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Pensive child is pensive.

It never fails to amuse me how tiny Ive is.  Short, skinny, and very easily able to hide behind Trahearne (and other tall friends).  Especially when talking to Mama Tree.  Considering that Ive would rather do almost anything than talk to the Pale Tree. Kek

You’d think I’d stop trying to draw things I have no clue how to draw.


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The first thing the parents especially mums should be teaching their kids is TAWHEED.

These days people focus on teaching their kids ABCs, 123, animal names, nursery rhymes etc but they FAIL to teach them that which will save them from Hell fire - Tawheed.

Umm Sulaim (radiallaahu ‘anha) would teach her son Anas (radiallaahu 'anhu), saying:

“Say: 'Laa ilaaha il Allaah (none has the right to be worshipped in truth except Allaah).’

Say: 'Ash-hadu anna Muhammad Rasul-ullaah (I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah).’”
This was BEFORE the age of weaning [Siyar A'laam an-Nubalaa (2/305)

So u should be teaching Tawheed even before the age of TWO .

Some tips on how u can Tawheed to ur toddler age & above:

1. Repeat to them the Kalimah La ilaha il Allah Muhammad ur Rasool Allah right from the day they are born all the time until they can pronounce it (doesnt matter if they dont pronounce it correctly as toddlers have limited speech skills)

2. Teach them Tawheed ar Ruboobiyyah - teach them that Allah is our Creator, the Only One.

Tell them Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'aala created everything.

Ask them :

- Who created you?
- Your mum and dad?
- Siblings?
- The animals?

Teach its Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'aala who created everything.

When they look at the Sun or stars tell them its Allah who Created everything. Make them focus on big & small creations.

Even the ant & apple, tell them Allah created it.

This makes them realise that EVERYTHING is created by Allah.

3. Teach them Tawheed al Uloohiyyah - teach kids that we worship only Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'aala we only ask Him for help.

When u pray Salaah & kids imitate to u teach them we are praying only to Allah.

When ur child needs something for example if a toddler is crying for a new toy teach them to make dua & ask Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'aala even for the smallest things.

4. Teach your child Tawakkal to rely upon Allah for everything - when ur chilld is scared or worried them dont tell them “Im here or ur dads here dont worry’ teach them Allah is with u. He is the Best Protector.

He will look after you. This will teach ur child to rely upon Allah rather than you or any other human being.

Even if you die or your sick & your child is lonely, they will learn to rely on Allah and trust Him.

When your child is worried tell them Allah will make things better.

When ur child is sick teach them to turn to Allah to make dua to him & ask Him for shifa.

5. Teach them Tawheed al Asma wa Sifaat- teach ur kids Names & Attributes of Allah Subhaanahu wa ta'aala from an early age.

Ask them where is Allah,tell them Allah is Up- the Most High, above all Heavens. When a child is naughty tell them Allah is Watching them that He sees all.

Always remind that even if ur not there Allah is with them in His Knowledge.

If they throw a tantrum or become angry tell them that Allah Hears them.

If ur child is being impatient tell them Allah loves those who are patient.

When u take ur child to the beach or when they see rainbow tell them Alllah is the Creator, He desgined everything.

Remember the happiest people are the people of Tawheed so if u want ur child to be content & happy both in dunya and akhirah teach them Tawheed right from day one .

You have 2 friends in this life: Allah & those who remind you of Allah.

You have 2 enemies in this life: Shaytaan & those who make you forgetful of Allah.

Be Smart O'Muslim .. Always be with Friends. Not with Enemies

And Allah knows best.

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I realised that most of the stories I’ve written have always dealt with the concept of being alone; never as a bad thing, though the worst it can be is melancholic, but as a trait that somehow belongs to the main characters which they have accepted as part of their being. I could then easily how it echoed the experience of most of my entire life, being a very lonely child who kept to herself. I’m still the same person essentially, I still have mental conversations with myself (I think I’m a very funny conversationalist; too bad my social anxiety prevents most people other than my friends from enjoying it), but I’ve accepted this constant trait of being alone and managed to turn it into something that opens doors for me to experience the world in ways I wouldn’t have noticed (try being in a field looking at the clouds passing by! That’s my positive association with being alone).

