being a kid growing up

its so important to have disabled presence in children’s media, disabled kids grow up with really harmful messages about being burdens, ugly and unwanted and that needs to be challenged, we need to be showing disabled kids that they’re valued and amazing

like I remember a few years ago here in the UK, there was a disabled woman, Cerrie Burnell, who’s right arm ends a little past her elbow, who did some presenting on kids tv and parents wrote in and complained about her and said she was scary for children and shouldn’t be there because she was disabled

children are seen as being needed to be sheltered from the ~terrifying~ and ~horrifying~ reality of disabled people and that really hurts disabled kids and also massively contributes to adults hating and fearing disabled people since that’s what they were taught to do as kids

whether it’s disabled presenters or disabled characters, children’s media has to do more to acknowledge and celebrate disabled people

Even though I, myself, have always wanted children, I really admire and respect y’all who are choosing to remain child-free because honestly? Having a kid isn’t something you should do unless you are really, truly sure that you can handle the responsibility of taking care of an actual living person and helping them reach their full potential. And not everyone can do that, which is totally fine. If you have other plans for your life that don’t involve shaping it around a small human, you’re not going to be doing the hypothetical small human any favors by begrudgingly abandoning those plans. 

Also, those of you who shit on child-free people, let me ask you this. Are you aware of how selfish you’re being? Do you know how difficult it is for a kid to grow up in a house with people who don’t want them? Because I do, and it’s fucking hell.

Let the people who want to have and take care of children do so. Let the ones who don’t, make their own choices. 

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Gai n Kakashi got married like on the playground when they were 9 and that was it. that’s their wedding day forever that’s the day they both point to whenever anyone asks when they became husbands and they don’t even have a certificate or anything but they will force the other jounin to tell you yeah it happened yeah it’s official can i leave now

I was talking to my mum once about why she thought homosexuality was wrong/a choice and she told me that it was partially because the bible says that “confusion comes from the devil” and that whenever she heard LGBTQ people talk about their experiences with figuring their sexuality out, they said they were confused at some point. 

At the time, I didn’t know what to say to that. I had only recently come out to her, and I was still trying to find the best way to explain everything. But now I realize just how fucked up that statement is, because the confusion doesn’t come from liking someone of the same gender, it comes from adults demonizing that attraction. 

If a kid grows up in a household where being gay/bi/pan/etc. is normalized, then if they ever feel attracted to the same gender, or more than one gender, there isn’t any reason to be confused, because they haven’t been told that it is wrong. When I figured out that I liked both boys and girls, I was confused because I had been lead to believe that only one of those attractions was valid and that I wasn’t supposed to feel the other one. And when the feelings wouldn’t go away, I felt lost because it was supposed to be a choice. 

LGBTQ kids feeling confused has nothing to do with the devil, it has to do with society telling us that who we are is a mistake and that our feelings are possible to ignore/avoid.

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yo, why do we censor the n-word when black people say it (ie radio edits of rap)? i can't tell if it's like the fcc being dumb and not recognizing a word's context, the fcc being smart and kids being dumb and growing up to think that shit is okay to say bc it was censored, or the fcc just flat out tryin to censor black expression

Ugh, I feel like it’s probably so they don’t have to get into arguments about “why can THEY say it” with racists???

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First off, such an awesome url and set of Inuyasha collections. This is an amazing blog. But if you could write out the conclusion to Inuyasha, such as what happened to the group, or if Sesshomaru became a leading figure like their father, what would you write down as their epilogues for them?

Thank you so much ! :) I think a lot about Inuyasha and Kagome’s future but i haven’t really thought of a “conclusion” for the other characters so this is a really good question :o Let’s see…

