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we finally have a girl who does :”^) 

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

After some thinking, I want to politely point out a few things to those of you saying Touka and Kaneki’s sex scene was rushed and meaningless.

Did kaneki and touka rush into having sex? Yes. But that’s entirely the point - in no way does that make it meaningless or perverted.

Kaneki and Touka have seen all of this happen before. Their hideout has been found. Their faces have been unmasked. Kaneki is the most wanted ghoul in Japan, and this is pretty much the beginnings of war for them. People are going to die. And they both know it can be either one of them at any time. Neither of them were going to wait for the “perfect moment, ” not when there’s a good chance that neither of them will live to see it.

What you’ve got to remember is that people don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to sex. More often than not, people get caught up in the moment and do it before they should do. This rushed nature is actually quite realistic. Even with Yorirko’s life hanging, Touka is keeping cool because she knows jumping to conclusions and being rash will do no good - she’s seen this before with Hinami’s mother.

Touka has experienced enough loss to know that she has to live for the living, and do whatever she can to keep those people alive. Sure, she’ll fight to protect kaneki, but that isn’t always what it’s about; with kaneki being suicidal in the past, she’s trying her best to give him an incentive to live. She’s letting Kaneki know that he’s loved even though she struggles to express anything other than her primal emotions. Kaneki needs to know that he’s loved right now. If there was anything more about Hide right now, it would be a bad turn for kaneki since he’d be living for the dead. It’s so important that he learns other people than Hide care for him that I’m shocked that people actually want Hide related stuff instead of this. Even though Touken wasn’t my favourite ship, I’m so happy because this is such an important hurdle for Kaneki’s character being overcome.

So yes, they rushed into having sex. However, I honestly feel this was a perfectly natural action for two broken people under pressure. They weren’t going to wait when there is a good chance there wasn’t going to be any other time for them. They both wanted to do it. Even if this is a sort of humorous thing to add remember they were virgins in their twenties as well; touka has done enough waiting on Kaneki, haha.

Please stop saying that their relationship is meaningless compared to his and Hide’s because it just isn’t true. The only other time Kaneki cried during a happy time was their first visit to :Re when he was so relieved to see Touka alive and he thought about what a beautiful person she was. After this, Haise gazed at her the same way Kaneki gazed at Rize - which Kaneki didn’t deny. If this doesn’t show how much Kaneki loves touka then I don’t know what will.

I’m honestly so proud of Touka for being so bold and collected here. She’s developed in so many ways. Sometimes, when written well, sex can really bond characters in books. While it remains to be seen, I’m really excited to see their relationship change and, hopefully, kaneki opening up to her by learning that people other than Hide love him. This is a good turn of events for both of them.

This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much. 

Bts reaction to you being pregnant

Request 1: btspeach ,Bts reaction surprising them that you’re pregnant 💞

Request 2:   Could you do a bts reaction to their significant other telling them that they’re pregnant with their child if you haven’t already?


He’ll cry. He’ll just straight up cry. Without saying anything much. Hugging you, crying and repeating over and over again “I love you.” After he cried his heart out, he’ll smile really bright and tell you all about his plans if the baby was a girl and then if it was a boy. And the dinner of course burned. But that’s another story.

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A face of shock. Pure shock. And then slowly he’ll find the strenght in him to look at you and say “I’ll love this child. I’ll love you. I’ll be a good father. This child will become a good human being and his father will try to thank his mother by asking her to finally marry me.”

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Namjoon will laugh from disbelief. He knew it was true, because the test was standing right there in front of his eyes, but still. When his mind actually proceided he’ll hug you and tell you that no matter what, he’ll take care of you.  And thenout of nowhere tell you to pack, because you two were going back to your parents to tell them the nws and for him to ask you to marry him.

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Hobi is a prankster, so he thinks you are pranking him too. He’ll laugh it off and say that this was a really good joke, before you gave him the first picture of the baby and say “They said next time to bring the father. So, I’m going to do exactly that.” And Hobi cried like a baby for the next hour or so constantly telling you how happy he is.

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Jiminie shouted and jumped up and down and hugged you so much and constantly told you how happy he is and how you’ll have the most amazing child on Earth and at the end of this whole rant, he just smiled to you with tears in his eyes and promised to be a father your kid will look up to. 

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Tae smiled and kissed you, and your tummy, before picking up his phone calling a number and shouting at the phone. “Mom, I don’t think you are ready. I am going to be a father. Yes! Yes, yes, she i right next to me. Yes, we will come as fast as possible. Of course.” he hung up the phone, hugged you tightly one more time, promising to be the best father out there and told you his mother wanted to see you, since your own mother wasn’t in Korea and you need support at the moment.

