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Do you support violence against people with a different opinion than you?

You seem to be a reasonable person who is concerned with everyone being able to freely express their opinion.  We’re assuming you’re writing to us because Richard Spencer got rocked in DC on Saturday.  

We think you need to understand the difference between an opinion and advocating for genocide.  Opinions are defensible; undefensible opinions are unjustified beliefs.  

When those unjustified beliefs consist of things like questioning if Jews are human or calling for genocide against black people and the person publicly espousing them is trying to lead a political movement, they are a clear threat to people and should be prevented from expressing themselves at every opportunity, by any means necessary (instead of, say, being given a platform by the national media to present their beliefs).  

In virtually every country in the western world save the United States, calling for a racist genocide is considered hate speech and is illegal.  Because these countries recognize what this leads to.

As a RASH skinhead once told us, “when you publicly advocate and organize for the enslavement and extermination of the majority of humanity based on skin color or religion or sexuality, you have forfeited your right to a polite and civil debate.” 

I think I’ve had a misconstrued vision of love. I thought love meant constant texting, never spending a second apart, never having a fight. I thought things had to be picture perfect for a love to be real and I would need to do anything possible to reach these unattainable standards. Love doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve come to realize that love can be the exact opposite. Love is being able to trust who you’re with when they’re at the bar with their friends, without needing to hear from them every few minutes. Love is helping her pick out the hottest outfit to go to the club with, even though you won’t be going with her; because she deserves to feel beautiful on a night out. Love is spending days apart and acknowledging that everyone needs alone time, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Love is arguing. Love is getting annoyed that she’s late to every date, every party, but never leaving without her. Love isn’t always perfect. Love doesn’t have to be only happiness to be healthy. Love can be every emotion built into one, but the good ones outweigh the bad. Love is knowing that no matter what, you can feel safe, secure and healthy with yourself and with your relationship together. Love is everything.
—  Love is you.
When You’re Home

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Note: Happy Birthday to Daveed Diggs! To celebrate please enjoy this smut. 

Request: Anonymous asked: Can you write Daveed x reader smut? Like Daveed and the reader are dating and Daveed has been touring with clipping and he’s finally home and they’re both excited to see each other again and have sex?

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1,638

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As Daveed makes his way off the plane he can’t help the smile creeping onto his face. Somewhere in this airport is you, waiting for him after not being able to see each other for two months.

No matter how much he enjoys touring, how much he enjoys the thrill of performing in front of a room full of people who have memorized his lyrics and rap along with him, his favourite part of the tour is always coming home. Wherever that may be, whether it’s here in New York, back in Oakland or anywhere in between because to him home is wherever you are waiting for him.

After collecting his bags Daveed makes his way through the airport, looking around for you as he can’t quite remember where you said you would meet him.

“Don’t tell me you forgot what I looked like in the past two months. That hurts Diggs” Daveed hears your voice and spins around to find you standing behind him, your hands on your hips and your left eyebrow raised.

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one of my fav random headcanons about Star Destroyers (especially the Resurgent-class ones) is that they have not-so-secret, but still hidden shortcuts that cut through the ship so someone who needs to get across the ship fast can get there quicker than if they had taken the normal hallways 

the good news is that travel time is greatly reduced and you also have the benefit of being able to sprint without looking like an idiot

the bad new is that it’s 10 in the morning and mitaka has already walked in on two different couples making out as he sprints from engineering to the bridge

Confession #1,990

I feel so mixed and tired about everything in my life right now. I just finally got a diagnosis for why health and my life have been spiralling out of control… but now everyone around me is acting like “Well take your meds and things will go back to the way they used to” or “You should be getting better now - you’re on meds!! Get on with your life - you can’t blame not being able to do things on your illness anymore!!”. Uhh no.. it’s called “chronic” for a reason. Do things get better or not?

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How's the server stuff going?

Pretty good! We’ve just started testing deployment and it’s going well so far, so we’re getting very close to being able to give you guys a specific date for the beta launch. :) Just got to finish up a few remaining tasks and test everything to make sure there aren’t any problems in production, but things are looking good so far!

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Hi dear, 

I’m so happy for you for being able to meet GOT7 & Hi Touch with them. OMG, youngjae likes to stick his tongue out lately and if you see the preview photos I can see his tongue often.hahaha I’m so happy that he’s having a good time in USA this time because last time when he went there his condition wasn’t really good. I hope GOT7 will continue to have good times with IGOT7.  ❤

@ people who keep bashing people who don’t have top of the line record players

Not everyone can afford a $200 record player. Not everyone can afford a $100 record player. Keep your nasty, ignorant remarks to yourselves instead of constantly saying how horrible it is and that the person doesn’t care about their records or that they deserve their records to be broke because of the record player. Does it make you feel good to make someone feel bad for not being able to afford something? Because that’s what you’re doing. For all you know, they could be getting everything record relaeted as gifts from family/friends. Seriously, didn’t you ever learn that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all? For fuck’s sake.

