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work thoughts (+ encounters with people)

-messing with mad-eye moody’s catchphrase “constant vigilance!” led me to the name “constance vigilant”, which I think would be great for a lady bounty hunter or something

-on a similar note, spoonerizing “jubal early” (that one creepy guy from firefly) makes “herbal julie”, as least phonetically speaking, and I’m not really sure what to do with that knowledge.

-today our ice machine at the cafè was messed up so I had to cross the building and fetch ice from the events center kitchen on the other side.  as a side note, I had to go through the adjacent thrift store to get there and it’s super dark and creepy pre-opening.  anyway, as I was shoveling ice into various containers it occurred to me that I was kind of stealing the other kitchen’s ice, so let it be known that I am the Ice Bandit.  no ice is safe from me!!

-I once asked my coworker who has a fairly thick accent if it made her angry when I asked her to repeat things (I’d been kinda obsessing over it so I had to ask).  she told me no, it’s much worse to be laughed at or imitated.  

-I think she’d have a right to be frustrated even so, but the long and the short of it is that all anyone can do is be as respectful and attentive as possible, and if you’re freaking out about talking to someone with an accent it is going to be way way harder to understand what they’re saying.

-everything is easier when you relax.  it’s like a lifehack, but UNATTAINABLE

-devil music lady came back today and, while she was getting water for her friends, said to me, “it would be hard, being invisible, wouldn’t it?  people would just bump into you and you’d be like ‘hey, I’m right here’!”.  I was confused but happy to engage in a weird hypothetical because that’s my jam, so I babbled something about how it was true, the downsides of being invisible might outweigh the benefits.  

-and then she sprang the (totally unnecessary and weirdly passive-aggressive) trap and briefly waxed eloquent on how jesus was the invisible presence of god on earth and how he must have felt when people “didn’t notice him” and…I dunno, it was weird.

-I’d had just enough caffeine to make me chatty and extra weird so when this one guy with an amazing curly mustache and earring came through the cafè as he does, I asked his name, introduced myself, and told him he looked like a “cool pirate”.  he laughed, I got flustered, he said he didn’t mind and he’d “been called much worse”, to which I replied, in absent, high-pitched tones of distress, “oh, well, that’s…” and then kind of shuffled off to clean something.

-it’s been a weird day

-the ipad keyboards at work are unreliable at best so today when I was trying to type “broccoli cheddar” I just wrote “bro.” instead.  bro.

-I feel like conversations are supposed to be like…a squirrel jumping nimbly + fluidly from branch to branch.  but my squirrel (especially when I am low on spoons) will sometimes hesitate and lose momentum, or just completely miss the branch, or do some kind of acrobatic fucking pirouette in entirely the wrong direction?

-dammit squirrel

-anyway that’s all from me

echoraven1219  asked:

Hi! I'm currently writing about a pirate who is very sensitive (he cries a lot, but mostly just over other people. Say, if one of his friends got hurt or something). How can I convey this while still keeping the pirate side of him alive? Thanks!

Oooh, this is a fun one!  So, I expect that I’ll have as many questions for you as I do answers, @echoraven1219​, so if you want to respond, please tag me so I see it!

Firstly, I think it all depends on what kind of pirate you have.  What kind of piratical things is he good at?  No one thinks of Captain Jack Sparrow as less of a pirate because he stumbles around like he’s drunk or high all the time.  Why not?  Because he’s actually good at being a pirate; he’s a good seaman, knows how to lead/control a bunch of scoundrels, and also is damned good at stealing other peoples’ ships (or other valuable items).

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Have you ever seen Stardust? If so, it’s another great example of a pirate who isn’t um, traditionally masculine.  Captain Shakespeare likes to wear dresses and dance, but he’s still a damned good pirate.  His crew pretends not to know about it, but once they can’t hide it anymore, they admit that they keep following him because he’s a good captain and a great pirate.

Originally posted by lenorbinator

So, with these two examples in mind, I would say that crying isn’t a big hurdle to overcome as long as you make him out to be a really good pirate.  Maybe make him the “Good man in a storm”; the guy who never cracks under pressure (even if he does cry manly tears when people he cares about are hurt).  Make him the one guy who never ever gets seasick - because believe me, that gets you a lot of cool points with fellow sailors, particularly in bad weather.

Historically speaking, pirates were a rough bunch - but they were a strange bunch, too.  If you were good at creating death and mayhem (because pirates really weren’t nice folks), you could pretty much get away with crying, wearing dresses, or being drunk all the time.  Granted, if he’s sensitive enough that he doesn’t like causing death, have it be his calling card.  He can come up with creative ways not to kill people, giving them “fates worse than death” that might not be so terrible as they appear (but everyone assumes they are).  That said, he’s going to have to be a tough customer.  After all, sensitive doesn’t mean that someone can’t be strong, but he’s going to have to be able to capitalize on those strengths in order to not be a failure as a pirate.

