being a lazy perfectionist is killing me


Context? Whats that?

Okay, So I’ve realized that I severely lack posts on this blog :’), and the problem is because I only post things that I made specifically FOR this blog, rather than considering posting something AFTER I’ve already drawn it. So I think I’ll stop being some weird lazy-ass/perfectionist hybrid and just post what I draw on a more regular basis. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my Zutara month stuff *sigh*one day…but it might end up being in pencil because I really need to stop expecting these big projects out of myself and just chill.

Enough of that rambling, so these are just some little doodles of my most recent ship, Kacchako from Boku no Hero Academia (please don’t kill me)

so ya, lets hope I get more on top of handling things like this art blog, so I can start actually aiming for my own big personal projects, and for them to actually be realistic.

Way too long a post. Kacchako. Look.