being all sage mode and such

so i heard that one of the abandoned naruto movie ideas was the switched lives theme and i’ve been thinking about that since

it’s p obvious that the jinchuuriki and the uzumaki clan would take the uchiha clan’s place for naruto and his parents would function as some kind of itachi, his father choosing/having to choose the village over family and his mother being used by the village n all

but idk about sasuke, his story cannnn’t really be twisted in a way to fit naruto’s

anyway i already drew their alternative outfits. i left naruto’s shirt like that cuz showing off jinchuuriki pride would be a main part of his agenda and the coat is obligatory because it’s there in sage mode/KCM mode/hokage uniform so i wanted to put it here too

(and when nars tummy gets cold its like

he grabs those flappy things and ties them around himself)

ANWAY i wanted to ask for ideas on sasuke’s part of the story if u r interested and u r in the mood then go go go

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welcome to tumblr!!! could we get some headcanons on sasuke & naruto (individually or together, your pick) protecting their s/o? they love their s/o so much they would die for them tbh

Naruto Uzumaki:

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  • So, I do agree with you in that Naruto would definitely lay down his life for his s/o (if you figure that they’ve been there for him through thick and thin). Like, he’s watched A LOT of his friends and “family” die, he’s not about to have that happen to his s/o
  • Side Note: who in their right mind would try to hurt his s/o in the first place?? That person must be stupider than Naruto himself! 
  • Naruto is going to protect his s/o without even thinking about it. He’s just going to get them out of the way and obliterate the enemy. 
  • And in the event that getting his s/o out of the way isn’t an option, he’s going to use himself as a human shield. He wants to keep the enemies attention on him 
    • Remember when Tsunade was getting beat up and Naruto kept taking the hit? It’s exactly like that.
  • Now, what would happen to the person who attempted to hurt or actually hurt his s/o…well…he’s going to OBLITERATE them. Again, being the punch-first-ask-later type of person, he’s going to want to kill them or severely hurt them.
  • If it’s Pre-Shippuden, his nine-tailed fox mode will automatically trigger. 
  • If it’s Post-Shippuden, then it’s six-sage mode all the way.
  • Either way, the attacker is screwed. 
  • If his s/o does get hurt, he will rush them to the hospital and demand the best treatment for his s/o and he would stay by their side every step of the way. 

Sasuke Uchiha:

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  • Now, I do have to say that I don’t think he is the type to die for his s/o. Sasuke has his own agenda and his own goals, he doesn’t want to lose sight of that (if that makes sense). And I know Naruto has his own goals too, but he’s warmer than Sasuke and a lot nicer. Naruto’s moral compass is also pointed in the right direction, Sasuke’s…not so much. 
  • I also feel like Sasuke needs a s/o who can fend for themselves and doesn’t have to rely on him as much. 
  • However, IF his s/o IS in danger, then he’ll be bent on hell and leather to save them. He, like Naruto, has witnessed a ton of death and, he too, is not about to have his s/o die, especially if there was a way to prevent it.
  • However, he’s not going to go in guns blazing like his friend, he’s going to be logical about it. 
  • Of course he’s going to want to get them out of their asap but he wants to be smart about it and take the enemy out quickly. 
  • I can also picture Sasuke being the human shield type, and if the enemy tries to attack his s/o then he’ll take the hit. Then he’ll do whatever he can to get the enemies attention back on him and away from his s/o.
  • If his s/o has a few scrapes and bruises or other things that can be easily treated and can heal fast, then he won’t be as bent on killing the enemy. He may just KO them at that point. But oh, is that a serious injury…on HIS s/o? Then the game is over. He’ll kill the enemy quickly and efficiently without batting an eye lash. 
  • If it’s Pre-Shippuden: He’s going to use Sharigan and Chidori on that bastard
  • If it’s Post Shippuden: It’s gonna be Rinnegan or Susanoo 
  • This attacker…is also screwed
  • And in the event his s/o needs to go to the hospital to recover, he’ll stay by their side for the majority of the time, leaving on the occasion. But he would just offer them good company until they’re better.

Thank you so much for requesting! I hope you like them! <3


An old picture I did a while ago, It was of a story involving Sakura being an Akatsuki member due to the death of someone dear to her, and using her byakugou seal to channel the Natural energy of the forest. The reason for her non perfect appearance is that in order to master the slug sage mode one has to be strong of mind, as opposed to body or enormous chakra reserves. So its more like a curse mark .

