being adorable and shit

Ok like we have Yuri being seen as cute by Otabek but like… what if Yuri found subtle things that Otabek does as sorta cute?

For example Otabek in practice successfully does a jump and does that little baby fist bump. Otabek is so stoic but Yuri can see his happiness and think it’s pure.

Or Otabek gets super excited about something but doesn’t want to show too much of it. Though Yuri can see right through and just sees how endearing it is. He loves that sorta childish excitement from Otabek.

Soft Gladio Headcanons:

  • Manages to find the softest pj and sweat pants imaginable
  • He thinks his lover wearing his hoodies is the cutest thing ever
  • BIG hugs, 10/10 makes you feel safe and like everything is going to be okay
  • Super ticklish which comes in handy because he is tall and will absolutely hold stuff out of your reach
  • Pro tip: poke his ribs
  • Lets little kids win against him in arm wrestling
  • Is a human furnace A+ for snuggling on cold days
  • Loves cuddling while he reads


Jaal and Ryder are the type of couple who do everything together and calling each other waaay too affectionate pet names and get everyone else disgusted/uncomfortable and nothing can convince me otherwise

Humans have exceptions

I don’t think I have seen a post talking about this yet so here I am. 

We’ve talked about how humans can be absolutely adorable while still being durable and aggressive little shits, we’ve talked about how they have no patience and a lot of nerve, and very weird and complex ways of thinking. We can all agree that to the aliens, they are already an incredibly weird species. 

But here’s the thing : not only are humans weird, but they have exceptions that are even weirder. I’m not talking about mentally ill people, because that’s a whole different matter and that’s already been addressed. I’m talking about exceptions that don’t come from a disability but still puts an individual appart from the rest. 

Like, we are an impatient species that will need distractions and needs to move and progress and do things. But there is always that one weirdo that can stay put for hours, just daydreaming, being in their own little world, waiting for someone to come back, for something to happen, and is overall very patient (not judging, I’m that weirdo).

We are creatures who go to war a lot, even with each other. We can be seen as fierce and fearless, yet there is always someone who will have one (or several) phobia(s), someone who will freeze in front of danger and cry for hours.

We use those weird items to decorate ourselves, we even paint and tatoo our skin and pierce it with little pieces of metal because it’s “fashion” and we think it’s pretty. But there will always be that one person who just wears comfortable things and won’t let anything even near their skin.

And basically the aliens have to update their “guide to humans” again with a lot of “not always” and “there are some exceptions” and “this doesn’t apply to all” and “if that is not the result you get, don’t panic”.


Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Episode 9: Shishiou