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…I may have a fem!Keith problem…

That moment when you just wanted to draw different hairstyles and then suddenly your hand slipped into the shipping department.

Kind of a continuation of my last fem!Keith post.

On a date (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


starring The German NATIONAL TEAM



Mats BEING CUTE (that fucker :P)


Poldi SMILING (he is like a fu**ing sun)

Merte’s HUGS

Toni BEING ANGRY XD (just look at that cute dork)




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SF and UF Bros react to an S/O who knits and is really calm, but when a monster tries to tease them about doing it and making things, they throw one of the needles and it embeds itself three inches deep into the wall next to their head? And then the S/O just sort of smiles at them and says to the monster, as calm as always, "Could you be a dear and return that? Or I might just have the urge to throw the other one."

I tried to knit once… I got frustrated and threw everything away.


BlackBerry (Sf Sans): His eyelights immediately become hearts. He temporarily forgets that you are in fact already together and he asks you out. Again. Please remind the bab that you’re together. He’s too cute.

Rus (Sf Paps): honey no… Please. You nearly gave him a heart attack. He just saw something flying and thought HE was being attacked. Warn him next time. He does appreciate that you can hold your own though.

Red (Uf Sans): ‘try again but release 2 inches higher.’ 'watch your wrist.’ Boi full on coaches you on how to throw the needle better. He knows how to get things to fly faster without any extra effort. But uhh. He might have been the one making fun of your knitting in the first place.

Edge (Uf Paps): *Alucard abridged voice* Oh Fuck the Hell Yes. This bean knits. He loves it. And to see you weaponize his hobby, he’s excited. He wants to know how you got it to go that far that fast. Do you release earlier than larger items? Put more force behind it?


I can’t stop picturing Red as Leonard Hofstadter but like… more confident… and angry… I just love the idea of Red being such a dork.

Next up on my need to commission list:

•Kylo teaching me the ways of the force

•Kylo with his helmet on, caressing my face

•Me being a dork and stealing his helmet (he gets very angry)

•Just kinda Kylo and I in general


•Also just kinda Loki and I in general



And that “something big, something patriotic” is this.

Am I the only one thinking the devs were kinda making fun of Trump here? 

this doujin is amazing… in so many levels, just look at this moment :D  … we have kuroko wearing kagami’s clothes, kuroko being cute little shit, dorks being awkward, angry kuroko, romantic moments, seirin players being assholes to kagami, awkward blowjobs… 

yes blowjobs, and then smut…. oh that smut ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(doujin name: Junjou Retsujou (Pure Heart Carnal Desire))

Exo on the train (ot12)
  • Suho: has an annual pass so that he doesn't have to bother topping up. Reads the newspaper.
  • Kris: Forgets to top up and almost forgets to mind the gap. Gets angry when people laugh at him being a dork. Gets off at the wrong stop. Curses.
  • Lay: Is mind blown by the ticket gates. Thinks they're magical. Gets yelled at by the operating man for going through the gates too many times. Is confused.
  • Tao: refuses to touch anyone and anything. Bitches about people's fake Gucci bags. Gets off the train when they hear him, even though it's not his stop.
  • Chanyeol: stops to listen to the people busking. Every. Single. One of them. Realises he's given them all his change and he can't buy a ticket. Attempts to get his money back. Fails.
  • D.O: hates everyone, especially the people who don't know how to use the ticket gates. Glares. Ends up getting on the train that gets delayed. Screams. Children cry.
  • Xiumin: gets coffee from the kiosk and stands up from his seat so somebody else can sit down. Pats himself on the back for being a good person.
  • Sehun: gets stuck in a swarm of angry business men. Panics. Calls suho for help. Gets through the gates for free because of suho's kind words.
  • Luhan: gets his ticket jammed and causes a hold up. Is scared. Ends up jumping over the gates and running for it.
  • Baekhyun: tries to open the train doors whilst they are closing. Gets caught. Security kick him out for causing a safety hazard. "Kkaebsong"
  • Chen: picks up a newspaper even though he won't read it. Looks at people waiting on the platform in the rain. Laughs.
  • Kai: Gets distracted by his KFC. Misses his train. Misses his stop. Misses the urgent meeting he should've been at an hour ago. Shrugs and continues to eat chicken.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcanon for Kara and Astra?

I am so sorry for being behind on answering my headcanon asks. I know you said headcanon and not headcanons but it is impossible for me to do only one.

  • Kara discovering Astra has never had a potsticker before. Chaos ensues involving ordering food that would feed a small army
  • Alex calls Kara a dork and Astra immediately gets angry until Kara explains that being called a dork is not necessarily an insult
  • Kara will talk with Astra in Kryptonian as often as possible. She taught both Clark and Alex some Kryptonian, but never enough to hold a conversation with such ease, and it brings her a lot of comfort and allows her to feel more connected to her Kryptonian origins. *This is one of my biggest headcanons for these two*
  • First time Cat meets Astra she makes a snide remark about the white stripe and Kara ends up having to quickly referee
  • Kara teaching Astra lingo and idioms and Astra constantly using them wrong or combining them.
  • Astra: You’re barking around the bush
    Kara: Umm it’s barking up the wrong tree or beating around the bush
    Astra: *Death glare*
    Kara: OR that works too
  • superpowered sports. Just saying. Imagine them throwing a frisbee while in midflight. Or tennis. For some reason I think they both would really enjoy tennis. That might be @kara-lesbihonest‘s new fic influencing me. 
  • Astra is brought to tears when Kara shows her the paintings she did of Krypton. She didn’t want to admit how much she missed her home planet, but seeing the paintings Kara did helped her admit it and feel a bit closer to Krypton. Kara ends up giving some of them to Astra.
  • Before Astra and Kara get on better terms, CUZ IT’S GONNA HAPPEN, Kara goes head to head with some big bad alien and ends up getting the shit beat out of her, and as she is losing consciousness Astra shows up and flies her away. Even though they have their differences, Kara is her family and Astra isn’t going to let her die like that. But Kara, in her concussive state, is not thinking straight and before passing out imagines Astra to be her mother coming to take her away. Cue angst.

So I wrote most of these during the day, but finished them up at 3 in the morning. You can tell by that last bit that is angsty.