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Heyy, can I please have a Dylan imagine where he really likes the reader, but then see's Nate trying to make a move on her and freaks tf out at him before storming off, but the reader goes after him. Love me some fluff and I love your blog 💕

Omg thank you! You were all hanging out in Eric’s basement. Dylan, Nate, Eric and yourself. Talking shit and generally having a awesome time. You and the guys had been friends for ages & you loved just being able to be yourself around them. They didn’t care that you loved video games and shooting targets off out at rampant range. But for some reason you could feel some tension coming from Dylan.

He was always the quiet one of the group but even more so lately. When you had tried to push him to tell you what was wrong he always just brushed you off with some lame excuse: “I’m just tired, stressing about homework, ect ect”.
Nate, on the other hand. Had been inching closer and closer to you whilst you sat on Eric’s bed watching him on the newest doom mod he’d created. It wasn’t that it made you uncomfortable but you could sense he had other intentions.

Nate extended his arm behind you bridging the gap even closer. “So um y/n…I was wondering if you might wanna go grab a bite to eat when we are done here?” He mumbled in your ear. “Yea sounds good don’t it guys?” You replied trying not to giggle, Nate was obviously flirting with you but you just couldn’t picture him as anything more as a friend.
Nate grimaced, “um..I was meaning just us you know…” he started again
Dylan banging his hand against wall whipped your attention towards him.
“I’m outta here, later guys, later y/n” he growled stomping up Eric’s stairs

“Dylan!?” You called after him as he slammed the door shut. Leaping up from the bed you raced up after him. Reaching his car just as he was going to reverse from Eric’s driveway.
“Dylan?! What the hell man? What’s wrong?” You panted trying to catch your breath. “Nothing…” he grumbled refusing to look at you. “Go enjoy your time with Nate y/n” he spat.

You walked around his car and climbed into the passenger side. “Na, you tell what the hell crawled up your ass! Why did you storm off like that? I thought we were all hanging out?” You half yelled at him. Ugh the guys were such a pain in the ass at time when they got moody.

“I…I heard you and Nate arranging to go on a date and…” he mumbled looking at the floor. You stared blankly at him “are you serious? You think I dig Nate?!” You burst out laughing. “Oh my god Dylan your such a idiot!!”
Dylan snapped his head to you looking confused but still angry. “Why are you laughing?!” He hissed. You lent your forehead against his whispering “nothing would ever happen between me and Nate Dylan, I don’t see him that way even if he does see me that way, if that makes sense?”
“Really?…” Dylan asked his anger subsiding, smiling you answered “of course you doofus! I er…I like someone else… and you know them well”. Dylan’s heart sank. ‘Of course she does’ he thought ‘she’d never be interested in a loser like me’.
“Who?” Dylan demanded. “Who is it? Brooks? Eric?…”. You cut him off with a quick kiss on his lips. “You! You idiot! I like you!”

Pt 2?

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a - age: 23
b - biggest fear: not being able to support my family
c - current time: 10:04 PM
d - drink you last had: Wawa iced tea (HELL YEAH)
f - favorite song: my ipod says “No Me Ames” and i’m both impressed and embarrassed
g - ghosts, are they real: YEAH. I shared a room w/ one sophomore year.
h - hometown: Philadelphia, PA
i - in love with: One Day at a Time. Just finished it it’s so CUTE
j - jealous of: my cats. they’re assholes but everyone loves them anyway
k - killed someone: in my mind, like, a thousand
l - last time you cried: I cry when I get really excited so like all the time
m - middle name: Rodriguez
n - number of siblings: none!
o - one wish: That my family will be taken care of financially for the rest of their lives.
p - person you last called/texted: my bff
q - question(s) you’re always asked: Can you draw x for me for free? 
r - reasons to smile: Lots of cool projects to work on!! ALSO VOLTRON.
s - song last sang: “Heaven is a Place on Earth” it came on the radio and I BLASTED IT AND GOT SO EMOTIONAL THINKING OF SAN JUNIPERO :’)
t - time you woke up: 8:00 AM 
u - underwear color: Hot pink. I shit you not. 
v - vacation destination: Yosemite!
w - worst habit: Assuming the worst of things
x - x-rays you’ve had: ehhhh for my teeth I guess?
y - your favorite food: WATERMELON
z - zodiac sign: Aries

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I meant pie, not pi,” Robbie said. “I was asking about how many flavors you could name. But good on you being able to recite pi to fifty-seven places.
—  Guess what I’m writing the SpaceyTown fic

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I applaud you for being able to get out new parts for Amarte Es Un Placer, BRD, and Corre in the last few days. You are on a roll, and made a lot of people happy; including me. You're the bomb diggity, the Supreme. Now, I will go into my hidey hole and patiently and quietly wait until you post again. <3

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You are too kind and ILY <3 

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Any links or solid advice on writing a script that is sort of "standard movie length", like, if it were a filmed production and you went to see it you wouldn't come away feeling it was a bit short like a made for TV production that somehow snuck into the cinemas but you also wouldn't feel like you just went on a quest with Peter Jackson and the Hobbits?