Being in an age where everyone is connected everywhere and talking to everyone every time (Facebook, anyone?), it can make us more afraid of being alone than we already naturally are. We all have a need to belong to each other. At the same time though we need to learn how to belong to ourselves, and personally I find that it’s a very important especially with so many things going on we could very easily lose ourselves. Having a rich inner life is just as important as having a rich outer life, and they both inform each other.

*I may have jumbled up loneliness and being alone as being the same thing. Yeah I know!! It’s just how I experienced it; sometimes I really hate how I’m unable to easily make friends, which often makes me feel negatively isolated especially in a new environment (I was ALONE in college for a year until I found my clique). It’s terrible. But still things worked out in the end. Until it does though, make a friend out of yourself in the meantime.

Akito and Shigure Sohma Relationship: An Analysis

I’ve been a fan of Fruits Basket for many years. It was not my childhood manga or the manga I followed religiously throughout middle and high school. I read it through, was touched and pleased, then forgot about it. Then I read it again. And again. I always seem to come back to it at my darkest points, like a small ray of light with words of wisdom and inspiration that made me both laugh and cry. 

One thing that always piqued my interest more than anything, though, was the dramatic, tension-fraught mess of a love story between Shigure and Akito Sohma. I think Akito’s gender reveal was one of the biggest shocks I’ve ever had in manga– though later it seems more apparent than at first glance. 

I’ve read a lot posts and forums trying to delve into their relationship– and the questions are normally the same; Did Shigure sleep with Akito when she was a minor? Was their relationship intimate before Kureno? Etc. The one that stands out to me, however, is why exactly does Shigure love Akito? Akito seems to love Shigure because he was kind to her as a child, charming and indulgent– and later he manipulates her feelings with mind games. But why does a man, seven to eight years a girl’s senior, fall madly in love with a spoiled, destructive girl like Akito?

The manga only openly reveals his feelings after witnessing the dream of Akito; he states that after the dream, he wanted to possess the god of the Zodiac fully. It shows little else of their relationship other than snippets of Akito being a lonely and self-conscious child that Shigure cares for and comforts. 

I think it’s imperative, at this point, to look towards others relationships with Akito. Many posts raise the question of why the dream made Shigure love Akito when it did not have the same effect on the others (Hatori, Kureno and Ayame). While first, it is important to point out that all of the characters are differecnt people. Characters like Hatori are drawn to more independent women (namely, Kana and Mayuko) while Ayame is an inherently selfish and self-centered child (he ignores Yuki’s pleas for help as children). That being said, I think it is obvious in the manga that Hatori does love Akito– just not romantically. I always got the vibe that Hatori sees Akito as his little sister. Someone precious and irreplaceable while not above being obnoxious and unlikeable. Hatori refuses to blame Akito for his eye injury and when Akito is upset by Ren’s mockery, he remembers her as a small child and holds her tightly against him in comfort. Meanwhile, Ayame is simply the kind of character who could not be bothered with Akito. As a child and teenager, Ayame does not see the issues and problems of the people around him, he is remarkably self-centered (a trait he eventually begins to grow out of) and does not understand well the needs of others. This also makes Akito dislike him and so a relationship does not form.

