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                         Fairytale AU: No happily ever after for…. Cinderella.
When the glass slipper fit perfectly, the prince asked to marry Cinderella but before she set off to the palace with him, she wanted to have a little chat with her step mother and step sisters. Despite of the fact they mistreated her and made her life pretty miserable, she ended up forgiving them and invited one of them (her less cruel step sister) to join her and live in the palace too. However, as time as days went by the Prince realized Cinderella didn’t turn out to be that sweet girl he met at the ball because once Cinderella started living in the palace and started living a lifestyle she wasn’t used to, within time she began growing greedy and selfish. — and due to the following events Prince Charming decided to postponed the wedding until further notice with the excuse of wanting to get to know Cinderella better but instead he found comfort in Ella’s step-sister and later on began to have a relationship with her behind Ella’s back. And obviously it was just matter of time before the Prince realized he choose to marry the wrong sister and decided to stood up Ella at their wedding and run away with her step sister.  

Fan Noli (6 January 1882 – 13 March 1965)

Fan Stilian Noli was an Albanian everything writer, prime minister, priest, scholar, politician, diplomat, historian, orator, actor, musician and founder of the Autocephalus Orthodox Church of Albania. He was born in the city of İbriktepe, where a bust of him was placed in 2011, (alb: Qyteza) in the Edirne vilayet in 1882 and baptised as Theofanes Stylianos Mavromatis

In his young age he travelled along most of Southern and Eastern Europe, fundrising himself by working as an actor and translator, thanks to his knowledge af many languages ( English, Arabic, Greek, Turkish and French among the others). He worked as a teacher first in Athens and then in Alexandria of Egypt, where he developed his patriotic feelings. Through his contacts with the Albanian expatriate movement, he became an ardent supporter of his country’s nationalist movement and moved to the United States in 1906. He first worked in Buffalo, New York, in a lumber mill and then moved to Boston, Massachusetts and worked as an operator on a machine which stamped labels on cans.  

In 1907, a young Albanian emigrant to the United States, Kristaq Dishnica, died. Dishnica was an Albanian patriot, and since the Greek Church had excommunicated him for this, no Orthodox Church in the area would perform his funeral rites. As Dishnica was laid to rest without any religious service, the ire of the Albanians in Massachusetts arose.Fan Noli, who at that time was a church cantor, recognized this as an opportunity to serve the spiritual needs of his own community and to champion the cause for religious and political freedom in Albania. Noli was first able to garner the support of Archbishop Platon, head of the Russian Orthodox Church in the United States, who said who would ordained him as a priest; however the Archbishop retired his offer the same day he should have ordain Noli and the reunited crowd aclaimed him bishop in his place.

 In 1908, Noli began studying at Harvard, completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1912. Also, in 1908 he was ordered as an orthodox priest. He put foot for the first time in Albania in 1913 and returned in the US after the outbreak of First World War and there worked for the Vatra Organization, making him effectively the leader of the Albanian diaspora. His diplomatic efforts earned him the admiration of president Wilson and, in 1920, mebmership in the League of Nations, which provided his nation with the international recognition it did not had until then

In 1921 he entered in the Albanian Parliament as a member of the pro-British “People’s Party ”, the leading party of the country. The next year he was appointed as Mitred Archmandriteof Tirana and Durres and leader of the Autocephalus Orthodox Church of Albanian by the Congress of Berat, wich was considerate illegitimate by the from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, wich excommunicated him and the other congressional fathers, as well as the two Greek bishops who had supported Fan Noli and the Congress (bishops Jerotheos and Kristophoros Kissi).  

 Noli served briefly as foreign minister in the government of Xhafer Ypi. This was a period of intense turmoil in the country between the liberals and the conservatives. After a botched assassination attempt against Zogu, the conservatives revenged themselves by assassinating another popular liberal politician, Avni Rustemi. Noli’s speech at Rustemi’s funeral was so powerful that liberal supporters rose up against Zogu and forced him to flee to Yugoslavia (March 1924). Zogu was succeeded briefly by his father-in-law, Shefqet Vërlaci, and by the liberal politician Iliaz Vrioni; then Noli was named thirteenth prime minister and regent on July 17, 1924.

