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warning I'm ranting

tbh am I the only one who like…. wishes jewish people could be supported in our excellence? Like other groups can be proud and flaunt and show off their businesses and celebrities, and they 100% deserve to do that!! But like every time a Jew tries to, tries to create something or show off or say “look at this cool, proud Jewish celeb!” They get shut down and yelled at and suddenly everything they do is problematic and they can’t be proud. Like, let jews be super proud and talk about being Jewish and let us talk about stuff and celebrities!!! Let us be Jewish!!!

Our identities aren’t always fucking political and not everything we do is bad. A Jewish person who puts Magen davids on every design? Awesome!! A Jewish person who constantly talks about being Jewish??? AWESOME!!! Jews who maybe want to talk about Israel and enjoy it a little bit, and go there and say “I loved my time in Israel” because it’s the only truly safe country or state or smth for us? THEY ARE FINE. Because everyone hates us and we NEVER get to enjoy ourselves loudly. So leave us be.

Fun fact: the anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews having lots of money/being greedy/cheap began in the Middle Ages thanks to Christian laws.

The Christian church began forbidding Christians from having professions that involved lending money, banking, or pawn work. It was because the church believed that money was ultimately unclean so although it was considered a necessity, Christians were instructed to deal with it as little as possible.

But someone still needed to run all of those money-based businesses. So these societies which were already run by Christian leadership basically made it a rule that these businesses had to be run by Jews since they were already “unclean”. Furthermore, due to other restrictions on Jewish people in these areas, these money-based positions were pretty much some of the only jobs Jews could legally hold.

This eventually led to numerous stereotypes involving Jews and money. And the acidity of these stereotypes grew when Christian people and leaders became resentful of the livelihood Jews were able to achieve for themselves with these jobs.

So to sum up: Christian society forces Jews to hold down money-centered jobs since, according to the church, Jews were already going to Hell. Then, once they made lives with these roles they were forced into, Jews were mocked and hated for being successful.

Some things that make me feel unsafe in public

- being asked if I’m Jewish because of the way my hair looks
- being interrogated about my personal political beliefs because I am identifiably Jewish
- being expected to denounce and apologize for Israel every time I want to be Jewish in public
- being told “I don’t hate Jews, but I’m pro-Palestine” in response to my Jewishness
- being told I’m going to hell for being Jewish
- non-Jews dictating to me what does and does not constitute antisemitism
- people who are not me and who don’t look like me engaging in endless debate about what “race” I belong to
- white supremacists telling me that I “control the world” and “should go back to Germany” while folks on the left tell me I benefit from white supremacy
- having to make a choice between queerness and Judaism

Noticeably absent from this list:
- seeing others’ religious symbols on display in public

Ben Platt probably during book of Mormon
  • Elder Price: *singing about the Bible* "you've been told it's only two parts, or one if you're a Jew"
  • Ben (in his head): ohmygod Jew? Did,,, did he say Jew¿? Hello it is i SuperJew to the rescue hello hi Jew here yes it is I a JEWISH I am a Jew a very Jewish Jew yes oh wow jewewjewjewjewjewjew
Eric Richard Bittle is Jewish

Tw: mentions of antisemitism

Ok, hear me out. I know there is a lot of evidence pointing to Bitty being a good Southern Christian Gay and like, that is completely plausible and if that’s your jam, great! But because I love projecting and rubbing my Jew-y hands on everything, here is a theory about Bitty being an extremely assimilatory southern Jew who only really gets in touch with his culture and Jewish identity once he gets to college in the North East.

So I did some research and while “phelps” (Bitty’s maternal family name) isn’t the dead ringer that “Birkholtz” or “Zimmermann” is, it still has a history of being a Jewish surname in the Anglo-Saxon region. So to me, Bitty is Jewish on his mom’s side, but his paternal family is very southern Christian and so, really that’s what he grew up with, because being Jewish in the south? Well… that’s a whole thing.