  • so Inuyasha and Kagome have their first child around 2 years after Kagome’s return. I imagine them having 2 or 3 kids max, i feel like they would be the kind of parents who prefer having a small but tight-knit family! and inuyasha doesn’t have a lot of patience anyway lmao After a couple years they eventually have to sit down and talk about the fact that Inuyasha’s lifespan might be different than a normal human’s, and they either find a way to solve the problem or they resolve themselves to cherish every moment they spend together while they can :’)
  • Miroku and Sango have a LOT of kids !!! I would see them having like… 6 - 8 kids?? I mean, sango agreed to have “10 or even 20″ children with Miroku so i think they will have a big family :p Eventually, when some of their kids are old enough, they move back to the demon slayers’ village and they will rebuild everything and maybe start the business again, by teaching the art of demon slaying to some of their kids ~ 
  • Kohaku helps Miroku and Sango to rebuild and start the village again, and eventually he proposes to Rin (after asking Sesshomaru’s permission ofc) and they raise their own family there too. 
  • Sesshomaru is a bit of a mystery to me but I imagine he would stay close to Kaede’s village to watch Rin grow and protect her. He would keep watching her as she moves to the demon slayers’ village too and will eventually watch over her children after she dies. I guess he will also wander around looking for some challenges, traveling to find opponents to fight. I’m not sure if he would really like being a “ruler” like his father though, so I don’t really see him living in a castle? (since he barely visits his mother anyway)
  • as for Koga, being the leader of the wolf demon tribe, he encourages his people to respect humans and they learn to work with them when problems arise. He raises a family with Ayame and eventually one of their sons falls in love with Kagome and Inuyasha’s daughter and let’s just say Inuyasha does not approve. 
  • Shippo eventually moves to live with other fox demons. After years of training and moving up in ranks, he eventually becomes a fox demon of the 1st Rank and he becomes a teacher to younger fox demons. 
  • Kagura and Kikyo are chilling in the afterlife together, watching over the people they care about :) 

I also have this headcanon that Kagome is actually Kohaku and Rin’s descendant. Rin and Kagome’s looks and personality are very similar and since Kaede’s village eventually becomes the place where the Higurashi shrine is, it would make sense that Rin’s children might have moved there and eventually became the Higurashi family!

So that’s basically all I have! I imagine they will still go on many adventures and will encounter new enemies to fight along the way but nothing as bad as their fight against Naraku! I like to imagine a happy future for all of them :))


Imagine Cassie trying to set you, her teacher, up with Scott.

