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So now here are my serious thoughts on the Han Solo movie drama. Believe it or not, I think that Lucasfilm taking steps to fix a broken project is more reassuring than anything, and I trust their judgement. They haven’t let me down yet, and when they made a similarly late in the game move to fix Rogue One’s problems, it resulted in my favorite Star Wars film of all. (Reminder that RO succeeded in large part because of the the reshoots, not in spite of them.)

I never really trusted that the style of Lord and Miller would work for Star Wars. They are good at comedy but I don’t think they can balance it well with the sincere mythology that Star Wars also needs. And knowing now that their primary creative conflict was with Lawrence Kasdan, I’m thinking Lucasfilm made the right move. Kasdan really gets Solo. He wrote Empire and ROTJ. He felt that Lord and Miller were misreading Han’s character and I would definitely trust Kasdan over them.

Lucasfilm wouldn’t have made this risky a move if there wasn’t a serious problem that needed fixing. And Lucasfilm has higher standards for quality and the integrity of the Star Wars canon than other studios. That’s why they have story group. Making moves to fix movies is something more studios should do imo.

So while I’m still not particularly invested in this film, I’m interested in seeing how this plays out and if it makes the film better. But based on Lucasfilm’s past decisions in the new canon, I trust that this was a necessary move made for good reason.



So here is an obligatory fanart. :D

Error!Sans © @loverofpiggies

Core!Frisk © @dokudoki

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What are your favourite things about Saihara?

Eh? My favourite things about Saihara-chan you say? What’s there not to like anon-chan?

Well, I suppose him being a detective is awesome, since he has great deduction skills to try and figure out my lies, you see lying is soooo much fun but when everyone starts to believe in them without any questions I start to feel a little empty inside, Saihara-chan being a detective means naturally having doubts on what people tell him, not all the time since he is a kind person. 

When I told him a stupid fake story, this is what he said “T..That’s a l..lie r..right?” I felt my heart skip a beat, I felt like I could have fun again in this boring world, sure he lacks confidence but we can work on that. He actually doubted me, I suddenly felt a rush and wanted him to doubt me more and more (not too much to push him away and not too little to keep him close) Just talking with Saihara-chan is amazing~ I’ll do my best to keep myself in his thoughts, Nishishi~

I love how easy it is to tease him, don’t get me wrong, I tease everyone but his reactions are the best, sometimes he lowers his hat to avoid eye contact, other times he blushes, on a rare occasion he actually laughs

Saihara-chan is the best~

and I don’t want a neverending life, I just wanna be alive while I’m here

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I’m in the boondocks of the outer banks of NC with my fam and I just ran into a fellow hamilton fan who:

A) actually recognized my hamil shirt
B) listens to hamilton about every day at home like I do
C) is a fellow teacher
D) has also played hamilton selections for his students despite not being a history teacher

This makes up for all the active side eying and not so sotto voiced comments about my hair+shirt I got earlier when I wore my fandom love is love is love shirt.

“I’m almost 19. I love my boyfriend and I just want our life to start already.”

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We thought Hannibal was being bitter and jealous of Will family but then here we have Will Graham himself still nursing a grudge against Bedelia for being the one to run away with Hannibal and get away with it even though it's been 3 years

It’s not just that (or, not only that). I think Will has always found the kind of grand-standing around murder distasteful that Bedelia is now doing. Her shameless performance of the-injured-party, (when she literally does not have a single fucking scar!) and her brazen refusal to admit she’s lying, I bet to him that smacks of Freddie Lounds. There’s a definite overlap in the way he acts around Bedelia, now, and the way he acts around Freddie, especially in season 1! 

Part of him is still (somehow?) so straight-forwardly moral, he’s still got that crazy idea that Lying Is Wrong (like Alana; despite all the lying she’s done, she’s not happy lying about Hannibal, either). 

Also, it’s got to bloody smart that Bedelia is using the ‘he brainwashed me’ defence when Will has actually been on the receiving end of Hannibal’s efforts in that regard and knows how painful it actually is to doubt your own identity. And he’s connected with fellow-Hannibal-victims before (poor Miriam Lass). Bedelia is getting all the sympathy that other people deserve.

Add all this to his envy and jealousy, and I bet he’s got himself convinced that Bedelia’s lectures somehow dishonour the real victims and mock the pain of those who actually have suffered at Hannibal’s hands. 

*which is complete bollocks, of course, suffering is not a competition*

Also, I bet it’s been some consolation to him to think that, if he’s suffered, well at least it was unavoidable, couldn’t have gone any other way in this world – but Bedelia’s lack of physical and emotional suffering must have him doubting that. Thinking, ‘was there a way I could’ve gone through all this without suffering so much? Shit…’ 

As for Hannibal himself. I think he might be annoyed with Bedelia if she hadn’t cleared this version of the truth with him, first. But telling a grand stonker of a lie that Hannibal himself is in on, that’s okay in his book. It’s the pencil-licking Chiltons of this world who dare to think they can understand him, who write books about him to make money off his infamy, without even having been behind the veil, those are the ones he can’t stand. 

At first I was surprised by Bedelia’s relish of her own victimhood, but on second thoughts… it’s the ultimate revenge, isn’t it? 

Moving on isn’t just a distraction, it’s a rebuke. 

Well, if she ever wanted to revenge herself on Hannibal for making her a victim-murderer, this is the way to fucking go! 

Uses her own victimhood to further damn Hannibal in the eyes of the public (which he’d love), and heap critical acclaim on herself, and cement her own alibi by embedding it in the public consciousness, and make a buck or two in the process I don’t doubt. 

You’ve got to admit, the woman’s got style… 


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