My mom grew up in Atlanta Georgia, and in her high school, she was the only Jewish person by a long shot. My grandfather taught at Emory and so they didn’t belong to a temple, and went to Hillel sometimes during the bug holidays, but for he most part she wasn’t involved in religious affairs because it wasn’t “normal”.

I think something along the same lines happened to Bitty. His Moomah always made Jewish food for their family, but only made Southern food for company. At Chanukah, they would put up a Christmas tree, but put a Jewish star as an ornament and call it a “Chanukah bush.”

Bitty had a friend in second grade named Timmy who came over for a play date one day, only to never come back because his mom saw their mezuzah on the front door and forbid them from hanging out again. “Timmy doesn’t need to be influenced by that kind”

After that, well, Bitty stops asking his mama to make kasha varnishkas for his lunch (someone once told him it looked like he was eating pasta with dirt in it) and he stops going to temple on rosh hashana, and he starts calling his Christmas tree a Christmas tree. When someone tells him he “doesn’t look Jewish” he knows it’s a compliment.

The Monday at school after the Closet Incident, there’s a swastika keyed into his locker.

Because it’s one thing being the gay kid in a small town, it’s a whole other thing to be gay AND Jewish. It’s like he’s had two strikes against him since he was born.

When he moves to Madison he begs his mom not to put up a mezuzah. He can’t understand why she starts crying, but she doesn’t put it up. It’s a fresh start.

The rest of middle school and high school, Bitty secularizes.

When one of his teammates in his coed team tells him he’s acting “like a Jew” when he asks her for money for the team shirts, Bitty bites his tongue so hard he draws blood.

When all the kids in his tenth grade English class throw pennies at Mr. Bloom during his lecture on Eli Wiesel, Bitty stays after and helps pick them up.

Fast forward to freshman year at Samwell, and Bitty is hanging around the haus just before Rosh Hashana.

Holster is talking to Ransom and Jack about putting something together for dinner, maybe picking up some matzo ball soup mix and some ruggies from a deli near by.

Bitty, who shuddered at the though of soup coming out of a box blurted out without thinking “you know, I could whip up some of my grandmas matzo ball soup? And maybe some kugel?”

All three of the other boys look at him with wide eyes.

“I didn’t know you were Jewish Bittle,” Jack quirked a brow in intrigue.

“Well,” Bitty said, face heating up, “I- I’m not JEWISH Jewish. My mom is Jewish. My Moomah is Jewish, but ME? I don’t know.”

Everyone else seemed perplexed by this statement, but Holster’s eyes lowered a bit.

Bitty took that to mean ‘I hate you why would you say that you should just leave’ and promptly scrambled out the door, a whirlwind of “sorry got to go’s”

Later that week, someone knocked on Bitty’s dorm door, and that someone was Adam Jacob Birkholtz, certified Nice Jewish Boy and hulking mass.

“Uh, can we talk?” Holster asked a bit sheepishly.

Bitty agreed and lead them into his room.

Holster sat on his tiny bed and asked, “what did you mean before? When you said your mom and grandma are Jewish but not you?” It was tentative, but Bitty could tell the question wasn’t an accusation.

“Well I mean, I don’t really celebrate anything anymore. For all intents and purposes my house was a secular house all throughout middle school and high school.”

“But bitty,” holster sighed, “just because your half Jewish doesn’t mean you can’t be Jewish. And even if you aren’t practicing that doesn’t mean you can’t be Jewish either. I had a friend in high school that was half Jewish and people at temple would make him feel unwelcome. You don’t have to worry about that here.”

“Oh um, thanks? But it’s not that. Look, I know I’m Jewish. People have been making that clear to me for my whole life.”

“What do you mean?” Holster asked.

Bitty then began to regale all of the things he’s experienced. All of the prejudice, the slurs, the pennies, the swastikas. All of the pain that came with being the Jew in the south.

