being banished

Weird Things in D2

-what’s funnier: Gil being banished to the stoop to think about what he’s done, or the fact that one look from Harry and he knew were to go. Implying he’s fucked up so much he had an assigned time out corner.

-Harry really wanted to shove his hook into Ben. Violently. He’s either killed before or he’s desperate to massacre someone. Blood thirsty stripper pirate.

- It’s a docked ship…that’s not threatening. I wonder if the parents are staring at the rap battle like “kids today and their Hamilton tributes”.

- How did Mal not see that Moped 10 FEET AWAY FROM HER?? How did Ben get it in there without her noticing? Were people just passing like “wow that’s some weird shit to be near the lockers”.

- Where’s the royal party planner? Why is it being left to a 16 year old attending school? Isn’t that like a job?

- How did Mal’s hair come out that straight and light. We saw her in rollers with dark purple hair. WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THE ROLLERS?


- Carlos barely does anything in this movie…he literally provides the idea for the 3D printer…and “girl talk”…that’s it. He disappears from the pirate fight.

-Saw Evie and Mal’s bed in that hideout…where was Jay and Carlos’s? When was that place built? WHERE DID THEY GET BEDS? Carlos sleeps in a closet and Jay sleeps on a rug in the books. What is that place?? It’s never explained!!

- Why did Captain James Hook give Harry his hook? How did that conversation go down?

- glad no one was alerted to their presents during “Chillin like a villain”

- Are all the fish served at Ursula’s evil? Nothing gets in or out of the barrier, so those fish are evil.

- No one was concerned that Chad was wearing a full on King’s outfit? Guess no Game of Thrones there.

- How did Chad get into Jay and Carlos’s room the first time if he needed the 3D printer to pro t the key? Where did he get the schematics for the key?

- No one on that island saw the bridge? No one ran for the opportunity?

- There was DJ and lightning equipment on the yacht at the end. All those people were electrocuted.

-There were 2 different DJs.

- During What’s My Name, the pirates place Uma at the head of the table and file in on the sides while Harry shakes his ass and hips on the table…the was a damn strip joint. The speed in which they did that implies that this is not the first time Harry has used body language on a table.

ok i’m all for white candles being cleansing and black candles being used for banishment, but can we move away from always touting white as “purity” and black as “evil” because you can see what’s wrong with that, right. r i ght.

How to Meet Local Spirits

(Revamp of my answer to this ask [x])

Local spirits are the spirits that are constantly around us, in the forests, on the beaches, in schools, in homes, etc. They can be ghosts, mythological creatures, entities never mentioned in lore before and more. Their personalities and friendliness towards humans can vary quite a bit, especially depending on where you live. Think of them as your spirit neighbors. Some might remain as such for the entire time that you know them, others might become your companions or maybe even your rivals! The important thing is that you respectfully interact with them and be aware of their boundaries.

There’s two main ways that I’ve found to make contact with local spirits: call them to you or go outside and meet them in the places they live. Calling them to you is actually kind of a similar concept to conjuring except that you are only calling to the spirits that live in your area and that there’s no guarantee that they’ll show up. Going out is like a scientist going on a field study for an organism that they’re interested in: might find them, might not, and if it’s spirits we’re talking about then might find but they don’t want to be interacted with.

That’s the biggest thing to remember when working with local spirits, that not all spirits are interested in interacting with humans. In fact, many spirits couldn’t care less about humans or even actively have ways to prevent humans from meeting them. You should respect spirits that don’t want to be worked with. If you really want to work with a particular group then you could try negotiating with them or slowly building up a relationship with them in order to see if they will eventually be willing. Just don’t force any spirit to interact or speak with you, that will end badly for you every time.


Spirit work isn’t always the safest thing and there’s many ways that you can be harmed. The most important thing to have is a protective circle. It will protect you from many things and can actually be very versatile. Obviously this is hard to make when going out and meeting spirits so we’ll separate the safety procedures for each technique.

Going Out to Meet the Spirits

When going out not only is it harder to bring and set up materials, you’re also in public a lot of the time which limits what you can do. That is why personal warding is important. Personal warding can take the form of energy shields, protective amulets, etc. These are things that should be prepared before going out with the intent of meeting spirits so that they are ready in case you do get attacked.

Calling the Spirits

Calling the spirits comes with the risk of inviting unknown entities into your home. That is why it is important to have wards and a protective circle. The circle will protect you if they try to attack you during the meeting while the wards will prevent them from getting back in after being banished. Generic wards are basic spirit work stuff so I’m not going to go into them here.

A circle, however, can be made in many different ways. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it has protective elements that you feel are helpful to you, not what some list on the internet says. You could take from traditional circles and use them as a template for creating your own or you can completely make a new style of circle. The possibilities are endless! Some things you might want to include are protective stones, the names of deities you work with, protective words or sigils, candles, etc. Any physical item you use should have a designated spot for it. Your orientation of the elements of the circle is also important, or well it can be if you ascribe that importance! Perhaps you use the four elements to protect you in your circle and you associate them with a particular direction for example.

When you decide on what the circle should look like, practice making and using it! You can draw it out on an old sheet so that you don’t have to keep remaking it, you can set out physical items in the shape of a circle or you can create it with energy if you’re good at that. However you make it, it’s important to get used to being in it and the energy that goes into “activating” it. Activating it usually involves calling upon whatever makes up the circle to protect you. Sticking with the element example, you’d activate is by calling for Fire, Water, Earth, and Air to protect you. Once you are done with the circle, you must close it. This usually means allowing whatever you called upon to depart but in the reverse order from before. Try it out, play around with it, find or create whatever procedure that is comfortable to you.   

When speaking with spirits, do not let them in no matter how much they try to persuade you. Also, do not leave the circle until you are sure that they are gone. That’s why you should keep any banishing tools and the like on hand so you don’t have to run and fetch them. If you don’t follow both of those rules then what’s the point of making the circle?

[There’s many different ways to use a circle, this is just a generic explanation of it].

Calling the Spirits to You

This process includes creating a call of energy and sending it out into the “energy network” of your local area. Spirits in the area can hear this call and choose whether or not to answer it and show up.

Tools needed: An offering for the spirit that you are calling, any banishing tools, any physical items that make up your circle, a wand if you need/use one, and any communication tools if you need them.

Making the Call: Cast your circle, set your offering outside of it and get into a clear state of mind where you can access your energy. Say the call, either out loud or in your head, doesn’t matter. It can be anything but basically along the lines of “I call to any [spirit name] that would be interested in speaking with me for [an interview]. In return, I have an offering of [the offering]”. You can call them for any reason but like I’ve mentioned before, they’re not obligated to come. As you say the call, form the energy of your words into a ball of energy in front of you. This is where you can use your wand to help channel the energy easier. Visualization also helps here. Once it is formed and stable, send it out in all directions into the environment. I usually just shoot a quick burst of energy at it to give it the momentum to move fast but you can flick your wrist/wand or do whatever it is you normally do to send energy out.  

Even after you finish saying the call, you can feed more energy into the energy ball if you want the call to be “louder” and travel farther. This can be dangerous though because since the call is made from your energy, it is connected to you and that’s how the spirits who answer your call can find you. When the call reaches the limits of its strength it disappears and all links to you are gone. However, the stronger you make it, the longer it is out in the environment and the more likely unexpected spirits can trace you. So basically, don’t make the call too powerful.     

