being a person is complicated

You’ve lost someone you thought was the love of your life and I know you think it will hurt like this forever, but I promise you it doesn’t. I’m not saying you’ll suddenly wake up one day and it’ll be like it never happened – because it won’t…
There will always be a loss, there’s no if’s or but’s about that. If you lose an amazing person from your life – that leaves a hole in your heart that nobody else can ever fill… You can find happiness, you can find other people and things to fill your heart in other places… but the space that belonged to that person will always be empty. Because human beings are unique and complicated creatures, and when you combine two of them together you get a love that is just as unique and therefore irreplaceable. So don’t try to replace them because you can’t… and get out of the mindset that you’ll never love anybody as much or that no other relationship will compare to what you’ve lost. You don’t love people ‘more’ or ‘less’ than each other – you just love them differently.
The way you love somebody else will be different yes – but it will not be ‘more’ or ‘less’ or ‘better’ or ‘worse’… just different… and that’s okay. You will find love again, but it’s never going to be the same love… and it’s only when you’re able to accept that and open yourself to the idea, that you’re finally ready to move on.
—  Ranata Suzuki | Don’t say you’ll never love again

To love me means also loving to hear all the raging thoughts in my head at one in the morning when all of my frustrations suddenly burst; it also means embracing all the quirkiness wrapped around my entirety like adoring how beautiful the stars up above midnight or how the clouds move in a slow motion to form warriors and knights; it may as well mean coming with me at Mcdonald’s when I crave for some fries and sundae at two in the morning; it’s also defined as listening to my senseless and repetitious stories about my dreams, fantasies and everyday life. To love me means swearing that you would listen to the songs I would tell to you in the middle of the day because I assure you, you’d be hearing from me talking about them from time to time.

Loving someone like me isn’t easy for I am someone scarred badly in the past. My whole system is composed of heartaches, pains, sorrows and miseries—I am imperfectly flawed but that made me who I am. To love me is to embrace those imperfections stitched through my veins. To love me means allowing me to have solitude once in a while since I have these moments that I want to shut my world down from everybody else; I have those dark times that I never wanted to talk to anybody at all and just want to lock myself in my own world. Just give me some time to think, at the end of the day I will come back to you. To love me is to tell me how much you care for me even in the slightest way—I will surely appreciate that even my form of appreciation and gratitude is to tell how corny or annoying you are, but deep down, your words mean a lot and warmed my heart. To love me means staying with me no matter how messy and difficult I could be. All I ever want is someone who will stand right behind me during my darkest and worst moments of my life.

To love me is to tell me your thoughts and opinions about the things I keep on telling you about even they mean nothing to you. To love me is to allow me to grow with you as a being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am a complicated and difficult person. I am crazy, wild, freak, easily hurt and gullible. So tell me you love me when you only mean it. I don’t have time for some franks or what. I have had enough of heartbreaks in my past. I am aging and all I ever want for now is a stable and long-lasting relationship that would make me choose to stay no matter how many rocks were thrown at us or no matter how turbulent and bumpy the roads may get.

To love me means a little bit of sacrifice. But I can guarantee you that I could make you feel you’re the best person in the world and you didn’t make the wrong choice by choosing me over them. With me, I can make you feel disconnected from the rest of the galaxy. I will surely make tons of efforts for our relationship to keep going and last. It will be a tough ride for the both of us but I can assure you that it will be worth it and filled with so much fun. To love me means needing and wanting me like the way I do to you.

—  redserpent42, To Love Someone Like me

Lily Evans was a constellation of a million beautiful and complicated things, and James, being the person he is, could point out a whole bunch of them by now. And yet, he felt as if he didn’t know her at all. This girl with flaming red hair and a voice that never wavered… He had known her for six years now and yet each time he laid eyes on her he felt as a mathematician faced with a new puzzle. But James wasn’t a mathematician, and Lily was not, in any way, a puzzle to be solved. He didn’t want to either. He didn’t want to solve her and then put her away like a closed case. He wanted to know her. He wanted to learn all the things she was and all the things she was going to be. He wanted to see her grow, and change, and be. But even if he was fortunate enough to get that, he knew that he would never know her. Not fully, not completely. And that’s why he was in love with her, he supposed. Because Lily Evans was as infinite and ever-changing as the universe itself

[excerpt from the Trace of Mischiefs: The Story of the Marauders – coming back soon]

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I really want the touken talk to happen, not just because I ship them. It's also because I feel like kaneki needs someone to confined to someone who knows him so well, it's good for his system.... what do you think? Also do you think kaneki will tell her that he didn't kill arima??

