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The show is going to try and make Alison rude behavior to Paige seem like jealously about Emily and maybe it is a little bit that comment alison made about how emily has real memories with paige did kinda stick with me but I dont know I just feel like alison being rude to paige was more then just jealously like maybe alison doesnt like that paige wont fall for her bull crap or something I dont know I just think it was more then just jealously that made Alison act that way towards Paige

You know, I honestly have mixed feelings. On one hand, I think the majority of it is jealousy, but I absolutely concede there’s probably something else to it too. 

I was just gif’ing the scene where Paige says “you were unforgettable” and Alison says “thank you” and I think that speaks volumes. Alison’s entire mission in life was to be unforgettable and she never understood that being unforgettable isn’t always a good thing. There are people like Mother Theresa who are unforgettable and that’s important and great. There are people like Hitler who were also unforgettable and that is obviously not good. 

And I’m not sure Alison was ever able to differentiate. I think she just wanted to be unforgettable. She didn’t want to be forgotten by her friends or her family or Rosewood. She didn’t care how she was, just that she wanted to be. I think she genuinely thought it was a compliment or something good when Paige said that and when Paige says that wasn’t a compliment, for me, I saw Alison almost internally recoil at that because she had no idea. 

I also think Alison sees a girl who used to hate herself but has overcome that hatred and I do think Alison is really jealous of that. I think that’s why I always have a slight bit of sympathy for Alison because I do think she is full of self-loathing and to hate yourself that much, it makes you do things you later regret. 

So I’m really torn >.<


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 



did all of my artworks with @kyletwebster amazing brushes

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

This is going to seem like a weird post but Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who brought themselves up. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids who didn’t have a mum there to help them for whatever reason and so had to grow up too fast when they should have been messing about and being children. Happy Mother’s Day to anyone whose mother isn’t perfect, but made mistakes and is learning to be better. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve decided to give their mum a second chance. Happy Mother’s Day to those who’ve made the decision to cut contact and stop hoping for a miracle. Happy Mother’s Day to the people who are scared of being mothers themselves because they never had a good example set and they’re scared of repeating the same mistakes (you don’t have to be like her, you can do so much better). Happy Mother’s Day to the young mothers who didn’t plan on being parents at this age but are dealing with that huge shock and doing their best under difficult circumstances. Happy Mother’s Day to those who are being made to feel guilty for not loving their mothers at all. Happy Mother’s Day to the kids that essentially brought up their younger siblings but will never have that acknowledged. Happy Mother’s Day to those that have lost a mother and miss her every day, but are pushing on regardless, trying to hold things together. I care about you all very much. 

Bts reaction to you being pregnant

Request 1: btspeach ,Bts reaction surprising them that you’re pregnant 💞

Request 2:   Could you do a bts reaction to their significant other telling them that they’re pregnant with their child if you haven’t already?


He’ll cry. He’ll just straight up cry. Without saying anything much. Hugging you, crying and repeating over and over again “I love you.” After he cried his heart out, he’ll smile really bright and tell you all about his plans if the baby was a girl and then if it was a boy. And the dinner of course burned. But that’s another story.

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A face of shock. Pure shock. And then slowly he’ll find the strenght in him to look at you and say “I’ll love this child. I’ll love you. I’ll be a good father. This child will become a good human being and his father will try to thank his mother by asking her to finally marry me.”

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Namjoon will laugh from disbelief. He knew it was true, because the test was standing right there in front of his eyes, but still. When his mind actually proceided he’ll hug you and tell you that no matter what, he’ll take care of you.  And thenout of nowhere tell you to pack, because you two were going back to your parents to tell them the nws and for him to ask you to marry him.

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Hobi is a prankster, so he thinks you are pranking him too. He’ll laugh it off and say that this was a really good joke, before you gave him the first picture of the baby and say “They said next time to bring the father. So, I’m going to do exactly that.” And Hobi cried like a baby for the next hour or so constantly telling you how happy he is.

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Jiminie shouted and jumped up and down and hugged you so much and constantly told you how happy he is and how you’ll have the most amazing child on Earth and at the end of this whole rant, he just smiled to you with tears in his eyes and promised to be a father your kid will look up to. 