Meeting the Spirit: If the call isn’t made too strong (aka the amount of energy that the sample call above makes) then at most, it should take 10 minutes for the call’s energy to die out (usually not actually that long but it’s good to be safe). After you finish speaking with the spirit, thank them for coming and allow them to leave. Make sure that they are actually gone before closing your circle. If a spirit doesn’t appear within that time you can either resend the call or close your circle and try again later.  

Notes: Creating the call doesn’t guarantee that a spirit will show up. It also doesn’t mean that the spirit who shows up is the spirit that you called to. I mean in the four years that I’ve been using this technique, I’ve never had the “wrong” spirit show up but I find it very hard to believe that it’s not possible. Both of these are reasons why it’s important to have the basic techniques for being able to sense a spirit’s presence and determine their identity.

Going Out and Meeting Spirits

This process is much more straightforward. You essentially go out to places in your area like beaches, parks, schools, etc., see if you can sense any spirits, and then see if any are interested in talking with you.

Tools needed: Any protective amulets or items that you have and an offering for any spirits you may come across

I don’t have much explanation for this because it ain’t much more complex than that. If you don’t know who you’re going to meet, generic offerings to bring include water, alcohol, bread, rice, tobacco, etc. If you know of an offering that the spirits where you’re headed would prefer then bring that. No matter what you bring do not leave anything that will pollute the environment. Any food offerings you bring should be in a container and then properly disposed of, not thrown on the ground for example.    

Set out the offering and ask if anyone wants it. You can also respectfully approach anyone you see and ask if they would want it. If they decline your offer, then don’t press them. Just give them a “okay, sorry for bothering you” and leave. Be respectful when interacting with them, you are on their territory after all.

Also be smart about who you approach. If someone’s energy makes you feel uncomfortable or they’re a species or have an affiliation with a group that is known to be hostile, then be aware that you may need to defend yourself if you choose to approach them and things go sour. Of course not all bad-feeling spirits are actually bad, not all good-feeling spirits are actually good, and first impressions can be misleading. Just trust your intuition and be prepared for the worst in case it happens.  

What to Do if You Are in Danger

It’ll happen. Not all spirits are friendly and many might look at you as prey or something to mess with. The most important thing to do is stay calm. When a spirit attacks, it can be very scary so I know that keeping a clear head isn’t always the easiest of things in that situation. That is why you should develop a clear plan for dealing with attacks beforehand and have all the tools that you need already prepared. If it’ll help, write down a basic procedure for banishing and keep it in your pocket or somewhere else that spirits won’t be able to easily see. That way even if you’re freaking out, you’ll have a lifeline telling you what to do.

Calling the Spirits

If a spirit attacks, tries to force their way into your circle, or suddenly acts hostile, banish immediately. It’s best not to take any chances. Once they are banished, cleanse the area and reinforce your wards. Sometimes spirits may do something that might make you uncomfortable but you don’t feel as though it’s bad enough to warrant forcing them out. You can simply ask them to leave or let them know that the behavior will not be tolerated. If they ignore your request, banish them. It’s possible that a spirit isn’t aware that they might be making you uncomfortable and so talking it out first before immediately jumping to banishing (if they’re not actively attacking you) could be beneficial for both of you. Just remember to be firm in your boundaries and don’t let the spirit persuade you into letting them go.  

Reasons not to banish a spirit:

If they look “scary”. Their appearance doesn’t always reflect their personality. For some, that’s just the way that they were born.

If they’re a “demon”. Demon is a very useless, broad term that describes a myriad of entities all of which have different personalities and moralities. “Demon” is not the equivalent of “evil”.

Going out and Meeting the Spirits

The difference here is that you can’t really banish spirits when you visit them at their homes. That’d be like going over to a friend’s house and trying to kick them out. If a spirit attacks you while you’re away from your protected space, the best you can do is get out of there. If you came prepared with proper protection then it should be able to buy you enough time to escape. Depending on the situation, the attacking spirit may or may not be interested in chasing you. So, sometimes “escaping” can be simply removing yourself from the area immediately as the spirit is just acting aggressive so that you’ll back off. But other times, you may need to do a little more than that. If you suspect that you got followed home, perform a banishing of your property and cleanse yourself and the area. Then reinforce your wards.

The one thing that I have to say is that you need to be cognizant of why that spirit is attacking you. More specifically, you need to be aware of when your actions provoke a spirit to attack. Did you infringe upon their territory? Did you bother them after they told you that they didn’t want to interact? You are out in their realm, just as a spirit that you invite into your house should respect you, you should respect spirits when you meet them at their homes.     

Which Process Should You Use?

It depends on what “level” of spirit work you’re at and what you want to accomplish. Calling a spirit to you is definitely requires an intermediate skill level in energy and spirit work whereas going out and meeting them only requires that you be able to sense and communicate with spirits. However, when you call a spirit to you, they’re more likely to be willing to talk since that’s what they came for according to your call. You’re also more protected since you’re able to have your circle and tools right at hand. Spirits that you simply meet outside aren’t always going to want to speak and it’s a bit harder to protect against them. So which process should you use? Both.

Not all spirits are interested in answering a call but they may be willing to talk with you come across them when outside. Sometimes, you need a long conversation with a spirit which is where calling them will be more useful. Calling them might even seem more convenient but I think that it’s important that you learn about the spirits around you by going out and meeting them before calling them to you. It not only helps you get a better idea of the community but it also lets spirits get a better idea of who you are.

fun filler idea: instead of being banished to the barn, lapis and peridot move into the temple, but this means that they need their own rooms. the main four gems hit the reset switch or whatever to start recalibrating the temple to have rooms for peridot and lapis.

except… the gang get stuck inside the temple as it’s recalibrating. cue a wacky, reality-distorting adventure within the temple! potential highlights:

  • “wow this area is really cold and pretty, where are we?” “oh, this is sapphire’s room!” “um, does that mean it’s going to fuse with ruby’s room to make garnet’s? do we want to be in here when that happens?” “…RUN”
  • amethyst’s stuff goes everywhere. it all ends up back in her room eventually, but there’s a running gag of them just landing in junk, having random things fall on their heads, etc. maybe some fun visual puns in the mix too.
  • amethyst, steven and peridot start actively trying to summon random items with increasingly terrible puns. for some reason garnet is the only person who can get it to work. pearl and lapis are facepalming.
  • this gets less funny when pearl’s swords and the bubbled gems go EVERYWHERE. 
  • “who put a bag of chaaaps in a bubble?” “long story.”
  • eventually they end up in rose’s room and are like “maybe we can just hang out in here while this all blows over?” “wow, i can’t believe we’re at the point where this is the room we actually want to be in…”
  • of course this doesn’t work because they get like halfway through some video game steven’s conjured up or something and one of pearl’s waterfalls opens right on their heads
  • eventually things get settled and they’re in peridot’s room and it’s this high-tech control centre kind of place and peridot absolutely LOVES it. there’s a bunch of spinny office chairs in there and the gang just. leave her there while she spins around on them. “shhhh, she’s having fun, let’s just leave her to it.”
  • lapis’s room is kind of like the view from the top of the ocean tower? it’s got a huge projection of the night sky on the roof, and is this gorgeously decorated room with loads of floating platforms. lapis thinks it’s gorgeous. there isn’t a lot of water but there is a bit in case lapis might find it useful (it’s basically a waterslide down to pearl and amethyst’s rooms).

show me the stars {a shallura fic}

“i’m going to write some fluffy prompts” i said, and then i got sucked into an angst black hole, but then @millennium-queen drew {this amazing adorable shallura pic} and suddenly i was all about that fluff once more! so this is a sorta 1000-followers-special-thing with just fluff and cuteness. also for @braincoins, who wanted Shiro giving Allura flowers and Allura not understanding what it meant. enjoy and thanks for following!

