being bold in the matters of the heart

To be Rock n Roll you Have to Make everyone a little Uncomfortable

This summer, I cut my hair short. The shortest it’s ever been. And do you want to know why I did it? Because I wanted to. That’s truly the long and..ahem…short of it.
A lot of women have shorn their locks this year, all for various reasons. Some out of convenience like me, some for deeper meanings in search of personal change. Some ladies are doing it simply out of defiance to show the world that a woman’s hair does not define her worth or beauty.
It’s amazing when you are in the public eye how passionate people can get about small changes like this. Especially on the net, the name calling, sexist comments and the mean, judgmental attacks on my gender and sexuality. All because I cut a few inches off my hair. And in the meantime most of my male friends right now are growing their mops out down to they asses! It’s just hair, it grows and gets cut. And the reason I’m addressing this issue is because there’s this misconception that your hair, what you wear, how skinny you are, your social status etc…defines your worth and your beauty. To that I’d like to say that my short hair was a test and some of you passed, and some of you failed because This could not be further from the truth. Your worth and your beauty is measured by your heart. It’s Your ability to accept yourself and others for their uniqueness, and really, being a good human is what makes you beautiful. I’ve been friends,dated and have had trists with a few handfuls of people. I’ve fallen for people who aren’t “traditionally and marketed as” beauty, and have considered them sexy and fucking amazing looking because of their bold, spunky, golden heart. I’ve also had close contact with our ‘traditional, socially accepted as beautiful people’ … and the truth is … it doesn’t matter how long your hair , your skinny waist or glowing skin… if you’re an asshole nobody wants to fuck, love or have you in their circle! The most beautiful people that I’ve kissed and that I’ve have had in my inner circle… are the rebels… the people that are defiantly being them, dressing like the want to, wearing their hair like they want to, getting tats, piercings, or none of those things. Just owning who you are is seriously the most sexy and beautiful thing you will ever do! And for me personally…this is what attracts me to someone.
I hope that everyone goes on Facebook and checks out every foul comment people are making about my hair. I hope every little girl and little dude reads this. I’m here to tell you that there’s always going to be people who will criticize you, judge you and are going to be downright cruel to you for the way you look sometimes. But when this happens you have to remember that You are ‘Rock n Roll’. You are not a pop star or a porn star where your worth is measured by your youth and your looks…. you Are Rock n Roll because you make everyone uncomfortable and are unapologetically yourself, you walk into a room with your head high and Own it, you dress yourself the way you want and you follow your dream at all costs with no backup plan!
Let everyone say what they want. But the only reason someone will troll you about your amazingness is because they are insecure and/or are dinosaurs who have no clue how to exist in 2017. Be you. Love you. Because I love you and we Stand Out together.

And P.S. do not feel sorry for me about any ridiculous comments that have been thrown my way… be sorry for the people that posted them… poor souls, I only give them love and encouragement to find who they are inside and not just own it .. but “Rock n Roll own it”

Lzzy Hale

How The Venus Signs Express Love: Valentine's Day Special

Venus in Aries: Venusian Arians are very bold and forthright in love. The object of their affection is pursued with much fervor and tenacity. Once they have their eye on you, they will not rest until you are theirs. These people usually fall in love quickly and out of it just as easily, so be careful.

Venus in Taurus: Venus enjoys being in Taurus because this is one of its ruling signs. Although they are peaceful creatures, they are quite stubborn when it comes to matters of the heart. But once they fall for you, they are loyal to the bitter end. Their love is steadfast and unyielding once given.

Venus in Gemini: Venusian Geminians are very fickle when it comes to love. They often flit about from person to person and need mental stimulation in order to keep from getting bored in their relationships. If you can’t give them good conversation, you can forget ever making it to the bedroom with them.

Venus in Cancer: Venusian Cancerians are highly sentimental creatures, especially in love. Once you are in a relationship with them, you become their family and these people will go to great lengths to protect you. Appealing to them from an emotional standpoint is the way into their heart.

Venus in Leo: You can always expect grandiose expressions of love with a Venusian Leo, and they expect the same from you in return. In order for them to want to pursue you, you must have something about your look which is regal and glamorous. Once you have captured their heart, they will treat you like the royalty you are.

Venus in Virgo: Venusian Virgos aren’t what one would call a sentimental fool. It takes quite a bit for them to even admit they’re in love due to their overly critical nature of potential partners. They already have a checklist in their minds of the kind of person they want, and if you don’t meet the requirements, they won’t even bother.

Venus in Libra: Venus thoroughly enjoys being in Libra due to it being its other ruling planet. Venus rules relationships and Libra is the sign of partnership. A Venus in Libra craves romantic relationships more than your average Venus placement. Venusian Librans want nothing more than to find their other half.

Venus in Scorpio: Venusian Scorpions are very dark and intense when it comes to love. Their love isn’t easily given, but once you have it, it’s forever. In negative manifestations, this expression of love can become overly obsessive and destructive. What they desire most in relationships is intimacy through shared pain.

Venus in Sagittarius: Venusian Sagittarians are free spirits in love. If they decide to pursue a relationship with you, you must understand their need for freedom. Attempting to put out the fire in their hearts will only push them away. These people love adventure, so you can be sure they will bring you along for the ride.

Venus in Capricorn: Venusian Capricorns treat love like a business project. It’s something that they must see through to the end. Capricorn energy is very guarded, but if you can break down their walls and provide them with monetary stability as well as help them along their journey, you can be sure you will have a partner for life.

Venus in Aquarius: Venusian Aquarians are eccentric in love. They won’t go for just anyone. There must be something about you that stands out from everyone else. These people don’t go for “normal” relationships. Some of them might even forego relationships altogether just to be different.

Venus in Pisces: Venus loves being in Pisces due to its exaltation here. Venusian Pisceans are incredibly creative, emotional people who are in love with love. They enjoy sweet romantic gestures, especially reciprocating them. Some of them tend to wear rose-colored glasses in relationships, but don’t fault them for it. It’s just their nature.

Venus Signs as Gossip Girl Characters

Serena van der Woodsen - Venus in Aries and Sagittarius

very open and bold, flirts by being direct and daring, wants to learn and experience everything together with her partner, is an idealistic lover, attracted to people in love with life

“If you have feelings for someone, nothing elso in the world matters.”

Dan Humphrey - Venus in Taurus, Virgo and Pisces

dreamy and soft-hearted, sensitive or even insecure in love, romantic view of the world, unimpressed by your state and loves and accepts you for all that you are inside

“I’ve made massive, heartbreaking mistakes. But I’ve never stopped loving you.”

Chuck Bass - Venus in Gemini and Scorpio

unpredictable - taste often changes, fearless when it comes  to intimacy, strong need to control their partner, gives you complete attention, doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship

“If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.”

Nate Archibald - Venus in Cancer, Capricorn and Aquarius

shows love by caring for you, wants you to love them for their intellect and to admire their visions, sensitive in love, wants to feel safe, can be a little moody, is willing to commit

“You don’t give up just because things are hard.”  

Blair Waldorf - Venus in Leo and Libra

demanding lover, has high expectations and and idealized image of their relationship, is threatened by a relationship that appears to have settled too much, truly romantic

“I followed my heart because I love you.”

