baekyeol are living together and acts like a couple but are not really a couple)

A Little Change of Heart (Fluff, friends to lovers!au <– I mean, can you tell I love this au? After years of being mistaken as a couple, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are determined to prove that they most certainly are not a couple. Not at all.)

Pastel (Fluffy morning smuttt, that’s it.)

Accidentally (College!au, fluff. Yeol gets sick and Baek takes care of him)

No Boundaries (It Started With A Kiss) (Fluff, friends to lovers!au, non!au. In which Baekhyun wanted to know what a real kiss was like, and Chanyeol helped him.)

It’s Always Been You (Friends to lovers!au, fluff, romance. Baekhyun doesn’t know exactly when he fell in love with Park Chanyeol.)

• You’ve Ruined All My Favourite Songs (Friends to lovers!au, roommate!au, fluff. Chanyeol makes a bet with Baek, who loves partying, that he can’t last a month without going out, they notice after spending more time together, that some old feelings are coming back.) 

For Better Or For Worse (Fluff, romance. Baekhyun is a wedding singer, Chanyeol is the best man at a wedding—and this is where their paths cross.)

Under Construction (Domestic!au, single parent!baek, fluff, romance. For years, Chanyeol had been longing for a place to call home, not knowing that what he’d been searching for all along was right next door.) 

Thunder And Lightning Ain’t Shit (Fluff, friends to lovers!au. Yeol dates someone else, but his mind is always filled with Baek.)

Last Straw

Who: Draco Malfoy
Where : Harry Potter Series
Prompt :  Hi could you do an imagine where Draco pushes the reader to far saying they could never be mean (the reader can be in Hufflepuff) and the reader snaps saying “you want me to be mean fine”. And then you can decide how it ends 
Requested: @thegirlwiththestories

Had a bit of difficulty trying to come up with something. I hope this okay and I’m sorry it’s short D: 

Being a Hufflepuff, you were normally patient and kind. You were used to being belittled and bullied for the house you were in but you always tried to keep your chin held high and tried to not let it get to you. Most times, they didn’t bother you and you could get on with your day and then others, they almost made you want to cry. You were proud to be a Hufflepuff, you couldn’t imagine being at Hogwarts as anything else. The friends you had made were like family and you would cherish them until the day you died. 

But, today was different. Your blood was boiling hot under your skin and your jaw was clenched tight. Draco Malfoy always knew how to get under people’s skin, if he could find a job that required that skill, he’d be a complete and total shoo in. Even the sound of his voice was enough to make your skin crawl in annoyance because normally the first words out of his mouth was some kind of derogatory remark involving either mud bloods, Potter, and or Hufflepuffs. 

You had fell victim to this when you and your two friends crossed the courtyard and passed by him and his friends. He had hollered out an insult that your friend couldn’t help but get upset about. Chewing on your lip, you spun on your heel and marched right up to him.

Draco chuckled, surprised that you actually had the guts to confront him. “Whoa, now. You got something to say, eh? Go on, spit it out? Can’t be anything mean, can it? No, you’re just a lousy Hufflepuff! Can’t be mean for nothing. I bet you couldn’t even come up with one insult.” He threw back his head and cackled, loving that he was getting a rise out of you. 

Clenching your fists together, you spoke through gritted teeth. “I’m getting real irritated with you, Malfoy. Why don’t you just leave us alone and go crawl into your dungeon.”

Draco’s smile fell, walking forward, he leaned towards you. “Is that the best you can do, [Y/L/N]?” He brushed your hair out of the way to reveal your crest on your robe. “You Hufflepuffs don’t have a mean bone in your body. All their good for is cowering.” Snickering, he presented her with a smug look. “Just the other day I saw one crying in the Great Hall, probably to do with spilled milk.” His goons behind him cackled with laughter. “Do you cry over spilled milk, [Y/N]? I bet you do. I bet you cry when you get bad marks too, but there’s an explanation for that, isn’t there? You’re also lazy and would rather push off homework, right?”

It took everything in you to not punch him in the face. The muscles in your jaw moved tightly, rippling under your skin. “You want me to be mean, Malfoy?” 

Opening his arms wide, he laughed out. “Oh please humor me and try! I can’t imagine that this will take long. You’ll hardly get a word out and start crying. It’s what you all do best.” Lowering his arms, he smirked. “Such a waste of space.” 

That was it. That was the last straw. You screamed in you head and let it unleash. Pointing a finger in his direction, you growled out. “Don’t you realize that there are enough people to hate in this world already without your working so hard to give us another?” Your hands ran through your hair in frustration, “Merlin’s beard, everything you say puts everyone on edge. You literally have no self control and say whatever comes to your brain, don’t you?” She stepped forward, her finger pressing hard into his chest. “You think you know some much, huh? Well go on, tell us everything you do know, it’ll only take ten seconds. You’re absolutely infuriating, I can’t imagine anyone actually finding you be funny. You possess a mind not merely twisted, but actually sprained to think you’re any ounce near funny.” 