Also I added a backstory for Samehada, it isn’t shark skin at all, but the tongue or Radula of a Katsuyu clone.

This is a Darker version of Sakura, and she is scary, her motto is. “become one with us.”

Bending people to her will, having Katsuyu clones merge with their every cells of the victim turning them into mindless zombies who will is that of Sakura’s.

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tbh, the parallels between hashirama/tsunade/sakura should've been emphasized way more. all three of them were famous healers, and it would've made a lot of sense to give them all the wood release too! also, the slug sage mode (which i will never let go tbh)

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!! i love ur slug sage mode so much i think abt it all the time…. they really like. had so much potential there??? let sakura do shit??? theres no reason not to do more w this?????? also breaking the cycle of 1 on 1 ultimate showdowns wouldve been more interesting…. i wish she was more involved besides being a healer and occasional tank like life and growth is just as big a part of her character and wood style wouldve been amazing alongside her healing + strength

My Criticism on Masashi Kishimoto's Portrayal of Female Characters in the Naruto Manga (an 8000 word rant)

(sadly, Sakura I won’t talk about your pairings because that would double the length of the essay)

This will be a very, very long analysis/critique on Kishimoto’s writing of women in the Naruto MANGA. Will include all spoilers possible and lots of anger. This is will be an essay about the range of female characters, examining them in their proper context and focusing on roles relative to male characters in 699 chapters and 15 years.

People will have varied thresholds on what is pleasing or displeasing to them so if you absolutely loved Naruto and found it to be excellent this essay do NOT intend to dispute your opinions, invalidate your praises of the series, devaluate female characters, or shame you for your preference. This essay is for the fans/ex-fans who were disenfranchised and can’t put to words their feelings

Everyone with an open mind is welcome to read this 8000 word essay and react, but warned that it is NOT positive. You are warned.


In Naruto, where society provides equal opportunities for genders, the village founders, clan leaders, ambitious world-changers, schemers, jutsu innovators, team leaders, tacticians, parents with careers, geniuses who show their arsenal, gray-area villains with sympathetic reasons, characters needing redemption from sinking so low, bloodthirsty killers and plot movers and plot twisters are men with only a footnote of one or two exemptions  in few categories. Male character arcs are closely intertwined with the outcome of the story arc and the theme of the series while female narratives are disproportionately insignificant to the main story arcs.

Male characters outnumber females by at least 3:1 yet most female characters can be put into mothers uninvolved in affairs outside their home and family, medical ninjas, love interests, combat support characters or those devoted to a male character out of romantic love.

The Naruto series not only severely lacks in quantity but barely meets the minimum of varied female roles-  even failing  to compensate by giving its few main female characters the treatment close to what important male characters get.

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Also since Naruto and Sasuke got God powers right after it makes sense that she caught up to them in their BM/EMS versions. After all she would still eventually remain behind so her saying that she caught up in that moment makes sense... more sense that Sakura being weaker than EMS Sasuke/BM Naruto & God powered Sasuke and Naruto. I personally wished that Kishi kept it as a deadlock, gave her slug sage mode and actually gave her feats and panel time. Edo madara should have been the final villain

Yes to everything, and lol I think almost everyone agrees Madara should have been the final villain.

So I have this head cannon that Himawari is known for being the youngest to ever achieve sage mode.  She has always been fond of her father’s summons and wanted to go to their world and explore it. One day she is finally able to go there. It so happens that all of the toads love her, most likely she enjoys eating their worm meals (which naruto hated) so they tend to adore Himawari

thanks to her hyuuga blood, she is able to open her chakara flow within her body to accept the flow of nature into her body. she can also heal anyone with just one touch.  Which deems her as not only a princess but the golden frog goddess. 

her facial markings are also close to kaguya’s do to the cause of the mixing of the hyuuga and uzumaki blood lines. thus causing her hair to lighten when she is in sage mode.

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-After the war ended and he woke up from that perfect dream. He didn't understand why he was dreaming that all of a sudden, but it didn't matter. Knowing what he dreamt was not reality thus his adoptive mother died in his arms, he walked off without saying good bye to Orochimaru. He turned into normal again after hours of being in sage mode.-

Blinking in confusion as her world flashed back to normal, the remnants of the strange tree that had filled the sky disappearing, Rita was bewildered with the dream she had faced. Realizing it was only that, a dream, she stumbled to her feet to check on the orphanage’s children who were also awakening from their daze, blinking in stupor. All seemed to be well.