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You were scared honestly. You were both pretty young and him rejecting you because of his popularity and the fact he may not be ready for a child seemed as likely as unlikely. When you gave him the test with trembling hands, you were expecting the worst.  But instead you heard a “Call your parents and tell them to be here next Monday.” You were slightly confused about it “Jungkook, what are you talking about?” “I get one chance to marry the girl I love and to look at my child and I want to be a great father so pick up the phone and do what I say, I’m coming in 5 minutes.” He locked the door to the bedroom looked at the test and cried from hapiness for like an hour.

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Request if you have the patience. Those who request one-shots, darlings, I’m working on them. I won’t write anything fast and shabby. I made that clear.


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Brace yourself, this is a hard question: Favorite reunion scene between any characters?

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Cas though Dean was going to his death and offered to go with him. Then he was the one who asked about Dean when the sun was fixed, ignoring his own father who he has been searching for basically his whole life. Tried to keep good his promise to Dean to look after Sam, was on a mission to do this when he comes to the bunker and… THERE IS DEAN.


Dean doesn’t feel as strongly because he isn’t the one who missed the other, for him it all happened organically, but he still holds his arms out for a hug and fucking SOFTENS INTO THE HUG. 

Then Mary is there and fucking hell this exposition….look at her FACE. The way Dean introduces Cas to her… mom this is my boyfriend, could not be more blatant. Then her question, setting us up for who and what Cas is, when the theme of who we are not what we are is so strong all season for ALL of them and… well we all know why I believe Cas KEEPS being asked this question over and over again.

It just sets up the rest of the season so perfectly, with Mary acting like Cas’ mother in law, Dean figuring out what his relationship with Mary can be, what he can tell her and what he feels he has to hide (e.g. his feelings for Cas and John’s parenting), starting to realise that who he is and who he loves (Cas) is ok even if Mary is ‘bad’, metaphorically gives him this look all season, realising that he deserves good things exactly thanks to Mary being a ‘bad’ mother, Sam being missing and it bringing Mary and Dean together against the BMoL’s influence (as per 12x22 finally telling her some truths about himself and it being a GOOD THING, it saving her, it being positive that he was honest and accepting the truth rather than repressing it), Cas floundering around who he is and where he belongs, Cas being the one who ACTUALLY dies and Dean being the one who misses him for a long time…

There’s just so much going on and I love the way Dabb loves to loop the story back around to the beginning, how there is so much of 12x22/23 that links to 12x01/02 and then all the way back to season 1.

I love it :D

I’d like the chance to hide in that world.

The flower I chose for Trina is the Carnation. It symbolizes pride and beauty which are both themes Trina seems to struggle with. On one hand she takes pride in being a mother and in being a good wife while on the other hand she talks herself down and describes herself as plain and boring. Pink, which is also Trinas favourite colour, stands for the love of a woman and more importantly the love of a mother. I feel like sexuality is a big part of Trinas character as she openly struggles with sexual frustration and isn’t afraid to show that she is in fact a woman who is allowed to love and wants to have sex while also having to care for her child. Jason is the most important part of her life and she’s trying her best to protect him from the trauma that comes with a divorce.

As for the position of the flowers I chose to let them cover her mouth to show how Trina, especially in Act 1 is afraid to speak up for herself. Marvin is the one in control during the events of Act 1, the one controlling the direction their relationship and marriage is going. She can’t defend herself against the role she is forced into and actively hands control to other people to protect herself from all the harm she already had to endure.

She’s silencing herself for the sake of others but grows stronger and more beautiful as her character progresses.

Stranger Things Character Study

*Not all of these will line up with the transits of the early/mid 80s but this is just my interpretation, not a canon analysis, so it doesn’t really matter.

Cancer sun & Mars, possibly air moon or Mercury
Extremely emotional, lets his emotions rule him & behaves based on them with little foresight. Caring, protective; sun probably conjuncts Mars because he always tries to assume the “leader” position. Can rationalize his way through everything, actually very intelligent but often blinded by feelings. This would also allow his sun to trine a few of Will’s Pisces placements, which explains their intimate & special bond – they’re the closest of the whole group.

Gemini sun, Libra moon contacting Neptune, fire Mars
Very curious, full of wonder and intrigue. Can under- or over-estimate the severity of situations. Gets lost in his fantasies and makes mistakes because of it. He keeps everyone together, reduces conflicts, often the voice of reason, guiding others in the right direction but failing to do so for himself. Funny as hell. Can be impulsive, immature, out of control, but VERY courageous. Sensitive.

Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, intercepted Aries Mars
Aggressively independent, feels uncomfortable in the hierarchy of his friend group and strives for more power out of insecurity or self-righteousness but ultimately fails to achieve it. Cautious and careful, very logical, thinks about the bigger picture, keeps others grounded in reality. Gives up easily but often bounces back stronger than before. Learns his lessons quickly.

Aries sun, Pisces Rising & Mercury, Pluto in the 12th house
It is mentioned that his birthday is March 22nd, which is in Aries season. It’s difficult to apply that to him (besides when it comes to his strong instinctual and self-defensive nature) so perhaps his sun is afflicted or intercepted. He looks very Piscean, often lost inside his head, absorbs all the energy that surrounds him, he has one foot on earth and the other in a supernatural plane, elusive and hard to protect, very vulnerable. He speaks poetically, through feeling and sense and emotion. Pluto in the 12th can describe the violation and trauma and danger he has endured in the “upside down” and how it’s hard for him to escape it; he will live with that trauma for the rest of his life, those wounds permeated his soul and he has been irrevocably changed (and damaged).

Jane (Eleven):
Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio Mars, Saturn & Neptune in the 1st house
Extremely sensitive, but very in control of herself, often to the point of repression which erupts eventually in violence and chaos. Caring, altruistic, self-sacrificing, struggling to find herself and secure a solid identity in the face of all the threats that surround her. Defiant, stubborn, evasive. Afraid and confused but immensely powerful, with otherworldly strength & capabilities. Psychic. Strong morals hidden under identity confusion and pain. (Possibly also has Pluto in the 4th house themes, corruption and abuse in the childhood which permeates her psychological roots, giving her horrible trauma/complexes but unbelievable power at the same time. Everyone tries to tell her where “home” is and control or manipulate her with that concept but she can’t be controlled, she is entirely the maker and destroyer of her own inner home, no one can “own” her.)

Leo sun, Aries moon, Mars in the 3rd/4th, sun in 12th
Rude, selfish, extremely defensive and insecure. Just wants to be included. Experiences violence and hatred from her step-sibling (3rd) / in her home life (4th) which she projects onto others in the form of harsh words and mean-spirited actions. Prone to escapism and evasive behavior. Sensitive. Can be very brave, caring, selfless, and incredibly capable when she finds the will to be.

Pisces sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo Mars
So sensitive and fragile, passive but stoic, able to endure so much heartache. Very self-sacrificial, never puts himself first. Knows he is strange and accepts it, doesn’t identify with the mainstream. Creative, healing, attentive. May also have the sun or Saturn in the 12th house (to represent an absent father).

Taurus sun, Virgo moon contacting Mars & Uranus, Aries Venus
Smart and capable, but doubts her abilities and doesn’t know where to apply them until it comes to the context of survival and justice. Finds her strength in independence and determination. Self-unaware, typically in control of herself but can become impulsive and reckless due to low self-esteem or a sense of being lost. Fights her own desires, can be arrogant and selfish.

Libra sun, Virgo moon, possibly Leo Rising, Scorpio influence somewhere
Flirtatious, charming, good-natured, kind of oblivious sometimes. Very respectful and responsible, careful, attentive. Prone to compromise, puts the needs and desires of those he cares about far above his own – self-sacrificing and brave in that way, may silence his needs/feelings and become private through self-disowning or repression. Can be selfish but it is quickly outgrown when he realizes the severity of the situation. His self-assertions aren’t taken seriously.

Jim Hopper:
Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon & Mars, Capricorn Venus
Cunning, powerful, intelligent, capable, experienced, wise. Deeply loving & giving but can be irreverent, arrogant, aggressive, and overestimating of himself. Often hypocritical in the sense that he demands others’ respect but rarely returns it. Strong instincts & intuition. Empathetic with solid principles & values, but can be harsh, dominating, dismissive, and stubborn. Wants to protect others and has the conviction and passion to do so.

Joyce Byers:
Cancer sun, Leo moon, very strong moon/Cancer/4th house energy
Often hysterically emotional, over-protective, dramatic, anxious, deeply invested in those whom she loves to the point of being excessively expressive of it. Kind, warm, a very good mother, powerful maternal instincts, giving, brave, compassionate, affectionate. Determined, powerful when it counts most.

Murray Bauman:
Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon & Mercury & Rising, Mercury in the 1st house
A genius madman; an absolute weirdo, but intelligent, devoted, witty, quirky, and invested in the truth. Sees right through people. Know-it-all.