Holster listened, “Bits, that’s really rough dude. And like, I get it, some things are too painful. But it’s not like that at Samwell. Sure there are assholes everywhere, and it’s not like there’s never any antisemitism but, if you haven’t noticed based on the hockey team already, you aren’t alone here! There’s a whole Jewish community that’s got your back.

"Listen, why don’t you come to Hillel with me for Rosh Hashana, we can make your Moomas soup together! And maybe even Jack will help and not complain. Just, I don’t want you to have to feel like that about yourself.”

Bitty begins to decline the invitation but then something stops him. He remembers being a little kid, dipping apple slices in honey and chasing his mama around the house with sticky fingers.

“Alright I’ll go.”

And he does.
And he loves it.

He starts going to Hillel with Holster after that, and sometimes Jack tags along, sometimes so does Shitty. And in his Sophomore year, Nursey comes along with, and then his junior year comes Tango.

He makes matzo ball soup by the barrel, and re-learns the prayers for the Shabbat candles.

But it’s in his freshman year that he goes home for Winter break and pulls out the old Star of David ornament and puts it on the tree.

He asks his mom if he could help light the Chanukah candles and she looks shocked at first, but then she smiles and says “of course sweetheart.”

Later he hands her a present. It’s a long and thin box wrapped in silver paper with a little blue bow on top.

She takes it from his hand carefully, like its a shard of glass or something.

She opens it and It’s a silver mezuzah cover.

It’s a fresh start.

anonymous asked:

That Ivanka Trump, powerful Jewish woman headline is making me so anxious right now. Every time I see something emphasizing her or Kushner's Jewishness I get so worried that, well, we all know what's going to happen. Like even if we miraculously get out of this whole Trump mess it's gonna end up being yeah, but look at those Jews that were responsible, you know? It'll be look, stereotype confirmed! I just feel like no matter what, we lose and it SUCKS.

Anon, I want so badly to reply to this with something reassuring, because that’s what I do.

Unfortunately, in this case, I got nothing.

My friend Navah had a great twitter thread on being someone’s “first Orthodox Jew” and the responsibility it carries, in terms of representing the identity to the greater populace. It is terrifying to realize that Ivanka and Jared are going to be a lot of people’s first Orthodox Jews- or first Jews, period. It is not exaggerating to say that Ivanka and Jared are going to color how people in the US view Jews for decades at least- and that’s talking about people who aren’t already the rabid antisemites who flood twitter with the gross caricatures of us.

This was scary even going in to the presidency, but it’s gotten worse as time has passed. Jared is under investigation, and I’ve found myself torn between my desire to see these horrible people get what they deserve, and being terrified that the people being called out are Jews. Being the first scapegoats when things go wrong is not a new thing for us.

I think that Bannon & Co. are DELIGHTING in the idea of being able to blame the problems on a Jew. Here’s my naivete: I thought that Kushner and Ivanka being there might force Trump to moderate at least the antisemitism in his cabinet, because he is a morally bankrupt fool but always projects family first. I recognize I was wrong.

And to be clear, Kushner 100% deserves jail time for being a shitty human being who, as best we understand at the moment, illegally colluded with Russia in the service of a president who doesn’t understand even the most basic levels of how this country works and just wants to boost his own businesses. But that doesn’t make the antisemitism that’s inevitably going to bloom out of it appropriate or acceptable, and that is what makes me concerned about what happens to Kushner even though he deserves to rot.

Eric Richard Bittle is Jewish Pt 2: Zimbits

If you haven’t read part 1 already I suggest reading that now! It makes this make sense!

Anyways, as promised here’s part 2
tw: antisemitism tw: homophobia tw: slurs

Bitty is Jewish.
This we know.
Bitty grew up feeling shame for his Jewish identity.
This we also know.

But what you may not realize is that Bitty has always had a thing for Jewish men, whether he wanted to or not.

Bitty’s first crush was Jeff Goldblum. His daddy had let him watch Jurassic Park behind his mama’s back once when Bitty was 10.

