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I’ve been feeling really discouraged and lonely in my fanfic writing lately. While it may be true that I’m writing primarily for self-expression, I would also really like to write in community and have more feedback. I feel like I only get a tiny bit of that here and in the few scattered reviews I get on AO3 and FFN. I didn’t get much feedback at all on my last chapter and it was a bit demoralizing — I don’t know if it’s because my writing sucks, or if people dislike my take on things, or if it’s just a matter of people simply not having read it yet. 

I’d also really like to discover more fanfic and encourage other writers however I can. 

All that to say, does anyone know of any good online communities that involve sharing fic (particularly about Han x Leia)? I seem to remember stumbling across a Han x Leia writers blog at some point but I can’t remember the name. @graciecatfamilyband I might have stumbled upon it through one of your posts?

Anyway I just thought I’d throw this question out to the wind and see if it catches. If anyone has any pointers for this relatively new fic writer, it would be very much appreciated!

okay wait

so theres petey and ronaldo and mr. fryman is their father

so there the son of the fryman

but how could they be 100% fryman if there mother wasnt a fryman?

but theres no one else there who could-


I T   A L L  M A K E S  S E N S E  N O W




You know how it’s generally agreed that basically every good character on Kim Possible shipped Kim and Ron?

Well, I’m going to say that the villains had a similar sort of thing regarding Drakken and Shego, with those who didn’t know them very well just assuming they were already a couple, and those who did know they weren’t together having bets over how long it’d take for them to start dating, as well as who would actually make the first move.

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oh fuck, youre really actually gorgeous

I’m emphatically shaking my head no, but I’m not sure how to type that. “Nononono” maybe?

Thank you times a million for being so nice.

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What if Osana fake choked in front of a rival to distract them and then Ayano murdered said rival while they weren't looking. Osana and Ayano hi five, being partners and gay.


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Listen, I know we all want a Connor backstory and I'm hopeful we're gonna get some in season 4. But, I also need some explanations for Oliver's character, why is Connor the most important thing in his life? Why is this man his life? What about his family? Friends? Why does he find this path exciting? What made him become hacker? Sometimes his actions confuse me for the reason that there's no explanation for them.

I feel like we need some oliver backstory as well

But, I feel like we won’t get any oliver backstory until we get connor backstory. 

I feel like working for annalise and doing things that are risky like hacking philips computer has something to do with being diagnosed with HIV

He even said something like that in s2?

He quit his job suddenly and saying how being around them and maybe being diagnosed has changed him. (x) you can see the clip there. 

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While I was looking through the Shadowhunters tag I stumbled across this war. Personally, I think that everyone is being kinda harsh about Alec x Female. After looking into this, I think it's being blown way out of proportion. People who are posting this aren't posting it to be homophobic, they're doing it because this is a character that they are a fan of. People are being very rude ON BOTH SIDES. Alec is a FICTIONAL character and people are allowed to write what they want.

Oh, are we being too harsh on the homophobes? Oh no! Should I fluff up a pillow? Get them a blanket? Make tea, perhaps?

Boo-fuckin-hoo. You’re not fooling anyone get out of my ask box you nasty clalec shipper.


So there’s this Singaporean YouTuber called Xiaxue (I believe she’s had a few issues in the past??? Like I don’t really watch Singaporean YouTubers so I’m not sure but from what I heard yes) who’s not only being rude to Monsta X but she’s being transphobic. To sum it up, she was on the same flight to Korea with Monsta X.
God I’m so embarrassed right now because this is what Monsta X gets when they come to Singapore?? Even if she isn’t a fan, Monsta X now knows that ‘oh, there’s one woman here with pretty big social media influence that doesn’t view us in a good light’. So on behalf of Xiaxue, I would like to apologize??? Sorry to Monbebes and Monsta X for this person’s tweets.

*don’t go sending hate to her, she’s really basking in the amount of tweets she’s getting. this is just an fyi for those confused or who heard about this.

I’m surprised that some people still refer to Yuri on Ice’s content as ‘yaoi fanservice’?

Like, I get that all the butt shots and Victor’s need to get naked every episode are fanservice of some form, but Victor and Yuuri’s relationship just isn’t.

Or, if you think it is, then just tell me: when do interactions between two characters of the same sex stop being ‘fanservice’ and start being a canonical relationship?

Like, seriously how much further do they have to go for you to realize that they’re *gasp* gay for each other?

I mean, what are you expecting? The things we see in straight couples? Like, Idk, maybe physical closeness? Hugs? Holding hands? Touching foreheads? Public declarations of love? The desire to seduce/be seduced by your partner? Mental support? The desire to help someone find confidence in their skills? The desire to know someone better but also the tact of knowing not to push too far? The act of understanding love thanks to one very specific person? The act of dedicating your best work to one specific person? The act of always being there for one specific person?

Come now, you must be dreaming, no pair of two characters of the same sex could get that sort of development.

Oh wait. They already did.

Tell me one more time that Yuri on Ice offers nothing but yaoi fanservice. I double freaking dare you.