being able to talk to all the people he's lost

BTS Reaction to you attempting suicide

request: Could you do a reaction where they find out their s/o is in the hospital because of a suicide attempt. Or maybe even find them after the attempt. Sorry if its too heavy


a/n: guess who’s crying and probably made her readers cry as well? this girl! :’))))

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-Kim Seokjin-

When Jin was informed that you were in the hospital because of a suicide attempt, his whole world stopped. He couldn’t move, no matter how hard he tried to. His mind went blank and tears blurred his vision. He couldn’t handle the pain he felt inside. Jin soon fell to his knees, sobbing and cursing the world for being so cruel.

“Why? Why is the world cruel enough to take her from me?”

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would be horrified. He wouldn’t be able to think straight after finding you like that. Your bloodied wrists haunted him, continuously swimming through his mind. He couldn’t stand being in that hospital not knowing if you were alright. He wouldn’t talk to anyone at all, mostly because he hated the world for how it was.

“The fact that people pushed her to the point where she wanted to take her own life disgusts me. The human race and society disgusts me.”

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-Min Yoongi-

When Yoongi found you in the hospital, he immediately broke down in tears. He couldn’t handle seeing your pale body. He would stay by your side, hoping every second of the day that you’re going to be alright. He wouldn’t be able to handle the pain of losing you. If he lost you, he lost himself as well. Without you he was lost.

“Please don’t leave me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with out you. Because believe it or not, I need you so much.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

As soon as he got the call from your parents, his heart had shattered into a million pieces. The one he loved with all his heart. His sweet angel, was so close to giving her life away. He couldn’t handle the thought of you knocking on death’s door so early in life. Hoseok would immediately rush to be by your side.

“Angel please don’t knock on death’s door just yet. We still have so much time togther, you can’t leave me alone like this.”

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-Park Jimin-

He would fall to his knees beside your pale, lifeless body. At first no tears would come as he stared at the empty medicine bottle next to you, but as he reached out to hold you, Jimin began to sob. His hot tears fell onto your cold skin and the other boys would rush into the room when they heard his cries. Soon the only thing that filled the room was his scream of agony. 

“How could you leave me (y/n)? I can’t handle you being gone, why did you leave?”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Taehyung would be terrified, not for himself, but for you. He had rushed to the hospital as soon as your parents had called. When he got there, the only thing he could focus on was the rope marks that circled your throat. He was scared that you would try again, and succeed in your attempt. He collapsed next to your bed and sobbed, pain and fear taking over his senses.

“How could you? Why did you try?”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would be a mess of emotions. When he found you alone in the bathroom with your wrists all bloody, he knew. He knew you had tried taking your life. He’d break down crying, shaking your limp body in attempt to wake you up. Jungkook would press his lips to your cold ones, hoping that it would somehow magically work. When nothing worked, he screamed in anger, mad at himself for not being there to stop you. He would break down in tears once more, holding your body close.

“You can’t be gone! Wake up! Wake up please!”

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Being the youngest in the group and being killed during the line-up would include:


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• All of them gasping and not wanting to realize that it’s actually you who is Negan pointing at when he ends his rhyme 

• Negan saying that it’s actually fucked up to kill the youngest but that it’s the deed they all have asked for with killing his men 

• Rick under tears trying to make a deal when he sees you’re chosen saying that Negan should spare you through you being the youngest, but Negan shouting him down threatening to kill not just you but also someone else 

• When the bat finally crushes down on you the only and final thought you have  is that you could at least save your friend’s lives with your death 

• In your very last moments the last thing you hear are the horrified screams and sobs of your friends while the harrowing pain that shot through your body stops and everything goes finally black

• Carl who had tried to not shed a single tear in Negans presence wouldn’t be able to hold them back anymore seeing one of his closest friends die through Negan

• Eugene not being able to open his eyes while he hears the bat crushing down on you again and again and crying and sobbing uncontrollably as he opens his eyes and sees your dead body 

• Daryl always being the one who had been really close to you and who had wanted to protect you by all costs and now not being able to hold himself back anymore at the sight of your bloody corpse but being too devastated to finally stand up and punch Negan 

• Rosita not wanting to believe her eyes and just staring bewildered at the blood soaked ground

• Glenn being always one of the people you had talked to when you had problems and now having to see how you die, he would only be able to whisper “No” over and over again while tears would stream down his face not wanting to realize that they have just lost you 

• Maggie being already at the end of her strength when the line up begins and collapsing completely when she has to see how you, the one that had always been despite your age so strong, get murdered 

• Rick finally, after having to realize that you would never come back just because of Negan, threatening to kill him

• Michonne being under tears and breathing heavily while seeing all the moments you made her as a good friend laugh again flash before her eyes while she knows that with your gruesome death nothings ever gonna be the same again

• Abraham cursing and almost shouting but being stopped by Sasha when he sees how one savior takes a photo of your corpse 

• All of them carrying you bewildered, trembling and crying home to Alexandria and burying you there 

• Them mourning you and putting everyday even after weeks and longer after your death flowers on your grave knowing that they have to rise up again and revenge you 

•  Them, doesn’t matter what happens, never forgetting you and the wonderful and great friend you were to them, knowing that you had deserved infinitely better and an a lot longer life than the one you got which ended so unbelievable cruel 

From Amy, With Love (pt. 3)

Amy wakes screaming. In her dream, she was still in that office with Dark, still forced to bend to his will in order to keep the others safe, and when she wakes, it’s like breaking through the surface of icy water. Reality comes crashing back, and she’s safe. But Wilford is gone, and Mark doesn’t even know her.

Someone comes bursting into the room. It’s Bim, not wearing his suit and looking too much like Mark. “Miss Amy! The Host told me to stay outside his room in case you needed anything, and I-I heard you yelling. So, I thought that maybe you…” Bim is cut off when Amy reaches up and pulls Bim onto the bed with her, wrapping her arms around him. “O-oh, I guess you want me to stay here with you?” Bim’s blushing like a stop sign.

“You told me something when you were under Dark’s control. You said that he owned you.” Amy pulls back from the hug and looks up at Bim. “What did you mean by that?”

Bim looks down at where his hands are folded in his lap with his fingers twiddling away. “Oh, um, I don’t know. It was probably just the aura talking.”

She doesn’t believe him. And Bim knows it.