I’ve been talking about that with a friend a lot recently. Kaneki needs someone in whom he can trust, in a personal way. I dare to say that not even with Hide he showed that much confidence considering that he lied to him about his ghoul nature, which is natural but still, you can see that he still keeps a lot inside whether because it’s hard for him to trust in others or because he doesn’t want to bother them with his problems.

I have to point out one scene that I think can give more relevance to the touken talk and their relationship in general.

Yoshimura & Touka.

“if you are able to listen to their heart”

in the bridge she completely exposed Kaneki’s true selfish personality and even if it was harsh, everything she said about him was true. She listened to his heart and understood what he was trying to do, daring to say that she knows him better than he knows himself; the difference is that she couldn’t act in a mature way and maybe tell him those things in a different way, like Yoshimura was trying to teach her. 

But then we must consider that Touka, now, has changed a lot. She learned from Yoshimura and know she knows how to speak with someone in a rational and wise way. Everything she told to Amon was perfect, and you can see that her words had an impact on him because in the last chapter he went to see Akira, like she told him to do so. She was patient with Ayato, she knew what Tsukiyama was trying to do by wanting to get Kaneki back, she knew what Kaneki was about to do in chapter 72 and that’s why she told him I’ll see you later. She knows how to read other people’s hearts.

And then:

I don’t think Kaneki is aware that she’s there. That she has always been there, waiting for him, making a home for him. He doesn’t know how much she has changed, not completely, and at some point, in chapter 120, Kaneki opened up to her. He told her how he felt, that he wanted to protect everyone, to become stronger, that he was unsure of whether he should return to Anteiku or not… he didn’t actually lie to her until she got aggressive and then he touched his chin. He was being kinda honest, but Touka’s complicated personality ruined the moment. I feel like at some point Kaneki doesn’t have that confidence of telling her things because he’s afraid of her reaction (ESPECIALLY after the last punch). 

Hide also shared with Touka a lot of personal information about Kaneki. He told her about the play, that he’s always putting on a mask and “pretending to be someone else”, that he never “fights back” when people hurt him, I think he wanted for her to know, hoping that she could help him somehow. 

I think it’s been hinted quite enough that Touka has the ability to analyze/help others and many characters point that out to her constantly. And she learned, it’s just that Kaneki hasn’t been there to see that change, and after the punch he must think she’s still the same irascible girl from the past. This talk is extremely important for Kaneki to see that she has changed, and because I think Touka is the one who can help him fight his own demons. I’m not sure if they will talk about Arima, I’m not sure if Kaneki will dare to bring out that topic, but it’d be nice if they talk about it in the future in order to build a strong confidence. Right now I’m more interested to know why Touka hit him. But yeah, Touka knows Kaneki and she has a great advantage because of that.

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you consider being called a good person an insult...?

yeah lol… it’s kind of complicated so apologies if this is unclear

I don’t consider it an insult if I do something that’s undeniably good, like idk helping a little old lady cross the road or something like that. if it’s obviously good and I do it, then “aw, you’re such a nice person” isn’t insulting.

what I do find insulting is when people talk over me to tell me I’m a good person. I’m not. I have issues going on that make me an unpleasant person. I can be selfish. I can be nasty. I don’t see myself as inherently “good” because there are multiple layers to me and overall they leave me in a very grey zone when it comes to morality. I am fully capable of hurting people. if I’m expressing this sentiment and someone tells me “no!! you’re a good person!! deep down you’re pure and soft and good!!” I am insulted, because I know that’s not the truth, and I’m frustrated that the idea of grey morality is seen as undesirable when in actual fact I’m sure a lot of people fall into that category. nothing to be ashamed of there.

also, on a related note, there’s the issue I mentioned before: a lot of people who have hurt me have self-identified as “good” people. they’ve identified with being “soft” and “pure”, and through this narrative they’ve become incapable of understanding that, despite their best intentions, they have hurt me. I’ve had “good” people talk over me, abuse me, force me into situations/treatments I didn’t need and said I didn’t want for my own good, and even try to isolate me because the people I was hanging out with were, in their opinion, “bad” for me. they tried to take control of my life because they had my apparent best interests at heart, and their inability to see their actions as anything other than “good” prevented them from realising they were doing harm.

idk. I’m wary of people who self-identify as good, or who talk incessantly about the good things they do. the people who have been the best people for me have been the self-proclaimed assholes, and the pattern has been so consistent that I can’t ignore it.

