being a mets fan is the worst

i don’t want to forget this tomorrow so i’m just gonna say it now. but tomorrow will be my 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in this fandom. i can’t… honestly… believe that it’s been that long like…. truly. but here we are. 

i’ve had some of the best (and worst) times being a fan of this band and these boys. i’ve met so many amazing people who i consider some of my best friends and although i might regret a lot of things, i’ll never regret meeting all of them and having them in my life. 

so yay, happy 5 years to me. (i sound like b) idk how many more i got left in me, but i’m a stubborn bitch so i’ll be here till the bitter end i think.

“space mom” isn’t bad

for starters, i apologize for making this a separate post; for some reason i cannot reblog the original one. one or both of the bloggers probably blocked me. anyway, here’s the post in question and a link:

i completely disagree with most of this post.

  1. “Almost everyone can do better than Ford for a boyfriend”
    This is a disturbing way to begin a post arguing against a maternal figure. You do not give any evidence to support your claim, so I am left to assume you are referring to Ford’s “less desirable” traits, such as his short-sightedness, his tunnel vision, and his social awkwardness, all of which are autistic traits, which you acknowledge later with your reference to infantilization. Your claim that an autistic man with PTSD and anxiety is literally the last choice romantically speaking for anyone, even the worst of people, is degrading to say the least.
  2. “Ford was a grown ass man when he met her, please stop with that infantilizing bullshit.”
    It is true that infantilization of Ford and autistic characters in general is a major problem in fan circles; however, I have not seen anything infantilizing of him being directly related to Jheselbraum. The need for care and help does not go away when one becomes an adult, just as a mother remains a mother even when her child has grown up.
  3. “Can we, as a fandom, stop assigning female characters with the task of caretakers for grown ass men please? It is super sexist and gross.”
    This is completely ridiculous. For starters, the interpretation of Jheselbraum as a maternal figure for Stanford comes from the fact that she had been treating his wounds for “a long time” and that she continued to watch after him and sought to help him. The only thing sexist about it is, as you mentioned, her character is not observed outside of her relationship to Ford. However, that is not directly related at all to her maternal role, and the idea that being a mother is degrading is an insult to feminist mothers everywhere.
  4. “Ford… has a mom? Like, we saw her and she existed. She had a shitty husband but she herself seemed an okay mom.”
    This may come as a shock to you, but it is possible to have multiple parental figures.
  5. “Could we kindly get some meta about her that doesn’t revolve around Ford Please and Thank You Very Much.”
    Once again, this is a problem, but it has nothing to do with her relationship to Ford and is a problem with multiple female characters, not just Jheselbraum.

In conclusion, being a maternal figure is not sexist or demeaning. What is sexist is the refusal to see her outside of her relationship to male characters.

Needy? // Conor Maynard

So it’s a bit rubbish, sorry about that. Requested by anon - y/n can’t sleep because she misses Conor.

Being near Conor was a feeling you cherished. The way his soft skin felt against yours, his arms around your waist, being able to feel his steady heartbeat, his warm breath fluttering across your skin, the butterflies that erupted when you heard his laugh or saw his bright smile, the list of things was endless but they were all things that made you love Conor.

However, it hadn’t always been easy to be with Conor. Towards the beginning of your relationship his fans were convinced that you were in it for the money and gave you both a hard time about it but that was far from the truth. In fact, when you first met Conor you didn’t even know who he was, you just knew he was the most adorable human being you’d ever met with the worst chat up lines you’d heard in a long time. You knew he was someone you could see a future with, even from the start.    

Although it’d been a rocky start you’d made it through and these days you’d become so accustomed to spending your days and nights with Conor that you often found your days alone lonely and the nights sleepless. Just like tonight. You’d texted him 20 minutes ago asking if he could come over but it was only 12, you knew he’d be at the studio until late and then he’d most likely head straight home.

After deciding it was useless staying in bed any longer you trudged into the living room with your quilt in tow and cosied up on the sofa to watch some Netflix. In the midst of watching some horror your best friend had recommended to you, you didn’t notice the door opening and someone entering.

The sudden feeling of a hand on your shoulder filled you with panic and you screamed falling off the sofa, landing tangled with your quilt on the floor you looked up to be met with the amused face of your boyfriend.

A smile lit up your face and you fought to untangle yourself and ran over to Conor, wrapping your arms around his body, “You’re here,” you mumbled, your voice distorted by the jacket your face was pushed firmly into.

Conor’s arms tangled around your body and he softly kissed the top of your head, “Why wouldn’t I be?”

You tilted your head up so you could look into his bright blue eyes, the exact eyes that never failed to make you feel safe, “Because I knew you were busy and your main priority in life isn’t to spend all your time with your needy girlfriend who couldn’t sleep.”

“Well it just so happens I couldn’t concentrate because I desperately wanted to see this so called needy girlfriend you speak of.”

“In that case, there’s no need for me to feel incredibly guilty if I drag you to bed with me, is there?” You raised your eyebrows and grabbed his hands, pulling him slowly towards your bedroom where you were desperate to spend the rest of the night cuddled with your boyfriend.

“There most definitely isn’t.”