“Dark, was the one that brought us all together, Amy. Before him, we were lost and wandering around on our own. From time to time, Mark might try to bring us into a video, but we were fading fast and…” Bim shudders at the thought of watching himself waste away, of not being able to control his own life. Even Mark had nearly forgotten him. He’d been so close… “When people forget about us, we die, Amy. Dark made sure that would never happen to us when he brought us here.”

“And for that, you’re indebted to him,” Amy finishes for him. As much as she hates Dark—and she really hates him—he brought the Egos back from the brink. He made them the heart and soul of the channel, and now they wouldn’t fade for a long, long time. “But that doesn’t mean that he owns you. You’re still Bim Trimmer.”

Bim shakes his head. “It’s not simple, nothing is. I’m Mark, but I’m not. I’m Bim, but I’m not. I’m an Ego, a figment of someone’s imagination made real. I’m not… human, not like I want to be.” He scoots away from Amy an inch. “I’ll always be dependent one someone else, and right now, that’s Dark. He keeps us alive, as terrible as he is.”

Amy bites her lip and nods. The whole situation is terrible. Mark couldn’t have known when he brought these characters to life that he’d be condemning them to this, and now, even he is paying the price for their creation. “Bim, I-,” but at that moment, Google flips the switch somewhere in the building. The alarms for a meeting go off, and Bim jumps to his feet faster than Amy can clamp her hands over her ears.

“We should go to the Board Room, see what’s up,” Bim says, taking her hand and helping her out of bed. “I’m sure they’ll want you there, too.”

Every Ego in the building, along with Amy, gather together in the Board Room. Those that have a seat sit while the others stand about, chatting amongst each other about a Full House Alarm and what it could mean. Two seats remain empty at either end of the table, and Amy is offered Will’s after a moment of awkward pause. She sits, and Google takes the floor.

“There have been some developments,” the droid says after everyone quiets down. “The Host has interrogated Dark,” that causes some murmurs and gasps, “and Host wants me to tell you that Mark’s memories of Amy have been stolen.” More gasps and murmurs but now there are stares in Amy’s direction. She feels her shoulders rising in an anxious attempt to make herself appear smaller. “They’ve been transplanted into Wilford’s mind, and we believe this may be the cause of his disappearance.”

Amy looks up immediately at the Host who is mumbling narrations to himself faster than she’s ever seen before. He doesn’t like being the center of attention, and it’s why he’s letting Google do all the talking. “Unfortunately, Dark has no idea where Wilford is. Until we find him, we cannot return Mark’s memories,” Google finishes.

The room erupts into shouts and bickering. Some of the Egos think they should leave well enough alone. Mark was never their friend, and Wilford got on their nerves anyway. Some of them think that they should immediately start arranging search parties. Others insist they should call the police, but Google silences them all with a loud shout.

The Host stands, balancing himself against the table carefully. “You all know what we are. You know that the police could never understand our situation, but you also know that Egos do not desert one another, no matter what.”

Host straightens himself, not leaning on the table any longer but standing like he isn’t afraid for once. “We will work together. We will find Wilford, and we will return Mark’s memories, if for no other reason than Amy is our friend. She’s been loyal to us. She faced Dark for us, and we cannot let that debt go unpaid.” He pauses a moment, and the room falls into complete and utter silence. “Are we in agreement?”

Amy looks around the room at them: the Googles, Ed, the King, Silver, Bim, Yandere, Dr. Iplier, and even Bing. There’s so many of them, and if they had a mind to, they could toss Amy out. And there would be nothing she could do to stop them, but instead, they all nod in agreement.

Host takes a deep breath and sighs. “Alright, then.” He turns to Amy. “Wilford has Mark’s memories of you. Is there anywhere you can think of that he might go? He’ll be confused and scared, so he’ll go somewhere that makes him feel safe.”

Amy thinks for a long time before the answer becomes clear. “I know where he might be.”

Host smiles reassuringly. “Then let’s go find Wilford Warfstache.”

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A Zukaang super hero AU where Zuko has a fire power (duh) and Aang has powers can make him fly and communicate with animals.

I’ll take Zukaang Super Hero AU, but Imma change the powers on you a bit. 

Rating: R, because sexy times. 

Length: 3000+ words. It’s very long…

It was Aang who had to turn the television off. Zuko only stared at it. And with each moment that he let pass watching the pixilated, overly-bright angry face of the news room personality spew only made Zuko’s frown grow longer and longer. Aang swore Zuko’s eyes dimmed just like the TV screen.

“Don’t listen to that guy,” Aang said. “He’s a jerk. Everyone knows that. No one takes him seriously.”

“Yes they do,” Zuko answered. His voice sounded miles away and Aang’s stomach rolled with every inch of distance. He had just been laughing. Now his hands were gripping at his arms again, just like they always were. “That’s why he has a talk-show.”

“So what?” Aang pressed on. “You saved all those people, Zuko—“

“I burned that kid!” Zuko retaliated. “You heard him; the kid’s in the hospital!”

“Better than being in a grave, though, right?”

“Yeah; and I could have been the one who put him there.”

“You weren’t! You saved him!”

Aang had seen the whole even. How Lady Noir’s henchmen had wilted under the blasts of Zuko—the Fire Lord’s—streams of fire. How he had been able to push them back, away from the hostages, free the bridge. How the boy had lost his balance when his ropes were untied by the police. Aang had tried to make a grab for him, but The Fire Lord was faster. He caught the boy by the wrist and pulled him to safety.

He was only burned at the wrist. Zuko hadn’t touched anywhere else. He would be find. Fine, where he could have died. At the way the boy’s mother gushed over him and cried her thanks to Zuko, and how the boy clung to her, the burns seemed an easy price to pay.

“I saved him that time,” Zuko said. He lifted his hands and glared at them, their shine cutting hard shadows into his frown. “What if next time I lose control? Or I fall into someone at a fight and set them on fire? What if I cause an explosion?”

“Well—“ Aang offered a smile—“so long as you don’t hug Combustion Man you shouldn’t have to worry about that.”

