being adorable in interviews

taehyung being himself and more confident in his english 💛💫🌠

jungkook being cute and bubbly and having fun 💝💜🐰

jin being funny and charming the pants off everyone in the room 💋🌹❤

hoseok blessing us with his radiance and helping keep the energy high ☀🔥⭐

jimin being adorable and making friends with the interviewers 💌🐥🍑

yoongi looking dead inside everytime they ask a dumb ass question about their hetero crush or whateva 🌈🤗💙

namjoon being the most capable leader in the whole world, supporting everyone and not having any of the annoying bs the thrown their way 💗🌍🤓


UPDATED VERSION WITH NEWS ABOUT MY INTERVIEW - First, I must bring something important here : Peridot’s “Wow thanks !!” is one of the most precious things in this world. I have to say it this just makes me fanboy and YES EVEN IN THIS CONTEXT IT NEEDED TO BE DONE like seriously imagine how fucking adorable it would be

THAT BEING SAID - I’m gonna talk about my interview. I was with the actual college’s principal.

I obviously showed my work, and finally my sketchbook because I have some expressions and chara-design I wanted to talk about - and he then started to browse my whole sketchbook saying it was really nice and I was kinda scared for some reasons bUT - he finally came across this one, and stopped turning the pages and he freAKING SMILED

And after looking at everything he said he loved my artstyle, my universe, the way I set my characters, my ideas and how motivated I was - Seriously at these moments I’m the one who wants to scream “WOW THANKS”

He even asked me who were my favorite animators, best way to make me talk for 15 minutes non-stop even though I usually can’t say a word in front of someone :’3

ANYWAY this interview was perfect and there’s a high chance I’ll be able to get to this art college.