Breaking the One Damn Rule (Pt. 6)

Read Part 5

[A/N: Second job has started, almost officially have my promotion at my regular job, applied to grad school and waiting for a response, and wedding planning has me pulling my hair out]

Constant monitoring and bed rest is what the doctor ordered. With the fate of yours and cel mic’s health in Bruce’s hands, and growing boredom, you need a distraction. Nothing like a Netflix marathon to pass the day and quell the cabin fever. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of dying

Words: 1, 648

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signal boost: Poland is in some deep shit rn
  • so, introduction first: even though we have multiparty system in Poland, Platforma Obywatelska/PO and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość/PiS became two major parties about 10 years ago. both are conservative, right-wing parties.

  • in 2010 political situation in Poland became way more complicated becuse of so called Smoleńsk catastrophy. shortly speaking: Polish Air Force plane crashed near to Smolensk (Russia), killing almost 100 Polish officials who were on board, including the president, Lech Kaczyński (PiS) and his wife. we still aren’t sure why it happened, but there are people, mostly associated with PiS, who believe it was political assassination, planned by Russian government, Polish government of that time (PO) or both.  

  • the person who’s the most convinced it was an assassination was and still is Jarosław Kaczyński, Lech Kaczyński’s twin brother who happens to be PiS leader. since 2010 PiS turned into kind of cult of personality - again, speaking shortly: if you don’t agree with J. Kaczyński or you say one negative word about him, you’re out of the party.

  • since 2010, Polish society is even more divided politically. we even have few parades on Independence Day in Warsaw instead of one because there are so many different ideologies etc. 

  • PO was winning all the elections for past 8 years, but in 2015 PiS won both presidential and parliamentary elections. for the very first time a party has parliamentary majority without coalition. current president, Andrzej Duda, is also from PiS, so the party has actual power in the country. the funny thing is, there is not a single social democratic party in our current parliament. we only have different kind of conservative and neo liberal politicians. they still like to call each other names like ‘communists’ tho

  • everyone in Poland knows that even though Andrzej Duda is the president and Beata Szydło is the prime minister, it’s Kaczyński who currently controls politics in Poland, because both Duda and Szydło are his obedient pawns. the worst thing is that it’s them, not Kaczyński, who take responsibility for all political decisions. 

  • PiS didn’t legitimate 3 Constitutional Court judges chosen (legally) earlier by PO (these judges weren’t sworn by president Andrzej Duda) and current government doesn’t respect Court’s judgement, which basically means that the institution that should supervise PiS and control legitimacy of their actions isn’t working properly.

  • PiS chose ex MP Jacek Kurski for the president of TVP (Telewizja Polska; Polish public television) and since then many good anchormen were fired for basically no reason. PiS is even low-key censoring some informations, for example: while talking about the Oscars on the news, “Spotlight” was described as “movie about pedophilia in Boston” - they didn’t even mention anything about catholic church because PiS is in such close relationship with Polish catholic church.

  • Germany should be our the most important partner in EU but apparently PiS is still mad at Germans for Nazi Germany attacking us in WW2, i guess ?? instead, Kaczyński if Viktor Orban’s fan and even met with him some time ago, at night. i mean, he claims that he doesn’t have any actual power but he’s meeting with prime minister of Hungary in his free time, to discuss politics?

  • civic organisation called Committee for the Defense of Democracy is organizing protests all over the country to show the government that they won’t get away with their actions. protestants are being called “Poles of the worst sort” and “traitors” by Kaczyński and basically every PiS member. one politician even said that the protests are probably organized by Russia. wtf ??

  • PiS reduced the budget for culture and hospices and instead wants to give these money to catholic church.

  • some child wrote “Andrzej Dupa” (”dupa” means “ass”) in a toilet in their school, now prosecutor’s office is trying to find them. if this isn’t a farce then i don’t know what it is.

  • our current Minister of National Defense is Antoni Macierewicz, delusional man who spent last few years constantly trying to prove that Lech Kaczyński was assassinated, mostly basing upon opinions of pseudo-experts. he also deeply hates Russia and is a blind follower of Jarosław Kaczyński

  • just to be clear: European Union expressed their deep concern about the state of democracy in Poland. Venice Commission (EU’s advisory body) said that current constitutional crisis “poses a danger to the rule of law, democracy and human rights”. let me quote it’s a battle which is turning Poland from the poster child of post-communist success — a nation whose former prime minister Donald Tusk last year became president of the European Council — into a growing problem for the European Union

  • BUT PiS doesn’t even listen to any criticism, even if it’s EU oficial or Joe Biden who criticizes them. basically, if you criticize government’s actions a) you are stupid, b) you don’t understand politics, c) you are a traitor, d) Putin pays you to talk shit. 

  • if it wasn’t enough, Polish nationalism is growing strong. Poland was supposed to accept 7k Syrian refugees and even this really small number (there are over 38 mln people living in Poland, so 7k isn’t much) seems too much for PiS and majority of Polish society. there are more and more racists and islamophoes, there are news about quite a few men of colour (not only Arabs, but also for example latinos) being beaten up on streets by nationalist on daily basis.

anonymous asked:

Is the Dragon Ball community really that awful? I'm part of the latinamerican fandom and we're all good.

