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UPDATED VERSION WITH NEWS ABOUT MY INTERVIEW - First, I must bring something important here : Peridot’s “Wow thanks !!” is one of the most precious things in this world. I have to say it this just makes me fanboy and YES EVEN IN THIS CONTEXT IT NEEDED TO BE DONE like seriously imagine how fucking adorable it would be

THAT BEING SAID - I’m gonna talk about my interview. I was with the actual college’s principal.

I obviously showed my work, and finally my sketchbook because I have some expressions and chara-design I wanted to talk about - and he then started to browse my whole sketchbook saying it was really nice and I was kinda scared for some reasons bUT - he finally came across this one, and stopped turning the pages and he freAKING SMILED

And after looking at everything he said he loved my artstyle, my universe, the way I set my characters, my ideas and how motivated I was - Seriously at these moments I’m the one who wants to scream “WOW THANKS”

He even asked me who were my favorite animators, best way to make me talk for 15 minutes non-stop even though I usually can’t say a word in front of someone :’3

ANYWAY this interview was perfect and there’s a high chance I’ll be able to get to this art college.


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Four)

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s interview with David Tennant in DWM 378

BC: Now that you’re not only famous but also very rich, do you go mad with extravagance at Christmas?

DT: Yes, I do. I’ll be reclining on a bed of money, having champagne drip-fed to me by a harem of scantily-clad witches. I’d imagine that’s how I’ll spend Christmas.

BC: What are you hoping for from Santa?

DT: I’m not sure. Um - I know that lots of children are hoping for Cyberman heads this Christmas, so maybe one of those. On Boxing Day, thousands of kids will be running up and down the streets talking like Nicholas Briggs. He’ll be everywhere!

BC: Is that a good thing?

DT: Possibly not.

BC: I suppose we’d better mention The Runaway Bride

DT: I’m still thinking about Nick Briggs.

BC: What do you make of the script?

DT: I love it. Actually, ‘romp’ is a good description of it. Or caper comedy. It’s got something of that about it, which is a good thing at Christmas. If it were a 1950s movie, it’d star Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn.

BC: Which one are you?

DT: I’m Katherine Hepburn, obviously.

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Pet Peeves

(A/N): I thought this request was also really cute but then as i was writing I got low on inspiration and yeah

Summary: (Y/N) and Sebastian have a number of traits about each other that they don’t “like” but they love every single one anyways

Warnings: Some swearing

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   You smile as Sebastian laughs at some joke the interviewer made, his smile momentarily distracting you only for a moment before the interviewer pulls you back to reality. 

   “So (Y/N) Stan, how does it feel to officially be married to Seb?” You smile, your heart fluttering at your new name. 

   “It’s great,” You nod, casting Seb a small smile. “He’s a great husband,” 

   “So, is it different filming alongside Seb now that the two of you are married?” The interviewer asks, looking between the two of you. You think back on the filming of the last year or so, for the next Avengers movie to precise. Every other movie that you and Seb had been in together you’d either been friends or just playfully dating each other, it wasn’t until the Civil War hit theaters that you began to fall in love with him, luckily for you you both were cast in one of Seb’s many projects during the year 2017 and the two of you were reunited once again. From there a more serious relationship blossomed and now the two of you were married, the rings on your fingers proved that. 

   “I don’t think so?” You change your voice at the end, forming it as a question as you look to Sebastian. 

   “Well, we’re both going to the same hotel rooms now rather than the old two bedrooms 3 floors apart deal,” You smile, nodding your head. 

   “That is true, we do share a hotel room now,” 

   “Speaking of sharing, the two of you are sharing an apartment right now? Isn’t that correct?” You nod your head once again, humming a bit as you do. “So how’s that a change for you guys?”

    “Well, it is awkward to wake up in the mornings to have your arm dead asleep because your spouse decided to sleep on it all night,” You smile, chuckling softly as Seb smirks a bit. “Plus the amount of hair products our bathroom has now is unbelievable,” 

   “Gotta have strong, healthy hair,” You shrug, your smile never faltering. 

   “Oh god, the cookbooks? Out of control,” Seb continues on, smiling to himself. “I didn’t know that you could make so many forms of chicken, (Y/N) has an entire book based on chickens,” 

   “It’s actually 2 books,” You smirk at your contribution. Seb chuckles, shaking his head in amusement. 

   “Oh! And the TV never gets turned off, (Y/N) is horrible about that….I have way more plants in my house now, like how many planters do you need (Y/N)?” 

   “Plants are friends,” You reply, shrugging once again. 

   “Constantly leaving dirty clothes in my bathroom,” Seb shakes his head at you, clucking his tongue in distaste. “The bed is always unmade, and speaking of beds (Y/N)’s sleeping positions are out of control,” You laugh, one hand coming up to your mouth as you nearly snort. “Like, they will literally take up the entire bed and I’m stuck with half an inch of bed and blanket on the bottom of the bed,” Seb sighs, although his smile betrayed the noise. “And my god, their morning breath is so bad it gags me,” 

   “Hey,” You reign in your laughter, wiping away at a small tear that gathered in the corner of your eye. “It’s not easy living with you either,” 

   “Oh really?” Seb asks, squinting his eyes at you playfully. 

   “Uh-huh,” You nod your head, smiling in spite of yourself. “Like Seb is the messiest person on the face of this earth, he thinks I’m messy oh no. No, no, no, no; he is the messiest person I’ve ever met, he leaves dirty dinner plates on every surface of our apartment, he sheds like a freakin’ dog so I am caked in his hair all the time, he’s got really cold feet and whenever we’re laying in bed he thinks it’s a good idea to try to freeze my legs,” You look at him, squinting just as he had done to you. “Oh! He sings loudly and so off key that not even autotune would help,” Seb laughs, chuckling softly at your words. 


   “Yes, yes really, like it’s so bad, like nails on a chalkboard,” You proceed to do an imitation of him, singing so off key that even Seb couldn’t help but wince. But despite his wince he laughs, hard enough that he throws his head back as laughter bubbles in his chest and throat. The interviewer laughs too, chuckling softly at your playful antics. “Oh and he snores, so fucking loudly that It wakes me up every. single. night.” 

   “Well, it sounds like living together is hard?” The interviewer questions, raising an eyebrow as they do. 

   “Oh yeah,” Sebastian nods, smirking at the lie. “It’s super hard, makes me regret marrying them,’ 

   “Makes me regret saying yes,” You chime in, smiling at your husband.

   “No- really,” Seb smiles, genuinely this time. “It’s so great living together, there’s nothing bad or wrong about it, nothing’s changed between us,” Seb smiles at you, reaching over to grip your hand softly. “I love living with (Y/N), I love being married to them,” The interviewer smiles, their eyes twinkling in adoration for the couple before them. 

   “Plus, his singing isn’t too bad, it’s really cute. He also shakes his butt as he sings and it’s really fucking adorable,’ You smile at him, your eyes catching onto the light twinkle in his own. “And I wouldn’t be able to sleep without his god awful snoring, despite how it wakes me up every night,” 

   “So no changes then, none at work, and none at home?” 

   “Well-” Seb winces a bit, shrugging his shoulders. “I mean, it’s a change to wake up every morning to your best friend laying in bed beside you telling you that they made you coffee and pancakes for lunch,” You smile, hanging your head bashfully as Seb tells your little secret. Every morning you’d sneak out of bed and make Seb food, managing to wake him up before he woke up himself. You’d slowly coax him awake with kisses and sweet murmurings before the smell of coffee fully awakened him. “But that’s not so bad,” Seb smiles at you as he raises your hand to his lips, pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckle. “It’s not too bad at all,”