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a little kind of anti-kakarin rant. let’s begin with Rin;
we all know that Rin had romantic feelings towards Kakashi at the beginning of the whole Kakashi/Obito/Rin story, am I right ? ok I don’t deny it, but I, personally, saw it like a big crush. the only times Rin blushes (cause of Kakashi) are when he’s showing how talented he is or when she’s preparing that “party” cause he’s becoming jonin (again, Kakashi being a talented ninja); I felt like Rin had romantic feelings towards him and not towards Obito because her and Obito were childhood friends so she just saw him like a brother, but then there was Kakashi, the mysterious, talented, brave and bold guy; who wouldn’t have a crush on him? I just don’t think she was truly in love with him.
btw the “she decided to die at the hands of the man she loved” are just Obito’s words. and let’s talk about the afterlife scene.
some people would say “she’s just being nice” but is watching over and waiting for a certain person for 20 long years in order to pass out together (which I found so lovely) just being nice? I mean, Rin was okay with being alone with Obito and she understood all his actions, held his hand and went to a new world with him. she waited for him to go to a new world with him. if Rin still has romantic feelings towards Kakashi, don’t you think that Kishimoto would’ve confirmed her feelings once again? just like he did with Sakura in chapter 693 or Tsunade in chapter 589?
Rin is now aware of Obito’s love towards her, don’t you think that it’d be weird if she acted like that without loving him back? don’t you think that it’d just confuse him?
then when Obito is going to leave for a moment and moves his hand a little, Rin is like “Obito…?” and then when he explains that he’s going to come back after helping Kakashi she says that she’ll be waiting for him right there. waiting for someone you love doesn’t sound familiar talking about Kishimoto? I mean, Sakura (who loves Sasuke) telling him that she’d be waiting for him; or Dan (who loves Tsunade) telling her that he’d be waiting for her? I think that that’s how the love triangle of team Minato ends, with Rin finally reciprocating Obito’s feelings and Obito’s happy ending.
I, personally, don’t even like Obito nor understand his actions like Rin did, but I’m just being objective.
now let’s talk about Kakashi since some people tend to misunderstand him.
Kakashi did not have romantic feelings towards Rin. sure he cared a lot about her and they were friends, but he didn’t love her in that way. I mean, have you all seen Kakashi’s profile in the databook? he’s in front of Rin’s grave and it states that he has affections towards his friends. it states her as friend just like obito, not his love. and then when he felt helpless in the fight with Kaguya, he had an inner thought about Rin and Obito. in which he considered both of them just his friends. or when Obito talks about Rin’s death, Kakashi stated her as a comrade whom he lost. he didn’t see her in a different way.
and some people think that he loved her since when Obito talked about her, Kakashi couldn’t move. sorry but you guys are wrong. Tenzo (Yamato) also talked about her death when he met Kakashi. and Kakashi could move. when Obito talked about her death Kakashi couldn’t move since Obito (the person whom Kakashi promised he’d protect Rin) himself was telling him “you let Rin die”. we all know Kakashi regrets not being able to keep his promise and Obito himself was reminding him that he couldn’t keep it.
if Kakashi “loved” Rin, don’t you think that when he died they wouldn’t have showed her just like a teammate like they did? I mean, that was a great opportunity to state that he had feelings for her.
and btw, you know about Kakashi’s depression? Rin’s death wasn’t the only thing that caused it.
just look at Kakashi’s back story, Rin’s death traumatized him. Kakashi began dropping into a depression because of these reasons: not being able to help his father (which ended up committing suicide), losing two friends in a short time span and his failure to honour Obito’s last request, (protect her). Rin’s death traumatized Kakashi and caused him a lot of pain (he killed her himself, who wouldn’t be hurt? please be objective and don’t force the ship). when he accepted that Rin chose to die, he kept blaming himself for not being able to keep his promise. we can tell Kakashi lost his whole team but what keeps bothering him was not being able to keep his promise.
anyway, Obito and Rin are Kakashi’s past. Kakashi was okay with Obito and Rin being alone. Rin was okay with her and Obito being alone. Rin waited for Obito in order to go to a new world with him. Obito and Rin passed out to a new world together. the way it was written makes me think that ObiRin makes more sense.
and in case you were thinking “if Rin hadn’t died KakaRin would’ve been canon”; sorry but I personally don’t think so.
Kakashi did not have romantic feelings towards her before Obito died (since he didn’t hesitate to abandon her), but after Obito’s death don’t you think that Kakashi wouldn’t develop those feelings either since he would see her just as his promise? a friend whom he had to protect? Kakashi himself stated that he’d protect her because of Obito’s love towards her. the only person in team Minato who had romantic feelings towards Rin Nohara was Obito Uchiha.
that’s my opinion tho, you all will ship whatever you want anyway but I just wanted to state my thoughts.

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I'm sorry if this may bother you or something similar but, do you think you can reveal your thoughts on Carlos's relationship with his mother?? I loved your Evie meta post because that is exactly how I feel about her mother's treatment of her and how her feelings change. Again, I am sorry if this bothers you!

omg no youre not bothering me at all. ok i jst wanna start this by saying tht bc im not black, i dont think i’ll be able to rly. get all of how carlos feels abt his mother jst like. u knw? like i cant ever fully comprehend his experience

carlos wants his mother to love him. he loves her inherently, by the virtue of being his mother, he loves her. he’s known for a long time that something is off with her, he’s heard people on the isle talk about how they think that cruella has lost her mind, lost it ages ago, how they feel so bad for her son. sometimes he feels bad for himself too.

he doesn’t feel bad for himself when he’s doing her endless list of chores or when he’s being yelled at and scared. he feels bad for himself when he gets his hopes up. when he thinks maybe his mother loves him. when he thinks maybe his mother is getting better. when he thinks maybe if he does everything she asks, they could be normal one day. when he thinks maybe he could escape.

he talks about it sometimes. getting off the isle. he’s broken a hole in the barrier. even just for a moment. he wants to bring the whole thing down so he can leave. he wants so badly to leave. he would bring evie with him, he knows that. she’s the closest thing to a mother he thinks he’s ever really had. it makes him sad, but he feels hopeful that one day they will leave. they will leave and be so, so happy and okay. he tells himself that before bed sometimes, on the nights where cruella blows smoke into his face and tells him horror stories about dogs.

when mal and jay stop bullying him, carlos starts thinking less about leaving the isle. he still wants to, but there are at least pieces of it besides just evie that are tolerable now. he has friends now. he likes that. he likes to pretend that if they can love him after all the time they spent taunting and harassing him, his mother can love him after all the years of… of this.

carlos can’t call it abuse. he can stomach thinking it sometimes, after she’s yelled at him too loud to justify. but he can’t say it. not to anyone but himself. he feels like a traitor of a son for even thinking it. he feels like he can’t be a victim anyway. like he should be better than that, or like villains can’t be. he’s not sure exactly which it is.

the day maleficent tells them they’ve been selected to go to auradon is not the happiest day of his life. it’s a hard pill to swallow. as much as he’s thought about leaving, he never really thought he ever would. ever could. and now he’s leaving with his best friends and they have a job, of course, and he’s supposed to make it so his mother can come too eventually. he’s excited to go, but he feels queasy even before he starts on all the candy in the car. queasy at the thought of actually being so far from his mother. queasy at the thought of how she said she would only miss him doing her chores. queasy at the thought of how she’ll come too, eventually.

he knew, of course. he knew their parents were all bad. he knew they probably all deserved better. he knew the ak would probably have better parents, that heroes probably loved their kids. that didn’t make finding out for sure hurt any less.