Admittedly, I’m talking mostly about the parts of the Western fandom I’ve seen. I have heard a lot of good things about the Latin American fandom, so I believe you that it’s more accepting and friendly on that front, and the Japanese fandom from what I’ve seen is pretty chill, as are a lot of fans in more Eastern countries.

When it comes to the American and European communities though… yeah, it’s pretty bad. Some places are better or worse than others, but there’s a lot of bile I’ve seen in this fandom since I started taking more notice of things. I’ve seen people harassed, insulted and hounded on this website for the simple “Crime” of liking Goku, Chichi or especially having Gochi as their favourite pairing.

I’ve seen tons of sexist, occasionally racist comments on streams of Super episodes, and in YouTube comments sections that I won’t mention. I’ve seen tons of nonsensical arguments for hating on certain parts of the franchise, mostly character and story related stuff, and people who react violently or just acting like rude idiots constantly trying to move the goalposts when someone tries to have a reasonable discussion trying to use logic to explain why they’re maybe not real problems.

I’ve seen people send death threats to the people behind death battles for the results of the Superman vs Goku fight, people who literally think that the abridged series is canon and actually try to push it’s characterisation’s as more true than the actual series. I’ve seen fans of Goku get called everything from brain dead morons, to tasteless idiots, to MORALLY DEFICIENT. I remember one anon ask that was being sent over and over to Goku fans inboxes last year telling them that Goku was a selfish monster for “Letting” Goten and Trunks die when Kid buu blew up the world and “Selfishly” saving Mr Satan and Dende instead. Despite the fact that Goku was in a hurry to transport the group out of there right before Kid Buu blew everything up, and he reacted on instinct when Mr Satan cried out for help and acted without thinking, not really having time to save Goten and Trunks. Something he was immediately horrified by and ashamed of. And as a result of this, anyone who likes Goku should not be allowed to have children.

Yeah, this jerk went around telling fans that they don’t deserve to ever be parents… for liking a fictional character. And that’s a tame one, go around asking any of the most notable tumblr Gochi fans and they’ll link you at LEAST ten examples of hate messages they’ve received right off the bat. People go to any lengths to insult and demonize Gochi fans, insist they’re being selfish and attacking people who like other ships when Gochi fans call out their poor treatment, and the worst of the lot go to great lengths to pelt them with reasons for why their ship is garbage and that the characters totally aren’t really in love.

Fans of Krillin, Yamcha and any other human characters that aren’t at the level of strength of the super saiyan characters are EXPECTED to put up with people mocking and deriding their favourite characters and trying to erase or dismiss their achievements, and any attempts by those characters fans to explain why they think they’re well written and likeable and cool in their own right are at best dismissed, at worst met with backlash. Heck, I’ve seen people get outright OFFENDED at the mere idea of Krillin being able to put up any kind of a fight against anyone in Super, even Frieza’s grunts, and trying to insist that any of his accomplishments “Don’t count” or that they’re automatically bad writing because “Krillin’s supposed to be worthless”

Heck, the fact that a large chunk of the fandom seems to care more about power levels than the characters or anything to do with the writing of the series and insisting that they’re the ONLY deciding factor in which character would win in a fight, despite the whole point of power levels since their introduction being that they were an unreliable method of determining someone’s fighting prowess, should tell you where people’s priorities lie.

I myself have gotten angry messages calling me brain dead, morally bankrupt and a pathetic shill for liking DBS and Goku. Just a few weeks ago, someone sent me an ask claiming one of my friends on this site sent him to deliver the insults he had for me for liking the former, something we were both gobsmacked by.

And this is just scraping the surface. There’s plenty more I could go into detail about, and plenty of other problems I’m sure are out there that I’m just unaware of because I’m really cautious around this fandom now and don’t want to delve too far into the depths of it’s toxic corners.

The fandom does have a ton of good people in it, I’ve made some good friends in the community and there are plenty of reasonable, friendly and intelligent people here. It’s just that the toxic attitudes and people are loud, hard to avoid and occasionally get overbearing, and things only seem to keep getting worse over time to the point I’ve seen good natured fans turned off from interacting with people in regards to Dragon Ball or just turned off the franchise entirely because they can’t stand how people act.

You’re lucky you live in a part of the world and a community where Dragon Ball overall is more respected and it’s fandom much more welcoming and laid back. In many of the parts I and people I know have wandered into online, things are PRETTY bad. I wouldn’t call it the worst fandom, I don’t know what is and I hope I never find out personally, but as a whole it’s a mess of a community that can get really frustrating to be a part of.

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lost was only really good for the first 3 seasons, but i enjoyed the finale

I disagree about the last 3 seasons not being good.

The critics considered the slow pacing of the first half one of the biggest flaws of the show and that was fixed in season 4 and kept that way till the end.

The last three seasons is when the best character development takes place, to name a few: Sawyer starts caring about other people, we see Ben’s humanity and Hurley goes from comic relief to leader.

You could say that season 4 basically invented flash forwards. No other tv show had used it as a regular narrative technique before. I feel like Lost is not given credit enough by how ahead of its time it was.