All I really want to do is mend
Every soul that needs a friend
Each and every beating heart
Can I spread peace and joy through art?
Chaos proliferating all around, There’s hateful protesting in every town
The earth is trembling & voices too
Signs held high
They loved once, just like you
Don’t give up, Mama said
How blessed you are to read the news from your bed
I’m crying in bed wrapped in my silky duvet
600 thread count, who am I to complain? I’m living in euphoria amidst the chaos that remains
I spent last Tuesday beneath the rising sun
While a terrorist was online shopping for a gun
I ask for your forgiveness. Because I know I can do more
There’s children in Aleppo who don’t know life without war
While bombs went off and families said their final goodbyes, I was at peace, under cotton candy skies
Waves crashed as I sipped red wine
While rates of violence, terrorism, and human suffering took a massive incline
It’s time I turn my prayers into actions. Damnit, please stop bombarding civilians
Let us plant seeds of peace and love for generations to come
And if we all start accepting and understanding our differences, one day those seeds will blossom
Let us cherish the times we hear “Honey, I’m home” Before we’re forced to face the true meaning of being alone
Teach your mind to only look for the similarities. Show empathy and be a precious jewel through your rarities
If you spread anything but light, then why are you here? In a world with too much sadness and not enough cheer
In the Buddha’s words, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
I pray to god one day you can stop feeling scared
You have a purpose. You are the change you seek. You matter, you really do; and I dedicate this poem to you
Wherever you exist in this beautiful world, let my words be a hand to hold, reminding you, be brave and be bold
Harmonize love. This I know is the key. Everyone with a decent heart deserves to be free
It’s not about win or lose
Your strength and courage can do wonders when you try walking in someone else’s shoes
Don’t you ever forget the power of love
And may you live for the angels kissing you from up above
How do you want to be remembered? 
What will your legacy be?
To inspire one human to rise above hate, 
that in itself is enough for me
Prioritize your education.
When your knowledge on the world expands, your potential can only strengthen
Because through education the resources to make a difference are provided
To someday live in a world that’s not so divided
What makes you passionate, my dear?
Answer this question and infinite potential is near
I know there’s something within you. 
A match that’s waiting to be lit
And once it’s sparked the journey you’ll embark on will be one you’ll never quit
Roses are red
Violets are blue
America’s got a new president
And dear god I hope he’ll practice empathy too
—  “We Are All One” by Riley Burke
robb stark x reader

robb stark // language of love

this is some late night writing, bc I was inspired by the loveliest bouquet of sunflowers (yes, sunflowers!) that I received today. so here it is, my first published imagine, if I am confident enough to post it.

plot summary: the reader is very shy and uses her knowledge of flowers to subtly tell people how she feels. but when it comes to robb stark, where does she even begin?


if she were given a coin for every flower she picked, she would surely enough be the richest girl in westeros. from lone wild flowers to sprigs in thin ribbon, a full head of words were channelled into a small head of petals. flowers were emotional tokens, but hard ones to read. a single tulip, to a grandiose bouquet could alter the meanings drastically, as well as their colours, their arrangement, what bound them together.

to her enemies, of which she had very little, she would present an orange lily. in their understanding, her gestures were sweet and to their discretion, not so nearly as malicious as had been intended. she wove together the stalks like sentences, some heartfelt, tongue-in-cheek, but also for sad things, like the passing over of friends or the departing of lovers.

the long summer would soon prove to be fleeting, however. the flowers could only last so long before they were buried in snow; and all that winter could possibly leave behind were thistles and brambles, or the rare winter rose buried in a thicket. searches for flowers would be less fruitful and too icy for numbing hands.

so she had to say it quickly, before her feelings wilted.

robb stark was a practical man. he ate when he was hungry, sparred when angry and always walked with a destination in mind. so when white carnations lay on his windowsill, he didn’t quite know what to make of it. sure, they were elegant, beautiful things, but of what use were they? admire them, yes, for a week or so, though they rot soon and die ugly.

he ordered a servant to fetch them water and display them anyway. he did muse giving them to his mother, but she was too busy raising 5 children, a ward and a bastard to literally stop and smell the roses. so each flower would be swept away by a handmaiden and cast into a small blue vase, where it would lull in the water until it’s death.

y/n, by this time, was growing anxious. her stay in Winterfell was drawing to a close. her three month stay was a mere two weeks away from ending and robb still had no clue. her house sigil would soon be seen turning away from the north and heading south to her home, where the sun would shine for longer, yet still in the washed-out wintery sort of way.

the following day was not as productive as she would have liked. she handed a white rose to sansa, her good friend, and listened to her talk of ‘womanly’ things for just a little over half an hour; from the fashion in Kings Landing to her profound love of lemon cakes. it was fun to hear her friend talk of such things and she made small yet infrequent contributions to conversation, but that was all that her nature allowed. even sansa found it hard to evoke much out of y/n, she was all smiles and politeness.

next, she wheeled bran to the stables, where hodor would lift him into his horse. bran was more understanding of y/n’s silences, and that was how they spent most of their time, in long comfortable silence. although it seemed everyone was up for a conversation today.

“so, when do you plan on telling him?” bran says, matter-o-factly.

she was very taken-aback, panicking at the thought. did robb know himself? was she being too obvious, too bold? what if everyone has known, but has been too polite to tell her of such intimate matters of the heart? but she tries to stay calm, and denies.

“w-what are you talking about? tell who?”

“why the caution? robb, of course! you’ve been leaving him flowers, little white carnations.”

“and what of it?” she mumbles, eyeing him.

“I’ve never seen you give those to anyone.” he looks up at her from his chair.

“s-so? maybe I just found some nearby and thought they would suit.”

“yes, how convenient. but I don’t see much convenience in slipping them near his room at night.” he smirks, watching her horrified and stunned expression turn her white.

“you’re not as hard to read as you think, y/n. from three months of observation I can tell how ardently you admire my brother.”

she went quiet.

“you’d make a fitting couple.” is all he says.

“s-speak a word of this to no-one.” she squeaks.

“certainly not.”

afterwards, was archery with arya. she had little patience for it, and was more of a dab-hand with a sword or a spear, yet she tried nonetheless. y/n stressed the importance of relaxing the shoulders and drawing back against the cheek, but arya clumsily strung arrows about, hazardously flying in and around the targets.

In the end, after about one hour, only one good shot would do, as arya finally gave the technique some application, striking only a fraction left of a bullseye. with that, y/n handed her a sprig of baby’s breath and made haste for the forest, where she would try and search for more flowers before nightfall.

the tress that crowned the hills slowly winded down a sloping valley clearing, alive by the veins of a small stream, echoing its gentle trickling across the wood. here grew an abundance of various species of flower. however, she would have to travel further because this was a bouquet and she did not have time to dawdle amongst the simpleness of daisies and buttercups.

descending further into the valley, wicker basket on arm, she sifted through bushes and thickets alike to find a rarity that she had purged nights before. the white carnations were in full bloom, pristine and soft. it was as she shuffled through the underside of a thorny entanglement that something caught her eye. a dash of yellow.


she was convinced that they did not grow here, from not seeing one in her long stay. the foraging proved that although they were far north, a favourite of hers still blossomed. speedily plucking them (getting a few thorny scratches along her fingers) she turned on her heels, back up the valley.

darkness was descending fast and the night drew cold. she clutched at her shawl for warmth, yet the thin fabric did nothing to calm the shivering tremors racking at her wrists. not too long was to go and soon enough she reached the clearing of daisies and buttercups. Winterfell was only through a wall of trees.


She whipped around to see a silhouette. A horse galloped towards her in long strides, the sounds of heavy armour clacking against the force. It petrified her, staring at such a spectacle of mystery, strength, yet also danger. and so she fled.

careful to keep her basket from swaying, she clutched it to her chest, desperately trying to navigate through the tall pines and wide oaks that separated her and Winterfell. the sounds of the man and horse got closer and closer, until she knew she was done for.

she braced herself, leaning against a tree, facing the chaser. her breath was ragged and body buzzing from the heat of exercise, which helped with the cold. her heart hammered though, and from the running or the fear she could not distinguish which. knees close to buckling, the person was close enough to come into full view.

oh no.

“y/n?” asked robb stark, swinging off of his stallion.

she nodded her head, hesitantly.

“what are you doing out so late? I thought you an enemy, it’s too dangerous in these woods for people after dark, women most of all.”

“I-I was just taking a stroll, sir.”

“nonsense, call me robb. now please, get on my horse. you’re freezing cold and scared to death, no thanks to me, I’m taking you back to your chamber.”

“yes robb, t-thank you.” her cheeks burned and her stomach fluttered.

as he helped her onto his horse, her heart beating rapidly, he inquired.

“so what’s that basket you have there?”

“I-I-I it’s nothing, just some random things I found whilst in the forest.” She lied terribly, nervously laughing at the end of her sentence, feeling him swing onto the horse behind her. the pressure of his chest against her back increased as he leaned over, peeking over her shoulder.

“nonsense”, he chides for the second time that evening, “show me.”

“n-no really-”

“flowers?” he says in surprise.

she stifles a sigh and lowers her head, a deep burning blush crawling up her neck. in the basket lay the same white carnations she had plucked for him, but she had prayed to the seven that it was too dark for him to notice.

“I keep receiving flowers, y'know. little white ones.”

“r-really now? what kind?” she tried to pass it off as if she didn’t know.