You can also always use the “smart and sensitive” trope for him - not all pirates were that bright (if they had been, they’d probably have gotten a commission in a navy or as a privateer, because The Romance of Pirate really wasn’t all that cool in real life (POTC notwithstanding).  Really clever pirates were few and far between, but when they were good, they were good.  They were also a little bit different from the others, from Anne Bonny (who disguised herself as a man in the beginning) to Blackbeard (who there don’t appear to be any historical records of having killed anyone, despite his fearsome reputation) to Bartholomew “Black Bart” Roberts (who went from unwilling pirate to captain in six weeks due to his charisma and navigational skills).  

Basically, any one who is a good enough pirate is going to have some foibles, and I love the fact that you’re brave enough to give your pirate character one that makes him different and very human!  It’s bound to be a disadvantage for him sometimes, but good characters always have to overcome such things.

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Don’t mind the wavy flag of Black Bart Roberts.  You can probably guess which pirate I’m (truthfully!) descended from.

ORAS Archie does not handle aging well

I’ve seen the one post about Maxie trying to act ‘cool’ and while it was HILARIOUS, I think Archie needs to be considered.

Now, if it is true that they’re both 37, remember that Archie still uses BRO and talks like a pirate (not to mention the custom full-body wet suit). I imagine Archie not taking the 'you’re going to be 40 soon’ very well.

Maxie has accepted aging with grace. But I can see Archie lying to himself that he’s still young. He can still be cool. Pirates are cool right? They NEVER age. And proceeds to do stupidly reckless things (hell it might be the entire plot for Alpha Sapphire xD)

He might even have a few grey hairs he religiously dyes and then covers with his bandanna (Maxie thinks he’s being a bit dramatic) 

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We occasionally host birthday parties and we just started extending our services to offer preset themes so that the parents don’t have to do all the planning. You can pick one theme. One The person ordering a party for this weekend was complaining today that we don’t have any gender-neutral party themes: we only have ones for boys and ones for girls but nothing in-between. She wanted something that her daughter’s male friends could come to. She wanted to mix and match the themes to accomodate the boys and we told her that she couldn’t do that. So she threw a fit. 

Our themes:







Polka Dots


Art journaling

And I can see where some of them might be gendered. Like the princess and fairy ones…. I can see it. But literally every little girl I have encountered when doing a class is crazy over pirates. And with Monster High being a thing, pretty sure girls would think the monster theme would be cool. And superheroes are for like… everyone. 

tabloid trash 2/?

Hooked - The number of actors to helm the fantastical role of Captain James Hook has increased over the years, but everyone has a favorite. We’ve compiled a list of past (and future!) Hook actors for you to admire (and lets be honest, there will be some ogling too)

The bar is small and rather cozier than he’s used to seeing. He likes it. David had introduced the bartender as Kristoff, and the man had been at once charming and filled to the brim with the kind of snark Killian appreciated in his acquaintances - he’d bought them both a pint while grumbling to Nolan about the terms of some bet he’d apparently lost (Nolan had just grinned and shrugged at the man as he shuffled them off towards one of the high tops in the middle of the small bar, and Killian had ordered a round of shots for the both of them, amused by Kristoff’s under-his-breath commentary on where exactly David could shove that smile).

David studies him for a moment when they’re settled, eyes careful and considering, before he takes a long drag from his glass. When he sets the drink back down on the table, he slaps a hand on the wood. “I should warn you now, Jones, that if you fuck with Emma I will find a way to make your life a living hell.”

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you already answered/were asked this but do you have a theory on why when everyone went back to storybrooke and changed clothes that hook didn't? The only thing that usually has changed in his wardrobe is the red vest.

There are logical explanations that would all fit with the character and the tightness of the timeline/escalating plot—Hook being a character who represents stability for Emma by being who he says he is, still being an outsider to her and her family, etc—but I’m pretty sure it boils down to the fact that A/E just think Hook’s outfit is really cool.

Like—his wardrobe has been brought up to them and they’re always like “we thought about it…but…naaaah”. Colin himself has said he’s asked about changing clothes and they shot it down.

That said, I think that A/E used those aforementioned logical explanations to justify keeping Colin in pirate costume long as possible, and they won’t apply into the 4th season.

