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you leave prometheus thinking shaw and david are otp and leave covenant realizing walter and daniels are the true otp

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Hey Moosh! May I request a short fluffy drabble about Kari and Gladio's first kiss? 💕 Thank you!

Awwww, yes! Of course you may <3 This one’s actually Gladio and Kari’s first kiss, and it’s not romantic in the traditional sense xD It’s actually kind of silly, but it is what sparks their feelings towards each other :D

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Spark (Gladio x Kari (OC) SFW)

An eighteen year old Gladio smirked down at a seventeen-year old Kari Leonis, standing up straight with his chest puffed out and his hands on his hips. Kari could only frown in response, averting her gaze as Ignis and Nyx stared on in horror at the two.

“Gladio… I don’t think-” Ignis began to try to remediate the whole situation before it became a big deal, only for Gladio to shoot him a subtle glare. Ignis shut his mouth immediately and shook his head slowly in defeat. Things were not going to end well that afternoon in the Crownsguard Training Room.

“No, I won fair and square. And both of you were here when she made the deal.” Gladio emphasised, a smug grin etched onto his full lips. Kari scowled at Gladio’s condescending tone and huffed, crossing her arms protectively around her stomach and mock-gagging.

“I was kidding, you big lug! I didn’t mean what I said! Besides, you have an unfair advantage over me- you’re the future king’s shield! I’m just a medicine woman!” Kari cried out in protest. Ignis stepped forward, ever the gentleman, and nodded- backing the young Leonis up.

“Indeed, Gladio. You mustn’t force a young lady into anything she doesn’t want-”

“Oh, she wants it bad though,” Nyx mused out loud, an amused smile on his face. Kari gasped, outraged as Gladio chuckled out loud. Ignis merely rolled his eyes and stepped away from Kari yet again, defeated once more.

“I do NOT!” Kari protested loudly, stomping her foot in an attempt to demonstrate her outrage. Gladio stepped forward and grabbed Kari’s arm to hold her still, his grip firm yet gentle.

“You know, it’s really weird…” Gladio began, his voice a soft rumble as he stared into Kari’s steel blue eyes. “I’d always thought it was the boy who was mean to the girl to get her attention, but it seems like here, the exact opposite’s happening-”

Kari shook her head in protest, trying to wriggle out of Gladio’s grip, though her movements became half-hearted as Gladio’s familiar scent wafted into her nose, soothing her almost instantly.

Still, she struggled to keep up appearances. She mentally noted the Gladio smelt like a summer campfire and floral-cinnamon scented deodorant.

“Let go of me!” Kari yelled.

“No, you said that if I could beat you in an arm wrestle, I could have a kiss!” Gladio yelled back, his voice rising but his grip still not too tight. Kari’s eyes began to water as she began to run out of options. She didn’t want to lose her first kiss ever to ‘asshole Gladio’.

Kari struggled for a few more moments before she shot a desperate glance at Ignis for some help. The bespectacled seventeen year old stepped forward, but Kari’s momentary lapse in judgment was enough to catch her off-guard.

Gladio’s lips pressed firmly against Kari’s, and her eyes widened in both fright and shock at the sudden contact. Ignis gasped in horror whilst Nyx smirked and clapped his hands together.

“About time, kids.” He grinned.

Kari pushed Gladio away, her face flushed and her heart beating wildly. There was something unexplainable happening within her chest and stomach- like a million butterflies had just spawned themselves in her insides. Gladio’s face fell at the impassive look on Kari’s face post-kiss.

He started feeling bad after having planted the rather innocent, yet forceful kiss, on Kari’s lips. A past lecture from his father, Clarus Amicitia, about how ‘no means no’ suddenly popped up in the forefront of Gladio’s mind and he gulped in fear.

“Kari… I’m sorry.” Gladio said, his voice gentle and soft- realising that he’d gone too far.

Kari could only nod- still reeling from the feeling of Gladio’s lips on hers. They had looked so rough… but feeling them against her own lips… Gladio’s lips were incredibly soft.

The kiss, though forced, was nice.

Kari surprised everyone when a small smile blossomed onto her face. She nodded resolutely to herself and then shrugged. “Okay- well that wasn’t too bad. Thanks Gladio. I can tell Papa that I had my first kiss with you today over dinner!” Kari chirped, her inner sense of evil popping out. Gladio’s amber eyes widened as Ignis groaned out loud knowingly.

“Shit, no Kari! Anything but that! Don’t tell Cor- he’ll rip my balls off and feed them to the dogs!” Gladio pleaded. Kari grinned and took a step towards Gladio, the gears in her head turning as she sized Gladio up critically before nodding.