Season 5 had a crazy time travel plot written and directed so expertly that they managed to not leave any loose ends and make every piece fit. Time travel is one of the most difficult themes from a screen writer point of view because is almost impossible to not make a continuity error. Lost made everything work.

Season 6 was loyal to everything the show had been to that day: unexpected development, a good balance between sci-fi and magic but still feeling real, with strong phylosophical roots but without being boring to watch. The worst thing with the ending of shows that have been running for so many seasons as Lost is that it becomes predictable. Even with sci-fi shows with a “crazy” plot like Lost fans more or less expect the ending. I have never met one Lost fan that started watching season 6 and correctly guessed what the flash-sideways were.

I think there’s people who don’t like the second half as they feel the show “went crazy” then, because it was when Lost finally went full science-fiction. But Lost was always a sci-fi show, in the first 3 seasons it was more in the background but puting all that in front was a necessary and expected move.

anonymous asked:

Feedback: We all need it occasionally. I recall your mission statement stating you do not deal in innuendo or speculation only "FACTS". This a.m. you said "Sam probably flew in from NYc. Happy?". Are you psychic or did Sam tell you this? Just the amount of hrs it takes to fly round trip such a distance makes it highly unlikely if not impossible. "Happy?" why the attitude?

Oh hello Anon, good afternoon :D
I realize that you’re used to being in a fandom fighting each other all the time, full of malice and nastiness. And you’re used to seeing only the worst side in people, but you see … I’m not one of those people. And now I answer calmly, to your questions ^-^

We start from the premise that since Dubai is an international stop or layover,
Sam could come from many places: Los Angeles, New York, London etc. I don’t know where he was.

Why did I said “probably New York”? Because the fan that met him has put in her tags, ‘new york’ ‘whasington’, I checked her instagram profile and she came from a trip to new york. But it’s just a deduction, otherwise I would not have written “probably”.

Why did I say “happy” “he is alive”? Because many twitter fans were worried about his health (as mentioned on another post, the Outlander cast was quiet, so he obviously was okay) and I just reassured them. The fact that you can think that it was a sarcasm does not mean that it’s true. I have no reason to tease anyone, since I’m not in war with anyone.

Finally, you said “to fly a round trip such a distance makes it extremely unlikely if not impossible” … uhm, this is not the case. Do you want an example? (I repeat EXAMPLE)

Sam disappeared from Thursday morning.

  • Wednesday: Sam Takes the night flight for Heatrow (11 Hours)
  • Thursday: Sam arrives at Heatrow in the morning, writes the latest tweets and takes the plane to America (another 8/11 hours). He arrives in the US in the early afternoon, in SA was night. 
  • Friday: Sam is in America, morning, afternoon, evening, night
  • Saturday: Sam is in America, morning, afternoon, evening, night
  • Sunday: Sam is in America, morning, afternoon, evening. He takes the night flight to go home.
  • Monday: Sam arrives at the Dubai stop in the morning, writes some tweets, takes a picture with a fan and helps her bring her luggage, he take the plane to go to Cape Town. Arrives late afternoon/evening.

Now tell me, is it so impossible? 3-4 days of vacation? Maybe is not?

I always say: thinking with your own head is the best solution. I conclude by saying that suggest the origin of a flight is not to speculate on Sam’s love life.

Dear Black Nerds (please do not ignore),

So by now, we all have seen the goings on in the T'Challa fandom. It’s a pain, I know. We spent all this time hoping for T'Challa, and then…this happens. The influx of new white fans has led to problems which did not exist before. And it’s really hard for many of us, whom feel like we’re being pushed away from something we’ve always been apart of. And the worst part is, it was inevitable. There was NOTHING we could have done to prevent this. Because diversity in media will ALWAYS be met by opposition from the enemy. So right now, I want to issue all of us a warning for the future.

They will do this to Luke Cage in September.
They will do this to Valkyrie.
They will do this to Kick-Ass when the new comic drops.
They will do this to Bill in Doctor Who.
Non-black fans will never understand our specific struggles, and thus will never understand the stories which feature us.

In September, after we’ve all binged Luke Cage, do NOT be surprised to see his first wife being demonized by fandom. Do not be surprised by people sidelining him for Iron Fist. Do not be surprised when he’s shipped with the prison guards that assaulted him. Luke Cage will be written as every stereotype under the sun. He will be drawn as the most offensive caricature that will make you want to cry. People will complain that his series was dumnb and unnecessary, and they will argue that Punisher should have a show first. Even on camera, we’ll see changes to his story and character so he can be more palpable to a white audience. If the producers have stories which address racism, assuming they will be scored down to appeal to white people’s sense of racism, and fans will still try to whitewash them and ignore this significance to us.

And we’ll get angry. We’ll write post upon post, we’ll make videos about this, we’ll go to Twitter and Facebook. We’ll get into arguments. We’ll find traitors in our own camp. We’ll get Anon hate. And we’ll wonder if we should have included Luke into the MCU at all. Just like with T'Challa.