Meaning—he’s given up being a pirate, in ways that were implied but not as outright until the finale, when he tells Emma he gave up his ship for her. And he’s also no longer an outsider; he essentially has Charming’s blessing from the past and Emma finally opened herself up to him.

I think what the fairytale clothing vs everyone else’s modern clothing did most (besides look cool) was serve as a thematic/visual reminder that he was never part of Storybrooke, but more specifically, that he was still standing on the fringes of Emma’s family. 

That said, there is one reason why he might stay in pirate costume: I also think his clothing acted as a barrier between him and Emma.

Meaning he was the most blatantly fairytale of them all, something Emma resisted because she couldn’t see herself engrained with it. That’s what she said to him at the start of the finale—she sees characters, not her family.

Hook’s outfit served as a reminder of reality and who she truly is—a person part of a fairytale. And that’s something she now accepts about herself, and thus about him, so…he might keep the black leathers.

Personally though, I believe it’s time for a change. And I don’t think the casual viewer interprets the clothing choices so deeply, and they’re starting to roll their eyes, or have been for a while. (And I mean this largely in a gentle way, but it is something you see littered across the blogosphere)

If it were up to me, however, I’d go with a combination of his wardrobe. Keep the leather pants, give him a cotton shirt. That’s what I’ve always theorized/hoped would happen, anyway. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think Han was a fretful father-to-be? Always hovering over Leia, making sure she was comfortable?




I mean okay canonically - if we’re counting EU as remotely canon - which, let’s face it, I like to cherry pick things that I like out of the EU and hold them near and dear to my heart, so yes, that’s what we’re doing - 

canonically, the poor guy didn’t actually have the time to do that. I mean hey, there’s a wickedly smart blue-skinned art enthusiast who wants to take over the galaxy, a couple dozen dreadnaught sized warships coming towards your life at full speed, a batshit crazy old jedi who wants to kidnap two thirds of your family, and Force knows how many different plots and schemes in between, beginning with the attempted assassination of the aforementioned pregnant (jedi) wife - three times - and you kind of have to take a moment to assess your priorities. Being an anxious mother hen just ain’t that high on the list, ya know? 

Admittedly, there is also evidence that when the occasion called for it, Han was very adept at pretending he wasn’t freaking out when he was really freaking out.

“… caught in forces they couldn’t comprehend, their tiny bodies being squeezed and pushed as they were driven slowly towards the unknown, their undeveloped minds were fluttering with fear.

Though, to be fair, their father wasn’t in much better shape.

‘You alright?’ Han asked for the umpteenth time since they came to the medcenter. He squeezed her hand a little more tightly, also for the umpteenth time, in sympathetic tension with her hunched shoulders.

'I’m still fine,’ Leia assured him. Her shoulders relaxed as the contraction ended, and she gave his hand a squeeze in return. 'You don’t look so good, though.’


Actually a this is a good segue into what I really wanted to say in response to the ask, which is this: for Han to go into over-protective fretful father mode and treat Leia like a china doll for the duration of the nine months would be totally out of character.

Even if we’re not counting the entirety of Thrawn as canon, I don’t think that there is a single occasion in the entirety of all three movies in which Han acts as though Leia is incapable, in any way, shape, or form, of taking care of herself and/or completely holding her own. It can in fact be argued that one of the major aspects of their relationship is their mutual tendency to try and out-do each other in smarts, snark, or fire power/authority. And a culmination of that is that both end up begrudgingly accepting somewhere along the way that they’re very much equally matched in all those things (considerable height and physical strength difference aside). So like. My point is that Han’s never - never - even once, acted as though Leia is this breakable thing in need of protection. They’re facing storm troopers? Great, she can have a blaster too, let ‘er at em. Running through collapsing ice caverns? Seriously your worship, I will pick you up bodily and drag you along like a sack of flour if you don’t haul ass. Facing Vader himself? Fantastic! Look, you take the left, I take the right, we can both punch. Aw, shit, that one landed in my ribs. Well, at least you’re okay - but you got in a couple left hooks, right?

I mean, this is obviously verbatim, but the attitude - that “eh, she’s fine, I better concentrate on not getting my own ass handed to me” thing - is very much present. 

