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Boueibu Novel II: Chapter 2


Here’s Chapter 2 of the second novel. :D CONTENT WARNINGS are in effect for child neglect and for mentions of child abduction.

Thanks to @nardaviel for looking over the English, you star.

I’m really sorry this is taking so long. It’s taking much longer than I wanted it to, for various reasons. RL is often extremely stupid.

Needless to say, there will be errors and inaccuracies. Please report anything you see, or anything unclear, in my message or ask boxes. And pls enjoy.

[Prologue] [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2]

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The way that Michelle ripped Adore and Phi Phi apart was not only uncomfortable, but absolutely heartbreaking to watch. Michelle totally disregarded Adore’s talent and attacked her over how the shape of her dress was and she did the same thing to Phi Phi. She just tore Adore into pieces. Sitting there and critiquing is one thing, but being an complete fucking asshole is unacceptable.

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big nose eh

Yeah, maybe I have a big nose, but I think it suits me well and I do look good, and others think that too. So go mind your own matters and stop being an asshole, thank you! :)

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Yes, Lance as Hamilton and Keith as Laurens but Shiro is Lafayette because GWash (Allura) and him, were The Best Team™ And you're right some of them don't fit in the character but It's bc they're young adults trying their best and in Hamilton are a bunch of grown-ups being assholes /glares at jefferson/ Also! Shay is Peggy (peggy was fierce!)

It seems generally agreed that Shiro and Allura are GWash and Lafayette, though which one is which is the question. They’re definitely The Best Team™ though, they would totally win a war together

Shay as Peggy!!! Peggy being fierce is pure Fact. My favorite story about her is the one about that time a group of men raided the Schuyler’s house to take out Philip Schuyler. Peggy and the rest of the people in the house hid in a bedroom upstairs before realizing that they left a baby downstairs. Peggy volunteered herself to go down there and grab the baby. She got caught by the men and when asked (at gunpoint) where her dad was, she lied out of her ass and told them he was getting help, which scared them so much they left. If you can’t imagine Shay doing something like that with perfect clarity, you can get out of my face

Niggas are gonna look at the Usain Bolt situation and say “that don’t got nothing to do with his talent as an athlete tho 💯” which is exactly why dudes always get off for being unfaithful assholes while girls’ entire lives become defined as “whore/hoe” after being caught cheating


Triple H/OC: You’re a wrestler who’s finally made it to the main roster. You have a reputation of being sassy. Through your journey at NXT, Triple H was hypercritical of you, always finding something to nitpick at. After your first match and win on the main roster at a house show, Triple H is there to tell you everything you did wrong. Your sassiness comes into play and Triple H hauls you off to his office to teach you a lesson about respect. Dominant Thick Cock Daddy Hunter smut requested by @rachealkley

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Consider, if you will, Leonard “Bones” McCoy and Daniel “Sassy” Sousa.

Imagine them being sarcastic assholes together.  This is a bromance made in heaven, guys.

Imagine Kirk, Bones and Uhura getting sent back in time to the early 1950s.  Imagine Kirk and Howard comparing conquests, Peggy and Uhura discussing kicking ass in skirts… Uhura could give Peggy some much needed communication tips.  But mostly imagine Daniel complaining about being forced to run on the crutch again while Bones shouts “Damn it, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a marathoner!”

Favorite fanfics I’ve written, tagged by @lissadiane!

This was both hard and not-hard, because wow those HP fics I wrote are mostly trash, right?  But! So many to choose from!

1. Spark and Burn. Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek, witch hunters au.  So I suck at angsty misunderstanding hurt/comfort fics, even though they are my absolute favorite to read, so this was my kind of my send up to that.  Every once in a while I’ll write fics in this slightly different pace, they gotta catch me in a certain ~mood. I think it turned out pretty great.

2. We Would Bring It On And On. multi-bandom, Spencer/Brendon.  I don’t know, I just really love Jersey!transplant Spencer with his best fucking friends being assholes, and also Gabe as that creepy older jedi master dude who hangs around wearing face shirts.  So, full disclosure, if I have the time this is turning into an original ya novel with girl bis and lesbians.

3. Dancing Without Warning.  Jobros, TAI, Skippy, Mike/Kevin. Otherwise known as the fic that started the Skippy rage, even though technically my Adsorption installment of Supersaturation (bandom!in!space!) was first.  I really like how Kevin ended up kind of an epic fail at dating and Mike’s like a hurt little hedgehog with serial killer eyes.