“I had no clue until I asked a servant-girl, coronations? no, that’s not it… characerations?”

y/n giggled, “carnations?”

“yes! carnations. but, y/n, what does this all mean? is someone trying to stink out my chambers with sweet perfumes?”

“well, flowers actually have meanings. depending on how many there are or what colour or species, medieval people often used flowers to express their feelings. it’s less common now, only really practiced at weddings or funerals.”

“really? seems like a lot of work… so what do white carnations mean then?”

play it cool.

“I-i-innocence and pure love.” she gulped, feeling his breath tickle the back of her ear.

“no way! so I have a secret admirer?!”

“perhaps.” she mumbles.

they returned to the winterfell courtyard, where robb tugged his horse to a halt.

“what kind of flower do you have in your basket, y/n?”

“o-oh just a bunch of different ones, I’m making a bouquet.”

“for who?” he furrows his brow.

“anyone, really. I just enjoy making them.” lies.

“may I see you make one?” his eyes sparkle, as they wander inside.

“m-maybe tomorrow. I’m quite tired, thank you for offering me a ride though, it was very generous of you.” she smiles.

“the pleasure is all mine, until tomorrow.” he clutched her hand, pressing a kiss to her electric skin.

“until tomorrow.”

when he had turned left for his chambers, she bolted with her basket straight up the stairs to her own. her hand was still reminiscing in the tender touch of his kiss, as it ghosted on her skin. she spread the array of secret flowers onto her bed, admiring them and imagining the finished bouquet. but then a thought crossed her mind and she simply could not wait.


robb awoke to a light knock against his heavy oak door. first light had just broken and shone through the tower windows, soaking his porcelain skin and animal furs in a fresh, crisp glow. throwing on a shirt and breeches, he languidly ambled to the door.

although, he opened it to nothingness. had his servant not just knocked minutes ago? or was he dreaming? but his eyes scanned downward to see the prettiest bundle of flowers on the floor.

with anticipation, he hastily picked them up and retreated back to his room, placing them back down on the fluffy pelts. amongst the stalks, tied in a satin ribbon, was a small piece of card. his fingers immediately scrambled at the note, folding it out into the size of a letter. The writing was cursive, written in black ink, he read it quickly.

“ daffodils - unrequited love
maidenhair fern - secret bond of love
white carnations - pure love
mistletoe - kiss me ”

he gazed at the bouquet, and suddenly everything fell into place. his perspectives on flowers was changing, so much so that he grinned, a wide toothy smile. so it was her all along. purely ecstatic, robb launched off of his bed and out of the door, bouquet in hand. he hazardously bounded down the spiral of stairs, buttons undone on his loose shirt and feet barely in his iron-toed boots. he flew through the winterfell corridors like a lightning bolt, weaving through passages and corners, running away from curious looks.

he burst through her door, startling her as she rose from her dressing table.


“it was you, all along!” she cowered, thinking him angry. she thought the gesture would be the easiest way to convey her feelings, she only had 10 more days to spare in the north and would have to wait many more for her to come back.

“y-yes I’m sorr- wait where are the daffodils?” her eyes widened in realisation as he came nearer, towering above her with his piercing gaze.

“well, I didn’t think they were needed.” he smirks, dipping low, close to her ear.


“oh, sweet y/n.” he plucks a single branch of mistletoe from the bunch and dangles it over the pair.

“so”, he raises an eyebrow, “kiss me.”

she slowly rests his hands on his cheeks, eyelids fluttering. he indulges in the kiss, and the mistletoe drops to the floor. his hands go to her waist, as he moves his lips against hers, feeling the paramount build-up of secret feelings finally come to light.

she was delicate in his hands, shy, but she was blossoming, smiling into the kiss. his new, precious flower.


what makes kadena’s relationship so genuine is the fact that even though the physical attraction between them is nothing short of electric– their attraction goes way deeper. From the very beginning Adena touched Kat in a way no one has touched her before, Adena made her realize that being with someone isn’t just about the physical– it’s about the heart and the soul, because of that being intimate and vulnerable comes naturally to kat when she is with her. Likewise from the very beginning Adena saw something in kat that makes her want to/easily risk everything for her– knowing that no matter the outcome kat is worth it.
The truth is Kat and Adena have touched each other here™ and that my friends is the definition of soulmates.

                    Beatrice Morel, My Sweet Elite OC

Bea is part of the Department of Performing Arts, specializing in musical theater. Her love and passion for the genre blossomed the moment her parents took her to see her first musical when she was younger, The Phantom of the Opera. She was enticed and drawn in with the music and genuine feelings that the performers demonstrated during the show. Their vulnerability, their anger, and their love.. From then on, she dedicated herself to anything theater-related, her talent in the art only growing more and more after each passing year. She pours her heart and soul out during every one of her shows, no matter what role she plays. To her being in the spotlight isn’t the important thing, but having the passion and drive is. 

Bea is a very outgoing and enthusiastic girl, making it easy for her to make friends. She’s easily approachable due to the smile that she always has plastered on her face and is friendly to those who seem to have good intentions. Her boldness, however, often leads to her making rash decisions which may get her in a bit of trouble, but nothing too extreme. She doesn’t tolerate rudeness or pettiness however, and won’t hesitate to call someone out and confront them about it. Despite that, she’s very open and willing to make friends with almost everyone, if they desire the same.

(WARNING: Kinda long)


- bOi

- The fact that you have actually managed to capture his heart surprises him quite a lot, taking into consideration that the only person he has ever loved died in his arms. He wouldn’t ask you out if he felt that this was just a silly crush, something that would pass away in time. No. He wasn’t that kind of man. He was a passionate one, and his feelings for you were just as strong as Jessamine’s.

- And it hits him. Hard.

- If you actually work in the palace, he’ll ask of you to be alone for a moment. It wouldn’t be something surprising given that you have been alone before, just to talk, or perhaps share a cigar.

- He’ll appear serious as always, his tone soft and gentle when he asks you to meet with him. Calm, gentle…and sweating bullets as he is.

- He curses himself for this. “It feels just like when Jessamine asked of me to enter her chambers for the first time”, he’ll think as he walks by your side, not muttering a word.

- You’ll end up talking in a reserved place, away from prying eyes. And gulping down the knot in his throat, he’ll ask you the question that has been gnawing on his mind for the past months.

- “May I invite you out on a date?”


- As if the violent pounding of her heart against her ribs wasn’t embarrassing enough, every time she’s close to you, the Empress feels her legs grow weak, often choosing to sit down when you speak.

- No matter how hard she tries to listen, her mind will disconnect, silently studying your features with admiration. Eyes tracing over the lines of your jaw as you speak, adoring the exquisite tone of you skin, the shape of your eyes…

- Emily is not a shy woman, she may be gentle, but she can be bold sometimes. And being her friend for so long has proven you the fact that the Empress isn’t shy when it comes to serious matters.

- And when she took one of your hands in hers, your mouth is shut, as you give her an inquisitory glare.

- The beating of her heart picks up speed as her mouth goes dry. She feels stupid, and this whole situation is stupid. It’d be so much easier to just smash her lips against yours and be done with it!

- She lightly caresses the skin of your hand with her thumb, lips trembling slightly before parting.

- “I’ve…been meaning to…ask you something for a while.”

The Outsider

- “Black eyed bastard”

- It is possible to ask out a divinity?

- He can’t leave his realm. For too long I think.

- Probably smug, just as always.

- While you’re racking your brain, trying to find anything to say, he’ll just chuckle, lifting your chin up with one finger.

-Black eyes, dark as the Void itself stare at you, and even though there’s no emotion you could read in them, he smiles a little, bringing you close to him.

-“Is there anything you wish to tell me, (Y/n)?”


- He isn’t shy about asking you out.

- And it’s not like he could take you anywhere, since, you know. He is an assassin. He can’t exactly take you to a pub to have a beer, when half of Dunwall wants him dead.

- So he’ll probably invite you to share some cigars and a glass of whiskey, but nothing else.

- And perhaps, if you feel comfortable enough, you can try a second time?

- Just imagine the two of you, sitting on top of a roof and smoking. That’s his definition of ‘asking someone out’.

- “Perhaps you expected something else?”

The Ryosukekeke Saga  Continues...