NOT TO SAY that he doesn’t get concerned for her well being/safety on a day-to-day basis. Defensive protectiveness is different from fretting/sheltering. There’s a difference between being like “oh look, bad guys - okay, get behind me, Leia, I’ll handle this, you stay safe” and being like “well this is a totally unknown situation in which both of us could very possibly get very badly hurt and I don’t want to leave you knowing that you won’t be okay” - which happens in ESB, where Han asks Chewie to take care of her, or whatever. It also happens several times in Thrawn, where Leia makes the decision to go into a dangerous situation - while pregnant - that could very easily go belly up and she could die - and YA KNOW WHAT? Han accepts that she has to go, and respects her decision. Not to say that he likes the decision, exactly, but he isn’t like “um, no, you’re staying here and there is no argument”, or get angry about it, or anything (if anything, actually, Chewie gets more pissed off than he  does). (AND YOU KNOW WHAT? the same thing happens with the roles reversed, and it’s beautiful because both of them trust each other not to screw up and get killed.) I think there’s like one time, where the situation is really dire, and he’s like “okay so I’ll go to the -” and Leia’s like “bro we’re both going” and Han glares at her for like five seconds before sighing loudly and telling her to haul ass.

I mean okay there is still very real fear. The fear is there. The crippling terror at what might happen to the other is there. But he doesn’t treat her like she’s incapable. He doesn’t fret, and he doesn’t blame her for endangering their kids, or whatever. He worries - boy, does he worry (Lando pulls some serious insightful bro perception there like three times; it’s awesome, in a sort of heart wrenching way because you as the read don’t actually know if Leia’s okay, either) - but he respects her and treats her like an adult and trusts her decisions and her knowledge of what her body can and can’t handle. And seriously, they’re in so many life-threatening situations that constantly hovering to make sure she’s comfortable is just silly.

SO I GUESS MY POINT HERE is this - every time Han goes into freak out mode, it’s in a situation that they’ve never been in before and he doesn’t know that Leia can deal with it; firefights, they’ve done. Nearly insurmountable odds when facing Force-strong crazy guys, they’ve also done. Assassins, check. The End of The World as They Know it, totally on the list. Clones, aces, they got that. Pirates, totally cool. But every time there’s something totally out of their depth - the Noghri, for example, whom neither of them know or really trust (until later on) - or, you know, being carbon froze, because he hasn’t done it before and she hasn’t dealt with it before and he has no idea what they might do to her afterwards, so he asks Chewie to look after her.

And, most importantly, labor itself - because of all the shit they’ve done, this is something both of them are totally in the dark about, because they’ve really never done it before, and it’s real and intense and happening in a contained environment, so Han, who feels like he really has no control over the situation, is hyperventilating. And asking if Leia’s alright like every other minute, becuase he doesn’t know that she knows how to deal with this and he needs to make sure that she’s dealing and like, something terribly wrong that he wouldn’t know how to fix isn’t going to happen out of the blue. You know?

See, the point of all this useless rambling is that as cute as it is - or it might seem - for a guy to be treating his pregnant wife like she might break - it’s just kind of … annoying? Especially in this relationship? I mean, unless you’re having a really hard pregnancy - which, for convenience’s  sake, let’s agree that Leia did not - there’s no reason to be fretting. Leia isn’t stupid, she won’t deliberately strain herself, and Han knows that. He also knows that any out-of-their control life-or-death situation that comes around, his combat-trained, almost-a-jedi, deadly politician wife can most definitely handle. So, there’s really no need for him to be over-protective and fretting. I think often people misinterpret Han’s protective (also slightly jealous. Sorry, Han, I love you, but it’s there) streak as weirdly more controlling than “this is a really terrifying situation and I don’t want you to get killed”, rational, normal protectiveness for the ones you love. You know? He’s protective of her, in the sense that he’ll punch a guy who tries to hurt her in the nose, but only when he knows that she’s right behind him punching the other guy. Like he doesn’t shelter her. Because he trusts her and respects the very air she breathes and damn it, Han is such a wonderful character can I please order ten of him thanks.

I’M SORRY THIS WAS SO MUCH LONGER THAN EXPECTED AND I TOTALLY WENT ON A RANT I apologize and I in no way meant to attack your idea if that is how it appears I’m so sorry I just have a lot of feelings about Han Solo and the misinterpretaion of his character by fanboys and fanfic like I can’t help myself protect this precious nerd pirate at all costs he’s literally just a dork sort-of-pirate who really really loves his friends and junky ship and wife and can’t deal with feelings to save his life and has scruffy hair and an admittedly shady past. he is not this glorified epitome of machoness like literally where would anyone get that impression. Literally. literally.

criiistalgems  asked:

Sorry if someone has asked alredy, but do you know about the Pirate Bay Bundle that contains 101 free games, incluiding The Binding of Isaac? How do you feel about your game being downloadable by free?

all my games are hugely pirated, cant really say i care that much.. might care more if no one paid for them.. but enough fans buy the game and or will buy the game even if they pirated it when it goes on sale.. so meh.

its cool that people like my stuff enough to play it.. at this point it takes more effort to pirate a game than pay a few bucks for it on steam.