being a pirate might be cool

fallenflake  asked:

Yooo did you read the newest chap? Isnt Katakuris Design just amazing?? Ever since Jack Oda seems to have good trend going with the high tiers of the yonkous and I hope it stays this way.

i just read it and damn yeah i rlly like his design!!  i was holding out hope that katakuri would be another female commander, but i’m happy with him nonetheless.  i like his western vibe with the spurs and stuff.  (there are so many vibes being thrown around this arc- alice in wonderland, godfather, etc might as well thrown in a western vibe haha)  i’m also a fan of his eyelashes.  visible eyelashes on dude characters always make me happy.  

that was quite the entrance, too.  i might have stared of the panel of the guy getting hit with the jellybean for like 30 seconds being like “holy fuck there is no way oda just drew someone getting shot through the head” and lo and behold, of course he didn’t, but it certainly startled me loll.

and the gimmick of him being so good at observation haki that he can low-key see a few seconds ahead in time is cool, tho holy crap if it doesn’t make things a hell of a lot more difficult for bege and co.  how the heck are u supposed to assassinate someone if she has a person who straight up seE THE FUTURE on her crew???  you can’t, that’s how.

We occasionally host birthday parties and we just started extending our services to offer preset themes so that the parents don’t have to do all the planning. You can pick one theme. One The person ordering a party for this weekend was complaining today that we don’t have any gender-neutral party themes: we only have ones for boys and ones for girls but nothing in-between. She wanted something that her daughter’s male friends could come to. She wanted to mix and match the themes to accomodate the boys and we told her that she couldn’t do that. So she threw a fit. 

Our themes:







Polka Dots


Art journaling

And I can see where some of them might be gendered. Like the princess and fairy ones…. I can see it. But literally every little girl I have encountered when doing a class is crazy over pirates. And with Monster High being a thing, pretty sure girls would think the monster theme would be cool. And superheroes are for like… everyone.