I think the wolves have got me

It was busy at Grany’s , now that the curse was broken many groups of people sat at the tables talking about how it should go on.

Red was busy doing stuff and I just lost myself in the trouble and mess around me.

I was able to remember the time before the curse, what I did, who I was but something told me there was something missing, an important memory, I thought about it for a few days now, I asked red but somehow she kept avoiding me.

A snap at my ear ripped me from my train of thoughts.

Red stood in front of me and grinned oddly “stop worrying about it, y/n?”

“I just…” red looked at me, raising an eyebrow, making me mute down and look to the ground.

“Ruby , you have to admit something isn’t right, something is there and you know it, the last thing I can remember is the village celebration where snow talked about an arrogant prince, and next then snow was married, there are months missing in between!”
I looked at her questioning.

Ruby let her bubble gum burst and shakes her head “ you worry too much, everything is alright! ” she put a coffee in front of me “shouldn’t you be going” she asked pointing at the clock.

I snorted, jumped from my seat and took the coffee to go. Ruby opened the door for me and I walked out, back facing the door as I spoke to ruby “we’ll talk about this later” she shook her head and I quickly turned around, walking into something, better said someone and the hot coffee spilled all over them.

I stood there in shock not being able to say a single word.

“Since the curse was broken some people seem to have lost their mind” my victim said harshly, trying to shake off as much coffee of his clothes as possible.

Ripped from my motionless state I gave him a napkin “I’m so sorry I didn’t want to do that”
The stranger took the napkin and looked at me properly for the first time now.

He looked at me in confusion and stopped his movements for a second.
“I didn’t watch out”

“ its okay, its just coffee ” his dark eyes stayed on me in disbelief, his features softened. “I’m Jefferson” he held out his hand to me and I responded to him by taking it “y/n”

“I’ll pay the cleaning” I stammered and got my cart of my pocket “bring the bill to me, I’m very sorry”

Carefully he took the card from my hands as if I’d disappear every second. He wanted to say something but was cut off by red

“Y/n you’ll be late” I just nodded and stammered a last apology before taking my leave.

Red looked after me before tuning to Jefferson

“You have done enough, leave her alone.”

A big thanks to you honey for the translation @winter-childrens

Floki and Helga

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Still more to come.

Other parts here.

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   Before Antoinette met either of Ivar’s actual parents, she met his father figure Floki and his wife, Helga. If she had to describe them, Floki was like a storm, unpredictable sometimes and predictable at others. He was the type that was easiest to read the more you knew him. Helga, however, was probably his exact opposite. She was a calm day, a bit like the sun breaking through the clouds just after a rainstorm. They were perfect for each other.

  She could see why Ivar and Floki got along so well. The man was kind under his unpredictability and cared deeply for him since he was born. He cared about all of his dear friend Ragnar’s sons, certainly, but Ivar, who often had to rely on aid when he was younger, held a special place in his heart.

  Helga, she could tell, didn’t care for Ivar as much as her husband did. She wasn’t surprised by that too much, though. Helga seemed all sunshine and smiles, not prone to anger or irrationality. Ivar was easy to anger and quick to snap. They just didn’t mesh well together at all.

 Even so, Helga was probably the nicest person she had ever met. Ivar had said she was a “mythology loving hippy” which was apparently part of the reason she and Floki had gotten along so well when they were just friends.

  On the other hand, it was harder to get close to Floki. His sheer personality made that a difficult thing to attempt. He was wary of people he didn’t know and protective of the one he did. Ivar had told her, simply, that he had suffered quite a few loses throughout his life. Most of all, he had even lost the only child he and Helga had ever been able to conceive. It had simply resulted him being even more protective of the few people in the world that he loved. That was why she understood why he was so suspicious of her.

  “Don’t hurt him,” he said in the brief moment they were alone. There was an edge to his voice then, despite the almost happy way he had been talking before. Now he was all grit, no happiness. “I won’t,” she had answered a small smile on her face.

  “Good,” he had replied before they fell into silence. Helga’s return shifted the mood in the room again. It was back to happy words and silly stories. She had taken the chance to observe the two of them together while they basically ignored her in favor of basking in each other’s company. They were sweet together in ways she couldn’t quite put to words. Despite the loss of their only child, they still seemed to have a strong and unbreakable relationship together. Two hearts that beat in sync.

 Antoinette could only hope she and Ivar could have the same one day.

Never Alone

Summary: Phil has always wanted to be in the army ever since he was a little kid. So now, he’s finally got the chance to go. Unfortunately, this means that he has to leave his family and his pregnant boyfriend behind.

Genre: AU, Fluff 

Warnings: mpreg! don’t read if you don’t like mpreg! 

Word Count: 7,834

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So I was watching episode 6x08 and I just had a thought. Read this at your own caution. I apologise for the blabbering and rambling but I was just watching the episode and a million thoughts when off in my head at one line so I decided to write it all down and post it on tumblr.
So after Jess leaves the house after he shows her the book they show Rory opening up his book, suggesting she was going to read it straight away.
However, at dinner with Logan she said she hadn’t read it yet. I find that hard to believe. Like of course Rory would read it straight away. I think she just didn’t want to discuss it in front of Logan, not because he’s not educated enough to join a conversation about literature but it was always a very private thing between Rory and Jess. It was basically the foundation of their relationship (romantic and non romantic relationship). It is understandable that Rory didn’t want to talk about her thoughts on Jess’ writing in front of Logan as that was her and Jess’ thing or because Rory had changed a lot since being with Logan (and since quitting Yale. Please don’t accuse me of saying Logan changed her. That’s not what I’m saying in case people think.) and she’s lost that part of her that was able to appreciate literature and talk about it as she hasn’t had that someone around to talk to about it for a while maybe even because Logan was acting like a jealous prick all night and didn’t want to make it worse. She probably also didn’t want Logan to make fun of or insult Jess but he still did anyway but that’s not the point. Whatever the case may be, she clearly didn’t want to talk about it with Logan there.
I bet she read it right after Jess left, maybe even wrote notes in the margins and was planning on showing them to Jess at dinner. It was probably given that Rory and Jess were going to talk about books during their dinner, primarily his but Logan showed up unannounced.