Now, I’m not writing this to bring all of us down. I’m trying to be fair. I’m trying to make sure that we all know that this will happen. Because I’ve ridden the high of having representation in a favorite outlet, and I’ve felt the pain of the fall as I see how white members of the fandom treat our characters and our stories. Just like when our parents sit us down and explain why we can’t go to certain areas of our town, or why we should avoid cops, or why we should disregard what our school is teaching us; I’m not writing this to hurt anyone or be a downer. I’m saying this because it’s what’s going to happen, and we need to know this.

As for how to prepare for this…I don’t know. If you want to debate, study original source material for these and other such characters. If you just want to ignore it all, I advise staying away from Tumblr and other such sites when this happens. I really DON’T know how to handle this, it’s something I’m still learning for myself. My best advice? Remember who we are, and that we’ve gotten through not only this, but much worse before.

Good luck, friends.

Guild Wars Lore Spotlight: The Pale Reavers

“Forming the Pale Reavers was a stroke of genius. We can do things and face risks that no one else can.” -Crusader Afanen

In our war against the Elder Dragons, it’s clear which side has the advantage. Each and every Dragon we face comes bundled with a boundless army of minions, the ability to reshape the landscape almost at will, and the raw destructive force of your average volcano. Conventional armies already have their work cut out for them, but the Elder Dragons have one trick in their arsenal that can turn a war into a massacre: corruption. 

Elder Dragons don’t devour food like normal beasts–instead, they feed on raw magic, devouring enchanted artifacts and tapping into stores of arcane energy. That energy bleeds away from the Dragon over time, seeping into the surrounding landscape… and into the body of any trifling mortal that happen to be nearby. The unfortunate victim is driven to insanity, and a mental link is established with the Dragon. 

Eventually, their body is reshaped from the inside out, becoming a frenzied killing machine. Not just a frenzied killing machine, either–a frenzied killing machine that knows exactly where their friends are hiding, and how to kill them. And thanks to the mental link, now the Elder Dragon knows, too. 

Because of Dragon corruption, even a single loss for groups like the Pact can be a devastating one. This became crushingly apparent during the Pact’s invasion of Orr. The few scouts that managed to evade Zhaitan’s bloodthirsty Risen mobs fell under his sway, becoming Risen themselves. Officers that died in battle spilled their secrets to the Dragons, leading ruthlessly efficient counterattacks against the very same men they’d been leading not five minutes ago. High-risk missions weren’t just long shots–they were feeding the enemy new recruits.

With no reliable way to scout the enemy position or covertly sabotage them, the invasion slid to a halt. The Pact needed to do these things if they wanted any hope of slaying Zhaitan, and they couldn’t rely on ragtag bands of adventurers for everything. They needed something to throw at the enemy that wouldn’t be thrown back at them. They needed soldiers that couldn’t be twisted by corruption, like… like…

…like the sylvari. 

The sylvari aren’t necessarily immune to corruption. They can still be affected by Dragon magic, they can still be driven to madness. But they don’t become Dragon minions–instead of succumbing completely to the Elder Dragon’s will, they simply die. Thanks to this quirk of magic, sylvari soldiers could be sent out into corrupted territory without risk… or without more risk than usual, anyway. 

Trahearne, the Pact’s leader, decided to press this small advantage as much as he could. He formed an army of sylvari volunteers, the most skilled warriors that would say yes. Dubbing them ‘the Pale Reavers’, he sent them on a number of high-risk missions deep in Zhaitan’s territory. Scouting, sabotage, assassination of powerful Risen champions… if it was difficult and important, it was on the list.

Despite incredible odds, the Reavers overcame any challenge that Zhaitan could send at them. This was in part due to their leader, Tegwen. She’d been to Orr before, accompanied by her second-in-command Carys, and returned to the Grove alive. With knowledge of the land and its dangers, they managed to become one of the Pact’s most lethal weapons in the invasion. 

Eventually, though, their luck ran dry. After crossing the Straits of Devastation and dealing a hefty blow to Zhaitan’s forces, the Pale Reavers pushed deep into enemy territory. The goal was to destroy the Risen guarding the road to Arah, and clear the way for other Pact forces. Helping out were several charr tanks, artillery generously donated by the Iron Legion.

While escorting the tanks into position, the Pale Reavers were ambushed by Risen. The sudden undead army was too large for the Pale Reavers to face alone. Knowing that the entire invasion, and possibly the entire world, depended on those tanks being where they needed to be, Tegwen and several of her soldiers stood their ground while the tanks moved on. Tegwen, along with everyone with her, was killed, but she bought just enough time for the Reavers to complete their mission. The tanks were ready, fire rained down on the Risen forces, and the path to Arah was cleared. 

After Tegwen’s death, temporary leadership of the Reavers fell onto the shoulders of Carys. Under her command, they took part in Trahearne’s gambit to cleanse Orr of Zhaitan’s corruption, and helped bring down the Dragon itself in Arah. Following Zhaitan’s death, the Pale Reavers took a well-deserved break along with the rest of the Pact, gathering forces and waiting for another target to present itself. 

