being annoying and lame

Gvnnin' for my Heart

Lynn Gvnn x reader
​Warnings: language, smut

​A/N: while researching I realized I’ve been pronouncing the band name wrong this entire time, oops! ​​​​

It’s been four years since you’ve heard from her, since her music took off and she moved away in her old, broken down car to find her way to fame.
You missed her, but you wanted her to do well in the world, so you gave your best wishes and let her go, not about to hold her back when you care so much about her.

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reasons I’m a “bad Star Wars fan”:

  • I like the prequels
  • The Phantom Menace is my favorite of the prequels
  • I like Hayden Christensen as Anakin
  • I like Boba Fett being a clone
  • I DON’T like Mace Windu
  • I like the Clone Wars movie
  • I liked Ahsoka from the very beginning
  • I like the episodes about the droids
  • I like Grievous being a “lame” villain
  • I never thought Luke was annoying in ANH
  • I don’t think it matters how you pronounce Leia’s name
  • Greedo is an extremely overrated character
  • Cad Bane > Boba Fett
  • I like Hayden as ghost!Anakin
  • I like Vader’s NOOOOOOO in ROTJ
  • basically I like all the special edition changes/additions except for the one in the cantina because HAN SHOT FIRST

and finally, the most blasphemous opinion of all:

  • Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie (and one of my favorite all-time movies) and, wait for it….. I LOVE EWOKS