To sum all of this rambling up. I just find it really hard to believe Rory hadn’t read it yet. I mean, this is Rory Gilmore and this is Jess’ book and she knew she was seeing him later. She would have wanted to talk about the book with him. I think she just didn’t feel comfortable sharing the strong bond/connection she had with Jess, an ex-boyfriend with her current boyfriend.


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A Touchy Subject


Trope #5: Magical AU

~1200 words

Pre-zimbits (for now)

Bitty’s got a knack.

Everyone’s got a knack, of course, but Bitty’s got a doozy. He doesn’t much like to think about it. Most people assume it has to do with his pies and he doesn’t tell them any different. Lord knows he’d never get any rest if people knew what he could do. It got pretty bad when he was a kid, before Coach and Mama up and moved away to escape all the people asking for his help. Most everyone figures out their knack on their own, usually during childhood, but there’s always those who don’t and they can get pretty desperate. Imagine if any of those desperate people knew that Bitty could tell them.

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My review of episode 6x11

I want to compliment the writers for what they did with the Kamekona storyline and Taylor Wily for his excellent performance.
I loved this part of the episode for many reasons, I really liked both the flashbacks and the scenes set in the present.
The speech Kame gave to Remy in one of the flashback scenes surprised me … it was actually filled with economics notions, even if applied to wrong, illegal activities… it makes you understand how Kame was able to rebuild his life once out of prison: it wasn’t only luck, or help from his friends … he always had qualities, he always had a good heart… even if he let life lead him on the wrong path in order to support economically his family.
So glad he had the chance to meet Chin and to find in him someone who believed he could start a new life after hitting the bottom… I loved the scene where Chin gave Kame that book and then said he was going to be his first costumer once Kame had started his shave-ice business. “I’m inclined to believe that if you just put your head to it, there’s nothing you can’t do.”
Plus, we always have seen Kame like a very self-preserving man, so I was particularly impressed and touched when Chin told him that Remy had changed his life, that he had got a proper job and started a family and Kame said “Should have been me” … says a lot about him… as much as the courage to go undercover to get to Levi.
Another thing I really loved was the scene between Grover and Chin, talking about working with Cis and having the responsibilities, as cops, to protect them, to remind they’re not cops… I loved the way Grover was concerned about the risks Kame was taking and I loved Chin mentioning John McGarrett and saying “Kamekona’s more than just a CI to me. He’s ‘ohana.”
I loved the way the scenes of Kame cooking breakfast for his little brother and then giving up Levi to save his brother from prison tied to the present scenes: Levi trying to get Kanoa to kill his own brother and Kame’s love turning the cards on the table in the most emotional scene of the whole episode … Taylor was especially good in this one.

Another plus of this episode was the scene between Kono and Adam… They are so sweet and I love them so much… “I just keep reminding myself what’s waiting for me on the other side. 539 more days.” … I really hope they’ll get to that full happiness they deserve, so I can’t help being worried by Gabriel visiting Adam in prison. Didn’t he do enough already? Didn’t he put them through enough pain? I hope the team will catch him and make him pay for all the things he did.

And now… the Steve/Danny part of the episode … can I make a “previously on Hawaii Five-0” premise? Because it would explain my feelings about these scenes…
We’re talking about Steve and Danny here… two people who met each other during the worst time of their life… Steve had just lost Freddie and his father in an awfully short amount of time… Danny was dealing with a failed marriage and a brand new life started in Hawaii just to be able to be close to his daughter, being constantly threatened by his ex-wife with the possibility that Grace could’ve been taken away from him … Steve and Danny, two broken toys who, ever since, started and never stopped to fix each other, giving each other what they needed the most: Danny gave Steve the family he desperately needed and craved for, Steve gave Danny a home, in the largest and most important sense. I like to say that they saved each other and I can’t say how much I love this.
We’ve seen him being there for each other through the good and bad times… we’ve seen them willing to do anything – literally, anything - for each other… we’ve seen Steve willing to die, blown up by a bomb, because he couldn’t stand the thought of leaving Danny alone… he couldn’t stand the thought of living without Danny… we’ve seen Danny willing to go to a Colombian prison alone, even ready to die, to protect Steve … we’ve seen Danny choosing to stay next to Steve even when Rachel, along with Grace and pregnant with Charlie, was waiting for him to go to New Jersey, we’ve seen Danny choosing to fight to keep Grace in Hawaii when Rachel wanted to bring her to Las Vegas, we’ve seen Steve playing a big part in this, fighting next to Danny… In every danger, every dark moment, every moment of pain… Steve and Danny have always been there for each other… when the people in their life let them down, betrayed them, lied to them… they were there for each other, sharing an honest love.. 

