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Crutchie being into thigh riding but not just you riding his thigh, him riding yours. Just crutchie grinding himself on your leg gripping at the back of your shirt or pulling at your hair his face buried in your neck he’s a complete moaning mess and when he finishes he just sits on top of you, panting and sputtering


Very small things I love in fallout 4

- whenever Cait hums happily
- whenever somebody calls Nick “Nicky”
- how Kent Connellys face lights up when you promise to help him.
- Hancock saying “you see em too!?” When you fire your gun at nothing.
- codsworth saying “ouch?” When he gets hit.
- when you first enter sanctuary and the music plays a few notes of “I don’t want to set the world on fire”
- when the protectron asks you to put on your hard hat, if you have one in your inventory and equip it, he says “thank you”.
- the pauses in the Silver Shroud quest, where your character is trying to think of what to say next.
- taking psychojet and going YEEEEEAHH in slow mo.
- the little grunts deathclaws make when they are docile (like momma deathclaw)
- the way a tame mutant hound sits like a big cuddly green dog
-Preston being overjoyed to ride in a vertibird
- the implication that Nick would really like to have wings
- Pipers hand movements when she talks
- there is more


Book Valjean and Javert disagree on practically every issue, but they do agree on one thing:

 Marius is an absolute dweeb

Reaction Masterlist - Li and Lace (15.07.2017)


My own shit


About love and biases

Dance Practice


Twice TT second verse

Twice Signal chorus

K.A.R.D “Rumor” first verse

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Bts reaction to you being a drummer,main dancer and rapper in a GG

Bts reaction to falling in love with their psychologist

Bts reaction to you only kissed girls before

Bts finding you crying over a non-effecting diet

Bts reaction to their idol gf having a wardrobe malfunction 

Bts reaction to you being chubby

Bts reaction to you in their hoodie in bed with morning hair

Bts reaction to you being chubby

Bts reaction to their child waking them up

Bts reaction to you surprising them on their birthday

Bts reaction to finding out you’re gay

Bts reaction to them taking care ofr you on your period

Bts reaction to you being pregnant

Bts reaction to you having strech marks

Bts reaction to your ‘soreness’

Bts reaction to others checking you out

Bts reaction to you not being afraid of horror movies

Bts reaction to you having cold hands

Bts reaction to first kiss

Bts reaction to you bein disabled


Bts reaction to you being bratty.

Bts rection to you wiggling on their lap

Bts reaction to cumming on your face

Bts reaction to you liking rough sex

Bts reaction to you having nipple piercing

Bts reaction to them being your first

Bts reaction to riding their thigh (Hyung line)

Bts reaction to you riding their thigh (Maknae line)

Bts reaction to eating you out

Bts reaction to you having an impregnation kink

Bts reaction to you having a Daddy Kink

Bts reaction to being jealous

Bts reaction to you having a mommy kink

Bts reaction to you giving them a boner in their lap

Bts reaction to you giving them a blowjob in the dorm

Bts talking dirty/acting to you

Bts receiving a blowjob while on the phone talking

Bts reaction to you having a biting kink

Bts reaction to you sending them nudes

Bts reaction to BDSM

Bts reaction to mirror and window sex

Bts reaction to multiple rounds

Bts reaction to teasing under the table

Bts reaction to you being needy in public

Bts reaction to watching their girl fucking another

Bts reaction to you bending down for them to see their ass

Bts reaction to putting a bullet vibrator in you

Bts reaction to someone walking in while doing it

Bts reaction to you calling them “Daddy” for attention

Bts favourite position

Bts reaction to you being a mess for daddy

Bts reaction to you wanting a threesome

Bts size

Bts reaction to food play


Bts reaction to you having a complicated family

Bts reaction to you having panic attacks and anxiety

Bts reaction to them being used by their crush

Bts reaction to you using the safe word























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Got7 reaction to you being awake *smuttish*


Got7 reaction to you teasing them on your period

Got7 reaction to you wearing a dress t-shirt around the house

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Kard reaction to their s/o leaving them a hickey

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Btob reaction to you teasing them under the table

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iKON reaction to you wanting a second round

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Produce 101/Wanna One


Produce 101 forgetting your birthday


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Bts teasing you under the table

Bts finding you mastrubating

Special reactions (submitted)

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Blackpink reaction to you getting hate *submitted by @imagine13idiots

Story Masterlist

Things the signs remind me of

Aries: late night camp fires, warm black socks, counting to Infiniti, electric guitars, a lone light in the dark, running until exhaustion, looking someone in they eyes, 11:11 wishes, nose piercings

Taurus: a full nights rest, breathing, light purple, honey, sweet tea, anger, dark red roses, genuine smiles, jokes, blushy cheeks, eyelashes, closed eyes, lonliness

Gemini: kites, blue skies, the sound of running feet, being homeless, crowds of people, black leopards, picnics, numbers, electronic music, crows, blinking

