being annoying and lame


Looks like the anon typed this with his/her vein almost popping out from being too much pressed about the Jikook Japan Trip!!

I wanna say a lot but i couldnt even form words from so much laughing.. 😂😂😂


Faking lameness and spooking

All the stuff about horses spooking and being lame to annoy riders reminds me of this girl whose horse I used to exercise for her. She told me that he had been faking lameness for a week and was spooking at nothing, just to annoy her and make her angry. 

I rode him. Granted, he did seem lame under saddle but fine on the ground. And he did spook at nothing. But I’ve found that often when horses spook randomly it’s because they’re in pain. They feel this tension and discomfort internally and look for outward things that may be causing it. They get overly reactive because they’re looking for the source of their pain. Or they get distracted by pain and when they come back to focus they get startled by something in their surroundings. (Obviously not every case but certainly true for this horse). 

When I finished up the ride, I took off the saddle to find uneven sweat patches that reflected a poor saddle fit. I checked his back and neck and found him to be really sore and pinched in his withers. I told her, and said that it was likely the saddle pinched him during rides, which was probably making him move poorly and spook due to the discomfort. She told me that her saddle was fine and that he was just being an idiot.

Lo and behold the behaviour gets worse, finally she gets a massage therapist out and they tell her exactly what I told her. 

Horses don’t just do things to spite you. Every behaviour has a reason, and it’s our job to find it out. 

Gvnnin' for my Heart

Lynn Gvnn x reader
​Warnings: language, smut

​A/N: while researching I realized I’ve been pronouncing the band name wrong this entire time, oops! ​​​​

It’s been four years since you’ve heard from her, since her music took off and she moved away in her old, broken down car to find her way to fame.
You missed her, but you wanted her to do well in the world, so you gave your best wishes and let her go, not about to hold her back when you care so much about her.

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03. Eskimo kiss
For (fat) pet lovers and my trashy mood

(Also, shoot me with pairings please. I’m feeling uninspired and need something to keep grey days interesting.)

It had been three weeks. Three weeks and Hermione was nothing but a weeping, pathetic mess of hair on the floor of her living room since she had been dumped. It was such a terrible, annoying phrase – she sobbed – being dumped was so lame.
She blew her nose, hastily wiping away the tears from her cheeks with an irritated huff. It was even more pathetic if she thought about by whom she had been dumped. It was, of course, none other than Ronald Bilius Weasley.
Hermione scrunched up her still running nose in a snobbish manner – yes, he was her best friend, but still, getting dumped? It was something her infamously bright mind couldn’t take in and made her want to scream up the entire block at three am. She was that mad at the lack of respect Ronald had shown towards her – yes, he had dumped her in front of the entire population of Diagon Alley during lunch rush and with Lavender Brown on his arms.
She thought she had handled at that moment – after she got the usual ‘it’s not you, it’s me,’ speech that Ron must have learned from Lavender’s magazines, she subtly hexed them and then spent her day locked in her office with a box of chocolate and a shittone of coffee.
Her stubbornness was enough to not let it distract her from her work in the mean time – but every time she got home, she started crying like a baby and ended up like a blubbering idiot in her pyjamas and melted ice-cream in her hands. She didn’t even like ice-cream! Why she had that anyway?
She scowled at the lovey-doveys on the telly and discreetly showed them her middle finger, not that it had any effect on them. Goddamnit, she really was pathetic!
“I hate this channel,” she murmured to herself as she turned it to national geographic. The appreciative mewr came to her ears and Hermione nearly jumped at her favourite pet’s dragging, tired voice. “Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s at least interesting. And not sappy and predictable. I should have turned a lot earlier…” she froze for a moment, “Oh great!” she cried, digging the heels of her palms in her worn out eyes, “I’m going insane besides getting dumped. Just great.”
Crooks seemed to agree as she mewr once more, this time it was short and snappy sound. Hermione sighed, “You could show some support you know.”
To her utter bewilderment, her oversized, lazy furball of cat made a ninja move and leapt on her lap in a swift movement. He stared into her hazel eyes with an intelligent gleam in his irises. He mewred yet again and Hermione found herself gulping down the tears that wanted to come back with renewed force.
She tried to hold back a whimper as her eyes blurred from the efforts and the lump in her throat got more massive and so much bigger…! She let out a shaky sight and held Crooks’ eyes. “I should just let it… overcome to get rid of it more easily, yes?”
The feline put his paws on her shoulders as he got on two legs. He nuzzled his nose to hers and with that, Hermione took his offered support and let those treacherous tears flow down freely, hugging her familiar with desperation. The cat let her do whatever she desired for now.
Even if she had not got Ron anymore, she still had Crookshanks. And that was enough for this rainy night.

I'm sick and tired of feeling this kind of lonely.

I’m having a really bad weekend. I’m not sure if it is just simply my mood, or if something has triggered me or not. Maybe it has something to do with yesterday being Valentines, I really don’t know.

All I know is I have felt really depressed. Not suicidal depressed, but just really down and alone. It isn’t just because I’m single, but it feels like I have no friends. Not even online ones. Because I don’t talk to anyone anymore. The few I was talking to, they’ve all pulled away, or gotten busy and don’t make time to talk to me anymore.

Honestly, I feel like I’m a burden. That’s why I don’t reach out and text people first, or call or whatever. I know that I bother people, so I just leave them alone. I don’t want anyone annoyed with me.

reasons I’m a “bad Star Wars fan”:

  • I like the prequels
  • The Phantom Menace is my favorite of the prequels
  • I like Hayden Christensen as Anakin
  • I like Boba Fett being a clone
  • I DON’T like Mace Windu
  • I like the Clone Wars movie
  • I liked Ahsoka from the very beginning
  • I like the episodes about the droids
  • I like Grievous being a “lame” villain
  • I never thought Luke was annoying in ANH
  • I don’t think it matters how you pronounce Leia’s name
  • Greedo is an extremely overrated character
  • Cad Bane > Boba Fett
  • I like Hayden as ghost!Anakin
  • I like Vader’s NOOOOOOO in ROTJ
  • basically I like all the special edition changes/additions except for the one in the cantina because HAN SHOT FIRST

and finally, the most blasphemous opinion of all:

  • Return of the Jedi is my favorite Star Wars movie (and one of my favorite all-time movies) and, wait for it….. I LOVE EWOKS