Being Davina's Magicless Twin Sister would include..

• Being the wild one.

• Being the badass one.

• Marcel having a lot of trouble looking out for you.

• Staying in the church, only for your sister.

• Thinking you’re the less interesting one.

• Secretly being the poetic one with a poetic sense of music.

• Hating being normal so, you hide your pain with carlessness.

• Everyone mistaking you for her.

• Always being the bait in plans.

• Klaus thinking you’re special.

• Klaus offering you to come live with him when he restores New Orleans from Marcel.

• You agreeing to his offer.

• Venting out to Klaus.

• Rare Nik hugs.

• Cuddles from Klaus when you have nightmares.

• Elijah thinking you’re the more adorable female version of Nik.

• Elijah giving you free hugs when everything is too much to handle.

• “Hugs are free, you know.”

• Klaus and Marcel taking you out for your first drink.

• Being BFFs with Kol.

• Being sarcastic and cold, like Klaus when angry.

• Finn understanding your “complicated” personality.

• Finn not understanding how you still tolerate Davina after everything you went through because of her.

• Finn not understanding that you went through everything, you did, for her.

• Rebekah being there for you.

• Rebekah thinking your tantrums are more tolerable than Nik’s, even though there’s no difference.

• “Us girls need to look out for each other.”

• Mourning Davina’s death with Kol.

• Acting cold after her death, that everyone thought you’ve somehow managed to flip the switch, despite being human.

• Klaus seeing right through you.

• “You’re not fine.”

• Hayley understanding having to lose your family.

• Hayley looking out for you.

• Gia teaching you how to play the violin.

• Gia leaving you her violin.

• Trusting Freya from the beginning, because you understood how she felt.

• Kicking ass with Freya.

• Jackson teaching you some combat skills.

• Everyone expecting the worst of you but, a few - Kol, Klaus and Freya.

• Esther treating you like Klaus.

• Mikael kidnapping you.

• Mikael wondering how you can be so brave, yet so broken.

• Mikael thinking you’re a lot like Klaus but, never admitting it.

• Being the only person besides the Mikaelsons that knows of Hope.

• Protecting Hope like you did your sister.

• The witches attempting to poison you, later on with a poison so strong, that nothing can cure you.

• The Mikaelsons taking turns, trying to heal you with their blood, but failing.

• The poison killing you, slowly.

• Freya finding a spell to take most of your pain away.

• The Mikaelsons taking shifts, nursing you.

• When Nik’s shift comes, you look at him and smile.

• “What?”

• “Are those tears for me, Tough Guy?”

• Being surrounded by the remaining Mikaelsons, Hayley and Marcel in your last moments.

• “I-I’m p-proud of you .. All of you .. Proud .. O-of us.”

• Klaus having a coffin made, especially for you.

• Rebekah dressing you in a black dress, she never worn and that you always thought was awesome.

• Klaus swearing he’ll find a way to bring you back.

• Coming back as a vampire hours later in your badass glore - Black dress, styled hair and all.

• “I’m back, bitches!!”

• The Mikaelsons staring at you in astonishment.

• Them smiling at you in disbelief.

• “One can never get rid of you, can’t we?”

• “You all actually cried.”

• Teasing them about their, previously shed tears.

• Them not hearing the end of it from you.

MD's Top Med School Interview Tips

All of these tips are based on my own experience with 3 Medical School Interviews this year, if you have any more suggestions feel free to reblog and add them. My askbox is also open if you have any questions. 😊

{Interview Prep - A couple weeks before}

1. PREPARE WITH A FRIEND 👯: Try to find a person you trust and get along with to help you prepare. My friend and I met up once a week for a couple weeks to go over potential interview questions and MMI scenarios. We pooled resources and each looked online and in prep books for possible questions. Together we went through a ton of ethical situations and talked about pros and cons of everything. It was great to have a safe space with a friend to explore healthcare issues and just by having these conversations I felt more comfortable with the language and opinions that are associated with medical topics. [Note: make sure you and your friend aren’t coming up with the SAME answers for questions. The point of this is to practice expressing your point of view and answers with a person you are comfortable with]

2. KNOW YOUR CV 📄: Pretty much every interview (no matter what format) will have questions about YOU. So in addition to knowing answers for the basic questions (Why do you want to be a doctor? Etc..) make sure you can articulate your experiences, what you’ve learned from them, challenges you’ve had and why these skills and experiences will help you with a career in Medicine. Some schools release lists of attributes they look for in prospective applicants, so try to figure out how your experiences exemplify those qualities.