Mod J had not checked her inbox, phone, and messages in a while, mostly avoiding messages from the OG who continued to vacillate between out of control anger with threats and swear words, and completely broken sobbing, pleading. That said, she finally felt brave enough to take a look–we peek into her world as she skims through the hundreds of messages…

Eighteen days ago:


I see what you all have done! (;¬_¬) Who is this…this…. @keito-okamoto person? A new Mod? Is that what it is? AND MOD L!!!!!!! OMG WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (☞◣д◢)☞


Mod L (╬ಠ益ಠ)  backing up this person, this @keito-okamoto person, plus I never settled on the ‘OG’ title. Still! What, did you guys bring on a new mod for the express purpose of disparaging my character? Honestly, I’d like to talk about this. 

And the fact that you’ve changed your password Mod J. 

⁀⊙﹏☉⁀ WTF

I thought we had an agreement. I’m so put out with you I am going to avoid any song with your name in it from now on. Seriously, I’m making someone else sing my lines–and when I say “I love you, Juliet” I am talking to every other Juliet in the world, but NOT YOU!!!!!!!!! 

( ̄へ ̄)

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All I really want to do is mend
Every soul that needs a friend
Each and every beating heart
Can I spread peace and joy through art?
Chaos proliferating all around, There’s hateful protesting in every town
The earth is trembling & voices too
Signs held high
They loved once, just like you
Don’t give up, Mama said
How blessed you are to read the news from your bed
I’m crying in bed wrapped in my silky duvet
600 thread count, who am I to complain? I’m living in euphoria amidst the chaos that remains
I spent last Tuesday beneath the rising sun
While a terrorist was online shopping for a gun
I ask for your forgiveness. Because I know I can do more
There’s children in Aleppo who don’t know life without war
While bombs went off and families said their final goodbyes, I was at peace, under cotton candy skies
Waves crashed as I sipped red wine
While rates of violence, terrorism, and human suffering took a massive incline
It’s time I turn my prayers into actions. Damnit, please stop bombarding civilians
Let us plant seeds of peace and love for generations to come
And if we all start accepting and understanding our differences, one day those seeds will blossom
Let us cherish the times we hear “Honey, I’m home” Before we’re forced to face the true meaning of being alone
Teach your mind to only look for the similarities. Show empathy and be a precious jewel through your rarities
If you spread anything but light, then why are you here? In a world with too much sadness and not enough cheer
In the Buddha’s words, “Happiness never decreases by being shared.”
I pray to god one day you can stop feeling scared
You have a purpose. You are the change you seek. You matter, you really do; and I dedicate this poem to you
Wherever you exist in this beautiful world, let my words be a hand to hold, reminding you, be brave and be bold
Harmonize love. This I know is the key. Everyone with a decent heart deserves to be free
It’s not about win or lose
Your strength and courage can do wonders when you try walking in someone else’s shoes
Don’t you ever forget the power of love
And may you live for the angels kissing you from up above
How do you want to be remembered?
What will your legacy be?
To inspire one human to rise above hate,
that in itself is enough for me
Prioritize your education.
When your knowledge on the world expands, your potential can only strengthen
Because through education the resources to make a difference are provided
To someday live in a world that’s not so divided
What makes you passionate, my dear?
Answer this question and infinite potential is near
I know there’s something within you.
A match that’s waiting to be lit
And once it’s sparked the journey you’ll embark on will be one you’ll never quit
Roses are red
Violets are blue
America’s got a new president
And dear god I hope he’ll practice empathy too
—  gypsies-paradise, “We Are All One” by Riley Burke
Company (Frank Castle x Reader)

Anonymous: Hi:) can you write imagine where y/n finds Frank in front of the door of her apartment. She’s scared but offers him to come in and wait until it’s safe to go. After that they get close and she gives him keys so he can come whenever he needs. He comes after a fight and sees a blanket and a pillow on the couch so he asks “you knew I’d come?” And her answer is “I didn’t know. I just hoped you’d come. Dinner’s in the oven and coffee is on the table.” And they somehow end up dating? Thank you:) 

A/N: “It’s dangerous to go out when the sirens sing.” from here

Word Count: 3140

I was standing in front of my apartment door panting, unable to let myself in. My mind was all over the place. I was new to Hell’s Kitchen and the one thing I just couldn’t seem to adapt to was the crime rate around here. I mean, you hear about places being bad all over but it’s another thing to actually live it. It was even harder being a new face, it’s like everyone knew that I was a transplant, like I had it written in bold text on my jacket. I was riding my bike home when suddenly I heard gunshots nearby, as in maybe if I stood still I’d probably be swiss cheese in a matter of minutes. I pedaled because my life actually did depend on it and ran into my apartment building and now here I was, trying to keep my heart in my chest in front of my door. I closed my eyes tight and fought tears. It wasn’t like I got caught in shootouts every day; this wasn’t enough to make me hightail it outta here just yet. But I definitely am standing here counting my blessings after that experience.

“You alright?”

I jumped outta my skin at the voice of my neighbor, Frank. He lives above me, he has a dog and paces a lot.

“Ummm, n-not really, but I will be.”

“What happened?”

I shook my head. “It’s okay, I just… I need to catch my breath.”

He took a step closer to me, eyeing me skeptically. “You can’t do that inside?”

I shook my head. “My hands… shaking…”

He looked at my hands hanging and trembling at my sides, then at my keys that I dropped on the floor. He bent down and picked them up before staring at me, waiting patiently for my signal. I nodded my head and he stood beside me to unlock the door. Even with it wide open I still couldn’t move; I felt completely shell shocked. When he rested a gentle hand on my shoulder I jumped again, cursing myself for being so paranoid right now. I always passed Frank in the hall and he was so reserved, but never posed a threat to me. Offered to help me with groceries every now and then, too.

“I’m sorry,” I huffed.

“It’s okay. C’mon.” He ushered me inside, wheeling my bike in by a handlebar as I followed. I watched him as he propped the bike against a nearby wall and tossed my keys on the living room coffee table. Meanwhile I couldn’t move much past the front door, hugging my jacket tight to me.

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“When you eat a chocolate bar, sure, the wrapper might be pretty, full of bold colours and fancy details … but ultimately, what do you care about? The wrapper? Or what’s inside the wrapper? The chocolate. I care about the chocolate inside the wrapper. For me, it’s the same with people. I don’t care about what’s on the outside. I care about what’s on the inside. Someone’s mind. Their heart and soul. For me, it doesn’t matter whether they’re a man or a woman. That’s only the wrapper they come in. What I really care about is the chocolate. It’s called being pansexual.“ 

― Carrie Hope Fletcher, On the Other Side

Oh, These Bedroom Walls

Ruffling my hair, I opened the door and smiled when I saw Tony standing there with a coffee in one hand and a Monster in the other. I jerked my chin towards the main foyer and he stepped passed me, kicking off his shoes. I took the coffee from him when he offered it up and placed my free hand against his hip in an awkward embrace. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Three cream and three sugar?” I asked.

“You bet your ass.” he replied.

“Thank you, baby.” I smiled again, puckering my lips. He laughed and bent down slightly to peck my lips. He hungrily kissed down my jaw to my neck and I squealed and giggled girlishly, stepping away from his body and heading up the stairs. He followed me to my room silently and plopped down on to my bed, splashing Monster on the dark covers. I clucked my tongue and took a sip of my coffee before setting it down on my bedside table.

I layed down on the bed beside Tony and he just watched my face. It was nice, being able to be with someone and just stare at each other in silence without feeling awkward. Tony’s finger tips ran up and down my side, from my ribs, over the dip in my side, to my hip bone. I squirmed my body closer to him and cupped his face with one hand, stroking his cheek with my thumb. He brought his face down to mine and kissed me softly, and I loosened the set of my jaw, parting my lips, pushing him further as our tongues melted together. My senses recoiled as the tastes of both coffee and Monster mixed together, but I kept kissing him. I knew the taste. It was familiar. Bitter and sweet, just like Tony and I. Which one was which just depended on the day.

I was the first to pull away, breathless, skin covered in goose bumps despite feeling flushed and warm all over. Tony blushed and averted his eyes. Something I never understood about him. He was nasty at heart but after anything happened he would go back to being shy and timid, no matter how bold he was in bed. But it drew me in and made me intrigued. I enamored him.

“You changed your piercing,” Tony smiled, noticing my shirt had ridden up. He tapped my piercing with his index finger and glanced at it for a second longer. “It’s cute,” he finally said. “Just like you.”