Cancer: daisies, sunflowers, sunsets, a baby’s toes, friends, laughter, black eyes, souls, angels, making others laugh, waterfalls, rainbows, cartoons, the tired feeling after crying

Leo: public speaking, strong muscles, the bright light seen when dying, the solar system, the sun, singing, gray skies, smiley stickers, Nike shoes, dark circles under eyes

Virgo: pink skies, clouds white as milk, sheep, mathematics, being smart, shyness, antique furniture, cat paws, autumn brown, classy shoes, whispering

Libra: time, sprouting flowers, marijuana, white, wine, beer, fruit, highways, slow motion, loud music, sour gummy worms, big pupils, boobs, entertainment

Scorpio: teddy bears, blood, strange music, forests at night, silly faces, long walks, dinosaurs, private numbers, cigarettes, messy rooms, fingers, scrubby clothes, Where The Wild Things Are

Sagittarius: background vocals, talking about everything, lighters, secret letters, alley ways, new trends, leather, a favorite song, movies, yellow, stars

Capricorn: children, hard work, calculating, the circus, falling asleep, boredom, facts, making out, country music, one on one time, forests, red, phobias

Aquarius: sharks, being underwater, fame, face tattoos, being alone, existence, the brain, drugs, cats, trumpets, airplane rides, being above the clouds, spiders

Pisces: the hands of an artist, white walls, silence, sleepy eyes, big smiles, simplicity, sitting on a sidewalk at night, sad music, sadness, paint brush strokes, surrealism

School AU Prompts (part 2)

• “dude… is that a hamster in your pocket?” au

• “you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you” au

• “you play the tuba and for some fucking reason you have to play a little dopey tune whenever I walk in the band room” au

• “so YOU’RE the kid who naruto runs through the halls!” au

• “you rick rolled everyone at prom and I’ve had a crush on you ever since” au

• “we won’t stop talking in class so one day the teacher makes an animated slideshow of us holding hands in an attempt to shame us no homo” au

• “I know you are so athletically challenged that it’s pathetic but I’m gonna keep picking you for my team in gym class because you’re cute” au

• “listen I don’t care that you’re being ‘sO RåNdoM!¡’ by riding a bike through the halls and I don’t care how they let you inside with it but it’s nine in the morning I’m late for class I’m tired and I need you to get out of the fucking hallway” au

• “… who’s the kid in the morph suit?” au

• “you know a lot about recreational drugs for a freshman” au

• “I’m considering getting into trouble myself just to see how they handle your dumb ass in the principal’s office” au

• “you called me a furry so I have to defend my honor and challenge you to a Pokemon card battle” au

• “I called you a furry and you challenged me to a Pokemon card battle are you serious? you know you’re not helping yourself look better in any way right?” au

• “I told you you were wearing too much makeup so you immediately wipe off your lipstick with your hand and smear it on my shirt… I’d like to make a formal apology” au

• “same backpack?? same backpack!!!” au

• “we’re wearing the same shirt, heh one of us is gonna have to change… you’re right that joke is old… yes I’m sorry… okay I’ll think twice before talking to you again… yes I know my place now” au

• “you’re a senior for crying out loud, stop writing 'suck on dis dick’ on my window when we ride the bus” au


A little art therapy self care👌🏻 My water color painting of all my favorite books💙

Buy a custom one here:
Could you imagine if Breath of the Wild had a post game

Castle town not being surrounded by Ganon anymore

The divine beasts not constantly cluttering up the sky with their lasers anymore

Guardians that actually guard things and are helpful

The ability to go back into the divine beasts and just hang out

Zelda being someone you can interact with

Bolson construction being convinced to go back in business in order to repair castle town as well as the other settlements around hyrule

New characters who’s families had fled hyrule during the calamity coming back when homes become available, giving new quests

All the monsters getting a minor appearance change to make them look less evil, and not being aggro anymore, rather acting like wild animals and adding raw meat to their drops

Actually being able to tame and ride a Lynel instead of just mounting it for a few seconds

No more stal-monsters

No more blood moon (though obviously a mechanic to replace it which isn’t primarily focused on the evil coming back to life but the rejuvenation of the things around hyrule in general)

The Nice Hinox™, as seen in previous Zelda games

Also there’s literally always material for post-game plot related content. Like maybe we could help a historian discover the full story of what happened 10,000 years ago, or we help the ghosts of the old champions instruct the younger generation to operate the divine beasts, or we face a new, smaller threat (as sometimes happens in post-games) like Vaati or something.

I just have a lot of feelings about post-game content and I really wish this game had it okay?

“The stars dust gold leafing on his skin. And we are looking at each other, just looking, and I swear there are whole lifetimes lived in those small, shared moments.” — The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

concept: series ends with wedding. after kiss some b-rated disney villain wreaks havoc upon the town. MAJOR eyerolls n shrugs from everyone then emma pulls a sword out from under her dress (magic?) and charges into battle. tired pirate boy just wants to enjoy some cake. camera pans overhead out to the entire group of friends and family watching/cheering/screaming as emma is still charging forward. cut to black. end.