“Shiro, come on, I want to show you something.”

“Just a second.”

He was so engrossed in the screens in front of him that he barely registered her request - until her hands closed around his arm and she physically dragged him away from the workstation.

“Come on - you can work later,” she insisted.

He fought the blush that rose in his cheeks, and failed miserably, because she still had both hands on his arm and she smiled up at him with a playful glint in her eyes and it took all his concentration just to remember how to breathe. What was he working on again? Probably nothing important. Not important enough to say no to Allura, anyway.

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Banished Princes Paralllel

You can’t just do that to a witch.
—  Getting out of my car at work in the dark I hear a woman’s voice say “Hello?” like she wants my attention…I jerk my head around looking for the source. I can’t find it. I see no one. I feel someone though. In my head I’m like, ‘Don’t they know you can’t do that shit to a witch?” Witches NEED a follow up statement, dang it! Gaaww! 
Dating Murphy would include...

Originally posted by immortalmurphy


-Sitting across from him on the drop ship

-”What landed you in here cutie”

- him winking as the drop ship is falling through space

-stopping him from fighting wells

-not going with the group to get water

-”not thirsty cutie?”

-Murphy intensely staring at you from across the bonfire.

-borrowing his knife to cut some fruit from trees.

-”Taking my belongings already? We haven’t even had a date yet”

-Murphy being blamed for wells death

-”He didn’t do it! He’s been in camp the whole time how would he have time?”

-Trying to stop people while they’re pushing him down.

-Being pushed to the side as he’s being tied.

-”Stop It! He didn’t do it”

-Tears streaming down your face slowly as he’s begging

-Pushing Bellamy in the chest 

-”Please stop it! You know that he didn’t do it!”

-Your heart dropping as they let him sink in the air.

-”I did it!” Little Charlotte speaking

-While everyone looks dumbstruck at her you run to cut Murphy down

-”Murphy breathe you’re okay now”

-Giving him the tightest hug possible even though you never really showed affection towards him

-Watching Charlotte jump off the cliff

-”But Murphy you’ll die out there…”

-”You’d die too Y/n. You have to stay at camp where it’s safe”

-being moody since Bellamy banished Murphy

-not helping much around camp except for going on watch

-bellamy forcing you to do watch by yourself since you were being rude to him

-one night goes as normal; picking at grass on the ground until you hear a strangled groan from the woods

-walking slowly, as you point your gun towards the thing that kept groaning


-Seeing Murphy all bloody and broken looking pulling at your heartstrings.

-helping him get back to camp

-defending him from Bellamy

-”What’s he doing here?!”

-”Bellamy back off”

-”I swear I’ll kill him if he doesn’t leave now”

-”You’ll have to kill me too, now if you could please back off of us that’d be great”

-taking care of Murphy while Clarke tries to talk bellamy out of killing him

-”What happened to you” You whisper to him as you press a cold cloth to his forehead, wiping some hair away from his face

-”he was tormented by the grounders” She pointed to his hands and how his fingernail were almost gone

-after a little while when Murphy starts coughing up blood Clarke looks troubled

-”Y/n your eyes!”

-”What’s wrong?”

-”They’re bleeding!”

-Bellamy being very ticked off after Murphy brought back the Biological disease

-”Y/n, you’re in charge of watching Murphy. If he steps out of line I’ll slit his throat quicker than you can say goodbye”

-sneaking into Murphy’s tent at night

-”You know when Bellamy said you have watch me I don’t think he meant this closely”

-”Shut up. You’re lucky I saw you in the woods today”

-”True. Thanks for that…”

-Lying next to him, grabbing his hand lightly, “Are you okay?”

-Murphy not answering and nuzzling up to your neck.

-you start creating little braids in his hair

-after Murphy’s accepted around camp again you start hanging out more

-behind hugs

-forehead kisses, only in secret though, he still has to keep up him image

-being a tease and whispering/nibbling on your ear

-smirking at you from across the camp fire

-going on watch with him and making out

-lying your head on his chest when you sleep

-sitting on his lap by the fire to bother him

-secret back rubs

-tangling his hands in your hair

-pet names

-”You never told me how you got in trouble on the ark”

-”Maybe It’ll alway be a secret”

-”tell me”


-”fine if you must know I tried to steal some herbs”

-”herbs? were you a stoner back on the ark?” he asked with a smirk 

-”no you doofus, my parents were sick”

-Shoulder punches

-silly hair knots

-pulling you closer when you sleep

-cute tired murphy in the morning

-stealing his jacket all the time

bananannabeth  asked:

hey fee, what's going on?? i havent properly been on tumblr in like a week and a half or read tdp because uni is taking up all my time but i just saw your post and??? omg??? what??? im really sorry and i hope youre okay (i know that sounds shallow but like.. as okay as you can be when people are obviously being idiots)

usually i wouldn’t answer this publicly but like i am genuinely shocked by the vitriol being targeted at lesbians right now and like it’s the most thinly veiled attacks i’ve ever seen, people are barely even bothering to try and disguise what this is really about (read: “shut up you evil dykes we’re sick of listening to you complain about lesbian issues and we want to be left alone”). it’s gone like way beyond the realm of fandom discourse at this point.

an overview of what happened:

  • the dark prophecy was released a few weeks ago (so, spoilers for that, but it’s really not a big spoiler and i kept it quite vague and tbh y’all should probably read this anyway because like i said, it’s gone way beyond the realm of fandom discourse at this point).
  • it contains an older lesbian couple, who had to leave the hunters of artemis because they fell in love and wanted to be together. upon meeting them, one of the characters mentions that they thought it was only men the hunters of artemis swore off of, but the apollo corrects them and says it’s actually all romance.
  • (it’s worth mentioning that apollo says this bitterly. as in: he doesn’t approve or agree. and not for nothing, i might be projecting, but it sounds a lot less like “i’m a god with an overactive sex drive and my sister’s such a PRUDE” and a lot more like “i’m bisexual and i feel uncomfortable with this rule”)
  • this lesbian couple is upset about leaving the hunters. they wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t had to, they say it was their family, but they had to leave because they loved each other more.
  • apollo mentions that they parted on good terms with artemis, because “she let you live” (good terms, those). the hunters visit them sometimes. artemis does not.
  • so, it is now canon that the hunters of artemis do not condone love between lesbian couples, and lesbian and bi girls who fall in love are no longer welcome in the hunt.
this doesn’t sit well with me, or several other lesbians and bi girls (or apollo, or the lesbian couple themselves, it seems like).
for several reasons:
  • grouping in heterosexual love in the exact same category as lesbian love is homophobic. it’s not a discussion of “equality” but rather an acknowledgement that lesbian love as it exists in the world today is socially taboo and forbidden, and thus banning lesbian love has the potential to do much, much more damage than banning heterosexual love.
  • implying that all romance, and in this case specifically lesbian romance, is against a code of honor, is homophobic. there’s just no way around this. actively being uncomfortable with lesbians in love for no other reason than the fact that they’re in love carries massively homophobic connotations with it. it just does. sneering at all romance doesn’t negate this problem. lesbians can be hurt in ways that straight girls cannot. sneering at their romance is homophobic, because as much as we all might hate it, the world is homophobic and banning lesbian romance absolutely does reinforce this system of homophobia. it does. (this is like, oppression basics, u guys. if u pretend oppression isn’t there, ur siding with the oppressor. “i don’t see differences in sexuality and hate all romance equally” = “i do not acknowledge that some of you need different precautions and protections because you are systematically oppressed in ways that others are not”). we are not all socially equal. we’re not starting on the same playing field. heterosexual love is not a social taboo, lesbian love is, case in point: it hurts lesbians much worse to ban their love than it does straight people. not to mention that it’s triggering for people who have been in spaces that actually did ban lesbianism (hi, me, it wasn’t a fun time, and i don’t appreciate the hunters having any resemblance to my hellish private school experience).
  • artemis is evidently quite hostile towards lesbians..for being lesbians. like, loving women is what makes you a lesbian, and if that bothers her so much that they can’t even be around her and be together…i mean, what can we conclude about her? shunning all love, in this case, specifically lesbian love, and apparently not even having it off the table that she might decide to kill them, is homophobic. it doesn’t work like “oh well she’s uncomfortable with all love in general.” you can’t hide bigotry by widening the radius of people you hate. you will never be able to disguise homophobia by also hating straight people. if anything, that’s even more homophobic, because it lumps us right in under a massive group of “people who fall in love” which…includes straight people, who systematically oppress us. not a fan of being compared to my oppressors. certainly not a fan of being banished alongside them.
  • it’s very important to note that plenty of lesbians feel this is a complete misrepresentation of artemis and the hunt, and are quite upset that someone they identified with apparently hates them. (and she does. artemis wants nothing to do with lesbians who are in love, refuses to allow them to be in love and also in her hunt, gave them an ultimatum between her and each other, would consider murdering them).
  • like, we’re not working off nothing, here. artemis has ABSOLUTELY historically been associated with lesbianism. i’m not pulling this out of my ass, okay. lesbian themes are present in tons of artemis’ myths, her “loving women” is mentioned in virtually everything ever written about her. granted, it’s never specified to be romantic or sexual, but keep in mind the time that these myths were being recorded and who was doing the recording (read: men who thought lesbianism wasn’t real). many hellenic wlw follow artemis today precisely for this reason. separating artemis from lesbianism is Not The Best Move rick’s ever had lmao.
  • the oath specifically says no men in titan’s curse. it absolutely does. if you assumed this also meant no romance at all, that’s on you and your heteronormative thinking, bud. but it reads “I, [name], pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt.”
  • pledging “eternal maidenhood” means “i’ll be a virgin” in children’s book speak. if you don’t believe me, notice how they refer to athena as a “maiden” goddess, but really mean “she can’t naturally conceive children [because she’s celibate].” they don’t mean “she’s single,” they mean “she doesn’t have sex.” maiden is a nicer term, but it means virgin: [adjective 1. (of a woman, especially an older one) unmarried. synonyms: unmarried, spinster, unwed, unwedded, single, husbandless, celibate.] we’re all familiar with the concept that you’re only allowed to have sex after you’re married to a man, right? well, that’s the assumptions this word was created under. don’t play dumb and try and say maidenhood means being eternally single; we all know what it really means and why the term exists. it doesn’t say wifeless, or even spouseless, it says husbandless. nobody was thinking about lesbians when they defined that word and rick wasn’t thinking about lesbians when he wrote the oath. thus: artemis is a virgin goddess who accepts virgins who pledge a vow of eternal virginity. that makes sense, because atemis is indeed a virgin goddess (literally the goddess of virginity) and some of her worst myths involve her kicking out hunters for “losing their virginity.” that’s got it’s own set of problems.
  • and yes, i am aware that artemis also explains the hunters “foreswear romantic love forever.” yeah, i got it. but she says this sentence in clarification to percy’s question—artemis says they’re immortal unless they break their oath. percy asks what oath. artemis says “to foreswear romantic love forever.” and as i just explained, the oath does not say that. she might’ve specified romantic love, but like, can we not play dumb here? it’s heteronormative. nuns also take a chastity pledge, but do we expect that this applies to gay nuns? no, we really don’t. like, don’t lie and say you were some enlightened ten year old being who read this line and thought “oh, thanks for clarifying artemis, i was wondering about lesbians.”
  • there’s like, an actual reason that artemis and her hunters swear off men: they’re dangerous. when she initially began her hunt, her mission was to rescue girls from being sold off to husbands they didn’t want to marry, or escaping abusive situations with their betrotheds and fathers (zoe nightshade, anyone?). i don’t see….when or why that turned into “all romance is distracting and inherently bad.” it’s not really very sensical. romance and sex were never the evils facing the hunt, it was the patriarchy.
  • in short: the hunt has become a hot fucking mess and lesbians (and bi girls but seeing as we’re specifically talking within the context of lesbian love it’s really implied that anyone who has the potential to experience that is part of the discussion) are upset. rick deserves a certain amount of blame for this.

now, see, the problem here that people can’t seem to get through their heads is that we’ve got a right to be upset about this. we are allowed to be upset about confronting homophobia in a character most of us liked and identified with.