I giggled and glanced down at my stomach. The piercing that dangled from my belly button was a small mistle toe. Why not get into the Christmas spirit? I had thought when I saw it in the shop window. It had given me an excuse to buy a new piercing anyway. The small owl that had been in place before was getting tired.

As I looked down at my stomach, I saw Tony’s hand still against my bare skin, and I suddenly wanted him to touch me everywhere. I wanted him to touch, taste, and hear me begging him to let me cum. I bit my lip at the thought and looked back up at Tony’s face, noticing him studying my expression.

“What are you thinking?” he asked softly.

“N-nothing,” I shot back.

“Yes you were.” he smirked.

“Was not.”

“Were too. You were thinking something naughty.” The smirk left his face, and he slowly leaned in close to my ear, whispering in a husky voice. “Tell me your naughty thoughts, (Y/N + Y/L/N)." Oh, god, I thought, every inch of me aching to feel him. But now it was my turn to smirk.

"Kiss me under the mistletoe, Tony Perry.” And now I wasn’t the one blushing. Tony’s eyes were wide and his cheeks were pink as he realized what I meant. He tried to form a sentence, stumbling over his words.

“Um, well, I just..I’ve never-” he sounded strangled.

“You’ve never eaten a girl out.” I finished his sentence, guessing what would have come next. “You know,” I began casually, pulling my shirt off, and then my leggings. “A lot of people wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll. But the real question is-”

“The real question is,” Tony interrupted. “How many licks does it take to make her moan?” I looked up at him, and his eyes were clouded with lust. He was staring at the wet spot in my panties, biting his lip. His skinny jeans were stretched out over his crotch, hardly concealing how turned on he was.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” I suggested. Tony blushed again and looked up at me. I leaned back against the pillows, unbent my legs. and watched him. “Just do what comes naturally.” I closed my eyes and suddenly felt feather-light kisses against the inside of my thighs, making me reopen them. Tony’s head was between my legs, and he bit at my skin, and then used the tip of his tongue to wash away the slight pain. He moved up higher, closer to where I ached the most, and began sucking, then nibbling at the purple-red spot he had left. I let out a whimper as he passed my heat, and moved up between my hip bones instead. He stared up at me with his brown orbs and took the waistband of my panties in his teeth and began peeling them down my legs, stopping at my knees to sit up and harshly pull them the rest of the way off with his hand. 

He then moved back down and kissed my clit, sending a shiver through me and making me rut my hips up towards his mouth. His hands cupped my thighs gently. Tony then licked all the way up my heat, and flicked the tip of his tongue directly against my clit before removing his mouth once more. He attached his lips to my clit, licking at it again and again, and I moaned, moving my hands from my sides to tangle in his dark hair. The tip of his tongue glided against my entrance and I arched my back off of the mattress, a half-moan, half-whimper escaping my mouth as I pulled on his hair. He abruptly stopped and looked up at me, eyes wide.

“I-I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” he stammered in a concerned tone.

“F-fuck,” I gasped, pulling his hair again. “Don’t stop,”

He stared me in the eye as he continued to go down on me, pushing his tongue into me and tongue-fucking me. My eyes clenched shut and my mouth made an O. I curled my toes and fought against the urge to squeeze my legs together, and instead only pulled harder on the hair that was threaded through my fingers. Tony sat up, forcing me to let go of his hair, and stared at me with a blank face, slowly pushing two fingers into me, watching my face contort in pleasure. He pumped his fingers faster, and my legs began shaking. The muscles in my stomach coiled and I gripped at the blankets on either side of me.

“Fuck, fuck!” I moaned.

“Say my name,” Tony hissed as he moved his hand faster.

“Tony,” I moaned almost inaudibly, and then yelled, “Fuck, Tony! Please, I wanna cum. Let me cum, please, Tony.” I gasped, hardly able to find my voice as I began to feel dizzy.

“Hm,” he sighed, continuing to finger me. “You sound so sexy when you beg. Let me see my pretty baby cum all over my fingers so I can lick it all off.” he groaned, curling the tips of his fingers at the last second, lightly digging them into my G-spot.

He began moving his fingers agonizingly slow, and my head swam, my vision beginning to spot. A huge wave of pleasure ran through me and stung at my clit, finally making me cum as I closed my eyes and let out a weak moan. I continued writhing and arching my back off the bed even after Tony pulled his fingers out and I had opened my eyes. Slowly, the buzz of my climax faded and I watched Tony lick up both of his fingers, cleaning them off, and then he leaned down to kiss me. He wrapped his arms around my waist as I arched my chest up against his. 

Tony pulled away and slowly planted soft kissed on my neck, and then kissed the crook between my neck and shoulder, sighing contently. He still hugged my body against his, and when he finally looked up at me, he was blushing again. My eyes were half-closed, fighting against sudden exhaustion, but I gave him a small smile.

“Take off your clothes and cuddle with me.” I mumbled.

“I don’t have to take my clothes off to cuddle with you.” Tony pointed out.

“Yeah but I don’t want to be the only one without pants or panties on.”

Tony rolled his eyes but stood up and began undressing. I crawled under the covers and he shortly joined me, pushing one hand underneath my side the grip the curve of my hips, and using the other to cup my face and stroke my cheek like I had done earlier. I smiled and hitched my leg up around his waist, leaning my forehead against Tony’s colorful chest.

“I don’t want to be a downer,” Tony started. “But we have to leave for dinner with the guys in about an hour, remember?”

“Oh, fuck me.” I groaned.

“Gladly,” he smirked, thrusting up against me between my open legs.

“Get off me, you weirdo, I have to shower.” I laughed.

“Not without me,”

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So... you said Francis/Charles reminds you of Echo/Narcissus? Tell me more. I'm intrigued.


Alright, friends, stick with me, because we’re in it for the long haul. I’ll even properly capitalize things, just for you, since this is A Proper Analysis™. Also all quotes are from the Raeburn translation of Metamorphoses and the UK copy of The Secret History.

So first things first, I study Classics (and drama but Classics is what’s important here). I focus on the Roman side of things, rather than the Greek (don’t shoot me!), mostly the Julio-Claudians, so this is going to be coming from the Roman version of the myth. This term I’m in a class on Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I had read the Metamorphoses a few times before, but this is way more in depth since the class is devoted purely to that poem. I recently wrote a paper on “extreme people” in the poem, and focused on Echo and Narcissus, specifically how Echo is not what she seems on the surface. NOW LET’S GET STARTED, SHALL WE?

The thing about Echo and Narcissus is that people have an image in their head already, a preconceived idea of what these two characters are like, when in actuality, they’re very different (at least Echo is) than what people think when they hear the names. Echo wasn’t just a passive nymph who was super cautious and very timid like people make her out to be. And Narcissus wasn’t completely heartless in his choices, although he definitely could have been kinder to Echo. Echo covered up for one of her fellow nymphs when she thought Juno was going to catch the nymph with Jupiter. She protected her friend and the consequence was that she lost her own voice, she was doomed only to repeat the ends of what she heard. And even though her autonomy is seemingly taken away from her, she still tries to take what she wants. She sees Narcissus, this god-like boy, and she wants him, so she puts herself out there. And then we have Narcissus. He was doomed since his birth to be his own downfall if he “knows himself” (we’ll talk a bit about how this means different things in different versions later). He knew he was handsome, and he scorned all of his suitors, men and women alike. Yes, he was a little shit, but you would be too if you had

“rippling curls like the locks of a god, Apollo or Bacchus, cheeks as smooth as silk, an ivory neck and a glorious face with a mixture of blushing red and creamy whiteness”

I mean, WOW. Basically what we have is a nymph who knows what she wants and is never apologetic for it, and a boy who is too handsome for his own good.

After Echo sees Narcissus, who refuses to be with anyone at all, she follows him, repeating his words. He eventually asks her to come forward so that he can see who she is, he literally says “we must come together!” kind of deceiving knowing what’s coming right? And when she bursts forward, ready to give Narcissus her entire being he actually scorns her, saying she’ll never “enjoy his body” which sadly she has to repeat which makes things pretty awkward. Echo leaves Narcissus, but still harbors this bitter love for him that ultimately makes her waste away until she is only a voice. And yet she still cares about him. She watches him fall in love with his own reflection, sees him trying desperately to kiss and touch the reflection. Narcissus stays in front of his reflection in the water, slowly wasting away as well, destroying himself because of his own selfishness, and Echo watches, she watches and she is moved to pity, because she still cares so deeply about this selfish, beautiful boy. And yet she knows she can’t help him. Even though he was horrible to her, it doesn’t matter, she still feels sorrow for him, she even mourns him when he finally dies.

