being an x

The Governor being gentle with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Philip! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him feeling like he should be the one to show you should truly be treated by a man and easing you to be comfortable around him

-Him landing his hand to you whenever you’d get out a car or off a higher place, wanting to make sure that you know you can trust him

-Him always kindly wrapping you in a blanket or his jacket whenever he sees you outside on a colder day and telling you to be careful at this time, worried you might get sick

-Him always being there to listen to you whenever you’re not feeling right, keeping you company over dinner and holding your hand to reassure you

-Him enjoying to wrap you in your towel after a bath and pick you up to sit you on the bed or even on his lap just so he could dry you off

-Him carefully trailing his hand down to yours to hold and remind you that he’s there for you, only to always pull you to his room later in the night

-Him liking to comb your hair carefully or just stroke it whenever you’d rest up against him in bed or on his lap

-Him enjoying to kiss you softly but doing do often sometimes he can’t help himself from going a little further and getting his way with you

-Him touching and feeling your body with the utmost care, wanting to prove to you that he can make you feel good even when he takes things slow with you

-Him having a habit of tucking you in bed, especially when you’re all cuddled up to him, wanting nothing more than for you to be comfortable

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What I say: haha I hate Bill/Bev

What I mean: IT (2017) erased Beverly’s childhood feelings for Ben that were present in the novel and made his feelings for her non-mutual in order to have Bill/Bev as the straight, non negotiable romance of the film. They did this because people are more willing to accept Jaeden as a serious love interest than Jeremy. They heavily promoted Bilverly scenes in TV spots and trailers whereas Ben was only shown as the nerdy kid, to the point where I was concerned that his feelings for Bev had been cut. Even though they weren’t, they were portrayed as pathetic or funny in most scenes since the film made it clear that Bill/Bev was going to happen and Ben was sad for thinking otherwise. And even though Bev and Ben get married as adults, now it’s going to be that she developed feelings for him when he lost weight which is really harmful and gross, plus the emotional weight behind them finally finding happiness together after all that time is lost. Bill/Bev was given backstory, development, a proper kiss because why not? They LOOK just like the pairing you’d expect, the most conventionally attractive guy got the girl. Of course I think Bilverly is cute but I can’t detach the fatphobia that motivated their storyline from their relationship and I just wish that there had been a more balanced love triangle because Benverly is an important couple to me and the fact that they erased it in this film is really upsetting to people who relate to Ben (me)