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Tae smiled and kissed you, and your tummy, before picking up his phone calling a number and shouting at the phone. “Mom, I don’t think you are ready. I am going to be a father. Yes! Yes, yes, she i right next to me. Yes, we will come as fast as possible. Of course.” he hung up the phone, hugged you tightly one more time, promising to be the best father out there and told you his mother wanted to see you, since your own mother wasn’t in Korea and you need support at the moment.

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You were scared honestly. You were both pretty young and him rejecting you because of his popularity and the fact he may not be ready for a child seemed as likely as unlikely. When you gave him the test with trembling hands, you were expecting the worst.  But instead you heard a “Call your parents and tell them to be here next Monday.” You were slightly confused about it “Jungkook, what are you talking about?” “I get one chance to marry the girl I love and to look at my child and I want to be a great father so pick up the phone and do what I say, I’m coming in 5 minutes.” He locked the door to the bedroom looked at the test and cried from hapiness for like an hour.

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Request if you have the patience. Those who request one-shots, darlings, I’m working on them. I won’t write anything fast and shabby. I made that clear.



Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

Things I want in 2b

~ Alec and Magnus waking up together 

~ Izzy to apologize to Raphael (vise versa)

~ Izzy and Raphael to be friends (or at least not hate each other?)

~Malec holding hands or cuddling (both is preferred) 

~Jace to be happy for at least one episode

~Acknowledgement of Ragnor’s death

~Luke being dad goals af (he always is)

~ Maryse to start being a good mother??

~More Magnus and Raphael 

~Clary to draw more

~what is my queen Lydia up to?

~More Maia Roberts

~Lily Chen

Okay, so I’ve had this stuck in my head lately and I figured I’d get it out here. Consider it my head canon on why Neil doesn’t like sweets. And OMFG, I did something that wasn’t ten pages! I did something short!!! Yay!

Uhm, so yeah, this deals with Neil’s/Nathaniel’s childhood, let’s just say the usual TFC warnings apply (Nathan, shall I say more?).


Nathaniel was never really allowed chocolates when he was little; his mother would sneer about ‘too-sweet American crap’ and his father… well, his father didn’t believe in ‘spoiling’ him, didn’t believe in any type of treats. The most Nathaniel’s mother would do was give him some hard candy from time to time, little tart balls in bright cellophane which he could suck on to keep quiet.

Quiet was good, and the tart flavors cleared his throat of the thick taste of copper and salt and mucus, of sniffing back his tears or licking away the blood that trickled down from his nose.

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(1/2) I'm writing a superhero novel with a diverse main cast (two white guys, an Indian woman, a Latina woman, and her black girlfriend, and one of the white guys has a black ex-husband and adopted daughter), but I'm white, so I have some questions. My first one is about the black girl. A plot point in the story is that various people connected to the main villain are abducted and experimented on to give them metahuman powers. I want her to be one of these people.

(2/2) Both so that she can become a hero in her own right and to force her girlfriend, who leads the team of superheroes to deal with it. At the end of the story, she is safe and happy, after spending some time recovering. Would this be feeding into problematic tropes? My other question is about the black ex-husband of one of the white heroes. For a while, they are divorced due to plot reasons, and he is raising their daughter alone, and well. Is this a problematic trope about black fathers?

Black Superhero: Experimentation & Powers + Black Single Father

Several superheroes gain their powers due to experimentation, such as Luke Cage. Doesn’t make it right, but as long as you’re not singling out the Black girl and don’t put her through excessively harsh conditions compared to the non-Black people who are experimented on (aka the tortured/brutalized Black body trope and depending on their endurance Strong Black Man/Woman trope) or use the things she goes through for shock value, it should work.

As for the single father, I can’t tell if it’s the Black or white father raising the daughter alone. For one, is this father actually a single father (doing all or nearly all of the work when it comes to raising and supporting the child) or is he co-parenting the child with his ex (both still provide sufficient parenting and financial support)? There’s a difference.