“Alright everybody, it’s time to clean up.” you called to the class. The kids began to sing the clean up song while you helped them put away the toys. You were a kindergarten teacher, and you loved your job. Being around kids was something you always enjoyed and growing up you had always wanted to be a teacher. It was your dream job and you couldn’t be happier with it.
The bell rang signifying the end of class and you helped all the kids gather their things before leading them out to the pick up area. Parents came and left with their kids until it was just you and one other kid left. Cassie Lang was sat on a bench, swinging her legs while coloring in a notebook with cats on the front.
“Cassie hun, do you need me to call your mom?” you asked, sitting next to her.
She shook her head, “No, my daddy’s coming to pick me up today. He’s probably just busy saving the world again.” she said proudly.
You smiled at the young girl. You had never met her father before, but you knew her parents were divorced. You hoped for her sake that he wasn’t some deadbeat dad standing her up or anything. Cassie was a sweet kid and deserved the world.
“Alright I’ll stay with you until he gets here alright? Why don’t you tell me about him.”
Her face brightened and she tucked away her notebook, “He’s the best! He brings me the best presents and lets me stay up late as long as I don’t tell my mom.” she said, whispering the last part. You laughed a bit and she went on, “He’s super nice and funny. You will like him, everyone does! Maybe you and him can be friends.”
You smiled at the hopeful girl, “Ya maybe.”
Suddenly a car came flying into the parking lot and screeched to a stop before you.
“That’s him.” Cassie said.
The door opened and slammed shut before a flustered man came running around the side.
“I am so sorry I’m late my roommate lit something on fire and uh…” he trailed off locking eyes with you before his attention was focused on Cassie.
She ran and jumped into his arms and he lifted her, “Hey peanut!” he laughed.
“Hi daddy, you’re late.”
“I know I got caught up with Luis.”
You stood there a bit awkwardly before grabbing Cassie’s abandoned backpack and bringing it to her.
She jumped down from her dad’s arms and took her backpack, “Daddy, this is Miss (Y/n). She’s super nice.” she moved her eyebrows up and down a few times and you had to stop yourself from laughing.
“Alright baby, why don’t you go get in the car. I’ll be there in a sec.” he said.
Cassie said goodbye before racing off to the car, leaving you with her father.
“Thanks for staying with her, I’m sorry for being late.” he said, nervously scratching the back of his neck, “I’m Scott by the way.”
“It was really no problem, she’s a sweet girl.”
Now that you got a closer look at him you saw he was really handsome. With dark brown hair and sweet green eyes, he was by far the cutest of the fathers. Not that you rated them…
“Daddy, stop flirting with Miss (Y/n)!” Cassie yelled out the car window.
You blushed and so did Scott. He laughed nervously, walking backwards to the car, “Funny kid, she’s always imagining things.”
“Bye Miss (Y/n)! See you tomorrow!” Cassie yelled as they drove away.
You smiled to yourself before going back to your classroom.
The next day went by normally and you were having the kids color while you prepared snack time when Cassie ran over to you.
She leaned on the cabinet, smiling like she knew something you didn’t, “My daddy thinks you’re pretty.” she sung making you gasp and nearly drop the bag of animal crackers.
“Oh, Cassie, you shouldn’t make assumptions like that,” You laughed nervously. You had never been in this situation before, what should you say?
“I’m not he said so. I asked if he liked you and he said he thought you were really pretty.”
You blushed. Having been consumed by your work, it had been a while since you had been on a date or even had someone be interested in you. Apparently you were so out of the game, you got flustered at what a kindergartener thought they heard. It was a bit sad…
“Well, you tell your dad that I say thank you.” you said.
“Do you think he’s cute?” she asked slyly.
“Ok, missy, how about you got sit down and I will bring you your snack?” you said, bopping her on the nose and causing her to giggle.
She ran back to her seat leaving you flustered, but happy you avoided the question.
A few weeks passed. Cassie continued to bring up things her father apparently said about you and you continued to avoid her probing. According to Cassie, her father was very taken with you. Everytime she ran up to you with another quote from her dad, you got more and more embarrassed. Half of you wanted to be even the slightest bit hopeful that a cute guy like him was interested in you, but the other half screamed at you to be rational before you got let down. I mean, Cassie was a great kid, but you knew better than to believe the ramblings of a kindergartener.
Luckily today was a day off, due to parent teacher conferences, which gave you a break from her questioning. Hopefully she would know better than to bring it up around her mom. That might be to awkward for you to handle.
You were just cleaning up some left out toys when there was a knock at the door. Checking the time, you saw it was just about time for Cassie’s conferences.
“Come on in!” you called. The door swung opened and you heard the familiar sound of small feet running across the room.
“Miss (Y/n)! I missed you.” Cassie hugged your legs and you smiled down at her. You could never stay mad at that face.
“I missed you too.” you ruffled her hair, turning around expecting to see her mother, only to be greeted with the familiar face of her father.
“Hey, uh, Miss (Y/n).” he said awkwardly.
You laughed to yourself, and Cassie giggled too, “You can call me (Y/n). Oh, here take a seat and we’ll get started.”
You lead Scott over to the only table in the room that wasn’t child size and sat across from him. Cassie stayed by her father’s side, which was odd as she usually played with the toys when her mother was around.
Scott had never been to one of the parent teacher conferences, and you couldn’t help but wonder why he was now. You told yourself it was no big deal, her mother was probably busy or he just wanted to be involved, but you couldn’t stop the thoughts of the things Cassie had told you.
“It’s nice seeing you again Scott. I’m sorry, I was just expecting Cassie’s mother.” you smiled.
He went to answer, but Cassie cut him off, “I wanted him to come so you guys could talk.”
“Ya, Cass, that’s what grown ups do at these things.” Scott said, giving his daughter a look.
“No, not boring stuff. Tell Miss (Y/n) what you tell me. I don’t think she believes me when I say it.”
Oh no. Oh no, she was not bringing that whole thing up was she? Please no!
Scott laughed nervously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Peanut. How about you go play while me and Miss (Y/n) talk?”
“You know, like how you said she was really pretty and you told Luis you wished you had asked her for her phone number and-”
Scott cut her off, placing a hand over her mouth, “Ok, thats enough of that. I’m just gonna…” he picked up Cassie, keeping a hand over her mouth and walked out of the room, leaving you stunned.
You had been telling yourself that what Cassie said was probably not true. But the way Scott reacted, well, now you weren’t so sure. Did he really say those things?
Your face had to be completely red with embarrassment now, but you stood up and followed the two out into the hall.
“Look, Cassie, honey, I know you meant well but you shouldn’t have told Miss (Y/n) those things.” you heard Scott say.
“But why? I thought you liked her? If she likes you too you can be happy.” she said.
“I am happy. And sure it would be nice but that was still very, very embarrassing for daddy.”
“But isn’t she cute? You said she was cute.”
Scott sighed but admitted,, “Yes she is very cute.”
You smiled. So it was true. This super cute guy who was also great with kids and really sweet was interested in you. You must have had a lot of good karma, you knew some girls who would kill for this to happen to them.
“Miss (Y/n), you came for us.”
You spun around to find Cassie and Scott. Cassie had an award-winning smile, like someone who had everything going their way. Scott on the other hand, looked mortified.
“So,” you started, “You think I’m cute?”

