being annoying and posting pictures of my face


(AAAaahh I am so sorry for the long post but this was probably the only way for me to format this ;-; ) 

But yeah, here’re my pictures with the yogs at i60!! :D this post is long enough as it is and I’ve already said several times about how much of an awesome time I had, so I’ll be brief :’D 

All of the yogs and friends were so incredibly sweet! I had great conversations with most of them (photo captions on the first 10!) and their kindness maximized the positivity of my experience :) I was also lucky enough to meet some discord friends irl for the first time, which was awesome in itself!! 

Great big thank-you to everybody~ c: 

edit: That Zylus Picture is in my picture with Turps lmao



You an Kian were having a pool day. He wanted to test out the new float that he bought.

“(Y/n)! Take a picture of me on the Swann float.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed. You opened up his snapchat an took a quick picture. Then, you turned the camera around an started messing around on his snapchat.

“Hey you guys! I’m taking over Kian’s snapchat today-”

“(Y/n)! Get off my snapchat!”

You pushed his float further away from the pool and posted the first snap.

“Sorry, Kian was being rude but we’re hanging out by the pool today and it’s really hot here… Like ninety something.”

Kian jumped out of the pool and sat down beside you. You both started taking pictures and posting them for one second so his fans wouldn’t get annoyed.

“We still have snapchats from last night.” Kian laughed and started going through them. Your favorite one was of you two doing the face swap and acting like each other.

“We’re cute.” You mumbled, laying your head on his shoulder. He took a quick picture of him kissing your head and you pouting your lips.

“Hey, we should go get some froyo.”


“So, (y/n) and I got hot so now we’re out here getting some frozen yogurt.”

Kian turned the camera towards you, getting all in your stop.

“Stop.” You mumbled, covering your face.

Kian laughed an posted the snapchat. You both walked into the shop and stood in line.

“I think I want cookie cake batter.” You tapped your chin and gazed at all the choices.

“I’m getting the regular.”

“You always get that.”


You laughed an decided on the cookie batter. You an Kian both love piling your yogurts with M&MS, chocolate chips, whipped cream, or anything else that’s sugary. Kian paid for both of the yogurts because he wanted to (but in reality you paid the last five times).

“Let’s sit outside.” Kian said, licking the bottom of his spoon.

“Mhm.” You mumbled, taking a bite.

Kian pulled out his phone, telling you not to take another bite because he wanted to post a picture of snapchat.

“Hey guys. We finally got our frozen yogurt. (Y/n), what did you get?”

You looked up an laughed. “I got cookie cake batter with hella diabetes on top.”

“And that’s it folks, she got hella diabetes.”

You laughed, flicking a M&M at him.

You was scrolling through your Instagram, looking at many of Kian and Jc’s fanstagrams. You laughed at many of the accounts because there were screenshots of your day on there and they would just say that you both was goals. You finally clicked off an fell back into Kian’s arms.

“Let’s say good night to Snapchat.” Kian mumbled, rubbing his eyes.

He opened up his snapchat and put on the flash. “Well, good night you guys. Thank you for watching our day and there will be a video out tomorrow.”

“Night! Love you all!” You smiled into the camera.

Kian blew a kiss and posted on his story. Kian slung his arm around you, placing a kiss on your shoulder.

“Good night, babe.”

“Good night, sweetie.”

You pulled up your snapchat after Kian fell asleep. You put on the front flash and grinned.

‘Great day with this boy. ❤️’


I was tagged by @billymonday to post a set of pictures from my phone.

I rarely use my phone for photography, but only to annoy people with my stupid face and/or to get crazy with Snapseed (my editing app of choice). So I had to dig really deep. Here are:

1) A photo from (I think it was) the beautiful town Landsberg
2) My feet. On railway tracks. I was being stupid
3) Wesslinger See
4) Some church
5) Wesslinger See again
6) My good friend Ufuk and me
7) Vincent and me
8) Knights in shining armor

I tag (if you want to do that): @qbn-scholar, @mazzymara, @love-abia, @dennybitte, @desixlb, @katerieke, @snowghoul, @lobo-de-luna, @rivermusic, and everone who wants to … seriously, show me your phone photos.