4. My Space Adventure.  Scrubs on Atlantis. Yes, everyone I write about eventually gets put on Atlantis, it’s a thing. That I like. So I’m never stopping it.

5. I’ve Got A Sure Thing.  Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles. I wrote this soon after my youngest turned 1, so basically everything Stiles went through with Prinny I went through too, though my water broke in the middle of a restaurant, not a car, and they gave me the good drugs, but listen: it’s still excruciating, so think about that. I admire natural birthers but still think they’re insane. Anyway, that made this more authentic, and is kind of a little love-fic for my baby son.

I tag @mklutz and @villainny and whoever else wants to do this :)

Hey assholes, in case you haven’t noticed or realized this yet but fucking being assholes to minors makes you not only a piece of shit but a shitlord and not in a good way. Fucking what the hell like… Leave @bitchwaynes and @swanqueenfeathers alone like they’re legit the least rambunctious people when it comes to shipping and never force anything on anyone? They are some of the nicest people I know? Like what is your problem????

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There have been times when this fandom has gotten out of control. Most notably recently and when in 2008 we literally threw someone off of the face of the fucking planet. Y'all need chill out and stop being assholes seriously chill the fuck out I'm tired of the discourse (not like I'm helping lol)

these guys will do literally anything to pick a fight remember when they called me transphobic because i don’t hate cis people

Soo the amazing @audreyjensengivemeaheartattack​ tagged me into a new game (I wish I could rant about my appreciation when people tag me on these; Either way THANK YOU! <3)

List five things that you like about yourself, then tag as many people as you can. If you get tagged more than one, do it again and add one thing to the list.

I like…

  1. I’m really freaking honest (even though this can result to me being an asshole)
  2. I love my friends/the people I care about unconditionally (unless they lie to me)
  3. I actually have common sense– shocking I know also I am pretty realistic
  4. I know bunch of random (and useless) facts
  5. I have too much love to give tbh

I now tag @audreyjensengivemeaheartattack​ (ik u started it but u are going to do it again u welcome) @fun-gules​ @woah-jensen@alloutoffaith@bubbles0989@laurellester@babebextk@peppa-peggy@an-ace-fangirl@bobtheostrich@foodbeforehumans@audreyjensen@writing-hannah@bring-lex-back@audrey-scream@forgett-me-n0t @wickedwitchoffeels 

*deep breath* I hope I tagged everyone alright good

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what rly gets me abt this leslie situation tho is that ppl are like "let's turn the hate for the trolls into love for leslie!" which is good yes but like stop calling them "trolls" as if they're just these random guys being assholes on the internet like no these are violent racists who are prepared to fucking hack into leslie's private stuff to better express their racist hatred like these aren't lol random guys lol they're literal filth who need to be tracked down and locked up

yeah true at least the FBI is doing anything cause apparently her white allies™ haven’t said anything on social media it’s so fuckin uglie she seems to be going thru this alone along with support from people of course but still her famous buddies can’t put the word out there… Low lives

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There is a site called WhatCulture that has an amazing article about Ross. Google whatculture 10 Reasons Why Ross Geller Is TV's Biggest Ever Assh*le. It's the 1st thing that comes up and it's great

breaking news: nothing is ever going to top someone anonymously sending me a link to an entire article about Ross being an asshole

like, i think eventually the evidence that was initially presented for schubert being gay turned out to be misinterpreted and most likely not actually evidence that he was a big homo but the matter is far from closed and regardless even before the case turned out to be less solid than it initially appeared it still didnt stop a bunch of prominent schubert scholars from being huge assholes when the issue was raised in public not on the basis of “this isnt great scholarship” but on the basis of “how dare you suggest that this composer i like was not a virile manly straight man”

Guys I understand that some fans can be huge dicks and say the most super defensive things about other members. But don’t bring that ugly reminder here. WE KNOW. Everyone knows Army isn’t perfect and is accused as a “bad fandom” but Army is also good. Shipping can get out of hand sometimes, yeah, we got it. But those fans are just being stupid and ignorant and I don’t want to look at their rude comments because of their silly ship. Spread positivity and stop making post about asshole shippers being asshole shippers. I saw “KILL JIMIN” like ten times today and I’m not happy about it. It makes me sad. And it’s from the same stupid post. Quit it already and leave it alone. The person who started this trend doesn’t deserve all those notes. It’s spreading negative fire throughout the fandom.