One relationship I tend to think people often misread but one that is key to understanding Shigure and Akito, is the relationship between Kureno and Akito. It is often inferred or believed that Kureno was not in love with Akito– I think that is a faulty interpretation of the text. I think that Kureno was, like Shigure, in love with Akito as a child. He found her endearing and wanted to spoil her, though unlike Shigure he is not nearly as possessive or manipulative. He says he couldn’t stand to leave her, that he couldn’t stand to see her weep, so he stays with her after the curse. Not only does he stay, but he absolutely dedicates his life to her in a way no other Zodiac member does. One does not do that without love; though not necessarily a healthy love. Kureno also sleeps with Akito. They have an ongoing, sexual relationship. Mind you, Akito is anyway between five and six years younger than Kureno and seven to eight years younger than Shigure. I sincerely doubt her first sexual experience, as a young girl who has been raised away from feminine ideals, was initiated by her. I also have trouble believing Kureno was her first sexual relationship– Shigure’s view of her cheating indicates that he felt he had the position of her lover before her and Kureno’s relationship began. With Shigure also being known for his promiscuity, it is likely he initiated a sexual relationship with Akito. That being said, Akito uses sex as a way to keep Kureno complacent as her companion. She does not seem to love Kureno the same way she does Shigure but she uses the same weapon to keep both men close; which is sex. That means that if she did in fact sleep with Shigure prior to Kureno, she saw something in Kureno that made her believe sex would work equally effectively on him, and she is right. You don’t see Kureno turning her down. He is sexually attracted to her or they would not be seen making love as frequently as they are. I think that by the time he has his meeting with Uotani, however, that he has fallen out of love with her. He sees the pain it has caused Shigure and he also sees Akito’s discontent with the relationship and he begins to fall for Uo-chan. He tells Tohru that Uo-chan is “the first woman he fell in love with since his curse broke”. Note that he does not say she is the first person he has EVER fallen in love with. Seeing as the Sohma’s are kept away from society for the most part, and knowing what we know of his and Akito’s relationship, it is inferred that the first woman he ever loved was indeed Akito. He, like Shigure, loves her with and without the curse. But Akito’s relationship with him is toxic for Kureno. Shigure can stand up to Akito in a way Kureno’s personality won’t allow, and so he suffers within their relationship. 

The reason I’ve branched so deeply into everyone else’s relationship with Akito is to highlight Shigure’s off-page reasons for falling in love with her. Like Hatori and Kureno, Shigure sees the full picture of Akito’s trauma. He knows of the mental abuse Ren has heaped on her daughter since before she was even born. He knows she is hurting and desires affection as she is constantly seen demanding it from the older Zodiacs, “Hug me, Hatori!” and “Do you love me, Shigure?” That, paired with the dream of Akito as god, appeals to Shigure. He wants to spoil her with affection and love but his possessive nature also makes him not want to share her. Hatori might see her as a sister, but a sister can be shared, she can have other siblings. Shigure wants a deeper bond with her and to him, you cannot share a lover. So his affections become romantic and sexualized. He does not, he expresses, want to be her father and he does not want to share her equally with the other Zodiacs. And just when he thinks he has her in the way he desires, she begins her relationship with Kureno, who is unaware of Shigure’s feelings. 

I think this act of betrayal arrests Shigure’s love for Akito; his anger and desire for revenge trumps his tenderer feelings for her and that is most of what we see in the manga. He has not stopped loving her so much as he pushes the love he has held and fostered for her for years, away and begins to try and manipulate her whereas before he showed his love through kindness. 

What we see towards the end of the manga is not necessarily a change in the two but a reversal. Akito is more how she was as a very small child, not as angry and more truthfully affectionate and Shigure is gentler and more relaxed in the relationship, much like their original dynamic.

 So why Shigure loves Akito is much the same as many relationships. He sees her heart, the whole of it– he sees her hurt, her love, her nastiness and her hate and he loves her through it. Their relationship is not a healthy one– though hopefully it can grow to be– but it is not out of nowhere either. Akito is not all bad and most of her childhood is spent being a kind child until her father’s death, her mother’s abuse, and the household’s constant enabling of her destructive and unhealthy coping mechanisms turn her into a mentally unstable bully. It’s not until she hits rock bottom– with the threat of actual repercussions of her behavior and actions– that Akito grows as a person and is able to separate unhealthy behaviors that she and Shigure can form the kind of bond they both desire.