Seeing as there’s no Black mother involved in the situation, the 1 (½) tropes I can spot are Absent Black Father (if the Black father has left the white one to parent without any support). The other ½ isn’t really a trope, more like Black single fathers are praised overall for simply being there for their children while it’s just an expectation for Black single mothers who are not credited for being good people in the same way for raising theirs (and are in fact shamed for being single Black mothers). 

The majority of that is audience perception which can’t be controlled, but just remember when writing, even if the Black man is painted as a good father, which is favorable, men are not automatically extraordinary for raising their children. No cookies for doing what you’re supposed to do, anyways!

~Mod Colette


I sometimes wish I’d stayed inside

my mother.

Never to come out. 

Omega Headcanons

-Omegas are very motherly even before they actually become mothers. In their friend group the Omega is almost always the “mom friend” who makes sure everyone is happy and full and well rested, always the first person anyone goes to when a problem occurs

-Omegas are generally very petite and while a lot of them are bitter about it, others embrace the hell out of it. Using their small stature as an excuse to make their big Alpha friends carry them around or get them things that are high up on shelves

-Omegas love soft and cozy things, always wearing soft sweaters or wrapping up in warm blankets. Fuzzy socks are also very much loved by Omegas

-An Omega who is always cold constantly clinging to their big warm Alpha. Walking down the street and smoothly slipping under the Alpha’s arm and snuggling into their side as they walk, or seeing the Alpha sitting on the couch so they go and climb onto their lap and cuddle up against their warm chest. The Alpha loving how cuddly and dependent their mate is

-An incredibly innocent and sheltered Omega who hasn’t even had their first heat yet, not understanding when their Omega friends are talking about knotting and instead of explaining anything to their very clueless friend, they suggest the Omega ask their Alpha friend about it who they know has a crush on the Omega. So the Omega of course goes and very bluntly asks the Alpha to explain knotting and the Alpha is instantly bright red but trying to stutter out a mature and helpful explanation and once they finally finish the Omega is very quiet for a minute and then, “oh so you could knot me because you’re an Alpha” and the Alpha just dies

-Young Omegas being possessive of their friends and low-key becoming anxious whenever their friend makes a new friend because they feel like they are being replaced

-Omegas usually have a self sacrificing nature, which makes them good mothers, and they always make sure the ones they love have everything they need even if it means they have to go without

-Between being very smart and very nurturing, Omegas are well suited for being teachers and tutors. Always encouraging and having the patience to help someone who is struggling with basic concepts

-An Omega having a very close bond with their Omega sibling. Always looking for some kind of physical reassurance from them like holding hands in busy public places or cuddling up in a nest together when one of them is sad

-An Omega who is really nervous and shy and only really comfortable with their Alpha, to the point where if they are out with people and the Omega wants to say something they will lean up to whisper it to their Alpha who will then tell the group for them

So I work for my local Child Protective Services...

And everyone’s response is the same when they hear this: sympathy, they could never do my job, ouch, etc. Very appropriate responses, but all of these are typically in regards to the families I work with.

I will be honest: many of the parents I encounter should never have been parents. Ever. Many should not even be trusted with a cactus, nonetheless another living being. However, most of my families AREN’T like this, and the ones which are like this I tend to give some slack, even as I’m working like hell to keep their kids safe. Many of them have severe mental health issues, and many have been told, despite not having a parenting bone in their body, that they SHOULD be parents and they needed to grow up and BE parents, without ever acknowledging that parenting is completely beyond their abilities.

Which brings me to the frustrating portion of the job: people who SHOULD know better and yet don’t. 

These are the supposedly mentally healthy, educated, intelligent beings who return to the children to the parents against all evidence pointing out how terribly this will end. These are the people who struggle to provide evidence against the parents in court because they want to be liked and they don’t want to bad talk the parents. These are the people who close their eyes against warning sign after warning sign because despite multiple HORRIFIC failures, they want to give these parents a chance, because they’re sure that these parents love their children and want the best for them…deep down. Really deep down.

There is a view on what parenting is supposed to be and what the relationship between parents and their children are supposed to be and don’t get me started on the myths regarding maternal instincts. It’s easy to get wrapped up in ideals and ignore the blatant evidence right in front of them, and the result is too many children being endangered…and in some cases, depending on the children, people AROUND the children being endangered.