That target didn’t pop up for well over a year. Mordremoth, the Elder of Dragon that haunts the Maguuma Wastes, sent his minions on a terror campaign across Tyria, goading the Pact into action. By this point, the Pact had assembled a mighty fleet of airships, actually managing to achieve complete air superiority over a hurricane with wings. Trahearne took the Pact airfleet deep into the heart of Maguuma, and began to bombard Mordremoth’s territory from above. The Pale Reavers, like everyone else in the Pact, went with him. By this point, Carys had handed leadership of the group off to more capable hands–Laranthir of the Wild, sylvari tactical genius and one of Trahearne’s closest confidantes. 

Bringing the Pale Reavers turned out to be a huge mistake. The great advantage they had against Zhaitan–the ability to resist Dragon corruption–was rendered useless by Mordremoth. In fact, thanks to the connection between the Dragon and the sylvari race, it was easier for him to raise an army of sleeper agents within the Pact. A huge portion of the Pale Reavers suddenly turned on their brothers- and sisters-in-arms, sabotaging the airfleet from within. While the sane among the Pact scrambled to defend themselves, Mordremoth returned fire. Huge vine tendrils lurched up from the jungle below, spearing the vulnerable vessels and destroying their engines. Burning airships fell to the jungle floor, deep behind enemy lines, where the survivors were trapped by Mordremoth’s armies and hunted by their own kin.

Laranthir and the remaining Pale Reavers crash landed in Verdant Brink, close to the front lines. Boxed in by Mordremoth’s minions–now bolstered by their former comrades–they found themselves a defensible location, recovered a few dozen sniper rifles from the wreckage, and waited.

And waited. 

And waited. 

And waited some more, for reinforcements that wouldn’t come. Reinforcements that would rather leave them to die, because they see the sylvari as backstabbing traitors. Laranthir and his Reavers have to contend with the Mordrem alone. The fates of other sylvari Pact members, like Carys and even Trahearne himself, remain unknown, and Laranthir can’t spare anyone to go looking. Most of their forces turned coat, and those that kept their free wills are being picked off one-by-one in Mordrem raids.

Any attempts to escape are foiled by Mordremoth’s armies or the vicious predators of Maguuma. Any attempts at contacting other survivors for help are met with disdain or open hostility. As experienced as they are, the Pale Reavers don’t have many options left. They are vulnerable, wounded, and worst of all, corruptable. 

They can only hold out, keep hope alive, and pray that when Pact reinforcements finally come, they aren’t coming for their heads.

Anti-SJW Berserk Fan

Let me tell you a story of how it all began. Okay, the reason why I don’t tolerate SJW’s is because of a nasty run in a few years ago when my depression was at its worst. So after being turned down by one of the guys I liked, I had to find a way to escape. I bought Dragon Age Inquisition to run away from my predicament of asking Dorian Gray to the ball only to be met by his aloofness. So I went on tumblr and made a comment about a character. Granted, it wasn’t because I didn’t use the correct pronouns, but because I made the mistake of saying how I wouldn’t have cared if this character was male or female, saying they had an androgynous face that would look good one anyone, male or female. But the brevity of it garnered some angry fans. The whole thing was new to me. Granted, I had a friend who was trans at the time (still my friend by the way). I didn’t realize what I said was insensitive. I thought it was neutral in all honesty. So my ignorance landed me in a boiling pot of oil with someone, so they decided to call me nasty names. I asked them to explain what was wrong, because honestly, I didn’t know. I wasn’t trying to be smart or anything, I really did not know. Living 25+ years in an LGBT neighborhood, I never had issues with anyone. I even apologized to them saying that I didn’t know, and asked them exactly what I did to upset them specifically. I was regretful in earnest. They acted like they didn’t owe me an explanation. I mean, don’t you think it’s a mistake not to educate people who honestly want to help and understand? I mean, I was kinda socialjusticy myself at the time. Instead they told me about how hurt they were by throwing the F-word at me left and right, not realizing that it hurt me too (especially the whole self-esteem bomb that got me into this mess in the first place). I decided to be the big person and told them that if they wanted people to be more sympathetic they shouldn’t approach them the way they did me (throwing around the F-word and accusing me of being biased in favor of cishets). And that was that. I got comments ranging from “shut up” to “you’re a piece of shit” from the initial comment I made, before the fights broke out. 

After that I started really assessing their arguments and finding myself either from an opposite stance or neutral stance (because let’s face it, uptight nationalists are assholes too, which is another story I will share later). From that day forth I sort of keep that stuff at arm’s length. I mean, I still support diversity and inclusion in the real world. But like I said, tolerance comes by understanding, not force. As a Berserk fan, I can honestly say I’m not a fan of the social justice warrior agenda. My feelings for Berserk come from a personal experience involving my ex with the help of the ghosts of lovers past and how he ruined my approach to sex and relationships down the line (another story for another time) in a similar, but not quite vehement fashion Griffith ruined love for Casca. But yeah. That white man bad, but no all white man bad. He bad because he selfish and disrespec women, no because he white. I can understand if you don’t support me after this. My mission is self-expression, and voicing my deepest darkest emotions. Berserk to me is about that mission. About exploration of how passion takes on the form of dark fantasies and immorality and carnal desires and finding oneself through adversity and growth. Of course a lot of injustice happens, but it happens in the context of the alternative dark ages and the reformation, fighting the patriarchy when it was an actual threat in European countries. I can’t really get involved in these kinds of things because it always leads to taking one of two extreme sides, and that’s not who I am. I’m on the side of good, not the right side or the left side. 