I could go on, and on with this … I would! But my point is… please, show, don’t diminish that … in this episode I’ve heard lines like “Their relationship is fraught with some very serious problems” …. “They’re stuck in a relationship they can’t get out of” … And I can’t wrap my head around this, seriously,please, tell me they were just the quick judgments of people who don’t really know them … Because I’ve never, ever seen a show building up a relationship more beautiful than the one these two share… filled with love, trust, respect… please, please don’t ruin that. IMO, if there is a problem between them, is that they are forcing themselves to hold back the feelings they have for each other… that’s the only cause of the tension between them … and I hope one day they’ll get to admit those feelings and acting on them.
After so many episodes with so little quality McDanno moments I was really hoping we could have some sweet, emotional moments between them, it seemed the perfect episode for that… I thought it was going to be even better than the stakeout episode, that gave us wonderful moments like Steve opening up to Danny about the reason why he didn’t play the guitar anymore, Danny giving the guitar to Steve … but in this episode, even if Danny was sweet and lovable and, despite his reluctance, actively tried to open up with the group and with Steve… Steve, on the other hand, was almost unrecognizable to me, and it makes me so sad to say this, because I’ve never loved a character like I love Steve…
The fact that he didn’t show any interest in the therapy and that he didn’t even show much care after causing Danny an injury just to go text a random girl met on the plane confused me a lot… he’s always so careful and attentive. Danny was actually so sweet when he said “We’re about to win this thing. You want to fall now?” … but nothing, Steve had to text Alyssa, right? Yes, Loraine noticed the sweetness of Steve’s touch when he put the ice on Danny’s ankle, but after this Steve didn’t stay with Danny (after all they were supposed to stay together during those days, plus Danny was injured…), he chose to sneak out to go out with Alyssa and her friend, and when he came back he blamed Danny for how things were going … “We both know this trip never had a chance from the start”… “I’m talking about your attitude. [..] You’ve been down on this thing from the start… You ever hear of the power of positive thinking, Danny? Yeah, well, it works the other way, too. It’s the power of negative thinking. Bad things happen to negative people. See example 1A– you.” … Boy, was this unfair. Steve boycotted the whole thing since the start… plus, after the things Danny shared while they were trapped under the building, I don’t think Steve would say such things to Danny … he wasn’t himself, that’s it… he wasn’t himself…
And when Danny tries to talk… Steve falls asleep…
The next day, when Danny makes a beautiful, even if indirect, statement about them and their relationship (“You guys love each other. That’s enough. To me. All right? You know? You are there for her, she is there for you. That-that’s commitment, right?”) and then he talks about the consequences of his divorce… Steve… nothing, he said nothing, he did nothing, like everything was rolling off his back, I don’t know… I’m confused, so confused.
In the last scene between them things were slightly better… Danny continued to open up, and Steve actually said lovely things to him as a father, but he gave nothing of himself, he didn’t open up as well … But I loved when he said that one bright side of the sad events Danny had to go through was that it brought them together… Yes, Fate brought them together… and it couldn’t find a better match. 

Now, loving McDanno like I do, like I’ve always done and like I always will, I hope Steve will follow Danny’s example and will start to open up to him, little by little, and that maybe they will find out together that, like Loraine said, “love opens new possibilities”. I’m holding onto this hope, for the future.

Young Peter Hale-The story behind his eyes

Requested.A/N: I hope you like it.

Prompt:”If you want a peter imagine, can you do a young peter imagine on how he got his blue eyes??”

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Who doesn’t know Peter Hale?The man who killed the people who helped Kate Argent.The manipulative werewolf who would do anything to get what he wants.The one that lost his family and everyone he ever loved.The one that spent six years in a hospital not being able to move or to talk. All of this turned him into the cold heartless man that he is today.

You know that quote: “All the hardest, coldest people you meet,were once as soft as water.And that’s the tragedy of living.”Unfortunately this is more than true in his case.When he was in high school he was different.He was,generous, friendly and really smart.Of course he wasn’t a saint but he wasn’t the monster that he is now.He had a lot of friends back then.Now, he barely say two words to them.

Almost every girl in the school loved him.Almost.There was a girl in his class who ignored him all the time.Derek,his nephew who was with a few years younger than him, always laughed at him because he tried so hard to make her fall in love with him.Everyone could see that he loved her.Even though she told him that she didn’t want a boyfriend but he never gave up on trying to win her heart.After a lot of love letters and flowers left in her locker he finally succeed.


A big part of Peter’s life was Talia, his older sister.They loved each other but like any other brother and sister they had their fights.Peter always wanted to be an Alpha. When his sister became one, he spent time with her thinking that he will have the chance to steal the power from one of her Alpha friends.Talia always had meetings with other packs’ Alphas to talk about the problems that appear in Beacon Hills and find a way to protect the city.

One night Peter followed her to the meeting place.When that was over he tried to attack Kali.She was the last to leave and her pack wasn’t around so Peter took it as an opportunity to achieve his goal.He had the girl he loved and now he was going to have the power he always wanted.But he was wrong.It was a powerful Alpha against a young Beta.

He was lying on the cold ground waiting for Kali to give the final hit.But it never came.Instead she told him.

“You know…I could kill you for what you wanted to do.But that would be too easy.I want you to suffer.” she said and left him behind.


The next week there was an announcement for the seniors. At the end of the month will be a ball for them.Peter didn’t wait and invite his girlfriend to be his date.Of course she said yes.

Peter told Derek what happened with Kali.

“I can’t believe you.How could you attack an Alpha? Are you crazy?” Derek said.

“Oh come on.She left me leave.I think she already forgot that.” he said

“I don’t think so.You told me she said she wants to make you suffer.What do you think she meant?”

“I don’t know and I don’t care.I’m sure she won’t do anything.Maybe she will talk to your mother and she will be mad at me, but that’s all.” he said leaning against a locker with his hands in his pockets.

“If you say so…” Derek said still worried about what is going to happen with his uncle.


Peter was waiting in front of the school for his date.

“Waiting for someone little wolf?” he heared a voice and when he turned back he saw Kali. “I don’t think she will be able to come tonight.”

“What have you done to her?” he yelled.

“She’s on the lacrosse field.You really should go to see how she feels…she wasn’t very good when I told her that she will turn into a werewolf.” she laughed and left.

Peter ran toward the field and saw her in the middle of it , with her dress stained with blood and her hands clutching her waist.He sat down and took her in his arms.”Are you ok?” he asked

“It hurts.” she whined

“Let me see the wound.” he said. It was indeed a bite but it was healing quickly, too quickly.That could mean only one thing…she was turning.

“Is it true Peter?You are a werewolf?”she asked.

He slowly nodded.”I’m sorry I lied to you.I was afraid that if I told you the truth you would break up with me.”

“I always thought that there was something special about you.My best friend was a werewolf but she left the town a few years ago.I haven’t saw another one  since then.” she said.

“You are healing, it means that…” he said but he was cut off by her shaking voice.

“That I’m turning.I know. My friend told me about everything. How you react on full moon.How it gets a little better when you learn to control yourself.But I don’ t want this.Please…I don’t.” she cried.

“I can’t.There isn’t any way to stop the turning.But I can teach you.We’ll be together forever.Please think about that.You and me…” he said

“I love you but I don’t want to become one of those creatures,please understand.” she said

“But I..”

“Peter, please.Kill me.That’s the only way.I don’t want to be a werewolf.”

He made her to look into his eyes and then they kissed.You may not think but that was their first kiss.She told him that she wants to take things slowly but now it wasn’t much time left for them.

“I can’t believe I hadn’t kiss you more.” he said with tears in his eyes.