Haha sorry for my long-windedness. 

acciotomriddle  asked:

Random question but how do you feel about Draco's speech about being a lonely child and Harry not understanding? Like I'm assuming that it's more a Draco not knowing about Harry's life thing rather than the writers forgetting Harry's childhood. And I get where Draco's coming from but even though Harry did have Ron and Hermione, the 10 years before that he was incredibly lonely and abused, and he totally empathised with Tom Riddle when he saw his past so I'm pretty sure he understood Draco too :/

I can promise you the writers didn’t forget about Harry’s childhood. His childhood and its repercussions were a huge part of the play. :D

Draco was specifically talking about the years when you’re transitioning from a child to an adult and choosing who you want to be. “Growing up” being harder than being a parent. While Draco would know about Harry’s childhood, because by then everyone did, that’s not what he was thinking about during his speech. He was thinking about how alone he felt when he was sixteen and seventeen and how when he looked at Harry he saw him shining beside friends who loved him. 

Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part III

“What are you trying to tell me? Why am I back here?” Jack asked, looking up at the full moon. “You must be trying to tell me something. What is it?”

The man in the moon didn’t respond, but Jack already knew that would happen. So he waited. For a moment, nothing happened. Then a light glow came from the tooth case in his pocket.

Pulling it out, he examined the case.

“The teeth?” he mumbled. “Does this have to do with the owner of these teeth? (Y/N)?”

Seeing the glow from the case fade when he held it, he assumed he was right.

“She’s from Burgess and knew my sister,” he noted. “Did she know me? Did I know her?”

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For Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna being the middle child was sometimes lonely. Her two elder sisters were best friends and did everything together and her younger sister had a unbreakable bond with her brother. Maria would tend to feel left out and unloved at times, she once wrote a letter to her mother telling her how she felt. Her mother was quick to reassured her that she was just as loved and precious as the other four. 

hiya hey hey! thank you for your kind words, anon! double MC deluxe comin at cha! •ᴥ•


- not literally but
- what if he accidentally kisses your twin or something he’d feel so bad
- thinks it’s so funny when they say something they don’t like about each other because they literally have the same features
- he likes to hear embarrassing stories from your sister about when you guys were kids
- thinks it’s nice the fact you’ve always had a friend that understood you
- he wish he had that with his brother, twin or not

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Dear Saitou-san, if you came across a lone injured child of about 12 who was being attacked by Ronin, would you step in? Under what circumstances would you take him back to headquarters if nobody was around to give the order?

“Of course I would step in,” says Saito, frowning as if any other answer is unfathomable. “It is the Shinsengumi’s duty to protect the citizens of Kyoto and suppress the ronin. And as for whether I would take the child back to headquarters, it is more a matter of whether the child would agree to accompany me anywhere at all,” he continues. “Injured or not, many in Kyoto bear the Wolves of Mibu such ill will that they would rather die than accept our charity. During my time here, I’ve noticed that this fear and revulsion seems even stronger after displays of power… even those in their favor. But if the child should accept my help,” he adds, “I would take them to a doctor, or somewhere I could be sure they’d be looked after. The compound is a dangerous place for anyone, and taking them back to headquarters with me would only cause more problems for us all in the end—including, or perhaps especially, the child.”


Sage had mentioned his job loss to his sisters, who both decided that they needed to treat him to dinner to comfort him.

Sage: I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I do not want to sell the house and downgrade, because I want to keep Opal’s life as stable as I can. I mean, she lost her mother; I don’t want her to lose her childhood home too.

Clover: If Shayla and I had extra money, you know we would help you out Sage. I’m sorry.

Primrose: What if Amira and I move in? I make a lot of money, so I can help you out there. Plus, Amira gets really lonely being an only child, so I assume Opal does too. They can keep each other company.

Sage: You know, that would be amazing of you to do. I don’t want you to downgrade from your huge penthouse though, Prim!

Primrose: I don’t like the area. Everyone is really full of themselves. I have been missing the quaint aura of Willow Creek anyway.

Nervous Wreck

Imagine: Human!Stefan confronting his feelings towards you.

Stefan, was always in awe of how gorgeous you always look. Being breathless as you walk into the room, just making everything better for the younger Salvatore. He has always wanted to call you “Mine” but he was always too damn shy to even talk to you. He felt insecure, comparing himself to the tall; confident, muscular men who always asked you out. Though, you always turned them down. You weren’t interested in them. They were always in shock on you turning them down, they thought they were “Good for you.” and how “You will regret not being with me.” You just rolled your eyes and laughed at how they all have the similar response as you turned them down.

