being a sone is hard right

tokyeons  asked:

what's your favourite memory of being a sone?

this one is hard cause although im a sone since 2012, it’s not that much compared to the years the group has so i feel like i lost a lot of special moments.. but i guess their igab era was my fav because i remember watching that romantic fantasy showcase and then crying when they performed promise because i really loved the song (btw it’s still my fave) and then performing igab on music shows and winning everything, it was so amazing and right after this they had their 2nd japanese tour and a lot of japanese songs coming out, dream concert when the whole audience was singing igab with them and of course when tiffany went to youtube music awards and snsd won i cried like crazy. i really cant choose a fav memory of being a sone because i have a lot ljaskdasjlk although many things changed, i’ll be forever grateful to these girls who taught me to dream and saved me from loneliness ;;

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Please STOP commenting on Jay Kim's Instagram

Its serious guys. I was expecting him to delete it or making it private but he didnt do any of those things, instead he commented “u dont even know whats going on. Babies…chill” We need to show a more mature behavior than him (as you can see its not really hard).

Its clear he is pissed off by the comments (I dont blame him) but its also clear he cant keep silence. So please dont make anything to piss him off even more, anything that he can say will hurt hyoyeon and hyoyeon only.

LEAVE HIM ALONE, dont bash him anymore! Knetz are taking his side because they think SONES are being unfair.

EVERYTHING IS JUST MAKING IT WORSE FOR HYOYEON. instead of leaving hate comments on Jay Kim’s go to Hyo’s IG and leave support messages for her, she is really needing it right now

I said this on AllKpop but I’ll say it here too….

Here’s the thing. I dont hate Red Velvet (but the concept was horrible and so is the group name). But I’m FRUSTRATED because with all the shit that’s going on in SMe recently (Kris leaving, BaekYeon’s dating, Sulli being sick) right now is NOT the time for them to debut a new girl group. A lot of the fan clubs of these SMe artists are having a hard time right now with what’s going on and debuting a new girl group is like  a slap in the face to Sones, EXO fans and F(X) fans. “Oh, forget about your problems, here’s a new group to fangirl over”. I’m trying so hard not to take my frustration out on this group. SM needs to get its act together and take care of its current artists before popping out a new one. 

It breaks my heart to see that Hyo is now being considered as an overrated member,from some on the comment son YouTube. Her dancing I’d taken for granted and somehow her personality isn’t as adorkable as it used to be. For so long after debut hyo was criticized for things she had no control over.  And she her self said, she’d always been a firm believer in hard work, after working as boa s silhouette and getting yelled at,.or working to redeem herself over something she couldn’t change (looks). A lot of sones only see hyo as our beautiful blonde dancing queen now, and expect that she didnt become this person from hard work and years and years of changing herself. I admire her so much, the fact that she had trained 10 years in dance to debut as something she knew the opposite to. She could’ve left. Right then and there with the lollipops still in her hands, and become something huge,but she didn’t. She stayed. And she stayed to get slammed by “sones ” and the media. I wish people will be reminded for a second, when they’re worried about Tae being “lonely” or Tiff being criticized as “fat”, that they are reminded Hyo also feels this way, she also faces the same problem. But Hyo had  3seconds of solo singing in divine. Hyo didn’t get a complete line in Mr. Mr. Hyo didn’t get any solo time in Time machine or All my love is for you. OUR dancing queen had to share a dance break with yuri on stage in ITNW, when people cheered only for Yuri. Our dancing queen had a dance break in Mr. Mr. And didn’t get to have the dance break. Yet she still smiles, she still dances, and she still sings. That, to me is the greatest sign of determination and of hard work. She’s our dancing queen, and I will continue to stan her in whatever she does, even if that means leaving snsd because let’s face it, she’ll probably be more appreciated that way.