“I know.I’m sorry for that too.Please remember that I love.When I first say you I couldn’t imagine that you would mean so much to me.I always thought that you are annoying and rude but after you started sending me those letters I knew that you are the love of my life.So please do this for me.This is my last wish.” she said and rested her head on his shoulder.

He kissed her forehead, and hugged her really thight and then he used his claws to kill her.He listened how her heart stopped beating.He looked at her.Even now she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.She took her deep in the woods so she could be found and everybody would think that she was killed by some wild animal.

He never loved another girl since then.He stopped talking to his friends and quit the basketball team.He changed a lot.That girl changed everything, including the color of his eyes.Talia didn’t yell at him.She knew that he was already punished by losing the girl he loved.And that’s how Peter Hale became who he is today.

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didn't Lindsey say something about Stevie and him laying in bed together after a rollingstone shoot back in the day? If so can you tell me what you know about this

You’re not wrong.


Buckingham’s memory of the session centers on something different: After Leibovitz finished, everyone got off the mattress except himself and Nicks. Wearing only their bedclothes, the two of them stayed where they were and just held onto each other. The wounds of their breakup were still raw. Says Buckingham, “After all that we’d been through, knowing that we loved each other – somehow, we just couldn’t get up.” For five minutes, maybe more, Buckingham and Nicks shared a silent embrace. Leibovitz and the rest of the band milled around until finally Mick Fleetwood returned to the mattress and whispered to the entangled pair: “Guys, you’re freaking everyone out.”

“The [Rolling Stone cover] shoot was over and everyone else got out of the bed, except for Stevie and I. We laid there for about an hour hugging, and it was freaking everybody out.”

“For Stevie and me, the wounds and animosities were still very fresh,” he says. “So the idea for the photo wasn’t all that funny. We had to compartmentalize our feelings to keep the band functional, and at the end of the session, we had this moment of not being able to avoid all that had been lost. We embraced for about fifteen minutes, and Mick finally came over and said that people were starting to get uncomfortable. I don’t know how healthy all this display of our personal life was, but that’s showbiz.”


“Afterwards, Lindsey and I got to talking about how amazing it was that not so long ago I was a waitress and he didn’t have a job, and now we were on the cover of ROLLING STONE with this huge record. And we lay there for two hours talking and making out. Finally, Annie had to tell us to leave, because she had rented the room for only so long. But in one afternoon she put Lindsey and me back together and also planted the seed for Mick and me, which happened a year later. You want to know the power of Annie Leibovitz, there you go.”

friendly reminder that McGucket is actually a really sociable fellow and it’s not that hard to believe he’d leave the bunker to spend the end of the world with other humans

because he also left the bunker just to vote in the local mayoral election which seems really inconsequential and silly

but if you watch the series mcgucket almost always attends all local events, parties, etc; he’s active in the community and likes attention and being around other people

McGucket acting “feral” during the events of the end of the world isn’t hard to believe when compared with the other ragtag band of survivors who are also all extremely disheveled, irritable, and on their guard

McGucket was still acting strange in the pocalypse preppin shorts - talking to himself, cuddling up in bubble wrap, talking about marrying his beard and missing raccoon wife - McGucket’s getting better, he’s not at 100% and never will be. Memories =/ mental health; it’s likely he’ll never be able to regain precisely what he lost in lucidity because he’s done permanent irreparable damage to his mind.

McGucket missed the children; the first people who’d shown him real kindness in 30 years; which gives him motivation to leave the bunker.

Chris Kendall

My current understanding of this (yet to receive information to suggest otherwise, am willing to change mind) Chris made a video of him lying on the floor having not uploaded in several months to mock the people who ask him to upload and to keep his adsense active.

My thoughts:

Chris obviously doesn’t care about YouTube very much anymore. Same tbh. He’s grown up and probably wants to move on to other things. So why did he upload the video? Well why not? Okay, so some of you are pissed off because you expect better content and it was a bit of a letdown, but there are still thousands of people who were happy with that video. May have taken him half an hour to make and nothing really happened, but I guess some people found that funny. If you didn’t, and can’t be arsed with him anymore, that’s understandable, so then unsubscribe.

Another thing is that lots of people are saying that his “fans” deserve better. But what does that mean? Does he need to repay them? Having given them hours worth of free entertainment, does he really need to give them more? You’ve given up your time to watch his videos and read his tweets, but that’s all your choice. You give as much to him as he gives to you. And as soon as he stops giving you content, you have nothing to give to him anyway. I know it’s frustrating, we all miss his videos, but remember he’s a person and not a machine. He’s allowed to do what’s in his best interests. If he works best without making YouTube videos, then let him be. People are saying he is nothing without his fans. I’ve been off YouTube a while now. Am I nothing? No. 20,000 people putting me on a pedestal literally does nothing for me. In the past few months I developed so much as a person and rather importantly, my mental well-being has improved. YouTube can have nasty effects on certain people. It’s kinda like a drug and some people work best when they’ve completely cut it out.

In regards to Chris being patronising to his fans: that’s a fair enough remark to make. You only need to watch the Becca video to gain insight into this. And yes, I do agree that you should respect your viewers, but it is equally important to respect the uploader. I’ve met very enthusiastic viewers who were fundamentally very nice, but were also fundamentally very rude. Interrupting conversations with my friends by literally barging in front of them; telling my best friend to more or less fuck off and questioning her authority when she had to send people away from my queue because I seriously needed a break; grabbing my arse without permission and asking very personal questions that just made me uncomfortable. Photos, hugs, signings are all fun and not at all out of line. I’ve said you can do this and I love talking to you all. But occasionally, there is someone who does not understand the boundaries and is generally very disrespectful. If Chris chooses to mock these people, it’ll be because he’s experienced it 10,000 times. And it’s certainly not angled at everyone. It’s lovely being able to talk to a really interesting, sophisticated viewer, but sadly their tweets often get lost in a see of 200 interactions from one person asking for a Birthday follow. I’m not gonna justify Chris’s attitude, and it feels like he sees all his viewers in his way when actually it is just a proportion. But I am seeing a lot of people getting angry for basically being called out on their shit. Solution: don’t be a shit. It doesn’t matter how much you idolise someone, they are literally a person and spending £30 on a ticket does not entitle you to say whatever you want to them.