One day you were walking through the town with your best friend, the one and only Damon Salvatore. The two of you met three years ago at the county fair, when someone wouldn’t leave you alone. After that day, you both were inseparable. You and Damon tried to have a fling once, but you both agreed it was not your cup of tea.

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I'm not sure if you'e already answered this but you know how you did little headcanons for peter during his hogwarts years? Could you do one for James or Sirius? Thanks! (you're a brilliant writer)

I did Quidditch headcanons here

  • James had a crush on Lily for most of their time at Hogwarts but 6th year was when he actually started to develop strong feelings for her.
  • He played guitar (not very well, but he could).
  • He was the last Marauder to realize Lily fancied him.
  • James wanted a whole army of children, having found being an only child rather lonely.
  • He excelled in every subject aside from Potions and History of Magic, which he claimed he didn’t have a long enough attention span for.
  • He bit his nails.
  • He tapped his quill on the table, which drove Remus and Lily crazy.
  • He had extremely warm hands.
  • He made up nicknames for Lily mainly to annoy her, but Evans was the default.
  • He had his father’s eyes.
  • James always pretended to hate Lily’s cat but he secretly adored it and she caught him playing with it in fifth year and she gloated for a week straight. This led him to try to win the cat over and steal it’s attention away from Lily. He gloated about it until the day he died.
  • James always stowed his wand in his back pocket and Mad-Eye yelled at him for it constantly.
  • He was left-handed.
  • James had a really hard time coping with death and dealt with it differently every time. When his father got sick, he found it hard to be in the same room as him and when he died, he was angry and trashed his dorm. When his mother died, he was quiet and empty, which everyone agreed was much worse.
  • He was a total mama’s boy.

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Yo Mai was the worst in the comics because she literally did help her dad. She hid his attempts, that's aiding and abetting a criminal. She was aware that her dad was going to try to kill zuko and his family again after she watched him try the first time. Then she guilt tripped Zuko into apologizing for it? That's literal gas lighting. Plus she never acted like she was wrong or sorry at all? She didn't care what happened to key lo either? This is all canon too. You don't even gotta twist it

{{ Oh I know it’s all canon, I’ve read the comic books all up to the recent one, I know that Mai hid what her father was doing from Zuko, and she did use Kei Lo to get Intel on her father. It’s PAINFULLY obvious that Mai doesn’t know how to have a functioning relationship. Everything she ever did was for her benefit and her’s alone. 

She cared little for Kei Lo’s feelings, even AFTER he shared a secret with her that he didn’t share with anyone. She was playing a part that she felt was necessary to get the information she needed in order to help SAVE Zuko and his family from the FIRST attack. She was trying to save him because she didn’t WANT Zuko dead. 

Mai isn’t as cut and dry as everyone is making her out to be. She’s not some horrid bitch that is so evil and doesn’t deserve to be loved. I mean sure, she’s mentally and emotionally abusing Zuko, and that’s HORRIBLE. He deserves better and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it. Still, the way Mai is acting is a LEARNED thing and not something that she just does because she’s deep rootedly selfish and self centered. 

Mai is emotionally stunted, from an early age she was molded to be the perfect daughter for a man in the political career. More akin to a child needs to be seen, not heard. Made to be presented as the perfect example of a child of the Fire Nation. The perfect daughter for a diplomat of the Fire Nation. She was always told that her fathers career was important and that was the ONLY thing that mattered. No one ever talked to her about her feelings, asked her what was wrong, or even to ‘open up’ because to fly off the handle was unladylike and would set a bad example for their family. 

She was never too exceptionally close to her parents, and since she’d been told not to explain or talk about her feelings she simply learned to bottle them up. The Fire Nation, that I’ve noticed, was always about appearance, and how they looked to everyone else, so they needed to be the pinnacle of perfection to the outside world. Mai is a result of that, not saying her parents didn’t love her, but they focused more on the politics and getting ahead. Not realizing they were damaging their daughter. 