  • and us complaining about that, explaining it, and pointing it out is…not “starting discourse”, however much you may think we’re crazy sjw dykes. i’m really not here in general for how any time someone is critical of a piece of media for valid reasons they’re immediately starting “wank” and “discourse.” it’s a misuse of the terms. discourse doesn’t mean “people have an opinion on why their marginalized group was represented badly” and wank doesn’t mean “we think this is homophobic” and you calling it that is a pathetic excuse to ignore what we’re saying. which is not to mention how incredibly transparent it is—discourse goes on in this fandom all the time. literally all the time. i’ve never seen anyone complain half as much about “fandom discourse” before as i have this past week.
  • and then there’s people derailing the conversation by making it about aroace erasure. first of all, it’s possible to like, talk about multiple things at the same time and there’s no reason why us discussing lesbians should have any bearing on aroace representation. second of all…. the hunters are like, not… technically even aroace? taking a vow of chastity and swearing off men is now equivalent to being aroace? does nobody see a problem with that? i’m stunned that people weren’t angry about that, to be honest, since it’s not exactly Controversial or New to say that asexuality does not equal celibacy and aromanticism does not equal an… eternal no romance pledge or whatever the fuck the oath even means anymore. like, cool, i understand you might be more inclined to take the oath if you didn’t experience sexual or romantic attraction, but that’s still a far cry from saying all of the hunters are aro and ace (and that’s. clearly not true. because some of them break their oaths. or join because they’ve been scorned by men they’ve fallen in love with).
  • which like, not to mention that they’re pretty hideous representation for you in general if they literally kill people who wind up falling in love? like, that’s your holy grail of representation? “you must have parted on good terms, she let you live” like okayyyy so you mean artemis’ typical course of action in dealing with girls who fall in love is to murder them? the fuck is wrong with yall 
  • people are actually offering this up as a benchmark for why artemis isn’t homophobic. she murders hunters who fall in love with men, but she let the lesbians live. like. this is the benchmark for lesbian allyship now, apparently. holy hell, people.
  • but sure, yeah, artemis, aroace patron goddess, who murders hunters that fall in love and refuses to offer protection to lesbians because they also fall in love, and calls love a “distraction” and thus pretends she’s the Enlightened One who isn’t sullied by romance. good one, guys. if that’s what you’re celebrating, and furthermore, if that’s the representation i’m “erasing” by talking about lesphobic issues, not only are you homophobic but like you’re just a plain old misogynist lmao. i don’t condone literally killing girls for falling in love and i certainly fucking thought it would go without saying that you people don’t condone that either, but apparently not! fucking hell.
  • which, anyway, even working under the assumption that it was good aroace representation, to accuse lesbians of erasure for being critical of how lesbianism is portrayed in a book? as if we were the ones who decided to include an ex-hunters lesbian couple? but we’re the ones who are guilty of the erasure for..what..talking about it? being angry? saying it’s homophobic? being upset that lesbians aren’t allowed in the hunt?
  • like, look, if artemis was presented in canon as someone who doesn’t experience attraction and started a convent for other girls who don’t, well that would be different, wouldn’t it? but she’s not presented that way. she’s apparently the patron to all women, so long as they don’t date men. zoe nightshade says she’ll accept anyone who takes the oath, no matter their species, and definitely regardless of their sexuality as well (because at the very least, zoe, the literal lieutenant, most definitely had other reasons for joining than being aroace, as did thalia, the current lieutenant, and emmie and jo are obviously not aroace yet still took the oath once, and annabeth even thought about taking the oath). it’s not, and never has been, about lack of romantic attraction. it’s about eternally swearing off all romance and banning love because love is bad.
  • i guess we all should’ve known this considering silena is all up in arms about the hunters telling her “love is worthless” in ttc, but damn call me stupid for daring to hope that as rick began to confront the rampant heteronormativity in his books we might have this patched up, too.
  • pro tip for like literally anything ever: if a marginalized group speaks up and says “hey that’s hurting us” you change your goddamn rules so it’s not anymore. like, for fucks sake, think about this in literally any other context but “lesbians are infiltrating artemis’ precious aroace safe space with their romance” and you’ll realize what condescending, homophobic fucks y’all are behaving like right now.
  • on another note: i have expressly explained this before, many times (there’s a link to one of them earlier in this post, and here’s another one), but it apparently bears repeating because nobody seems to understand: virginity is bullshit. it’s bullshit. it’s oppressive, invasive, creepy, misogynistic bullshit. will you stop pulling out this tired old argument that lesbians being allowed in the hunt somehow makes them invalidated? the idea that romance is distracting is stupid and ridiculous and condescending as fuck. the idea that your sexual history is anybody’s business but your own is disgusting. there’s no reason lesbians shouldn’t be able to be together in the hunters. there’s really not. there is a reason men are not allowed, and the reason is it’s a women’s space, to literally protect women from men.
  • this new information about the hunters cheapens the whole goddamn thing. like aside from being homophobic, it’s just plain sexist, now, too—we don’t swear off men because we’re making a statement about our lives in relation to the patriarchy, oh no!! we’re making a statement against romance. romance is bad. that’s the problem. who cares about protecting women from men? certainly not us, because we’ll kill you if you get abused by them! better keep your v card honey, or i’ll turn you into a bear!
  • and that brings me to the whole other subset of people trying to derail the conversation by making it about..rick hate? lol what? that rick is our ally and we should be grateful and he’s not perfect and he’s learning??? yeah, okay, i’m sure the answer to this is for all of us to just never talk about it at all? we’re not allowed to critique our own goddamn representation? how the fuck is he supposed to learn if you just try and smother everyone who tries to critique him by saying “HE’S A GOOD ALLY WHO IS STILL LEARNING!” like…cool? and i’m teaching him that i don’t approve of any of this, and i think it was a really underhanded way to represent us, not to mention still has gaping flaws in it?
  • like, yeah, whatever, i get it, artemis has her hideous flaws in greek myths as well. poseidon’s a rapist, hades’ is an abusive stalker, zeus is a megalomaniac serial rapist, but it’s not as though those were the characters rick chose to make look this bad, now was it? nope, it was artemis. he didn’t have to do that.
  • and even if he did, honestly, at the end of the day…who cares? it doesn’t matter who first created artemis this way. the fact of the matter is that in the series, she is, and that’s homophobic. it doesn’t negate the fact that we’re reeling from encountering homophobia from the hunters. it certainly doesn’t give anyone a license to tell us to shut up and get over it and stop talking and stop blaming rick. it’s homophobic. we’re allowed to talk about it, and be upset about it. let us fucking be.
  • of course the most hilarious thing is that this wouldn’t have even turned into “discourse” in the first place if y’all had just shut your fucking mouths and listened to us. instead, you started arguing, spreading around passive aggressive posts calling us too angry and telling us to chill out, sent us anon hate, blocked us, unfollowed us, and started complaining about all the other things i listed that are just fundamentally missing the point.
On the Fae--from my family tradition

Disclosure! This is based on the stories I heard from my family growing up! It is a very “family tradition” telling of ways to deal with the Fae. Mind you, my whole family passes down two things “very important” about the Fae, and then a bunch of tid-bit stuff. 1.) We have fae in our blood line (but who has family from a Celtic or Germanic nation and hasn’t heard that?) and 2.) Fae, of any court, will trick you just to see if they can, so always be careful.

Having said that, this is a quick list of things I was taught about dealing with the Fae

  1. The Fae are tricksters. They can not lie (on pain of death) but they will do everything in their ability to trick you, because it’s a game.
  2. Do NOT eat or drink anything the Fae offer you. If you ingest anything from their world you can’t leave, because the magic of the world will snare you.
  3. Some Fae are flat our evil. Some enjoy hurting people, and do it for fun.
  4. The Seelie court is not the “good” court, just the court of illusion and glamour
  5. The UnSeelie court is not the “evil” court, just the court of shadows and intrigue
  6. Not all Solitary Fae were banished from a court, some chose to leave. Not all Solitary Fae were banished for being “evil”, but some simply for refusing to follow directions from a higher ranking Fae, or for failing to conform to the “rules” of the court.
  7. The Slough is The Host, The Wild Hunt….they hunt down betrayers, oath-breakers, liars, thieves, and the like, and execute them. While the Slough is not evil, they are strict, and frightening.
  8. Fae in your garden is good luck
  9. You can leave the Fae offerings to promote a peaceful relationship. If you’re useful, then you’re likely to be left alone 
  10. Do not dance with the Fae, because you’ll become enspelled and dance till you die
  11. Do not step through a fairy ring, it’s easier to get into their world than it is to get out.
  12. Do not go seeking out ways to see Fae who wish to remain invisible. They want to be left alone for a reason, and can/may very well take your sight if you can see through their illusions
  13. To invite Fae who wish to be seen, leave honey, milk, or fresh bread by your garden
  14. Wear iron to keep a Fae from being able to grab you
  15. Hang iron above a childs crib to keep Fae from trading them out with a changling
  16. Let your children play with the Fae they see, so as not to offend the Fae, but never let them follow them
  17. Don’t play with water Fae, they don’t understand you need air to breath and live
  18. Don’t share blood with a Fae. They can enspell you if you give them your blood or hair
  19. Don’t use your full name when dealing with the Fae. Names have power, and if they learn your full name they can have power over you
  20. Mirrors do not reflect a Fae’s glamour perfectly, you can tell a Fae among mortals because their reflection will look “off”

taurotrickster knotted-vines am I forgetting anything?

