being a nice famous person

dreamingofmeaning  asked:

Do you ever scroll through your notifications on here and just think about how amazing your fans are? I'm so glad that someone as nice as you is getting famous for being s genuinely amazing person!

Firstly, I really don’t think of you as fans! Rather, I consider you fellow appreciators of the work I put out on the internet! Honestly, we’re all here on the same level playing field and my videos are out there because you all have promoted them so generously! Ohhh and trust me, it’s SOO mind-blowing to go through the MULTITUDE of positive messages here (current total is literally over 41,000 messages) of beautiful words of love, curiosity, and gratitude. You all have enriched my life and I hope I have done enough to make you all smile! You all are just as amazing, beautiful, and TALENTED and never forget that! I wish I could reply to every single message, but trust me, I appreciate every single one! Plus, the fanart and the videos!! Ahhhh you guys…. you just… ugh you guys are just too amazing. XD