being an animorphs fan is suffering

I often think about how the two fandoms I am most involved are so different from each other. In the Young Wizards “fandomly”, kindness is the name of the game. We live by the Oath, love DD’s other books, are joyously welcoming to newcomers, and are overall the most empathetic and supportive people I have ever met. And the Animorphs fandom is the living definition of schadenfreude, never talks about Applegate’s other series, derives it’s amusement from watching newbies read the books without knowing what they’re getting into, and generally tortures each other with even MORE sad headcanons than the actual series.

I always seem to forget
How fragile are the very strong.
I’m sorry I can’t steal you
I’m sorry I can’t stay
So I put band-aids on your knees
And watch you fly away

How do you explain to non-fans that you ship a teenager and a hawk


Animorphs IRL Storytime with Rae

I was riding the bus to class and my professor sits next to me. We’re talking normally and stuff and then the largest red tail hawk I’ve ever seen LANDS NEXT TO THE BUS STOP. Just right on the ground just fluffin his feathers like 'What I do this everyday. what u looking at.‘ There are all these students everywhere and he is just chilling out looking straight at me. I’m trying to keep my shit together and not scream 'TOBIASSsssssss tseeeeeeeerrrrrrr’ but I still explode with “OMG THAT BIRD,” suddenly remembering my prof takes the bus because he is legally blind. So I’m flipping out and he just thinks I’ve lost my mind because who cares about birds and no one else cares that this giant raptor is just watching these kids go to college because its 8 in gd morning and they have places to be. So I’m just trying to contain my feelings and failing miserably and my poor professor thinks i’m like hallucinating or something. 

You could say it was HAWKWARD.

modified-magpie said: Mwahahahaha! I mostly just knew OF Animorphs and that I thought the covers were so cool. Honestly, I was more of a Goosebumps kid.

See, I picked Animorphs because I was too scared to read Goosebumps, thought I’d be creeped out my skeletons and ghosts and whatever they have in those. Whereas in Animorphs, the cute books with kids turning to animals, a character is eaten alive “on screen” within the first couple chapters of book 1 and it only gets better from there. Disembowlment, war crimes, and PTSD for everyone! And I read this when I was like 10 at most.

5ths-lapel replied to your postHow the hell did Arbron get from the Taxxon home…

I think the implication is that not all Taxxons are infested, and they’ll work with the yeerks in exchange for regular meals. He probably pretended to be a normal, non-nothlit Taxxon.

Yeah, I have this horrible image of them scooping up taxxons by the dozens, keeping them in holding cells like maggots and carting them across the galaxy until they eat each other or a new host is needed.