“Echo had watched his decline, still filled with angry resentment but moved to pity. Whenever the poor unhappy youth uttered a pitiful sigh, her own voice uttered a pitiful sigh in return.”

She was the only one to say goodbye to him as he was dying, she was the only one who actually cared, even though, until his very last breath, he cared about no one but himself.

Do you see where I’m going with this? So then we take Francis and Charles.

Francis, our Echo, bound to follow and love our Narcissus, despite how selfish and careless he is. Francis, our Echo, being bold with his love, taking whatever attention he can have from Charles, giving himself up readily for him, even though they both know that our Narcissus would never really give anything in return. Francis, our Echo, still loving Charles, always loving Charles, bitterly, coldly, but no matter what, because

“Just when I’ve managed to harden my heart, he’ll turn around and be so sweet. I always fall for it. I don’t know why.”

Francis, our Echo, believing that, despite the selfishness, there must be something good in Narcissus, because how can someone so beautiful be rotten?

“I tend to equate physical beauty with qualities with which it has absolutely nothing to do with. I see a pretty mouth or a moody pair of eyes and imagine all sorts of deep affinities, private kinships.”

And Charles, our Narcissus, in love with the reflection of himself, “he was her brother and they did look an awful lot alike.” Narcissus who, in some versions of the myth, is actually in love with his twin sister and not merely his own reflection. In some versions, incest is the crime, not just narcissism, to use the word directly from his name. Knowing himself means knowing the one who looks strikingly like him, seeing his reflection in someone else and becoming obsessed, loving his twin. Charles, our Narcissus, who is his own ultimate downfall, his own worst enemy, whose passion wrecks his life. Our Narcissus who only cares about himself, who leads people on with his beauty, hiding the selfishness with golden hair and a charming smile. Charles, our Narcissus, who acts as if he cares about our Echo, in private, only to scorn him and develop sudden bouts of amnesia when the apparent affection is brought up again.

Francis and Charles, our Echo and Narcissus, who watch each other waste away, bitterly, angrily, never really able to let the other one have what they want.

I sort of like to imagine that years later, after the end of the book, Charles has left that older woman he was with and Francis maybe realized that he can get by on his own and divorced Priscilla. Maybe they’re both struggling with money and having trouble getting by, but it’s better than being trapped with someone you don’t really love, isn’t it? And Charles finds his way to Francis again. Maybe he tries to apologize to him, finally, and maybe they sleep together one last time, but Francis doesn’t need Charles anymore, he has himself, and now Charles doesn’t even have his reflection. So they say their final goodbyes, their roles being reversed.

“[Our new Narcissus’s] final words, as he gazed once more in the pool, rang back from the rocks: ’Oh marvelous boy, I have loved you in vain!’ Then he said, ‘Farewell.’ ‘Farewell,’ said [our new] Echo.”

So yes, Francis/Charles reminds me of Echo/Narcissus, in the sad, no one gets a happy ending sort of way that I love so much.

Falling In Love With Jeon Jungkook Would Include...

(Hehe welcome home, @jimjammed. I’m glad you enjoyed London so much, it must have been a wonderful trip~~ I hope that everybody likes this~)

-After coming home from a long day, walking in and finding a colorful water gun sitting on the couch instead of Jungkook. As you walk over it, you’d find a note from him stating something like “I’m hiding somewhere around the dorm with the other one. Come and find me ;)” A giggle would erupt from your lips and your previous tiredness would melt away as you picked it up and began to search for him. A minute later, he’d jump out from behind the couch and squirt you right in the face with a goofy grin stretching his lips. A full on battle would ensue.

-Jungkook every night and without fail singing you incredibly tender lullabies to sleep gently in your ear. On the nights where he can’t sleep with you because he’s busy with work, he’ll sneak away from everybody else for a solid twenty minutes and sing to you through the phone until he’s sure you’re asleep.

-Him still having that endearing awkward, teenage boy gawkiness as he sloppily kisses your cheek, squeezes your hand a little too tightly when he’s holding it, and always ending up with a face full of hair when he cuddles you. However, he would just insist that the two of you needed to ‘practice’ all of these things more, so that he could become more experienced.

-Jungkook really feeling so secure around you that he isn’t embarrassed to do dumb things to get a laugh from you. He wouldn’t mind showing his not-fresh-morning face to you or doing a particularly image damaging gag when you’re around, simply because he know that you’ll love him even if he’s looks like a complete dork. Jungkook knows that no matter how he looks or what he does, you’ll still think he’s the coolest.

-Having a front row seat to one of his lip-syncing shows. You’ll watch as he has a rock concert, is in a screamo music video, or mouthing along the words to some old trot song that he likes. When he notices you there, giggling brightly at his goofiness, he’ll take your hand and pull you up to come lip-sync too. After all, you’ve heard all of his favorite songs enough to know how to lip-sync along with him perfectly. 

-Jungkook being endlessly fascinated with your feet. As you’re sat on the couch and your feet are draped over his lap, he’ll bend each of your toes all the way forward and all the way back. He’ll think the joints move so cutely and will laugh every time he runs his finger along the sole of your foot, thinking it rather adorable how each of your toes stretches outward. When you’re asking what he’s doing, he’ll give you a sheepish bunny grin before kissing your ankle and shaking his head.

-Jungkook being a little bit awkward when the two of you are around the rest of BTS: he wouldn’t know if it was okay for him to show affection with you or if he should just stick to cutely talking to you. This is especially true since, when you leave, he gets teased mercilessly for having a girlfriend by all of his hyungs. However, he puts up with the abuse and embarrassing questions, because you’re simply worth it to him.

-Early evening Thursday dates at amusement parks, puppy parks, and ice skating. The feel of the wind blowing through your hair at impossibly high velocities, the rustling of fur against your fingertips, and the wonderful uncertainly of staying planted on your two feet.

-Being able to see the earnest smile come over his face every time that you call him ‘oppa’. It wouldn’t matter if you were older or younger than him, it would fill up his heart with a bold, happy-go-lucky, green colored happiness to be able to earn the word for somebody he regards as perfect: namely, you. The idea of taking care of somebody is foreign to him since he is the maknae of BTS, but it means the world to him that you’re willing to trust him enough so he can try his hardest to make you happy and feel as if you could depend on him for anything. Jungkook would want to give you the world, it might just take him a little time to learn how to.

-You constantly loosing little pieces of jewelry that aren’t terribly important to you, but just important enough for you to notice they are gone. However, next time you see him, you notice one of your silver chains poking out from his the collar of his oversized shirt or that he’s wearing one of your crystal ear studs.

-Being in the living room of BTS’ empty dorm, your body pressed up hotly against Jungkook’s. He’d pin you down slightly to the couch, his big hands clumsily tracing over the fine curves of your body, and him placing one of your legs to hang around the highest part of his hip. He’d hesitantly move his hands up your top to the bare skin of your sides, teasingly tracing up your jawline with his tongue, and allowing his breath to fall against your sensitive neck. He’d groan lightly at the anticipation and the pressure felt in his pants, tugging slightly on the elastic of your underwear down towards your feet as if to ask for permission, and his ears keenly perked up and listening to see if any of his hyungs are coming home.

-The rest of BTS would look in on your relationship with Jungkook, impressed by you because of the fact that you make him really want to mature more and grow as a person. They would see Jungkook each day trying a little bit harder to be able to somehow provide you with something you need or something that you want. They’d be amazed, seeing how he’s slowly drifting away from his teenage like attitude to becoming more and more selfless. You’d be the person that he’d really strive to impress and take care of, which makes him less of a boy and more of a man.

-Being able to have a full conversation with Jungkook from across the room, without ever really needing to say a word. Jungkook would be so in tuned to what each expression on your face meant and what his meant, it would be very easy to pull this off with him.