[Things that make me angry about Thor 1:

The After-Thor’s-Banishment scene in the Healing Room of the palace where the Warriors 4 learn of Loki telling the guard to go fetch Odin.

Why is everyone suddenly mad at Loki for saving their lives? This is one scene I have never quite understood and is both unreasonable, unfair, and painful in and out of canon.

Naturally, everyone in that chamber is going to be upset about Thor’s banishment. He was Loki’s brother and the close friend of all of the warriors. But his causing of a war/disrespecting Odin’s authority finally pushed Odin too far so, though none of those present like it, it would seem apparent why Thor was banished. (Banishment was probably never even comprehended in their mind, war or no war. Punishment, yes. Banishment? Never. This means that they did not see the war and the Jotun lives as worth banishment and did not expect Odin to see it that way either. So. This lends credence to the fact that Odin only moved to banish Thor after Thor disrespected him personally.)

Even though the Warriors 4 did not witness that actual banishment, that does not matter. They saw Laufey and Odin’s conversation on Jotunheim, during which Odin was clearly not pleased (see his “Silence.” to Thor) and referred to Thor as ‘boy’ several times. They heard Odin’s tone in the Observatory as they were scurrying out. Odin even yelled his command at them because of his fury toward Thor.

Even without having actually seen the physical banishment, they knew that the Jotunheim excursion was, at least, serious politically and in Odin’s eyes.

But they are all miffed. When Volstagg wonders how the guard knew to go to Odin, Loki tells them that he told the guard.

(What guard? We know which guard from the deleted scenes, but how did they find out about the guard? Who did they ask and who told them? Why was this a question they even asked? It brings to mind images of, “DANGIT. Who told Odin and saved our lives? GR.”)

Loki inserted a fail-safe that should have stopped them before they were even reached Jotunheim. A fail-safe that would very likely have stopped Thor from being banished and certainly would have avoided the slaughter of over 100 Jotuns and the reigniting of an ancient war. It was Loki’s fail-safe that resulted in them actually surviving the excursion on Jotunheim, because otherwise they would be dead or Laufey’s prisoners.

But instead of understanding why it was a good thing Loki told the guard, or thanking him directly for saving their lives, Volstagg gets upset and Sif instantly turns to Loki and tells him he “must go to the All-Father and convince him to change his mind.”

….Why does the fact that Loki told the guard make Thor’s banishment suddenly his fault? Why does he now need to petition the All-Father, after Sif learned that he told the guard? They did not see it, but Loki actually already tried to stop Thor from being banished and was snarled at. That, I would say, is a significant deterrent to trying to ask again right now. Especially since Odin just did something unusually harsh toward Thor (his favored son) that no one expected. Loki isn’t the favored son, was snarled at when he tried the first time, and knows how enraged Odin was.

Petitioning Odin again, at the moment, is out of the question.

But regardless, I will never understand why they turn on Loki here, as if centuries of friendship are suddenly expunged because… Loki told a guard to tell Odin and made it possible for them to actually survive the ill-fated Jotunheim venture.

Not to mention that everything that Loki said about Thor was true at that moment. He was arrogant, reckless, and dangerous.

Even if the excuse is used that they are upset and looking for a scapegoat, it is absurd that they would turn on Loki and then go as far as to actually believe Laufey’s words and use them against Loki. Laufey is the “enemy” king in their eyes. He is the king of monsters. Yet, suddenly, they are willing to take his words as 100% truth and blame Loki for the Jotuns getting into the Weapon’s Vault? Not to mention that the Jotuns getting in doesn’t even point to Loki except for the single and solitary fact that Loki has magic, though Odin being the culprit for that is another meta for another day.

I will give Volstagg credit that he said, “We should be grateful to him. He saved out lives.”, but it would have been far better if he could have actually said that in Loki’s earshot. I am also grateful that Fandral said, “Loki has always been one for mischief, but you are talking about something else entirely.”

But. This scene still hurts, makes me angry, and is hard to swallow.

Note: It should also be pointed out that Sif asked Loki to bring Thor back despite the number of Jotuns he slaughtered so, clearly, Jotun lives… don’t mean much.]