3. KNOW WHAT THE INTERVIEW FORMAT WILL BE 🔎: You will likely want to prepare differently if you are doing an MMI or more situation based interview compared to a panel interview. Also it’s good to know if the interviewers will have access to your application information or not.

4. PRACTICE WITH A PRO 💼: If your school has a career centre or Pre-Med club, try going to an interview workshop to get individualized feedback from someone who has practice interviewing lots of people. Another option is to ask your boss (wherever you work) if they would be willing to run through a mock interview with you. I know this may not be possible everywhere but it was super helpful for me to get feedback from my boss because she has interviewed hundreds of people over the years. Even though she isn’t involved in anything medical there are certain things that can make or break any interview and it’s good to have someone point that out to you. I felt super prepared after doing this!

5. READ LOTS 📚: Stay informed about current issues, healthcare related and otherwise. You may be asked for your opinion on something and while you may not need to know exact details it’s a good idea to have a general sense of big events/issues happening in the world. Also if you’re interested in Medicine it’s a great idea to read some books about it! I personally loved the following Atul Gawande books: Being Mortal, Complications, Checklist Manifesto, and Better. Don’t forget to read whatever it is YOU find interesting, not just Medical stuff, it’s important to pursue other interests too. [ps. Following lots of Medblrs helped me to be aware of a lot of topics that may or may not have been discussed in my interviews]

6. THE OUTFIT 👔: Find something that makes you feel professional and awesome. Whether you are buying an outfit, borrowing clothes from a friend or wearing something you already own, make sure it fits and you are comfortable. My parents bought me my first suit for Christmas for me to wear to my interviews. I wore a black pencil skirt with a black blazer and a white blouse (it didn’t have a collar but it had a conservative neckline and a ruffle detail in the front), black heels and stud earrings. I looked kind of plain, but I felt professional and confident. I knew my personality would show through in my attitude not my clothes, however other people may want to wear something more stylish and that’s okay - but I’d advise staying on the more conservative side.

{The Interview}

1. ORGANIZATION ✔️: Make sure you’ve made appropriate travel arrangements so you can get to your interview early in the *least stressful* way possible. You may or may not want certain family members to be around you during that time and that’s okay. Do whatever is going to make you feel the most calm and confident.

2. MANAGE YOUR ENERGY 😴: Do your best to relax and get a good night’s sleep before (easier said than done - I know!!). Do a light work out the night before or the morning of- whatever you usually do! Schedule the day so you’re doing a tour of the school’s campus AFTER your interview if possible so you can just relax and won’t be tired for your interview. Eat a good breakfast and potentially bring a snack with you in your bag if you’re allowed to and you’re going to be there for a long day. I didn’t realize how long I would be without food for one of my interviews and I was SO HUNGRY and almost lightheaded by the time my interview got started because I didn’t realize we would have to sit through 2 hours of presentations beforehand. Thankfully I made it through the interview but I felt pretty weak and shaky after because I hadn’t eaten for hours.

3. OTHER APPLICANTS 😊: I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and friendly everyone else was. It was actually a highlight of the whole interview experience to talk to the applicants and hear about their backgrounds. I met engineers, theatre majors, athletes, pharmacists, research prodigies, 30 year olds switching careers, applicants from small towns and big cities, people working on Masters, PhD’s and other undergraduate students with traditional and non traditional degrees. Everyone was great and it was cool to feel like we’re all in this together. I could totally see these people being my future friends and colleagues so it was great to chat, but obviously if people prefer to be quiet and focus on their interview that is okay too! Do what’s best for you, but be nice to people. [ps. Don’t be intimidated by other people’s accomplishments if they bring them up. The admissions committee wanted YOU to be there for a reason. Another person’s awesomeness doesn’t make you any less awesome]