Despite his efforts to reform the country, Noli’s “Twenty Point Program” was unpopular, and his government was overthrown by groups loyal to Zogu on Christmas Eve of that year. Two weeks later, Zogu returned to Albania with the support of the Serb-Montenegrine army, and Noli fled to Italy under sentence of death.  

Noli founded the “National Revolutionary Committee” also known as KONARE in Vienna.  The committee aimed in overthrowing Zogu and his cast and restoring democracy. Despite the efforts, the committee’s access and influence in Albania would be limited. In 1928, KONARE changed its name to “Committee of National Liberation”. Meanwhile, in Albania, after three years of republican regime, the “National Council” declared Albania a Constitutional Monarchy, and Ahmet Zogu became king. Noli moved back to the United States in 1932 and formed a republican opposition to Zogu, who had since proclaimed himself “King Zog I”. 

Over the next years, he continued his education, studying and later teaching Byzantine music, and continued developing and promoting the autocephalous Albanian Orthodox Church he had helped to found. After the war, Noli established some ties with the communist government of Enver Hoxha, which seized power in 1944. He unsuccessfully urged the U.S. government to recognize the regime, but Hoxha’s increasing persecution of all religions prevented Noli’s church from maintaining ties with the Orthodox hierarchy in Albania. Despite the Hoxha regime's anticlerical bent, Noli’s ardent Albanian nationalism brought the bishop to the attention of the FBI’s , whose Boston office kept the bishop under investigation for more than a decade with no final outcome to the probe.

In 1945, Fan S. Noli received a PhD’s degree in history from Boston University, writing a dissertation on Skanderbeg. In the meantime, he also conducted research at Boston University Music Department, publishing a biography on Ludwig van Beethoven. He also composed a one-movement symphony called Scanderbeg in 1947

Toward the end of his life, Noli retired to Florida, where he died in 1965.

I made this piece since you inspired me to take up art again, i would like to yhank you so much for just being you.
Keep on being awsome

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How about you guys renew Hannibal for a fourth season?

After the events of Yorktown, there’s a new line of bobbleheads made based on the crew of the enterprise.
Spock’s walking down the streets of Yorktown one day waiting for Nyota to finish something up so they can go to dinner together when he spots them (and boy are people efficient at making things)
His eyes are drawn immediately to the tiny Nyota in between a replica of himself and Doctor McCoy.
The next thing he knows, Spock is walking out of the store with a bag full of Bobble heads and no idea what to do with them.

No one see’s them in his possession at first, not even Nyota.
But when they finally get the new enterprise and take it over, everyone quickly see’s these odd bobble heads (which others have as well) lining Spock’s work station
Nyota is impressed, and she adores the way that he has her and his bobble heads standing close as if they’re holding hands
Jim Is a little confused, but he likes it

It takes a few days for people to stop starring, but as soon as they do Spock has fixed some things about each Bobble head

Nyota’s now has a mini necklace around it’s neck to match the one he gave her (which she is in love with and wants to steal the whole thing now if he would just let her)
Jim’s has been modified to have a tear in the shoulder, and Jim is so not impressed but everyone else gets the joke (and they’re impressed that Spock made the joke)
Sulu has a mini fencing sword in his hand and Hikaru adores it and congratulates Spock on the addition
Chekov has a Russian Flag and Pavlov is so NOT blushing and stuttering when he notices it on day five of the random bobble heads

There’s a tiny version of Keenser beside Scotty takes its place on day Six, and Spock gets a hug for that one from Scotty

The Spock bobble is left alone, since there’s nothing he can think of to add, until Bones gets an idea and puts a blue dressshirt and black dress pants on him saying that he ‘looks more relaxed’
Spock raised an eyebrow at him
Nyota thinks it’s adorable and takes Leonard’s side on the debate so Spock quickly concedes