Writing scripts, and film scripts particularly, is a very economical form of writing. You won’t have a lot of room for descriptive prose and you’ll be passing off most of the ‘filling in’ of details to the director and the production crew. One of the most difficult things about scriptwriting, in my opinion, is being able to allow the story that you’ve developed to get up and move on without you.

Now, as to the timing. The general rule of writing a stage or screenplay is that it’s one page per minute on screen. If you pick up a television pilot episode for a 40 minute format it should be roughly 40 pages long. 60 minute film, 60 pages, 120 minutes? You’ve probably guessed it’s going to be 120 pages. 

Of course if there’s some exceptional circumstance then it can be slightly shorter or longer, but most of the time one page = one minute is going to hold up.

This is, of course, in standard script formatting: Courier font, 12pt, and with very specific margin allowances and spacing requirements. There are programs available that will automatically format your screenplay to industry standard, though they will probably cost a few dollars. Otherwise, if you’re working in an amateur production it’s usually fine to eyeball your formatting as long as you’re consistent throughout and it’s easy to scan.

As I’ve said, scriptwriting is incredibly economical. The majority of the important character development, and often narrative progression is going to be done through dialogue. You will have a very limited space to describe setting, character, the movement through the scene, but the biggest thing in a script is the dialogue.

I think that what you’re trying to get at by the ‘not feeling too long or too short’ element of the question is the use of story beats to structure the narrative and keep the pace of the film going in a way that will carry the audience through rather than having them checking their watches to see how much longer this thing is going to drag on, or alternatively, frowning at the credits flying by, wondering when the movie was supposed to have started or if the cinema perhaps misplaced a section of the film.

Story beats are the small events in the story that give a constant sense of progress forward. As one event is rounded up it should lead naturally into the next, and the next and the next, a series of scenes that, together, pull the narrative along and create tension and conflict.

Each ‘beat’ represents a moment of progress or change. The protagonist learns something, or discovers something, or comes to a resolution that will affect the direction of the plot going forward. Or external forces will act upon the protagonist to a similar effect. As each beat develops and then is resolved, the story is propelled along to its conclusion.

If you want to see a film that, to me, has some of the most perfectly crafted story beats and timing that I’ve ever seen, I’d suggest watching the original 1987 movie Robocop. (Warnings for some violence and gore). Somehow the structure and pacing of this movie are so perfectly on point that when I first saw it I was just amazed.

Otherwise, I would suggest looking at screenplays of films or plays similar to what you’re trying to write. A lot of movies you can find the screenplay online (though be mindful that sometimes the formatting can be ruined by digitisation), and look at how different screenwriters handle descriptions of action, characters, setting, etc, and most importantly dialogue.

Nevermore be told you aren’t beautiful

Your presence is
a mass of silence
a black hole
surrounded by

Your eyes aren’t
full of galaxies
or secrets
just a tired

You don’t understand
why chaos is worshiped
in souls
why pyromania is

You are told
to wrap yourself
in the flames, to enlighten
to dance, but it

You don’t like
the taste of ashes
the heavy film of
soot, not being able to

You feel nothing
but shame
shaking heads coated
in madness spreading

Never again be told
that you aren’t enough
in a world of rage
the eye of a

Never again get lost
in the melody
a harmony of
raindrops before the

Nevermore have to
say never again
because you don’t have
to burn and rise again to


Based on @karmajestic-kuroo‘s fic on ao3. Babeeee 💘💗 it’s a yeaaaaar since you started talking to me! Can you believe you were formal as fuck when you asked me something about my damione fic? 💖 you shit thank you for dragging me to soukoku hell, i cannot get up because of you. Enjoy my present for the time being! Ilysm 💓💓 keep writing! I haven’t been able to talk to you these days, just remember i’m always here okay? Ily

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You are so lucky being able to afford and to attend their concert, I'm wishing you the best, and i hope you have a care-free fun time. Everything will be alright. Have fun!

I saved up for this one. I still don’t gave tickets to the madison one because i’m waiting for someone to message me back about prices from theirs that they’re selling :/ and thank you!