He thought that his son’s transfixed eyes and rising blush were to do with Laura Dern, and chuckled softly at his son’s infatuation.

But no. It was Jeff Goldblum. All 6"4, big nosed, strong jawed nice Jewish boy that was the actor being chased by dinosaurs.

It didn’t stop there, there was Adam Shapiro at his temple who was in high school when Bitty was in middle school, and who sang for the choir. It made Bitty’s knees wobble.

Then they moved, and in his Freshman year of highs school, Jacob Ruben was Bitty’s partner for the science project. Of course Bitty developed a crush, Jacob had kind eyes and a brilliant smile. They became good friends.

That ended when Bitty found Jacob being cornered by some guys after school one day. “Kill the Jew! Kill the Jew!” They chanted cruelly, each statement punctuated by a swift kick to the ribs.

“Stop it!” Bitty yelled at the mob, “leave him alone!”

“Shit, do you hear this f*g?” One of the boys chuckled, “get him.”

They chased Bitty into a dumpster, and then proceeded to kick and push it with Bitty inside.

They called him all sorts of things, none that hurt nearly as much as thinking about Jacob hunched over, bruises kissing his side, blood dribbling out of his nose.

The next Monday when Jacob didn’t show up to his science class, Bitty knew he wouldn’t be back.

Jacob had paid the price for being the Jew at this school. Bitty wished he didn’t know how that felt.

Thinking back to his own head slamming against the inside of the dumpster wall, perhaps Bitty would pay twice the price,

For being the Jew
and for loving the Jew.

After that day, Bitty had vowed to marry a goy as his mama had before him.

She had the right idea. He wouldn’t get hurt that way, he wouldn’t have to watch someone he loved be hurt that way either. It was just easier.

But then something miraculous happens that changes things,

he meets Jack Zimmermann.

The first day of practice, when Jack introduces himself to the team as the captain, Bitty thinks about Jurassic Park.

He sees high cheekbones, sharp jaw and nose, dark, wild hair and eyebrows, and suddenly he’s 14 and watching Jeff Goldblum for the 100th time, sweating a little under his blush.

He ignores the pang in his chest and proceeds to convince himself that Jack hates him.

It’s easier if Jack hates him. Bitty’s more comfortable with being hated than daring to follow his heart.

Then the team finds out he’s Jewish and everything changes again.

Bitty goes to Hillel with Jack sometimes and it’s great, better than he ever thought it could be. Before he knows it, he’s falling deeper.

It scares him how much he likes Jack.

One day Bitty is at Hillel with Holster, and he spots two boys holding each other’s hands during the sh'ma.

Bitty stares at them the whole time, to a point where even Holster notices and whispers, “Bits? You good?”

“Holster, they’re holding hands.” Bitty whispers back.

“Uh, yeah.” As if it’s the most obvious thing, as if Holster has seen this a thousand times.

“Holster,” Bitty whispers a bit more forcefully catching the eye of a few students around them, “two boys are holding hands, at temple, and nobody is saying anything.”

“You’re saying something.” Holster points out, “besides Bits, it’s Samwell, look at the company you’re with, it’s not unheard of for two boys to hold hands around here.”

It clicks then, like a joint going back into place. Bitty’s fears float away for the moment.

It’s ok.

After that, Bitty comes out to his Moomaw. He figures if there is ever a first step, she is it.

He almost cried when he lets the words “I’m gay” fall from his lips, but he holds it together until she starts to tell him how much she loves him.

“Now,” she says after she’s had enough of the tears, “is there a special fella you’ve got your eyes on?”

Bitty thinks on that a moment, lets his brain flood with images of blue eyes, broad nose and even broader shoulders.

He flushes.

“Oooohhhh goody! Now, I know your mama married a goy, and you know I love your daddy, but is he Jewish?” She asked a little more than hopeful.

“Yes.” Bitty replied, easy as pie.