Leo sun, Aries moon, Saturn in the 12th trine/square Mars in 4th
Controlling, violent, arrogant, over-aggressive, threatening, cruel, imposing, self-absorbed, narcissistic, and ALL of this is in response to abuse received from his father which creates horrible insecurities and a feeling of being unsafe at all times. When his ego, autonomy, and safety are threatened, he internalizes it and it explodes later in a recycling/redirection of abuse, and fabricated confidence. He relies on a false sense of dominance and attractiveness in order to cope with what he experiences from his father. He represses all his pain.

Cancer/moon, Gemini/Mercury influence and a LOT of 7th house energy
Incredibly smart, caring, and jovial but painfully “uncool” and awkward. A bit oblivious at times. “Embarrassing dad” stereotype.

LISTEN I know everyone is freaking out about Lena becoming evil!Lena BUT the fact that she acknowledges her fear of feeling cold and being like her mother is a good indication that she WANTS to choose to be good.  She KNOWS she feels like she wants something awful to happen to that woman and admits that she is scared that she feels that way.

Kara is also very clearly there for her (!!!!!!!).  This is not about following in the footsteps of Lex-Superman – that’s been done.  I think the story is how goodness is often a CHOICE.  Kara’s light and goodness inspires Lena to make good choices even if she feels otherwise.  Supergirl wants Kara to have her own narrative (well… hypothetically speaking… but that’s another conversation), and what better way of doing that then subverting the Super-Luthor relationship.  


fave blacklist scenes as i remember them + soft red & lizzy

Crazy important things from 305 (Spoilers)

-Rick apologizes to jerry for his part in ruining his marriage
-Jerry and Rick wrestling naked during the weird wormhole trip???? (I totally never realized that I ship these two)
-Morty fucking up ethan to protect his sister :’)


Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

So I work for my local Child Protective Services...

And everyone’s response is the same when they hear this: sympathy, they could never do my job, ouch, etc. Very appropriate responses, but all of these are typically in regards to the families I work with.

I will be honest: many of the parents I encounter should never have been parents. Ever. Many should not even be trusted with a cactus, nonetheless another living being. However, most of my families AREN’T like this, and the ones which are like this I tend to give some slack, even as I’m working like hell to keep their kids safe. Many of them have severe mental health issues, and many have been told, despite not having a parenting bone in their body, that they SHOULD be parents and they needed to grow up and BE parents, without ever acknowledging that parenting is completely beyond their abilities.

Which brings me to the frustrating portion of the job: people who SHOULD know better and yet don’t. 

These are the supposedly mentally healthy, educated, intelligent beings who return to the children to the parents against all evidence pointing out how terribly this will end. These are the people who struggle to provide evidence against the parents in court because they want to be liked and they don’t want to bad talk the parents. These are the people who close their eyes against warning sign after warning sign because despite multiple HORRIFIC failures, they want to give these parents a chance, because they’re sure that these parents love their children and want the best for them…deep down. Really deep down.

There is a view on what parenting is supposed to be and what the relationship between parents and their children are supposed to be and don’t get me started on the myths regarding maternal instincts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in ideals and ignore the blatant evidence right in front of them, and the result is too many children being endangered…and in some cases, depending on the children, people AROUND the children being endangered.

I had one adoptive parent, who was related to the father, be so upset because the father couldn’t “man up” and take responsibility because he was signing away his rights to the child. I had to convince her that he WAS fulfilling his responsibility: by recognizing that he could not possibly parent the child and was allowing the child to grow up in a good home.

I’m childfree, and I’ve heard multiple times that I should have kids and I would be such a good mother and blahblahblah. Being childfree has given me a perspective a lot of people around me don’t have. These people believe that everyone should have children and everyone has the instinct to love, protect, and nurture those children. This can lead to actively dangerous situations for the children, and even when the parent states that they can’t do it, that they hate the child, that they want someone else to have the child, I still hear judges and counselors and service providers insisting that if the parent just had a LITTLE MORE HELP…

So, no. It’s typically not the parents which make my job so hard. It’s the people who should know better and get confused when everything goes to hell.


I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 

Y’all contradicting Katie on Lena being a Gryffindor like Lena isn’t the bravest character in the show, being only in her twenties taking on her xenophobic family’s company to turn it into a source of good while being scrutinized by the media and belittled by her mother figure and business partners. She’s crazy smart; a total genius. And she is stubborn and driven. But so was Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age, and she still got stuck trying to concentrate in the middle of a frat house.

  • Me: *Does something to indicate I don't hate kids as much as I make it seem*