being a woman is being in a combat position

i got bitched at for “making the boys go blind” and they gave me a thick heavy t shirt that was down to my knees
when we got to smoothie king I tucked myself into q corner and cried because this week sucks
the teacher pulled me over and spent like ten minutes trying to explain that its just inappropriate and I bit my tongue so I wouldn’t scream ay him
then he kept trying to find out why else i was upset like jfc I’m just upset

the thing that exhausts me about activism is that there is always something new to fight for and it can be hard to take a moment to breathe. the opposition sits on your chest, whether it be misogyny, racism, homophobia, trans*phobia, or anything else in this world. it squeezes the air out of your lungs if you let it. there are so many posts circulating right now that serve as reminders of the other obstacles that women’s rights face, and while we can all use a reminder now and then, it is also important to breathe and see that our fighting is achieving something. think about how our progenitors would feel about this wendy davis thing.

yes, other things are going wrong, but you know what? we did something and we can be proud of that.

we do not have to be so polarized; as if the only two emotions we can feel are victory and rage. take a breath. look how far we have come.

then slip on your stilettos, strap up your combat boots, apply your war paint or don’t. fight with the flag of hope raised. things can improve, and that’s why we continue fighting. when you focus purely on the hard road ahead things seem insurmountable, and it’s true that i don’t expect to see a purely equal utopia in my lifetime, but as long as there are women and people with vaginas, raise your fucking banner and scream and shout until they listen, and in between your battle cries take a breath and look at yourself. watch yourself burn bright. be proud of the things that you’ve already accomplished, that your mother and grandmother have accomplished, that your children and grandchildren can accomplish.