He doesn’t remember ever smiling so bright.

being an antizionist jew and discussing it on this website is so fucking annoying lmfao bc on the one hand we have zionist jews screaming about how our “internalized antisemitism” etc and on the other and we have non-palestinian goyim who shut us out of any conversation the second we try to shed some light on WHY so many jews (in the west especially) are zionists so that we can perhaps approach them and get underneath all the brainwashing they likely grew up with, and gain their support for our cause

like golly gee i, a jew, sure do love getting shut out of conversations about jewish nationalism by goyim who have no stock in the issue whatsoever other than earning their Good Tumblr Leftist points so they can yell about how antisemitism doesn’t matter because #FREEPALESTINE and really have no clue what the hell they’re even talking about

it’s not hard to tell when someone considers themself an antizionist because they’re truly against nationalism and settler colonialism and are for the liberation of palestinians, and when they’re actually just antisemites or following what they think they should because tumblr says so…this issue is so complex and i’m tired of seeing people discuss it in such a reductive way lol 

when antizionist jews try to explain the reasons why there are so many zionist jews (mostly, brainwashing and antisemitism) LISTEN TO US!!!! tackling these issues is the first step to making an actual change. otherwise your “activism” is performative and helps absolutely nobody.

tomb--stoned  asked:

hey, sorry if this has been asked before but could you explain what pinkwashing means? thanks ✨

Pinkwashing is defined as the “disingenuous effort by the Israeli government to use the country’s generally positive record on LGBTQ+ rights to distract attention from human rights abuses in Palestine.” And it’s definitely a real thing! There are absolutely contexts where the Israeli government has said “Oh, don’t look over there, look here! See? Progressive!” Also, it’s not just Israel. One of the reasons why people have been protesting the presence of both police officers and banks at Pride is because both of them have a tendency to try to use their involvement as PR whilst simultaneously targeting vulnerable populations, often at the expense of brown and black LGBTQ+ people. 

I also personally feel that when people make statements that dismiss Palestinian concerns or desires for self-determination by throwing the gay rights records of the OPTs in their faces and saying they should be praising Israel instead, that it is also an example of pinkwashing. It’s in very poor taste to say that people shouldn’t be able to seek improvements for themselves as a sub-group within their own society on their own terms. This isn’t much different from atheists telling LGBTQ+ Orthodox Jews they can’t exist, or that they are oppressed for choosing to leave their communities and assimilate. Overall, I like Tablet as a publication, but they wrote a trash fire of an article on CDM debacle that did effectively use this tactic, amongst other problematic things and it really, really pissed me off. 

All this being said, however, and I can’t stress this enough: 

LGBTQ+ people existing in Israel is NOT pinkwashing. 

The Tel Aviv Pride Parade is not pinkwashing. Beit Hillel rabbis in Israel urging better inclusion of gay Orthodox Jews is not pinkwashing. Same-sex partners of Jewish people fleeing persecution being allowed to come with them to Israel is not pinkwashing. And of course, gay Jews being visibly Jewish at a pride march in Chicago is not pinkwashing, either.

Calling pinkwashing out when it happens is not in any way problematic. Seizing upon any instance of Israelis—or now, it seems, all openly Jewish people—just living openly as LGBTQ+ people, however, is, because it politicises existence, which in term effectively demands that the people in question stop existing. 

There’s a huge difference between saying the Israeli government engages in shady publicity campaigns to distract from their treat of Palestinians, and saying that until gay people in Israel personally stop their government from engaging in oppression that they can’t advocate for themselves or openly exist in public.
YouTubers Are Getting Dragged For Not Supporting PewDiePie 100%
Following the Pewdiepie controversy from last week, a good deal of YouTube rallied around the Swedish star in an attempt to defend him against ‘unfair’ attacks by the mainstream media. A few high-profile YouTubers weren’t quite as enthusiastic in their defense, which has led to some backlash.
By Patricia Hernandez

This is playing out in such a way that PewDiePie is becoming a broderline cult of personality and defending him seems to be near religious in nature to the point that “apostates” must be punished for criticizing him. This, in turn, will feed antisemitism because, of course, Jews being offended by “Kill all the Jews” (which should be perfectly understandable) has hurt the bottom line of their figure of worship. This is incredibly dangerous and I hope that PewDiePie is self-aware enough to try to stop this before it escalates further.