So Spock leaves Leonard for Last
And one day (a week later)the Doctor walks onto the bridge and raises an eye brow when everyone gives him a concerned look
He knows something is up, and he can guess…
As soon as he turns to look at Spock’s work area he see’s it
His tiny bobble head in a miniature version of his favourite jacket, pants and shirt, a tiny version of the neckless he always has around his neck and the ring he has on his pinky, and an angry anime symbol on his forehead for good measure
There’s also a minute bobble head beside him, holding out its tiny hands towards him
Leonard has to smack a hand over his mouth to keep from saying something. Keeping his eyes on the tiny version of his daughter that Spock made based on a picture he had seen in Leonard’s room one day

The collection is now officially Leonard and Nyota’s favourite, and the one with the most personality based on that cry
There used to be a Jaylah bobble head in it as well, but Nyota stole that one from Spock and put it at her station

Headcanons: Darkiplier with a Mermaid* S/O

Request: “Could I get headcannons for Dark with a mermaid S/O? To be a little more specific, one that dose not actually have a physical tail, but a custom made silicon one that melds to their body in the water. Thank you, and keep being awsome.”

• He is greatly impressed by your elegance beneath the water

• You never let him see you put on the tail because, that isn’t always very ‘graceful’

• If you are a professional, who entertains people with their underwater prowess, he will be at every show. 

• He, being a man who appreciates the beautiful things in life, delights in watching you. You are so stunning.

• He will greet you with a kiss after every show to subtly boast that you are his

• He will brag, given the chance, about how jaw dropping you look all dressed up.

• The first time he saw you as a mermaid, his heart skipped a beat. 

• He may have gone out and gotten you an extravagant mermaid style dress that matched the colours of your Mermaid outfit.

• He bought it specifically for you to wear on your next date with him. 

kachikathy  asked:

Tysm for being SO awsome <3 pls do a HC of MC being a very horny person. Like, she needs sex AT LEAST 5 times a day to not end up being a grumpy-bitter mess. How do the MM members + Saeran react to dat? JUICY DETAILS ENCOURAGED *eyebrow wiggles*



When he first brought you to his apartment, he was expecting something very different.

You had barely even known each other and he could already tell you were a sex driven person.

Then you started dating each other and it was like a bomb exploded

You were ALL over him, constantly.

He worked a lot, but something when he wasn’t busy you would sneak into his office and give him some loving~

And sometimes he would return the favor quickly.


He literally envisioned you as a sweet little princess


He noticed how close to him you were getting the first time he met you, and the fact that he’s pretty sure he saw you touching yourself made him pretty well aware.

Then you started dating.

Fuck did he LOVE the attention.

You were caught a few times in his trailer during movie shoots, and when he was late everybody always knew why…

The hickeys littering his body didn’t help.


Those cats you work with aren’t the only pussy you’re going to be getting in this relationship. 

He was a pretty naive boy but he knew that when you started seeing each other after everything finally died down that you were not as level headed as usual.

You were on top of this boy all the time.

He couldn’t lie that he loved the dirty handjobs and blowjobs he got while he was playing LOLOL, though.

He always returned the favor one way or another, usually when you were trying to read.


Oh boy, did you fluster her!

Jaehee hadn’t really had time to even think about sexual things while working under Jumin.

But when one day you pulled her pants down and began to finger her…


She hadn’t realized what she had been missing, and while she still worked hard a lot of the time she would often request you help her “take a break.”


This dude is literally the biggest horndog that you are ever going to meet.

Listen, this guy may look like a huge nerd most of the time but he knows his way around a boy.

So, sometimes when he’s working or trying to do something important and you sneak up on him and begin to feverishly bite and kiss at his neck.


“Are you teasing me?~”

You wouldn’t respond and would merely slither your hands down his pants and show him what you were made of.