What is with all this Gandalf vs Dumbledore shade?! I mean you have so many Gandalf fans treat Dumbledore like he’s the worst and that he’s an insult to their fave.

Can we both just agree that they’re both a pair of badass wizards that are both epic in their own way? Gandalf fits his story perfectly, Dumbledore fits his. And you can’t even really compare the two because one, their stories are so different. Two, Gandalf is a motherfucking divine angelic being while Dumbledore is a human. I bet if they met in real life they’d be best buds.

Plus they’re married now, so chill.

A Bad Case of Bad Conscience

Another moment of John and Molly mirroring each other.

According to her blog Molly met Sherlock very shortly before John did, i. e. she has not known him during his worst times aka the drugs period. Most fans agree that Sherlock did not take drugs between ASiP and HLV (except when being drugged against his will). However, here Molly reacts as if she had been betrayed again and again when she actually cannot not have had any experiences with Sherlock’s drug issues. She may have heard about it (maybe from Greg) but in all probability there is nothing that warrants this violent reaction.

Same goes for John. Sherlock has never betrayed him in connection with drugs. He has never voluntarily compromised his “beautiful gifts” in John’s presence. “If you were anywhere near this kind of thing again, you could have called, you could have talked to me.” But we know John has been on his honeymoon and has not seen Sherlock after his return. We do not get any proof that he even tried to contact Sherlock.

So why do both John and Molly react in such a way? 

Because they are are feeling guilty. Molly saw Sherlock leave the wedding early and did not go after him. John made the thoughtless remark about dancing behind closed curtains and the ensuing rumours. These were probably the last words he said to Sherlock before finding him in the drug den (I regard his blog as semi-Canon, it is not the show after all). Deep inside both John and Molly must know that Sherlock was hurt and alone and felt left out. Both were married/engaged/expecting to become parents while Sherlock was on his own. And now they realise he has taken drugs and they are acting out of a bad conscience, transferring their own feelings of guilt to him. John and Molly both love Sherlock and know they have failed him​ but are not able to face this truth. 

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I was reminded today that it’s now been just over a year since Ghostbusters came into my life. 

Saved my life. 

Since the 2016 movie debuted, newer fans have been hating on it and calling in defunct. It was a great, adorable, and funny movie. But it wasn’t relatable to me, a majorly depressed nerd with a life-long fascination with all thing occult.

( key word being: d e p r e s s e d )

I had just barely finished my associate’s degree, had a dead-end job, and no friends. I wished I was dead. I already felt like it, so why not be it?

But then I met Peter Venkman. He is, by far, the worst role model anyone could ever choose, but because of him, I am now pursuing a degree in psychology. I’m not sure how far I’ll go or if I’ll end with my bachelors. I’m also planning to minor in counseling. I’m not sure what demographic I want to work with or what I’d like to specialize in; I’m still lost but in a good way this time. 

I owe my life to those guys.

What Are You So Afraid Of?

Simon is confronted by Baz in the Wavering Wood and some surprising developments take place

“You’re afraid.” He insisted. Simon struggled against the tree he had been pushed against. “I can see it in your eyes. The panic. What are you so afraid of?” Baz leered.

Simon shivered against the tree. It was night, which meant they were definitely locked out of Watford until morning and they were in the Wavering Wood. Simon had followed Baz out like many nights before, but this time Baz had hidden behind a tree and ambushed Simon. Well actually maybe he didn’t ambush him since Simon knew Baz was back here. Maybe Simon wanted Baz to catch him.

Simon shivered again. What a disturbing thought.

“Tell me, Snow. If you following me then why are you so scared now that you have caught up to me? What are you so scared of?” He repeated.

Scared of being in love with you, Simon thought.  Scared that I already am. He wouldn’t say that, though. He would never say that, not even if Baz threatened him with everything he had.

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Character: Clara Oswald
Appears in: Doctor Who
Commonly Interpreted as: Heterosexual or Bisexual

But Really: We met one of Clara’s echoes, Oswin Oswald, before we met Clara. Although her echoes live individual lives in extremely different times and places to Clara, she is still their template. In “Asylum of the Daleks” Oswin says the first person she ever fancied as a girl named Nina, then says she was “going through a phase.” She also asks Rory to take off his shirt and when he asks why she says, “Does there have to be a reason?“ Later, in "The Bells of Saint John,” when we meet the real Clara, she babysits the Maitland kids, who are long time friends of her family. Angie Maitland talks about going over to see Nina, but no other details are given about her. It’s never revealed if the Nina Oswin mentions and the Nina Angie mentions are the same person, but given how Clara’s relationship with her mother bleeds over into Oswin’s relationship with her mother, there is a strong suggestion Nina might also have bled over from Clara’s life.

We meet another Clara echo, Clara Oswin Oswald, in “The Snowmen.” She kisses the Doctor and boldly indicates she’s staring at his rear when he’s climbing a ladder.