I wish people would bother to try and understand that hatred of Jews is so old it predates certain ethnic and racial groups.

The Jewish people are a very old people and we have been hated and killed for being Jewish for as long as we have been around.

People want to talk about if Jews are safe or not, if Jews are white or not, if Jews have anything to fear or not.

But they are missing the point. Jews have never been safe. Jews have never not been living in fear. For fucks sake Jews being seen as white is very new only 20 30 years old and we are talking about an over 4 thousand years old people.

You have to understand people have always and will always hate Jews and there is no rational to it.

In fact for most hate groups their top priority is to get rid of Jews first.

I wish goyim would try to understand that for Jews we live everyday standing on a small piece of wood in chum infested waters and you are the sharks waiting to tear us apart.

The fact is no matter what side you are on no matter who you care about or try to help you have always always made safety of Jews inaccessible and not cared.

The reality is at the end of the day the only people who have our backs are other Jews.

I mean the election wasn’t even over and we had leftist goyim stabbing us in the back claiming Jews ensured a trump win even though he spent the entire election dogwhistling us and saying we were rigging the election for Clinton.

I used to feel so differently, but it’s become patently obvious to me over the past three years that 90% of the so-called Palestine Solidarity movement has nothing to do with solidarity and everything to do with finding a socially acceptable outlet for Jew-hatred. The number of people I know (many of them being LGBTQ+ Jews of Colour) who have gone from being non-Zionist or anti-Zionist to seriously considering making Aliyah over the past few years due to rabid anti-Semitism in what were meant to be safe spaces on the left is not insignificant, and while anybody genuinely concerned about the conflict would see that outcome as counterproductive to their solidarity efforts, I’m genuinely starting believe this is actually the fauxke activist community’s primary goal. I think they’re trying to make Jews as uncomfortable as possible so that all but the most subservient and deluded amongst us will ultimately shift to only feeling safe in Jewish spaces (including Israel), thus “confirming” that we’re all “secret Zionists” who they were right to attack and purge in the first place. I don’t think they actually care about what happens to the people who are actually living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza so long as they can use their suffering as a stick with which to bludgeon Jewish people. Otherwise, why would you not work towards fostering Jewish-Palestinian dialogue and collaboration? Why would you not listen to Jews about what makes them feel unsafe so that they wouldn’t ever feel the need to turn to Israel? It all feels like an incredibly performative ruse to justify a centuries old hatred of Jewish people.

predictably, chicago dyke march discourse has taken a turn for “well i guess jews being there is ok, as long as they pass my ideological purity test which can’t be administered by eyesight b/c i guess those flags were ok too so now we’re digging through these individuals’ entire personal histories” 

wait ‘til i tell you that there very well could have been a trump voter participating in the march somewhere and no one has any idea who

Are Liberals Helping Trump?

Oh boy.

The central premise of this article seems to be that the center-right Trump voter, the “hold your nose” Trump Voter, might feel alienated by people who vehemently opposed his candidacy and more vehemently oppose his presidency.

A couple things.

1. The “Our Country Is So Divided!” refrain stinks. You can take this back as far as you’d like, but for now we’ll just keep it located on Trump: when one side of a debate says broadly that Mexicans are criminals and rapists, hires anti-semites and neo-Nazis to run the executive branch, brags about sexually assaulting women, and talks about junking the ACA without any idea how to replace it, and then the other side gets angry, you cannot blame “both sides” for creating a divide. If a man gets drunk at a bar and instigates a fistfight, the bar patrons are not “divided.” One of them was “attacked” and “fought back.”