It always ended up with him showing you what he was made of…

Saeran (Unknown):

A first it was a little bit awkward seeing how often that you excused yourself to your bedroom to pleasure yourself with one of your many sex toys.

Until one day he was passing by the bedroom once and he heard you calling out his name as you…did the deed.


It took him less than a second to break in and take over for that silly little toy.

It was like that a lot after that experience.

He was just as crazy and sadistic as his brother in bed.

completecrystaltrash-deactivate  asked:

I don't know why but im in to drama so if you can write one were calvin and the reader gets in a fight that would be amazing! (also dont know if you did something similar)~thanks for being awsome!

thx for all the love guys, I’m still super inactive on this blog <3

Fuck You - LeafyIsHere X Reader

“FUCK YOU!” You screamed at Calvin as you slammed the front door close behind you. You got in your car and drove to your nearby friend’s house. After explaining to your friend what happened with you and Calvin, they let you stay at their house, until this shit was gonna go away.

After they showed you to the guest bedroom you jumped on the bed and whipped out your phone. SOMEHOW your little fight with Calvin already leaked out to twitter. You scoffed, thinking that Calvin probably hinted at a fight in one of his tweets. You wanted to get his off your mind so you asked your friend if you could borrow a laptop or table, which they gave you a laptop.

Sighing, you opened it up and started it. Quickly googling “youtube” to the search bar you clicked on the first suggestion. You thought ‘Mind as well watch some YouTube to get that douche out of my mind.’

After hours of watching one of your favorite youtubers, you laid back facing to the bed, laptop still on your lap. You closed your eyes for a few seconds until your phone buzzed, signaling that you got a text message. 

You sighed and reached over to get it. It was Luna, better known as Austin.(Luna watches porn lol)

You swiped your phone open and read the text.

“Yo, you and C need to work it out not trying to get involved tho, peace”

You could only stare at the text. You certainly weren’t going to apologize to Calvin, but you also knew that Calvin was also stubborn. Wanting to put everything to a halt, you decided to just sleep away your problems for now,

madness-just-begun  asked:

Will we see the story behind Zack's burns? And will he show them to Rachel? Idk but i'm really looking forward to a moment like that. I love SDA, keep being awsome!

Yes and yes! Those two moments are separate, though, they won’t happen at the same time at all XD

And thanks a lot! <3 You’re awesome too! <3 <3 

rachel02xx  asked:

Hey Lucas, I was just wondering who's your all time favorite band/artist? And whats your favorite song by them? By the way Thankyou for being so fucking awsome and inspiring me soo much 🖤 Much Love

Thank you doll! My favorite band right now is blondie and it’s really hard to pick a song so the album plastic letter is all good, also parallel lines and the one with x offender, one of my favorite songs to get  high is RAPTURE

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can i just say i love like absolutely LOVE checking your blog on a daily for the things you post, I always get so excited whenever you post somthing!!. i come to your blog for your really good rping, to ask questions and also most importantly you the mun, because your an awsome human being. I'm really sorry someone was being such a dick to you :c. your honistly a really nice,sweet person and don't need people like that on your blog.

Can I just say that a series about Batman growing up like Superman in the series "Smallville" would be EPIC,

Hey, hey, hey Supergeekazoid here to rant a head cannon, to blow up on you Tumblr citizens. WARNING:intense ship in here that I fully support. Yaaay

Now I’m having feels and soo many head cannons just like Smallville the tv series, but it’d be called Gotham. Hehe. Like the first four seasons would be him in high school, fighting crime in just a black hoodie, shooting trinkets at bad guys that he made in shop class. *inner fangirling*

Then we’ll have Alfred, giving him advice, tending Bruce’s wounds, making sassy, sarcastic comments about Bruces stupid mistakes.

Basically the first season will be about Bruce fighting these weirdos in his school, that are messed up, but mostly he helps them be better, but some don’t make it, and some become bigger villains, such as The Penguin(he would be short and geeky and kids would bully him), and the Riddler(the kid that no one ever understood, so no one payed attention to him).