4. THE INTERVIEW 🌻: Go in there with confidence knowing that you’ve made it so far in the application process. This is a big and exciting step and no matter what it’s a huge accomplishment just to be invited. The admissions committee wants you to be awesome, and you’ve been preparing for this moment for a long time so relax and try to enjoy it as much as possible! This is an exciting day!! You get to talk about Medicine and yourself and things you are passionate about! You get to meet other great applicants who could be your friends and colleagues one day! You get to meet current students and faculty at the school and learn about their experiences and ask questions!! Despite stress, nerves and anxiety YOU GET the chance to interview at a medical school!! This is awesome and exciting and I am proud of you!! ✨✨✨

I keep seeing that “At the moment, nothing” line turned into something romantic or Magnus being the best boyfriend ever (bc he’s so worried about Alec that’s why he’s upset etc) and…I mean he is worried absolutely, but full stop Magnus is allowed to be imperfect and human and that means despite understanding why Alec is freaking out and yelling at him, he can still find it all just too much and slam down those walls – his instinctive reaction whenever he’s emotionally stressed or wounded.

Like, Magnus has a heart he’s guarded fiercely for over a century. His refusal to let Alec risk his life isn’t just about it being for Alec’s sake. It’s also about Magnus because he’s falling in love with him, he only just got him, and he’s really not ready to watch a man he’d hoped would end his 100+ years of being lonely and unloved throw himself into the fire 48 hours later. And yeah, that’s a little selfish but also it’s okay for him to be selfish.

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When it comes to trauma, if you had to, what types of trauma do you think the Ed's have gone through or will go through in life?

Maaan y'all be talking at me while my laptop’s dead about shit I just wanna go off on lmao I’m cracking my knuckles ready to start an essay and then I realize, shit it’s Swype
But this is really something that would take a lot to answer, considering I have so many thoughts and headcanons that are locked away in a dusty old closet cus I haven’t talked about them in so long. I think it’s fairly obvious the issues the eds have already; all being abandoned by their loved ones. The complications of this deepens a person’s natural reserve of trust issues, which is why they need each other so badly. The problem is, they’re all so emotionally distant from their own issues, so it could take a long time for them to work through it because it’s so hard for them to be honest with their problems, the three of them having their own reasons for this difficulty. In this time, many things could happen with a traumatic effect, since trust is difficult yet they know each other so well. I think on a base level they all are well aware they’ve been abused, that each other had been abused, and that they would never abandon each other because of that, but so many things could antagonize it.

As for my HCs, I think I’ll need my laptop and some time for that. Sorry I only answered like, half of your question haha

Worth the Pain

Cole: You didn’t want me to become more human. Why?

Lavellan: Being a person is complicated. *glances at Solas* And painful. We’re a riot of emotions, all snot and tears. We’re lost and selfish and flawed. You don’t want that.

Cole: But the riot is beautiful. Like the paint when Solas mixes it. Swirling. Whirling. No telling where one color ends and the other begins. You and Solas were like that once. Now the light is separated.

Lavellan: And that seperation … that was the painful part. You don’t want to know that feeling.

Cole: But there were good parts too. Like when he held you, he felt whole. He felt happy for the first time in the longest time. Sleeping. In darkness and pain. Wandering the lonely pathes of the Fade. Then you. A light glowing soft in the darkness, drawing his eye and tying his heart in little knots. Warm kisses like silk against your skin. You feel safe in his arms. “Ar lath ma, vhenan,” he whispered in the dark and you trembled. Wasn’t it worth the pain?

Solas: *quietly* Yes.

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Me being a cat person to heart yet loving zen make me feel complicated 😂 how about some headcanons or a scenario whichever you prefer where he founds out that his s/o talks to jumin or seven about cats and send each other pictures of different types of cute kitties.

omFG I FEEL YOUR PAIN ANON. Zen is bae af and I LOVE kitties, but I can’t have one rn cause I still live my mom and she’s allergic to ANYTHING WITH FUR :<

If you thought jelly and salt can’t mix, you thought WRONG, ‘cause Home Boi ain’t got no chill. He’s convinced that pompous ass and that memelord brainwashed you into loving cats and will literally have a SNEEZE ATTACK every time he enters the chat room when cats take over. He’ll pout that you’re taking part of their shenanigans, only wanting you for himself. He’ll get sO SALTY IF YOU SEND A CAT MEME TO HIM, but he’ll be sure to forgive you~





Merci went through QUITE A FEW changes over the years! And this doesn’t even include the very first designs done on paper. I struggled up until April 22, 2015 to find a hairstyle that fits them, and then upon finding out that, out, fluffy hair WORKS, I then proceed to practice up on drawing Merci being muscular and thick like they were always meant to be. It feels surreal looking back on old art ‘cause I’m like, “Where’s the beef?”