In regards of adsense, I don’t know whether it’s even confirmed that’s why he made the video, but I feel it’s somewhat irrelevant. I guess he needs money from somewhere, it’s not like you’ve had to physically hand it to him. You’ve made a loss of 3 minutes of your life. Don’t wanna miss out on another 3 minutes? Unsubscribe!

These are my current thoughts. I am aware I may well have misinterpreted or missed something important, in which case do let me know if I’ve made a wally out of myself, in which case I apologise and I will reform my opinion. But at the moment, it seems like people are telling him off primarily for having free control over his own content which is kinda ridiculous.

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I know that you are amazing at helping out other poor souls who've lost a fic and are desperately searching for it, so I was hoping you could maybe help me out too? I read this sterek fic where it was kind of like a Eureka crossover, where Stiles (I think!) builds a robot wolf, and it winds up bonding with Derek who's a cop? And he maybe chooses to STAY bonded to the wolf? It's been driving me crazy and I just can't find it! Thanks!

i think you are thinking of two different fics! both of them are lovely and fun. the first is an eureka crossover, and the second has stiles building a robot wolf who gets linked with derek

  • Disambiguation by idyll (T, 5k)  The one where they’re all scientists in Eureka, and Stiles is being stalked by Derek’s freakishly lifelike animatronic wolf.
  • Beta Testing by andavs (G, 10k) If asked, Derek would be able to provide a number of solid reasons as to why he took the job as Head of Security at Global Dynamics.He could also, at the drop of a hat, list in descending order every reason he hated it and why he kept his letter of resignation updated and printed out next to the phone in his office.
LOVE ME-  2. Blue Eyes

Chapter 1

i felt a shiver run down my spine as he looked at me. he was currently still making out with the girl but his eyes were on me. me cheeks immediately turned an embarrassingly Bright shade of red. i guess i was caught after all.

i looked away but i could still feel his intense stare on me. after a few minuets of blushing and trying to get over my embarrassment i looked back to see if he was gone. when i looked up i watched as he grabbed her hand a lead her to a door that took you to the part of the house the door rooms were. as he opened the door he looked back at me and winked before fallowing after the girl and closing the door.

i decided the best thing to do after feeling embarrassed was to get another drink. which really probably is a bad idea but it seemed right at the time. i walked to the kitchen since it was the room that had all the drinks and found Emma who was also getting a new drink. i was excited to see her. it had been an hour or two since i last saw her…well i think..when i drink i have no concept of time.

“i was looking for you” i told her

“oh i was in the room that’s by the room with the blue wall” she said not making much sense..obviously she has been drinking more than me.

she handed me a shot and i was more then happy to take it. then one shot turned to two and two to three and i was forgetting about the boy that caught me staring. i was feeling more then just tipsy now as i walked back to the room i previously was in. i liked it better in here because there didn’t seem to be as many people compared to the other rooms. i walked to the area i had been standing before and i was staring at my feet. i had on uncomfortable high heals and i was thinking about how bad my feet where going to feel by the time i got back to my room.

suddenly right in front of my shoes i see another pair of shoes. they were black and at first i thought i was seeing something so i blinked a few times…i was defiantly feeling more than tipsy at this point but i looked up from the shoes to see black tight jeans and as my gaze went up i was praying it would be anyone but the Blonde haired boy from earlier. but since my luck is shit when i reached his face all i saw was those two piercing eyes staring back at me again.

“what’s you name?” he asked…he had an accent which surprised me.

at first i couldn’t answer because i was confused. he only went to the back rooms with the girl maybe 5 minuets ago…i might not be very sexually experienced but i feel like sex takes a little longer. especially getting dressed and undressed and as i contemplated all this in my head i realized he was still just looking at me.

“so can you talk or do you just like to watch people make out?”

apparently while being lost in thought i had forgotten to answer his previous question

“yes” i say suddenly but then remember the second part of his statement “i mean no” i say getting flustered. finally i was able to say something that made sense “i mean yes i can talk and no to the other thing” i suddenly felt very mad at Emma for pushing that 3rd shot on to me as i struggled with my words.

“sure” he said with a smirk as he bit his lip and played with his lip piercings.

well this is awkward…

he just stood there still looking at me.

“what do you want” i finally asked

“well i asked your name and you never answered” he stated

“Lucy” i finally told him

“come dance with me” he said, but  it wasn’t a question…more of a demand.

i had to admit he was hot and part of me wanted to go with him and dance.. but i was drunk and instead said no

“I’m okay” i tell him.

“that’s nice. but we are going to dance” he says giving me an intimidating stare. he grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the crowd of people that were all dancing but i pulled back

“no” i say more forcefully

“why not?” he asked me

to be honest i didn’t really know what to say at first…i didn’t expect him to ask why. i thought he would just leave and try to find someone else to dance with.

“you are not my type… so leave me alone” i say trying to turn around and walk away but he grabs my hand and pulled me back towards him.

“it seemed like i was just your type earlier when you were staring at me and that blonde chick” he said to me. our faces were close..closer then i expected. i found myself looking at his lips and the small black hoop that circled his lip.

“my type is the kind of guy who doesn’t take a girl back to his room to have sex and then less than 10 minuets later tries to get a different girl to dance with him” i say probably sounding sassier then i intended it to be.

“oh hun i didn’t fuck her…she just sucked me off” he said giving me a smirk again. i was surprised by his words.

“oh that makes it so much better” i say sarcastically again as i hear my name from somewhere behind me. i turn around and see Emma walking towards me..or at least trying. she appeared to be very drunk at this point..

“Lucy i found you. wait who is your friend” she slurs pointing her finger at the boy with the deep blue eyes and and Blonde hair.

“he is not my friend Emma” i tell her

“name is Luke” he says giving Emma a wink and she blushes

“you should so get in this guys pants Lucy…he is really hot” she tries to whisper to me but because of the alcohol it comes out louder than she probably expected.

“okay that’s enough for you, time to go home” i tell Emma as i take her hand and start to drag her towards the door

“no Lucy wait” she whines to me and turns around to face the boy i now know as Luke.

“goodbye Luke” she says with a flirtatious smile and he gives her another wink

as i turn around to try and leave again i hear my name and turn back towards Luke

“i’ll be seeing you” he says to me as he walks away.

as i walk Emma back to our dorm i think about what he had just said..he’ll be seeing me? what? what is that supposed to even mean?

A/n- originally i was just going to post all chapters on wattpad but i decided i might as well post here as well…in hopes of more people reading.