In the minisode, “Clara and the TARDIS,” Clara theorizes the TARDIS is antagonistic towards her because she’s the first girl the Doctor brought home. The TARDIS then shows Clara a slideshow of the Doctor’s previous female companions and Clara stares wide eyed at the screen and says, “Blimey. That’s umm…that’s quite a selection.” Then she sees a picture of Amy Pond and while leaning into the monitor exclaims, “Dear GOD! That woman is made of legs! That’s the most legs on any living human!”

In “Deep Breath,” Strax–who has a recurring problem with thinking women are men and men are women because he’s an alien–performs a medical examination on Clara using his sonic lorgnette. He aims it at her head and they have this exchange:

STRAX: Deflected narcissism. Traces of passive aggressiveness. And a lot of muscular young men doing sport.
CLARA: What are you looking at?
STRAX: Your subconscious. Is that sport? It could be sport.

Given Strax’s history of confusing the sex of humans (he even calls Clara a “boy” on three different occasions in the same episode), the logical conclusion is that he meant he saw a lot of muscular young women doing “sport” in Clara’s mind. Also, his confusion in the last sentence alludes to the possibility that “sport" actually meant sex or something of a sexual nature, but Strax doesn’t realize it because he comes from an alien race that reproduces through genetic clone batches.

Clara has a season-long romantic relationship with fellow Coal Hill teacher, Danny Pink. She admits she’s in love with him and is distraught and depressed following his death.

Clara is shown to have a long standing love of Jane Austen. As an English teacher she teaches a lesson on Pride and Prejudice in “The Caretaker” and jealously accuses the Doctor of being “bezzie mates” with her and theorizes what adventures they might have had together. In “The Magician’s Apprentice,” Clara reveals she finally met Jane Austen and gushingly tells her students Jane Austen is “a phenomenal kisser.” Finally, in “Face the Raven,” Clara tells her friend Rigsy that TARDIS travel isn’t only saving people: “Sometimes Jane Austen and I prank each other. Oh, she is the worst! I love her. Take that how you like.”

Despite the mass fan belief that Clara is heterosexual, she has never said she’s straight. The on screen evidence shows she’s attracted to men and women.

With many thanks to M. for this submission.

For real though, people hate on most things because it’s easy. It’s easy to hate on 5sos because a lot of other people do too, and they have old receipts despite having newer things that are actually pretty great. It’s easy to hate on Taylor Swift because she has been dealing with hate for so many years, and when her image rights management sent cease-and-desist letters to some ETSY creators it’s easy to hate on her and act like she had a legal hand in it. Consider this when she has sent gifts to her fans, helped a fan pay off their college loans, has shared people making creative things with her music and having fun on youtube, and has been the most charitable for years in a row. But oh no, YouTube’s tight ass copyright rules met an infringement and muted the music on a lesbian couples wedding video that was being monitored and were making money off of it, which, as far as YouTube cares, is illegal. People started hating on Halsey out of nowhere despite people saying she’s who’ve we’ve been waiting for, and people dig up old receipts from when she was younger. And when she slips up slightly, it’s treated like the worst thing ever when others have done way worse. People tried to make others hate her by saying she isn’t a Bowie fan because she likes One Direction and she was just joining in on people paying him respects when he died. 

It was easy for people to hate Justin Bieber because a lot of people did and he started acting like a jackass, but now people couldn’t care less. It was easy to hate on One Direction just because they’re a pop group, now people literally don’t give a shit and many were lusting after Zayn before and after he quit. It was easy to hate on Rebecca Black for a song she did to start her career, when she was a fucking 13 year old; people sent death threats to a 13 year old (people seem to always ignore that part). Now she’s proven to be a pretty damn good singer and the hate only comes from the really bitter people. But these were all easy to hate because everyone else did, it was ‘popular’ to hate these things, especially if that thing had a large female fanbase. If you asked someone why they hated these things, they wouldn’t really give a substantial answer outside of ‘I don’t like their music’ as if that warrants death threats. 

Sure, there’s people who get what they deserve like Sam Pepper or VeeOneEye. But what about the other people that were involved in the YouTube abuse? Luke Conard and Alex Carpenter didn’t get nearly enough as shit they would’ve deserved but if you don’t know who these two guys are it proves how easy it is to sweep someone under the rug if a lot of people don’t know who they are, despite deserving to be shit on everyday. John Green had literally done nothing and people hate on him for having an accidental fanbase of younger girls (the Vlogbrothers just started out as a fun project for John and Hank to communicate, not a ploy to attract teen girls) and like many other people, writes YA books. He tries to do so much good like talking about charities and is a good father, husband, and brother. But people love going back to that casually homophobic, edited post where it said he ‘loves the taste of cock’ or accuse him of abusing children when there’s already people who abuse minors on youtube 

Bart Baker makes a living off sexist jokes, why not hate on him? What about Ronnie Radke? He got arrested for domestic abuse. What about Matty Mullins? He called his female fans sluts for dressing appropriately for summer at Warped Tour so they wouldn’t faint from heat exhaustion or something like that, and pretty much brought their existence down to pleasing a man. 

Point, people usually don’t hate on the deserving, people hate on the easy and I’m sick of it