I’m satisfied with how Merci is now. They changed from being a cursing hardass with an overly complicated (and unnecessary) backstory to now being a person who, while blunt, keeps mostly to themselves due to trauma and being socially anxious. Also, designing alternative wear for ‘em is seriously fun.

random sexuality ramblings

im feeling less attracted to guys lately. I don’t know if its because I’m in a relationship so I’m checking out less people* or if its because like earlier i was more attracted to guys because heteronormativity and now i’m undoing that

also looking back i realize most of the crushes i had on guys i just crushed on because they were like decent to me in general and not acting like assholes. and idk if thats really like having a crush on someone or just latching onto an acceptable-ish person to imagine being in a relationship with.

man this is complicated

anyway im not changing my labels or anything rn, just documenting my thoughts in case they develop further

*tho aside i still feel the same attracted to girls and nb people

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Gurl I feel you about the dating thing. I was sick of bad relationships so I raised my standards for actually the right person to me, and now that I've come out as bi I would like to start meeting girls, but it is hard to come across the right person AND being lgbt ads another spice to the complicated thing. tl;dr I kinda resignated to dating so I'm extra comfortable in my own solo space

Yes, nonnie, exactly!  It’s very complicated being bi, having high standards, and trying to just find a good fit who is interested in you and you in them.  I’ve just decided to not be looking so hard and hope by some miracle I run into the right person somehow.

Some Secrets Best Remain Hidden

When a crazy lady from an island says she can see people’s feelings, what will she reveal about Hiccup? Oneshot. Inspired by this post by @ashleybenlove

When the gang went travelling, it was normal for them to pick up some trinkets. Once in awhile, they would bring home a dragon or a dragon egg. But bringing home a person - an actual living, breathing human being - it was complicated.

Normally, it was because they didn’t know enough. Hiccup would get a headache explaining that no, the dragons weren’t out to get them, no, he wasn’t the evil dragon master they had all heard about (even though he probably was), and no, the other tribe hadn’t attacked them because they had done something wrong, they did it because the gang had recently been there getting supplies.

But the problem with this lady wasn’t that she knew too little, it was that she thought she knew everything. Her eyes were misty, and she would often just shriek some “prophecy” from time to time.

At the Edge, the entire gang, including the dragons, were in the clubroom, as the woman sat down, rocking back and forth. Hiccup exchanged a look with Fishlegs, who shrugged.

The lady had said her name was Mantis. She kept looking around the room, and Hiccup honestly had no idea what she was looking for. Astrid was next to him, looking as irritated as he felt. She wouldn’t even let them tell her why the Dragon Hunters had attacked her village.

Finally, a smile formed on her face, and she placed her hands on her lap. “So, who will go first?”

“Who will go first for what?” Snotlout asked irritably. “Becoming a wackadoodle like you?”

“Do not insult the art, boy. I see the past, present, and future. You,” she said, pointing to Hiccup, “Come sit down.”

Ruffnut laughed, hiding it as a cough, and he sent a glare her way as he sat down next to the woman.

“Um, ma’am, please, just let me explain -”

“Shh. Let me see what you feel, young rider.” Mantis closed her eyes. There was probably a storm going on up there, or maybe a flood had already happened, taking away her sanity. She grabbed his hand all of a sudden and Hiccup yelped. Ruffnut actually laughed this time. Tuffnut snickered with her. Even Astrid had a small, amused smile on her face.

“Shut it,” he grumbled to the twins, as Mantis rubbed his hand. This was extremely uncomfortable.

“You…you feel love!” Her eyes flew open excitedly, and she stared intently at him.

“Yeah, I suppose?” Hiccup said hesitantly, “I - I love the Edge. And Berk. And my dad. And Toothless.” Her rambled on, anything to make her happy.

“No, no.” Mantis shook her head dismissively. “It is not that kind of love. It is a sexual love!”

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