Slytherin!Yuta x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • It’s a day like no other, and you’re walking your typical route to your Charms class, when you notice something out of the normal.
  • The particular hall you walk through every day is lined with classes that have already started, so the hall itself is usually deserted. This allows you to relax and take a nice stroll to your class without having to worry about interacting with anyone or getting shoved in crowds of students, recklessly scurrying in order to not be late.
  • In this normally barren hallway, stands one boy in Slytherin robes, leaning against a wall nonchalantly outside of a Potions classroom.
  • On the inside you’re like “that’s kinda weird”, but you dismiss it, assuming he’s waiting for someone to get out of that class, or something along the lines of that.
  • As you walk past him, he grins at you and you swear you’ve never seen a smile that beautiful in your whole life.
  • You smile back shyly and nod to him, before walking a little faster past him and to your Charms class.
  • As soon as you sit in class and the professor asks to collect the homework that you completely forgot to do, you forget all about your encounter with the boy with the radiant smile.
  • The next time you’re walking to Charms, you had almost completely forgotten about the Slytherin boy, until you see him walk out of the Potions class in that hall, and wait outside the door.
  • Last time you assumed he was waiting for a friend, but he just walked out of the classroom so… what the hell is he doing.
  • If he’s supposed to be running an errand for the professor or something, shouldn’t he be walking somewhere?? Instead of just chilling outside the class?
  • But it’s none of your business, so you just keep walking, and as you pass him, he smiles at you with that same flawless, yet goofy grin and your heart melts a little at the sight. You repeat your routine from last time, smiling back and nodding to acknowledge him, and then make your way to you Charms class.
  • But this time you don’t forget about him or his gorgeous smile, and you spend the entire Charms class not paying attention, lost in your thoughts on “who is he, and what was he doing”.
  • By the third time you pass him on your way to Charms, you’ve just gotta know. So instead of just passing him when he smiles at you this time around, you actually stop and greet him.
  • He seems pleasantly surprised that you came up to him and started talking to him. He introduces himself as Yuta, a new transfer student to Hogwarts.
  • You’re drawing lines in your head, thinking “that’s why I hadn’t seen him before”, when you remember your original goal for approaching him.
  • You: “Why exactly do you come out into the hall every time you’re in that class?”
  • Yuta: “I didn’t really volunteer to stand out here, they kicked me out”
  • You: “They kicked you out?! Why? Are you having trouble fitting in well here?”
  • Yuta: “No I’m doing fine fitting in, I’ve made at least eight other friends, I just said something that the teacher didn’t like and now I’m out here”
  • You: “But this has happened more than once?”
  • Yuta: “Today it was me correcting the professor on something she taught wrong, and her pride getting in the way, resulting in me being banished to this hall, yet again. The last few times were students saying something rude under their breath, me calling them out on it and ‘disrupting the class’. Honestly, who hires the professors here?”, ending his explanation seeming to not really care about getting in trouble at all.
  • To put it bluntly, you’re astounded by the amount of times he’s gotten himself kicked out, but equally amazed that in these situations he’s describing, he doesn’t seem to be in the wrong. You don’t know him that well, seeing as it’s the first time that you’ve spoken, so you’re not sure if he’s telling the complete truth.
  • You: “You don’t seem to regret your actions at all, do you?”
  • Yuta: “Nope, because I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have. I also didn’t catch your name?”
  • You: “Oh, I’m Y/N!”
  • Yuta: “Y/N… that’s pretty. But weren’t you on your way somewhere?”
  • It was in this moment you realize you were f u c k i n g late to your Charms class.
  • Your eyes widened bigger than Yuta thought was humanly possible as you proceeded to bolt down the hall, frantically mumbling to yourself “late, late, oh my god I’m late”
  • Arriving outside your class, you gently open the door, slipping into your seat next to Taeyong, in the front of the classroom. Luckily, your professor was turned around, writing something on the board as you walked in, so he didn’t notice your tardiness. Hufflepuff!Taeyong, however, definitely noticed.
  • Taeyong: “Where were you? You’re never late in this class”
  • You: “I got caught up talking to a Slytherin boy in the hall, a new transfer”
  • Taeyong: “Ahh, Yuta? Yeah he’s a handful, but hilarious and a really great guy”
  • You: “You know him? He’s only been here a few weeks. And he’s not even in our house, where did you meet him?”
  • Taeyong: “Yuta’s friends with people all across the houses, I don’t think he really cares which house a person is in”
  • After receiving a glare from your professor for chatting at the very front of the class, quite obviously, too, you and Taeyong’s conversation was cut short.
  • This didn’t stop you from wondering what kind of person Yuta is though. If Taeyong praises him, then he has to be a good guy, but a good guy that gets kicked out of class every day? You weren’t too sure, but you’d give him the benefit of the doubt. He’d been nothing but nice to you, so you put your doubts aside.
  • It became tradition that every time you would walk to Charms, if Yuta happened to be in the hallway, you’d stop by, say hello, and chat for a little while. After a handful of these encounters, he’d wave to you in the dining hall, or if he saw you around. This began the blossoming of your friendship.
  • The two of you got comfortable enough with one another that one time, you were mid-conversation with Slytherin!Doyoung, and Yuta said absolutely nothing to make his presence announced, he just walked straight up and back-hugged you, like it was the most natural thing.
  • At first, on the inside you were like “!!! who the heck in on me right now”. But you turned to see Yuta shoot you his signature cheesey grin and rest his chin on your shoulder, and you were like “oh, okay”, and just continued your conversation with Doyoung.
  • Doyoung was like “are y’all… dating?? Am I missing something?”
  • To which Yuta was like “We’re not dating but aren’t they so cute!!”, and proceeded to smush you in his embrace.
  • So it’s safe to say you guys are pretty close, and very good friends.
  • One day, you’re walking to your Transfiguration class, the class you have right before Charms, which is always a much more crowded hallway to venture down, when you hear some students whispering, about what seems to be you.
  • “Isn’t that the Hufflepuff person that’s so lovey-dovey with Yuta?”
  • “I think so, they should honestly leave him alone. Everyone knows Hufflepuff & Slytherin couples never work”
  • “God, they’re wasting his precious time. What’s their problem?”
  • Your instincts kick in and you walk faster and faster, hoping those kids that were talking about you aren’t invasive enough to approach or follow you.
  • Sitting through your Transfiguration class, and honestly not paying much attention, you’re lost in your thoughts. Why did what they say bother you so much? The two of you weren’t dating, but were you really wasting his time? Was he just letting you hang around him because he’s too nice to tell you you’re bothering him?
  • “Class dismissed!”, your Professor rang out. What usually would’ve been your signal to make a beeline for the door, suddenly felt like a death sentence. On your way to Charms, you might have to face Yuta if he got his dumb ass kicked outta class this day smh, and you hadn’t sorted out your feelings yet.
  • You reluctantly got out of your seat and made your way to Charms, taking your usual route, hoping with every fiber in your body that he behaved today and was still in class.
  • Apparently your weren’t as lucky as you thought you were, because as you turned the corner to this particular hallway, you could already see him him sitting outside the class from several feet away.
  • As you began to approach him, repressing all your negative feelings, you thought it was kind of weird that he was sitting down, instead of him pulling his “cool-guy lean” against the wall, like he usually does.
  • You: “Hey Yuta, are you- Oh my god!”
  • As you got closer to him, he looked up and shot you his signature, jaw-dropping smile, but today it was half hearted, and you could see why. There was a cut across the bridge of his nose, and his cheekbone was purple and bruising.
  • You kneeled in front of him, completely forgetting about your encounter with those gossipy, awful students from earlier.
  • You: “What the hell happened? What did you say today?”
  • Yuta: “It’s not important, I just…. Some of the students at this school have their priorities wrong”
  • You: “You can say that again”, you said with an edge in your voice, causing him to raise his eyebrows at you curiously.
  • Yuta: “Did something happen?”
  • You: “Where do you get off asking me if something happened while you’re sitting here all beat up? Here, let me help you stand, we need to get you fixed up”
  • You grab his large hands, and pull him up a little too hard, causing him to topple onto you. You adjust yourself under him, placing his arm across your shoulders, when you realize he’s limping, and send him a pissed off glance.
  • Yuta: “Some jerk kicked my shin, I don’t know what to tell you”, he says with that smile that melts most of your anger and worries away. Most of it, but not all.
  • The two of you make the slow, somewhat limping, walk to the infirmary. When you open the door and let yourself in, you immediately plop Yuta down on one of the beds and look for a nurse or medical assistant to help, but no one is there but you two. Even at Hogwarts, the school funding is sketch smh, nurses where you at
  • After giving up on finding someone to help, you gather some medical supplies, make your way back over to Yuta, and sit down next to him on the bed. You get out a cotton ball, dip it in some disinfectant solution, and cup his face in your other hand.
  • Yuta: “W-what are you doing??”
  • You: “Trying to clean up your cut, but I need you to stay still”
  • For the first time in all your friendship, Yuta looks somewhat flustered. As cocky as he comes off, you didn’t think he was capable of blushing as furiously as he was now. As cute as it is though, all it does is bring back into your mind all those things the kids in the hall said earlier today.
  • Grabbing your wrist gently, pulling it down from his face, and lacing his finger with yours, he softly asks you if you’re mad at him. Your heart breaks a little at this, because no you’re not mad at him, you just don’t want to be bothersome or cause drama for him.
  • You: “Yuta I… do you want me around?”
  • Yuta: “Of course I do! Why would you think otherwise?”
  • Immediately after asking, his eyes darkened as he refused to break eye contact with you, his voice becoming a little lower and rougher than his usual cheerful tone.
  • Yuta: “Did someone say something to you?”
  • You: “I mean, not exactly, but earlier there were some students in the hall saying that I’m wasting your time, and that I just-”, you confess, choking up and not being able to finish your thought, tears threatening to fall.
  • Yuta: “I think those jerks might be the same ones in my Potions class. They’re usually saying something rude about people in that particular class, but for some reason today their subject was you. They said something about you running away from them, and that you should run away from me, and then they started flat out insulting you and I- I just snapped. I went off, and then one of them hit me, and then I hit them back and… I’m sorry… to make you worry about me. And I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time because of me, so I understand if you want to walk out here and never look back”, he finished saying, looking down at his lap.
  • You have never heard Yuta sound so open and upset before. He’s usually cracking jokes and laughing with everyone, so to see him so distressed only breaks your heart more.
  • You: “I’m not going anywhere, as long as you want me with you”
  • Yuta: “I do want you with me! I honestly don’t think I could function without you. But there’s one thing…”
  • You: “One thing? What is it?”
  • Yuta: “I don’t want to be with you just as friends. I want us to be together, Y/N. I really like you”, he says, his eyes migrating from his lap to meet yours.
  • The level of intensity and seriousness in his expression leaves you speechless for a moment so you just furiously nod “yes” to him, a smile growing on your face. You can’t help yourself, and you throw your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug.
  • Yuta: “Gentle!! Be gentle!”
  • You: “Oh shit, sorry”
  • Yuta: “Also can we continue this later when my face has less blood on it?”
  • You: “Shoot, you’re right. Pass me the gauze?”
  • It takes people a while to realize that you and Yuta are a couple now, because most of your friends either thought that, 1.) The two of you were already dating, or 2.) That Yuta was just as clingy on you as he is his other friends cough cough Sicheng
  • Doyoung: “I honestly thought that you were dating months ago, Yuta what took you so long to confess?”
  • Haechan: “Does that mean if we want Yuta to tell us something, we just have to beat him up?”
  • Johnny: “I’m 89% sure that’s illegal, but still worth a shot”
  • You spend a significant amount of your time slapping your hand over Yuta’s mouth to make sure he doesn’t sass anyone that could get him in trouble.
  • Yuta: “Is Jaehyun fair game?”
  • You: “Oh definitely, go roast him”
  • To sum it up, y’all are the sweet and salty power couple, who love spending time together, even if it means getting kicked out of Potions and being late to Charms.
I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound and stab us. If the book we are reading doesn’t wake us up with a blow on the head, what are we reading it for? …we need the books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved more than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide. A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us.
—  Franz Kafka, Letter to Oskar Pollak, 1904.