-Having to kind of keep him in check. You’d be getting ready for a beach date with him: you’re in your cutest swim suit, you’ve got a bag packed with essentials like sunscreen and snacks, and you’ve got towels you’ve got draped in your arms. As Jungkook comes to you, he’d be wearing his board shorts, huge sunglasses, and neon fins. Smoothly, he’d lift his sunglasses to reveal to you too tight goggles that are making his eyes bug out slightly. You’d giggle at his cuteness, but then remind him that he still needs a shirt and regular shoes, too. The expression that would come on his face implies that it hadn’t even crossed his mind.

-While the two of you are long distance away from each other, Jungkook constantly have Skype running. While he and the boys are eating, he’d have a video chat running on his phone or computer set up so it’s like you’re eating with them too. While everybody is changing, he’d cover the camera of his phone and joke that “He has to cover your eyes so you’ll only look at him.” He’d want it to feel as much like as you’re there with them as he possibly could and probably annoy his hyungs as he’s always asking for WiFi passwords, wanting you to be able to join in on the fun as much as possible with the distance. During the times that you couldn’t video chat with him, he’d take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures. However, they wouldn’t be of himself but of all of the boys, moments they are sharing, and back ground scenery so you wouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. He’d want to give you the experience as much as he possibly could.

-Being at his dorm and searching for something in a hurry so the two of you can run off to a date, looking under his pillow to find one of your shirts folded neatly under it. As you bring it to him and ask him about it and his face would flush slightly. With a sheepish grin, he’d explain that he likes to hold it close to his face when the two of you have to sleep apart since it smells like you. In response, you’d admit that you’ve stolen one of his oversized white shirts to sleep in when the two of you have to sleep apart.

-Cotton candy flavored, riding bicycles together through a lane of tall weeping willow trees towards a glowing pink sunset type of happiness.

Monsta X as Disney Characters

“Anon Asked:  Can I request Monsta X & the kind of Disney characteres they would be ? 😍 BTW your blog is my favorite!!!

AHHH I love both MX & Disney ! And aw thank you! You are too kind love! <3

Shownu: Since he is the romantic hunk, I see him Similar to Hercules. Both are not afraid to stand for what is right to them, they put everything on the line for those that they love, although they may seem tough and rock solid on the outside they are both soft and sweet on the inside.

“A true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” 

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Wonho: Just like Aladdin Wonho is a smooth talker and a bit of a charmer, but in truth he is a big goofball, especially when it comes to being around the person he likes the most. They love to have adventures and see new things, and meeting new people. Though they appear to be cool,calm, and reserved on the outside, they are really sweet and innocent at heart.

“Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.” 

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Kihyun: Just like Peter Pan, Kihyun and him are both children at heart. No matter what the circumstances they always seem to keep a bold and brave, yet cheerful and positive front at all times. Though sometimes their characters seem carefree at some points,in all honestly they care deeply for those that matter most to them.

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”

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Hyungwon: Just like Prince Naveen from the Princess & The Frog and my favorite Disney movie  both Hyungwon and Naveen are the definition of ladies man, they can charm their way into anything and are sometimes no afraid to break a few hearts to find the right one, but once found the right person they will devote everything they have to them. Though they may act young, wild, and free at times they never loose sight of the things and people that matter most to them.

Just one kiss? Yes, unless you beg for more. “

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Minhyuk: Just like The Brave Little Toaster, both him and Minhyuk are a mix of sweet and sour ! Towards their loved ones they are lovable and sweet, but if you mess with the ones they love and/or them they will pack a punch! Through it all they are kindhearted, and pure with nothing but the best intentions for everyone, never letting their hopes and dreams falter.

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Jooheon: Just like T.J Detweiler from Recess,him and Jooheon are portrayed as leader figures, always coming up with new solutions,even when things seem to be boring. Though they seem to be hotheaded at times, in all honestly they are kind, and not always stand their ground in what they believe in. With them their friends are what is most important. They will always have their backs no matter what the situation.

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I.M: Just like Max from The Goofy Movie series, he is somewhat seen as odd and silly, but in reality they are the sweetest people ever, they give until it hurts, and usually are the ones getting in trouble for things done to make others happy or “STand Out” lol , Although they may seem like they are clumsy and awkward, they are the kind of characters that everyone wants to be around because they are the life of the party.

“Yo Stacy!!! Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, BA-BY!!” I know this isn’t really related,but this s my favorite quote from The Goofy Movie & I couldn’t find a better quote,sorry !

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This was so fun because I am a Disney Fanatic !

Hope you enjoyed it ! :-)

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I was having a bad day and somehow found myself watching Carol again. This happened. To be honest, I have no idea how. I am surprised, overwhelmed even, by the amount of dialogue. Oh well, it’s not like it’s a choice. I find that some pieces just demand to be written…

I need help.

Oh, if only she had known just how these three little words, seemingly innocent, would later escalate into rather sublime, delicious, proportions. Perhaps then she would have stopped worrying about those other three words, slightly more majestic in meaning, which she had been keeping under her tongue since that first kiss, burnt on her lips by the rim of the glass with which she had led the absurd toast.

“You rang?” Serena whispered in Bernie’s ear, causing her to jump slightly as she had been distracted studying a window display.

“Should I add bells to the list?” Bernie asked as she turned, unable to stop herself from smiling.

“Perhaps a Grinch onesie would be of better use.” Serena charmingly offered, giving a little bow as Bernie shook her head and chuckled.

“So, do share. How can I be of assistance?” Serena started, gesturing towards the window display that had held Bernie’s attention captive. “Your message sounded rather…” She stopped mid-sentence, raising an eyebrow at the contents displayed. “Ominous.”

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Naruto Ending Headcanon: Sasuke's feelings

I’m writing this because I’m very frustrated and I’ve been suffering a lot about Sasuke lately. I don’t want to speak about all the things that went wrong in chapter 699 and 700 of the manga, because it would take me hours and at least 7 different posts - I want to address one issue only today, and that’s Sasuke’s feelings towards Naruto. 

We basically learn about them only in chapter 698 (best chapter in Naruto’s history after Sasuke leaving Naruto after the first fight at the Valley of The End, to be honest), and sure, everything is touching and all, but Sasuke never expresses them out loud. Everything we know about him watching and admiring Naruto since they were kids and hurting when he hurts, too, all that monologue, was only happening in his head. He never said anything to Naruto. 

Now, I know they can share experiences and feelings while fighting so they probably know on some extent how strongly they feel about each other, but Sasuke still needed to ask Naruto. When Naruto went “because you’re my friend” Sasuke was not happy about his answer, he wanted to know more, because, seriously, it didn’t make sense. ‘Friend’ is not strong enough for a person to go that far. Sasuke had always known and despite knowing how strongly Naruto felt about him, he still asked what it meant, and Naruto had to explain to him, with words and voice and eyes. And we realize that Sasuke has a sudden revelation: he discovers that Naruto feels the same as him. But he never tells. He never opens his mouth to say “It’s the same for me” or “Me too”. We know, because we got to read his point of view, but Naruto never heard any of that. 

After that, we know that Sasuke starts travelling. We don’t know where, or with who - nor for how long. We know that at some point he comes back and the last part of chapter 699 is narrated by him, seemingly during his travelling. It’s yet another monologue. A monologue that, to be honest, sounds extremely like something a person who is seeing the love of his life marrying someone else would say.

We were alone and starved of love. Kids that lived in a world full of hate. And from that point on, we went our separate ways and… fought. But time has passed and I’m thinking… Could it be that… Just like the hope and pain from my father, mother and my brother Itachi flowed into me… I’d understand your pain and hopes too, Naruto? You never abandoned me, no matter what. You never gave up on me, coming closer when I pulled awayIt wouldn’t have surprised me, if you had hated me, but you didn’t… you kept insisting that we were friends. And even that, I nearly destroyed. You fought to stop me, to the point of losing an arm. All because you were my friend. You saved me. The us that fought and quarreled over the smallest things, are now able to share the pain in each other’s hearts. On my journey around the world I’ve noticed that we aren’t the only ones feeling like this (translation for this part differ). But there aren’t a lot of people like you. And things won’t always go as planned - look at us. It’s especially true when it comes to important matters. I think it’s the same as prying. And until I can do it I’ll stay strong. The beings that have been entrusted with hope: that’s us. That’s what makes us ninja. 

I’ve bolded what I feel shows all his longing and underlined what shows he thinks he doesn’t deserve Naruto - or the part of him that thinks Naruto deserves to be happy and 'normal’. Not with a person as fucked up as him. That’s honestly what I get from all this. 