You leaned on the counter, cutting up an apple for snack time. Some disney song was playing through the room and you couldn’t help but sing along, knowing all the words by now.
“Miss (Y/n)!” Cassie yelled as she ran over to you, hugging your legs as usual.
You wiped your hands before scooping up the girl, “Hey Cassie. How was your mom’s?” you asked, “And for the millionth time, you can call me (Y/n). It’s summer and you’re not in my class anymore.”
“Oh, ya, I forgot.” she smiled.
Scott came walking in, placing a kiss on your cheek as he walked by. He unloaded the grocery bags into the fridge as you served Cassie her lunch. It was Scott’s week with Cassie and those were always fun.
“Hello Miss (Y/n).” Scott smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist. He still liked to call you that sometimes because he knew how it annoyed you.
“You’re late.” you said. They had probably stopped at the park.
“You’re stunning.” he winked.
“You’re forgiven,” you laughed, “How was Cassie’s mom?” you asked. You knew how he used to not be aloud to see her and how he feared it happening again.
“Good, she still wants to meet you. She’s heard about you from Cassie and doesn’t think it’s possible that a girl like you is with me.”
“Ya, I am way out of your league. I don’t know how you did it.” you smiled, his lips were only inches from yours.
“I wooed you with my irresistible charm.”
You laughed, “You just had an amazing wing girl.”
He pulled you in a kissed you sweetly. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You felt his fingers tickle your sides lightly and you pulled away laughing. He leaned down, kissing you neck and making you laugh louder.
“(Y/n) and daddy sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g! Eww.” Cassie sung and giggled.
Scott sighed and you laughed even harder, “Yep,” he said, “Amazing wing girl.”

*first time writting for Scott so sorry if he’s ooc, i feel like he’s ooc. hope you like it anyways*

@echidnapower was nice enough to OK my doing this - some fan art of his “AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version” fic, specifically of his Riolu that literally sees Ash and Misty as Daddy and Mommy. Of course, an awkward part of being a parent is when your kids start to grow up…

(I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again - something like this should’ve been on the show.)

you  know  what  i  want  ?    a  plot  where  angela  had  a  childhood  best  friend.  someone  who  knew  her  as  a  young  girl  from  a  poor  family.  someone  who  knew  her  not  as  a  criminal  mastermind  /  leading  an  organization  -  but  as  the  kid  who  tried  to  fight  the  world,  with  gapped  teeth  and  pigtails.  

give  me  them  reuniting.   give  me  the  uncertainty  of  how  angela  should  feel.  happy  to  see  them  or  angered  /  threatened.    the  one  thing  that  ties  her  to  her  past  is  them  ;  she  can’t  leave  it  behind  if  they  are  alive.    give  me  her  not  being  able  to  hurt  them  because  of  memories  and  old  bonds.  

give  me  childhood  fr i  e n d s… 

@tall girls - ur beautiful keep doing u
A message towards adults on tumblr

Tumblr was not made for you only. Tumblr will not change their guidelines and kick off hundreds and hundreds of users just to fit your sole needs. Those that are younger than you have just as much of a reason for being on here as you do so stop acting high and mighty by saying that Tumblr is for adults because Tumblr’s rules say otherwise. 

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Fuboo, as a 15 year old kid struggling through high school and being terrified of growing up the fact that you're 33 and are still awesome and act like a child really helps, because I'm scared that as I get older I'll stop being me and just fade away into some boring adult So just thanks for having this blog and proving that no matter how old you are you can still be young and fun ^^

You only become who you let yourself be.

it helps to have the space to open your mind and just be yourself, surround yourself with people who love you as you are, and you won’t need to grow up mentally.
The only thing that will change is your wisdom.


I’ve seen a million and two posts about shitty/absent fathers or single moms, but couldn’t find one for the single dad’s, so this one is for you!