And so, from being created in his likeness, to being banished for wanting to be too much like him, we were cast out, and the garden of Eden transformed in to the garden of Evil.
Los Angeles, The city of Angels, A land of Gods and Monsters, The in-between realm where only the choices made from your free will, will decide your souls final fate
Some poets called it the entrance to the Underworld, but on some summer nights, it could feel like Paradise, Paradise Lost.

Folk-lore as the True history of Witches

What has come to my mind recently is the nature of our historic understanding of witchcraft/cunning craft/etc as practiced in Europe over the course of the past 200 or so years. We base much of our knowledge, and further more most of the pages of the known literature, on the testimonies of parish priests, inquisitors and confessions often made under duress and torture. This body of knowledge has become, for the worse of history, the basis in which contemporary craft practice has been rooted. It is a framework of Christianity, a universe predicated on a savior, and a god who forbids such acts in law. An Abrahamic cult brought to the British Isles by the Roman in the 6th century. A patriarchy of knowledge control and subjugation.

Yet there exists, starting in the early 17th century, a profound body of knowledge that is not derived from tortures or confessions but on stories and knowledge freely given amongst locals in villages and towns. It is the body of what we now call ethnographic study, but is most commonly known as folklore. Starting in 1878 The Folk Lore Society in London began publishing a series of ethnographic studies, both in magazine and book format. But such folkloric study goes back several centuries before to men from the Brothers Grimm, Thomas Crofton Croker, Dalyell, Henderson, Kirk, Lady Wilde, and many others over a span of 300+ years. People who went into the pubs and gardens and talked to the real people of these places. Who listened and wrote down the stories of warding off beings and banishing dead souls. The instructions for curing illness and the nature of laying on hands and second sight.

This body of knowledge is a directly transmitted oral testimony, storytelling and folk beliefs handed down within families and gathered together by the folklorists and antiquarians from across regions of the British Isles and Europe. There are hundreds of books of these beliefs, many with detailed descriptions of spells to attack, to ward off spirits, to bind and banish and drive forth. Often listing exact components of charms and dances. Studies on the nature of folk magic in Scottish highlands, on horse magic in East Anglia, of the witch bottles and warding wands of Wales, and endless stream of valid information on the flowing tradition of folk magic as a living practice in the UK over the past half of a millennia. As well as documenting the exact pronunciation of regional words, curses, and spirits terminology, often with a glossary!

And yet this body of knowledge is almost completely overlooked in the contemporary literature on witchcraft practice. Which instead relies on the testament of Church torturers as to what was said, on the scant testimonies of victims of a system of abjuration pointed against herbal healers and common folk practitioners, more often than not elderly widows whose properties could be confiscated by the Church warden.

Its time for a rethink of our understanding of the nature of folk magic. How it is the very essence of true witch practice and is at its heart older and truer a practice that those tainted by the narrative of the Church over the past thousand years of attempted suppression. We must dig into this lost literature, much of which is available online for free as pdfs hidden on and in google books.

[I intend to post a list in the near future compiling links to some of the better documents of contemporary folk practice, particularly that from the UK.]

Imagine that when you were younger you and Loki were lovers and both excellent magic-users. You were extremely close but when an announcement came that Loki was to marry someone from another realm you were removed from court and more or less banned from ever talking to Loki again. Heartbroken, you traverse the realms aimlessly before settling on Midgard (it lacked magic, which always reminded you of him).

During the Battle of New York you are a daze of shock and confusion to see Loki acting in a way you hadn’t known him to. His sudden appearance led to nearly reawakening emotions that you’d tried to forget. Against everything you felt you decided to ignore what was happening and justified not interfering with the argument that you’d have just made things worse, Loki probably didn’t care about you anymore anyway, and you didn’t want Thor or Asgard to get hint of where you are.

Still it affects you deeply and afterwards you muse over whether you should have done something. You turn to art and use the merest amount of magic to create paintings that reflect how you feel and express abstractly the scenery of Asgard’s flora and fauna. You become famous, first locally but soon extending over most of the world.

Unbeknownst to you, Loki is now with the Avengers to serve penance for his crimes. One day Tony brings in a new painting and Loki both recognises the scene and your magic. He leaves immediately to seek you.

When Loki finds you both relay to each other what has happened since you were separated. You learn he never married, and he learns that the letters he wrote to you after being banished from the court never made it to you. You’re both unsure whether you want to try to be lovers again, despite your feelings for each other. You move your studio to New York so at least you can meet often.

resistancepilots replied to your post: Could you explain this whole “Serrano Sith” thing?…

i feel like grievous was in here somewhere at first too. did he get kicked out of the club? banished to a cyborg limb factory forever? murdered bc maul was feelign extra cranky that day?? murdered bc all the apprentices decided he was too uncool and needed to get some sithness Out Of Their System???

Oooooh Nooooo you’re right, we lost Grievous!!!! This Will Not Do. I love that ridiculous consumptive helicopter of death. Also no Sith left behind and etc. Maybe the reason why he hasn’t shown up yet is because Dooku sent him to his Dark Death Lair to Think About What He’d Done (he got into a battle of one-upmanship with Anakin and nearly leveled the Dooku Manse). Dooku would have banished Anakin too except that would mean separating Anakin from Obi Wan, which, as Dooku has learned through hard experience, is a really bad idea.