2. You own your vote. There are no perfect candidates, in any election, but you own your vote, whatever it was, and if you can’t defend your vote to people who are upset about it, you should not have voted for that candidate. Sorry your guy is making people upset, afraid, angry, and unwilling to date you if you voted for him. But you voted for him, and he is doing those things. Own it.

3. Whatever anger or vitriol you, Mr./Ms. “Hold Your Nose” Trump voter, are feeling from people who fear Trump, it pales in comparison to being a Muslim or Jew or run of the mill democrat or reporter who speaks out online. Their lives are routinely threatened. The Holocaust becomes a meme generator. A potential Tinder match didn’t want to talk to you? I’m very sorry. The man you voted for sexually assaulted women and bragged about it to Billy Bush on an Access Hollywood bus and you voted for him anyway. Forgive those ladies, won’t you, their lack of interest in you as a life-mate.

4. Side-note: Everyone stop saying Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. It’s utterly irrelevant. The parties swapped ideologies in the mid-20th century. Republicans became Democrats and vice-versa. Read about the Southern Strategy and then stop posting those dumb memes about the KKK being formed by Democrats and Lincoln being a Republican.

5. If you feel angry reverberations surrounding your vote for Trump, a nightmare person who is causing America to have a daily nervous breakdown, please do not take it out on the people who are frightened and upset at his utter inability to lead, govern, stay focused, tell the truth, or do one single thing that does not involve either corruption or borderline treason or both. Take it out on him, the next time you have the chance to vote.

you don’t know what it’s like to grow up learning about all the people who wanted your ancestors dead. you don’t know what it’s like to see pictures of bodies that could be your great-grandma’s family piled up in ditches or death camps. you don’t know what it’s like to hear people making jokes about something that killed six million of your people or using it as a political prop.
boys who i know make holocaust jokes every day. in class once they were saluting and yelling “heil hitler” and the teacher did nothing. but that’s just the people who know they’re being assholes. there are so many others.
in eighth grade social studies, after we learned about the holocaust, a girl wrote numbers on her own and her friend’s arm as a joke to mimic the ones written on jews’ arms in concentration camps and didn’t seem to realize it was offensive until i told her it was.
i’m in a creative writing class, and today a boy wrote a story about one of the men who came up with the plan for the final solution. he said that this man wasn’t evil, he was just a regular person, as if regular people’s day to day lives involve coming up with ways to exterminate entire groups of people.
i’m so sick of being told that jews aren’t oppressed anymore, being blamed for the actions of a few, and then having to listen to this bullshit day in and day out.

sundaesanchan  asked:

In your opinion, is Judaism a sin? In my studies, the word Christian means "Christ Like" Jesus being a Jew, my family looked into the religion and found that it's deeper than Christianity goes. You partake in communion or Lords Supper, but have you ever partaken in a Sader/Passover meal? If you've heard the song "Dayenu" then you'd know how deep and praiseworthy God is to people of the Hebrew faith. TL;DR How much of other religions have you studied?

I’ll be studying world religions much more in depth as per the curriculum of my theology studies, though that doesn’t mean I haven’t looked into them before or examined their tenets.

Judaism isn’t a sin, but Jews need saving too. It is not the fullness of truth.

Think of Moses. He could lead people to the Promised Land but never enter it; Joshua would be the leader from that point on. So it is with Judaism and Christianity. It is not “false,” but it isn’t the fullness of truth. It takes us up to a point where it cannot enter, where Joshua (the Greek translation of Jesus’ name) will take us from here. Christ is the one who can take us to the Promised Land.

I actually planned on attending a Passover supper (with the four cups of wine and all), but I never made it. I would definitely like too one day.

Jews aren’t sinners in their Judaism, only that they deny the divinity of Christ and the Holy Trinity. It’s not “wrong,” just lacks the whole truth. It can’t take us to Heaven.

You’ll find Catholicism preserves a lot of the traditions and spiritual aspects of Judaism in their own celebrations.