So basically it’s building the Batman image, mostly the minor villians.

Then the second season rolls along, Bruce is hurting himself more trying to fight crime. Makes a friend at school (will be the joker before he went cray-cray) hes a funny guy and a trouble maker, plus is 2 years older (got held back) than Bruce. Of course Bruce takes the blame for his mistakes, and is called the “rich bad boy”. The joker doesn’t understand why Bruce helps him, or his simpathy (because hes an orphan). Basically the second season will be building the roll of the Joker. And also Bruce gains a fondness for bats and sticks a bat sticker on his black hoodie… hehe.

Next up we have the third season where a teenage girl crash lands an invisible jet by the Wayne Manor, her name. Diana(wonder woman)(will be same age as Bruce). *inner fangirl sceam*. Bruce and Alfred instantly invite her to the Wayne Manor. She tells them the story of how she was banished to the “mans world” for stealing her mothers armor to help ‘mans world”.

Of course Alfred is being the awsome butler he is, he teases Bruce about “a girl litterally landing on his footsteps”. Then Alfred lets Diana Stay at Wayne Manor for how long she wants. She accepts, but with caution. After a while Alfred Forces Diana to go to high school with Bruce, he argues, but secretly wants her to go. So Bruce teaches Diana about high school, their friendship will be mostly teasing and sarcastic comments, and Diana using her feminism to make Bruce adorably uncomfortable.

But this friendship came at a price, Diana soon figures out that Bruce is fighting crime at night while she is asleep.

She wants in.

As their relationship grows(romantically) *squeels*, the joker’s and Bruce’s frienship fade. Brutally showing jokers villan side, and his becoming to his main role.

Fourth season will come along and Bruce and Diana are in seinor year, fighting crime secretly. Joker has bailed on school, and found Harley after he got in a bad car accident. Harley of course falls for his charm, and his bad boy personality. So they run off. To who knows where.

While Bruce is still in high school, he still wonders about what his actual first friend was doing out of school, since he bailed of course. Diana insists that she meet him, so they go to the orphanage and he’s not there. So throughout the first few episodes, Bruce and Diana try to look for him. But while they’re searching for the joker, Alfred is whipping something up that will surprise Bruce.

can you guess?

The bat suit of course. (but he probably wont give it to him untill the fifth season. haha.)

While their on the hunt and Alfred is whipping up a surprise, the joker and Harley are up to mischeif, such as stealing from small banks, robbing citizens, ect. To Harley’s dismay, she doesn’t want to lose her first boyfriend hat actually paid attention to her. so she plays along, only distracting the guards and such. But one day the joker takes it too far he wants too steal from the Wayne laboratory, but falls in the acid pit.

he doesn’t die of course, he just began.

As the one and only Joker.

Bruce took  long break from searching for his friend, and goes back to school. Only to find in the news that the have been reporting mass robberies from what he calls himself the Joker. Diana pleads Bruce to attend the graduation so they can have fun, and the police will handle them. After a long while, Bruce agrees stubbornly. 

The season finale will be the graduation ceremony begins, it soon crashes to the ground as the Joker bombs the school and goes on a killing spree. after looking at his insane homicidal face long enough, Bruce realizes that it was once his old friend.

Bruce quickly tells Diana as she is rushing the students out. she was shocked, but they both knew what they had too do.


Now I’m ranting on! lets just say the seasons after that will include Robin (probs the last season maybe), more WonderBat growing up together!, Superman (clark kent), and the making of the justice league!

WELP, THIS RANT IS OFFICIALLY OVER. hope you read! jeeze my head cannons are HUGE…. haha this gif explains my mind right now.

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I got a tell you I FUCKING LOVE your art it's awsome I don't want to bother you but do you think you could do a quick God n Gabe || sketch for me I would love that,anyway keep being awsome!