Starting from chapter 698 I’ve started thinking that, contrary to Naruto, Sasuke was very aware about what they felt about each other. That it was more than being 'friends’. That’s why he asked Naruto to explain. But Sasuke didn’t want to have Naruto egoistically, he never did. When he understood that Naruto felt the same, it was enough. Because, let’s be honest, he had too many issues at that point, mentally speaking. Sasuke was not okay, and yes, he needed time to sort himself and his feelings out and to understand what to do with his life (considering that Naruto told him to go on living). 

His last monologue, though, sounds almost bitter, or very very sad. Like… he realized he let Naruto go. Or he wants to. For Naruto’s sake. Because he hurt Naruto in all possible ways and Naruto lost an arm because of him, etc. It seems like he’s saying “I know he deserves more, he deserves to be happy, and I can’t make him happy because I’m not okay, I won’t ever be”. He says that, as long as he can, he’ll stay strong - because Naruto wouldn’t be able to live with himself if Sasuke wasn’t happy (or seemed happy). 

So that’s where Hinata and Sakura fit. 

Hinata is the 'normal’ and 'healthy’ love Sasuke thinks Naruto should seek. Because Naruto won’t hurt with Hinata. And Sakura is someone who Sasuke can fake normality with, for Naruto to be able to stop thinking so obsessively about him and his well being.

At the end of the day, Sasuke, to me, is still hurting. Deeply. He’s still unsatisfied and incomplete. But he has a goal. And that’s to make his last and most important person happy during his lifetime. He has no right to be selfish anymore, it’s not about him, it’s about what’s best for Naruto. Naruto deserves better than someone who can’t give him a family, who has no home, with a name that only brings misfortune, without an arm, and that could kill him after a nightmare in the middle of the night. He deserves better. The best. And to Sasuke, what’s best for Naruto isn’t him.

Inspirational & motivational quotes for sisters ♥ part 2!

New members, big/littles and active sisters need encouragement and motivation through thoughtful notes, crafts and gifts. These are some more inspiring quotes you can use to brighten the lives of your sisters. Combine these sayings with your sorority symbols, name, or motto for an extra special greek creation! 

💖   More Encouraging Quotes for Sorority Sisters: 💖

  • Become all that you have the possibility of becoming.
  • Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.
  • In my sister, I find a second self.
  • Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.
  • {XYZs} make things happen - then make history.
  • Be led by your dreams.
  • The power of love and caring can change the world.
  • Being happy never goes out of style. 
  • Sisterhood brings your dreams closer.
  • Become all you have the possibility of becoming.
  • Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Choose {XYZ} sorority.
  • Be bold. Be {XYZ}.
  • It’s the sisters you can call up at 4:00 a.m. that really matter. 
  • A sister hears the song in my heart and sings it with me.
  • Live to the point of tears.
  • Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.
  • We are the dreamers of dreams.
  • Sisterhood is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
  • The doors you open each day decides the life you live.
  • To love and to be loved by sisters is the greatest happiness.
  • Sometimes the smallest decision can change your life forever.
  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.
  • In my sister, I find a second self.
  • The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
  • Be better than you ever thought you could be.
  • Live the life of your dreams.
  • A loyal sister is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
  • Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it, you will land among the stars.
  • If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
  • You’ve got a friend. 
  • For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather.
  • All our dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.
  • You have your own time machines. Some take you back, they’re called memories. Some take you forward, they’re called dreams.
  • Sisters leave footprints on your heart.
  • The world belongs to the enthusiastic.
  • I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.
  • A sister is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway.
  • Keep your faith in beautiful things.
  • Sisterhood is the compass that guides us.
  • The best kind of sister is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with and drink sweet tea. 
  • Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my sister.
  • Faithful friends are hard to find. I found one in you.
  • A  sister is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
  • Faithful sisters face in the same direction.

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LINK here for more inspirational sisterhood quotes ~ 

• Inspirational & Motivational Quotes for Sisters Part 1

Inspirational & Encouraging Sisterhood Sayings Part 3

💕 How to make others feel comfortable around you during recruitment! 💕

One of the most important aspects of recruitment is making the sorority sisters or PNMs feel comfortable around you during your rush conversations. Being at ease, communicating naturally and making the other person feel relaxed in your presence, is vital to recruitment success. Both actives and PNM can benefit from these tips for making others feel welcomed and charmed by your personality. 

💕   TOP 13 Tips for Making Sisters or PNMs Comfortable Around You: 💕  

  • Be yourself and act natural. No one likes a fake. If you act like something you’re not, girls can tell right away. It will come off as weird. Don’t make others uncomfortable with an “act” during recruitment. Being fake will also lead to an awful mis-match of sorority chapter and new member.
  • Sincerely praise others. When speaking with a PNM, or sorority sister, take notice of at least one special thing that you can comment on. Genuine praise immediately makes the other girl happy and warmed up to you. Just avoid insincere flattery that’s obviously “put on” for show. Stick to real compliments. 
  • Don’t make fun of anyone, not even in jest. You may have a wicked sense of humor and your clever put-downs are hilarious - but NOT during recruitment. Save your sharp wit for after bid day. Sassy observations of PNMs, or other chapters, is not appropriate conversation material for rush week. It can really hurt your image if the other person doesn’t get your dry humor. New acquaintances don’t know you well enough to tell that you’re “just kidding." 
  • Be humble. It IS okay to make some jests about yourself. Tell a few stories about funny things that have happened to you over the years. Everyone likes a girl who can laugh at herself. Be relatable by sharing examples of humorous events that made you look a bit silly. It will show you’re human.
  • Confidence puts others at ease. Being self assured immediately relaxes your conversation partner. The other girl doesn’t have to worry about struggling during the entire encounter. Carry your own weight in every conversation. Be gregarious and poised. People are attracted to a girl who has it all together. 
  • Think about what you’re going to say before you say it. Recruitment is not the time to run your mouth. Don’t blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t ramble on and on. Choose your words carefully, but keep it natural. Recruitment is about interview style conversations, not a session with your therapist. 
  • Don’t correct other’s mistakes. No one likes to feel as if they’re speaking to the Headmistress. If a PNM or sister has made an error, please don’t point it out. There’s no need to scold or reprimand the girl you’re speaking with for any reason. It’s not your job to be the recruitment police. Nothing will make a person turn off faster than being called out on something they accidentally said incorrectly. Never embarrass your conversation partner.  
  • Be inclusive. No matter who you’re talking to, recruitment is not the time for ‘inside jokes’ or ‘insider’s only’ conversations. Even if you know a PNM or sister from High School, try to not get lost in private stories during rounds. Especially if there are other sisters and/or PNMs near by. Don’t be exclusive and leave others out of your conversation if you’re in a group situation. 
  • Be open ~ Be bold. Being yourself makes others more comfortable around you. Let your natural charisma shine and sisters/PNMs will respond positively. During rounds, open your heart, project your personality and you will naturally draw others to your bright flame. 
  • Have good hygiene. Fresh breath, flossed teeth, dry armpits, shaved legs, dry palms, manicured nails, natural make-up, clean feet and natural scent are SO important for making your conversation partners comfortable. Garish cosmetics, overpowering perfume, body order, bad breath and messy hair are all terrible distractions. You will not be evaluated properly if the sister/PNM is so focused on the food stuck in your teeth, she can’t concentrate on what you’re saying. Don’t let poor grooming sink your wonderful personality. Let the focus be on how fabulous you are on the inside.
  • Seem interested. Even if you’re in the most boring sorority house, or speaking with the blandest PNM, you must act interested and actually be interested. All you have to do is ask questions, listen to the answers, follow up with more inquiries and you will be successful. Take interest in any house and any PNM. Everyone has a unique story to tell. The best way to not appear cold, distant, or blah is to express fascination what the other person has to say. 
  • Have welcoming body language. Display warm body language and put others at ease. Keep your arms uncrossed, nod while talking and listening, smile a lot and make direct eye contact. Don’t let your gaze wonder around the room when the other girl is speaking. No crossed arms or unpleasant facial expressions. Know the limits of "personal space” and don’t invade the other girl’s personal bubble beyond the socially accepted norm.
  • Be nice. Just be super nice to everyone around you. You will make recruitment counselors, PNMs, sorority members and everyone else happy by being an easy-to-get-along-with kind of person. Make being really nice your recruitment “calling card.” You can’t go wrong with NICE. 

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