“Alright… but I have one condition.” Kari stated seriously, her piercing gaze rendering Gladio terrified. She looked so much like Cor, it wasn’t funny.

“Yeah- what is it?”

Kari smirked. “You’ll be my personal slave for two whole weeks,”

Gladio narrowed his eyes immediately, about to launch into a protest, until he was interrupted by both Nyx and Ignis.

“I’d take her offer.” Nyx said simply.

Ignis nodded in agreement. “Self-preservation is key. You would be a fool to refuse such a generous offer.”

Gladio sighed miserably, nodding his assent as he frowned at a grinning Kari Leonis.

“Fine. I accept my punishment.”

Okay, so I sent these Eggsy/Harry/Roxy thoughts to @elletromil directly, but I decided I really needed to share it with everyone. 

Please picture -

Eggsy and Roxy doing something decidedly young - playing a game on the playstation, like Zelda or something - and Harry off to the side, in his arm chair, doing something decidedly old - doing the crossword in the newspaper with fountain pen.

And Roxy and Eggsy are having fun, but they kinda want Harry to join them - they miss him even if he’s just on the other side of the room. So they don’t say anything to each other, ‘cause they don’t really need to at this point, but together they set down their controllers and walk over to Harry.

One of them on each side, and they just run their hands on his arms and press against his sides until he huffs and sets down his pen and paper in his lap and looks up at the two of them. Roxy grabs both items in one hand, and Harry’s hand in the other, and Eggsy grabs Harry’s hand in both of his own, and they pull him up from the chair and drag him over to the couch and dog pile him.

And the rest of the afternoon is spent in this warm bubble of them helping Harry with his crossword, and the two of them teaching him how to play their game, and the three of them snogging lazily as the sun shines in through the window, everything now forgotten except each other.

Please also consider that Harry likes to collect pretty young things, with absolutely no shame. And Merlin being exasperated about the whole thing because how did he manage to get BOTH of their new knights, because Harry completely shows off with the both of them in and out of HQ.

They all go on a mission together and spend the whole time being peacocks, and Merlin being like 'you can never all go on a mission together again’

During said mission, there is hot threesome sex caught on the glasses, and not on accident - they are SHOWING OFF for the handlers. And Merlin having to remind them that ISN’T how they should be acting on missions, and the handlers trying to sneakily keep copies of the vid, and Merlin getting so irritated trying to purge the stupid vid from EVERYWHERE.

Really, I just want the three of them to be stupidly into each other, and not caring what anyone thinks about the three of them together.

finally, you and me are the lucky ones (kolvina one shot)

Despite everything, Kol and Davina find each other. Despite everything, they find their own happy ending. 

(soulmate au & rewrite of the originals season one)

read here

Being married to Davos Seaworth would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaaawww Davos 😊Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him promising you that he’ll do his best to keep you safe from any danger and that he’ll do anything he can to make you happy

-Him admitting to you how much he feels bad to have to leave you for such long periods, making you feel how much he loves you from the tone of his voice when he says it

-Him asking you for your advice on how he should be handling things whether it was with Stannis or at The Wall with Jon, as he feels like you’re the only one he trusts so much

-Him laughing whenever you would make fun of him missing his fingers as you are the only one who knows how to make him smile so much

-Him feeling at ease and comforted whenever you are around him, especially when you’d hold him tightly in your arms

-Being praised by Stannis on numerous occasions to have chosen such an upstanding and honest man, making you blush whenever you hear him

-You and him having many children together as you both enjoy being parents and have your own big little family

-Him making you smile whenever he takes his time to spend with his each of his children and just plays with them

-Him making love to you like it’s his last night with you as he always fears something might happen to him and he won’t ever come back or so

-Him still getting jealous to see other men trying to flirt with you, despite knowing you’ll never show any interest to them and making you tease him about his attitude

y'all. conor’s out here posting pics of the johnny cash museum in nashville, so like. does that mean niall is out there being the nerd we all know he is doing his music history due diligence

think about how lonely queer idols must feel… knowing most of their fans would turn on them in a moment if they came out… it’s hard to be an idol in general because majority of fans - even subconsciously - feel like they have some kinda of ownership over you and don’t actually care about your well being… but imagine been closeted queer. not only do they use you but they would actually hate you for just being queer.

i really really hope there comes a day when idols can come out and not be ashamed of who they are. on top of that, im so proud of all of them for having the courage to pursue their dreams and make music despite the bigotry that exists in their very audience

  • Wade: What's your biggest fear?
  • Peter: Being forgotten.
  • Wade:
  • Wade: Fuck, that's deep. Mine is the Kool Aid Man, but I feel kinda stupid about it now

Even “casually wearing my boyfriend’s clothes long before we were official Bech Naesheim