She grew into an emotionless, easily swayed teenager whom held no opinion one way or the other. Not caring about anything is how she dealt with not feeling cared about or loved. If she didn’t feel anything, she couldn’t be hurt or disappointed anymore. (Which would explain her clear detachment from the whole fiasco with Tom Tom and trading Bumi for her brother. She was QUICK to leave her parents because it got her out of the shadow for awhile. 

Though even as you watch her, she holds no clear respect or care for authority. Simply following orders because it’s ‘something to do’. Though underneath all that, is a screaming girl crying for help…but because of the way she was raised, she never let it out. Being an only child for 15 years essentially didn’t help things. As such she got everything she ever wanted, and as long as she listened and was well behaved she would never hear no. 

So when things start not going the way she wants them too, ESPECIALLY from someone whom she’s showing a small amount of affection toward (I.E. Zuko) She becomes angry and enraged at the fact. Not caring about the reason or circumstance about why it happened, just the fact it wasn’t what SHE wanted and what SHE expected, it upset her and so YES Zuko was the bad guy. 

She was hurt, and she was angry at him for it because it went against EVERYTHING she was taught and believed. It’s like her world was tossed upside down on her before being left in the dark again. Especially when, in the beginning, she does try to help soothe Zuko’s anger by trying to distract him, if she had truly not cared at the time she wouldn’t have even bothered to try. 

She doesn’t know how to handle someone with Zuko’s temperament because she hadn’t dealt with someone like him for a long time. She WAS trying though, but, again, because she doesn’t talk about feelings…she shuts other people talking about it because ‘if it was all right for me, it’s all right for them’. It’s what was FAIR in her mind, is it right? No, but because she was raised to speak when spoken too, it kind of rubbed off on her personality. 

Mai isn’t heartless, and she’s not a robot. She can get hurt, and she does get angry but she is EXTREMELY flawed as an individual. And COMPLETELY wrong for Zuko. 

They butt heads WAY too much because their on two separate wavelengths. 

So when it came the time to chose between taking her father in, someone who’s her FAMILY and RAISED her, as well as CLOTHED her and kept her fed and nurtured her from an infant, (whom I believe also manipulates her emotionally and mentally) OR the man whom she has nothing in common with, argues with all the time and has an on again, off again relationship? It’s not hard to see WHICH of the two she would choose. 

I mean, I would have chosen MY father. 

So hiding her father from Zuko, and not revealing the fact that he was trying to kill was made out of loyalty to her father and her family (Because we all not how important loyalty is to them). She regrets it and in turn ends up going with him in order to stop whom ever is doing this once and for all. 

And of course, the classing gas lighting she does is something that she’s USE to doing. She has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong and was ALWAYS having the best interest for her people at heart. Zuko was the one whom was wrong, and hurting people. Why didn’t HE understand what it was like not turning in her father. I mean…Zuko did the same thing. I mean it too Zuko YEARS before he realized that his father was in the wrong. So of COURSE Mai was going to throw it in his face. 

Does it make it right? No.

Should she have apologized? Absolutely. 

Was she wrong? Yes. 

But she was molded to be that way from birth. I mean, look at Azula. She was in the same boat as Mai, kept her emotions in check, she rarely EVER reacted out of anger and kept her cool in any and all situations. Until her father turned her back on her and she had nothing left to fall on. 

Mai is the result of poor parenting, where politics too precedent over her own happiness and well being. It created a desperate, greedy and lonely child whom will do anything to keep from seeing that anything she does is wrong because she NEVER does anything wrong. She was raised not to. So it is, and always WILL be everyone else that takes the fall and will be to blame…believe me. I know, I live with someone who does that to me all the time so I know what gas lighting looks like. 

Being a victim of it, I can understand WHY Zuko apologizes to her, because he loves and cares about her. He feels bad he ever made her feel that way. I struggled with it for years….and I still am so I know how harmful it can be…but until Mai realizes that she’s hurting people and grows out of this mindset…I don’t think she’ll ever stop doing it. }} 

Tuesday Princess!Charles: Aurora

(semi-ficlet below cut)

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