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wait what did t*yler swift do to kanye?

It’s a 7 year long drama but basically Kanye dropped a song called Famous and in it there was a lyric that was like “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous” - and everyone was like “Yo Kanye, what the fuck man?” - but then Kanye tweeted and was like “By the way, I played Taylor that song, asked her if it was okay, told her if she had issue with it I wouldn’t do it, but she Ok’d it” (I can’t give sources because Kanye had like, a mental breakdown and deleted his social media).

Then Taylor steps up and denies these claims, saying she would never okay something like that, shows up to the Grammy’s and is like “On the way to success there’s going to be people that undercut you”, basically just drags Kanye and makes out like he’s totally lying about the whole thing, and that she’s been lied about and is the victim still. Taylor’s little group of over paid under talented friends step in and give their opinion on it, naturally supporting Taylor. Kanye doesn’t say anything else to defend himself, not much point doing anything else when Taylor’s got her whole squad dragging him.

Then Kim Kardashian West, who up until this point had kept out of it, is like “At this point, I don’t give a fuck, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my man” and so she drops the recording of the phonecall between Kanye and Taylor, where he quite clearly plays her the song, then asks her repeatedly if she’s okay with it, and says he wouldnt do it if she wasn’t, and she quite clearly said she was fine with it and that it was a joke and it was whatever. And so Taylor is exposed as a god damn liar, who literally does not give a fuck what she has to do to make herself look better. And that’s where the snake thing came from bc after that people spammed her insta and twitter with the snake emoji bc people were over her gross ass.

Like don’t get me wrong, Kanye has done many a shitty thing, but Taylor literally manipulated him and the situation so people would feel sorry for her. She preaches about “strong women” and yet she constantly tries to make herself look the victim so she gets the world’s sympathy. To conclude: she’s the fakest woman in showbusiness, potentially the fakest person regardless of gender, and I’m Over Her.


those cheeky shits


My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

You should also definitely click to have better quality.

y’all: i’m not gonna watch the trc show if [x] and [y] and [z]

me, with my popcorn already popped: ……………………………

Reminder that tumblr is not ‘anti recovery’ so much as full of really fucking bitter nd people for whom recovery has been either extremely difficult or flat out impossible.

The whole ‘suffered for a few years, gained access to therapy and meds, and then got better within months’ recovery story is not everyone’s story. It’s great, and I’m sure we’re all happy for the people whose recovery was that straightforward, but it’s not everyone’s story.

Some of us have fought tooth and nail pretty much our entire lives.

Some of us have had access to therapy and meds since pretty much the beginning, it just didn’t help.

Some of us have lived a life full of brief semi-recoveries followed by hard relapses.

Some of us have tried all of these recovery ideas multiple times and failed to improve (because surprise, they don’t work for everyone!).

Some of us have had to listen to the ‘eat a better diet’ ‘fix your sleep schedule’ and ‘exercise/do yoga’ shit from condescending nts (including therapists) who just can’t understand why their amazing advice isn’t working for us over and over and over again for years on end.

Because it works for most people? Why isn’t it working for you? You must not be trying hard enough… You just have to push yourself more! Do you even want to get better?


so, here’s the video I said i’d make to show a speedpaint of my main two styles for digital drawing!

boys and glowing alien bubble tea (ft lineart with keith and ‘lineless’ with lance)

hey um… just to let y'all know… being proud of your mental illness is not the same as romanticizing mental illnesses… someone accepting their mental illness and being proud of being able to live with that mental illness is not dangerous…just thought y'all should know

It’s funny how “believing someone is not really gay if they have ever slept with the opposite gender” is an idea that

  1. is perpetuated by people across all sexual orientations
  2. specifically targets & hurts gay people

but we’re the ones who have it thrown in our faces all the time by non-gays to show how Elitist and Toxic we are

Watching the Jack and Davey moment at the end of the first day of selling in Newsies when Jack takes the pape, makes up the headline, then immediately gives Davey the money just made me realise. He’s been doing that all day. He negotiated a split of the money that was in his favour, then he gave all the money as he earned it to this stranger who is certainly better off than he is.

Which means that from the moment he met Davey he trusted that he was good enough to trust with all their money and would give him back his share at the end of the day

How I react to compliments
  • INTJ: Your voice is so good. And by that I mean it's soothing. I like to listen to you talk. You bring me peace and light with your ideas in that whispery but solid, mellow but grounded, voice of yours.
  • INFP:
  • INTJ: When we're on the phone, it's like it's melting in my ears and pours down to my heart, wrapping it in warmth.
  • INFP:
  • INTJ: And you have great diction, you're so articulate, I could hear you talk all day.
  • INFP:

People respond so much better when you’re kind and informative. I commented on two videos today of bettas in bowls about the size and their need for a filter and heater. I complimented their fish and explained that bettas are tropical and need warm water. No accusing. Just informing. Each responded saying thank you and informed me they plan to improve the setups and would look into heaters. It’s that easy. Be nice.