Your chest was rising and falling rapidly as the Slytherins behind Draco stared at you with wide eyes. Your friends behind you couldn’t believe you had just insulted Draco. Actually, you, yourself couldn’t believe you had actually done it either. But you were so fed up with him, so fed up with the fact that he ridiculed your friends. Shaking your head in shock, you backed away slowly. Ready to be completely torn apart by Draco’s words. 

But instead, he closed his mouth, blinked a few times and pressed his lips together. It took but sixty seconds before his smirk was back on his face. Whistling towards the Slytherins to follow him, he looked you dead in the eyes before passing you. “I’ll be damned. Do me a favor, [Y/L/N], don’t bottle it up next time.” He whispered as he leaned towards you, “Feels great to make someone feel bad, doesn’t it?” 

Gritting your teeth, you hissed. “It does not.”

He tapped your crest and chuckled, “But it does, see you around Hufflepuff.” 

two different eyes

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Request: Hi! Could I request a sis fic with both brothers where the reader has two different eye colors. One eye is green and the other is brown. Real thing my neighbor has it haha. Anyways she always grew up being known as the odd Winchester and was even made fun of for it at school. Now that she’s a young adult she has come to accept it but one day when a hunter made fun of it to her she gets insecure again and the brothers try to say how cool and beautiful it looks on her. Thanks so much!

A/N: I really like the story how it turned out. It is a great idea. I really happy to wrights it and to let you guys know that your special in you own way

You are not so different from your brothers beside your eyes. You love rock and pie just like dean, and you love reading and doing research just like Sam. But your eyes where different. You had one brown eye and the other was green. You always said that you was dean and Sam in one body.

But in every good thing is a bad thing in being different. When you where younger you always get bullied because of your eyes. Every time when you where in a new school they always looked at you if there is something wrong with you. In the begin you always thought that they were just jealous but when there was a group of bullies waiting outside for you, you thought different about it.

You became older and you didn’t have to go to school anymore but you begun hunting. You and your brothers where hunting every supernatural being. After you get older you liked your eyes. You thought it look beautiful even It is a little different.

You and your brothers where looking on the computer for looking for a case until Dean get a call. It looked that we need to help a hunter. You already had you duffel bag pack so you was ready. You rode to Indiana for a werewolf hunt.

The hunter that needed help was Thomas. You didn’t like him at all but if he need help you help him. He is a friend of your brothers. you meted up with him in a local dinner in Indiana.

“so there we have the Winchester.” He said when he stood up to hug your brothers. he didn’t hug you because you two hated each other.

“what do you got.” Dean said and Thomas explained to him. You listened but you wanted to triad not to hurt him. You hated him so much because you almost died on a hunt with him if your overprotective brothers not where here you would properly die.

Thomas looked at you the whole time, It became annoying. “what do you want? Stop staring at me!” you said.

“I just remembered how weird it looks to have two different eye color.” He said with a smirk. That was it the last drop. You walked out the diner and walking to the impala. You brothers came short after that.

“hey, what is going on?” dean said.

“I not going to help him. I want to go to the motel.” You said and get in the backseat. Sam and dean looked at each other and nodded. They knew how you feel.

You where in the motel room. The first thing you did was dropping your duffel bag and jumped in the bed and placed your face in the pillow. Sam and dean where sitting next to and rubbed your back.

“hey, you know that different is special.” Dean said but he didn’t get any answer.

“he is right. We are not normal.”he said and make a funny face.” so we are different and whatever what people are thinking your beautiful in your own way. “ you sat up and looked at your brothers.

“come here you.” Dean said and hugged you. Sam did the same. “hey, and if there anything happened you say it. Im going to punch that dick for you because no one may say that to my beautiful little sister. Even she is different because of her eyes she is still beautiful.”

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thevortexofourminds  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

Oh all right! Jason @jasonlowder also sent me this ask and I told him I felt silly doing this, but now that Pete @thevortexofourminds also sent this to me, I thought what the hell!

1 - I’m a good mama (my kids told me this, once ;))

2 - When I see a friend (or anyone) being bullied or harassed, I like that I will always stick my nose in to defend them :)

3 - I like that I use emoticons after every sentence :O

4 - I like that I have a potty mouth xD

5 - I like that I love life and can’t wait to see what happens next <3 <3

Bonus: 6 - I like that I love Pete’s word “asswaffle” and can’t wait to use it with my potty mouth!!! :D

Thank you Jason @jasonlowder and Pete @thevortexofourminds for the asks (I hardly ever get asks!! xD) Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!