I had one adoptive parent, who was related to the father, be so upset because the father couldn’t “man up” and take responsibility because he was signing away his rights to the child. I had to convince her that he WAS fulfilling his responsibility: by recognizing that he could not possibly parent the child and was allowing the child to grow up in a good home.

I’m childfree, and I’ve heard multiple times that I should have kids and I would be such a good mother and blahblahblah. Being childfree has given me a perspective a lot of people around me don’t have. These people believe that everyone should have children and everyone has the instinct to love, protect, and nurture those children. This can lead to actively dangerous situations for the children, and even when the parent states that they can’t do it, that they hate the child, that they want someone else to have the child, I still hear judges and counselors and service providers insisting that if the parent just had a LITTLE MORE HELP…

So, no. It’s typically not the parents which make my job so hard. It’s the people who should know better and get confused when everything goes to hell.

Falling Girl

@chelseamosbey: I see requests are open now and I was wondering if you do these prompts to Peter, I request this accidentally when requests where closed and I was wondering if there was a chance at doing it :) xx 6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.” 7. “You did what!?” 65. “Look at me-just breathe, okay?” 79. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” Thank you xoxo


  • 6. “You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
  • 7. “You did what?!”
  • 65. “Look at me–just breathe, okay?”
  • 79.”You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”

Warnings: injury

You were trying to prove to Peter that you had what it took to be a Lost Girl. You felt like you had to prove yourself, even though Peter never commented about your performance in Neverland… well, to your face at least. The other night, you had overheard Peter talking to Felix and Rufio about how he was concerned you would never learn and adapt to the Neverland ways. It made you feel bad and a little insecure because you thought you were adapting quite well. 

Now you were trying to prove yourself by setting up a trap in a tree. It was a cliche trap, tying netting to a tree, and letting it hit the ground. You’d cover it with leaves and wait for someone to walk on top of it where they would then be lifted up and trapped. 

You were so close to finishing, too. You had to tie one more knot, hoping this plan would work. But something happened. The branch you were balancing your feet on was a flimsy one, and it was slowly breaking. But you had only one knot left to tie, you thought you had enough time. Nevertheless, you didn’t. The branch snapped and you fell with it. 

You were high up in the tree. Falling, you hit another branch hard. It was stronger than the one you were previously on, making the impact worse. Then you fell again, this time on your back. You were laying in soil, struggling to breathe. The wind got knocked out of you.

Everything felt funny. Your entire body ached, breathing seeming impossible almost. You eyesight was going, black dots flashing and taking up most of your vision. You couldn’t tell if you hit a nerve that damaged your eyesight or this was only happening from the fall. Nonetheless, you couldn’t move. You were helpless and in pain. You were stuck.

“Y/N! Y/N, where are you?” It was Peter. He was rushing, looking for you. 

You tried calling, but it hurt to even breathe. So you tried moving your arm, but that didn’t work either. All you did was squeeze your eyes shut, letting warm tears flow from your eyes.

“Y/N!” Peter ran to you, kneeling to your side. “You’re safe now. I’ve got you.” He whispered. “What happened? Are you okay?”

You were crying, and couldn’t speak. It was hard to breathe still, they were rigid and short.

“Hey, look at me–Just breath, okay?” Peter inhaled and exhaled deeply so you could catch on. But you didn’t.. It hurt to breathe. 

“It…” You began, but couldn’t even get past that.

“What? It what?” Peter pressed, his anxiety shooting through the roof. “Please talk!”


“It hurts to breathe?” 

You barely nodded. Peter looked at you, quickly shutting his eyes and opening them again. You were in the room where Lost Boys would go if they got hurt. Usually that was your job. You’d help the hurt boys, it was never the other way around. 

Peter rested you on the bed that the boys would sometimes lay on if they got severely injured. You weren’t looking good at all. It concerned Peter and made chills run down his spine. He couldn’t bear the thought of losing you. He didn’t even know what happened.

“I don’t know what to do!” He raged, becoming mad at the situation. “What do I do? How do I help!”

You began to cry again, overthinking about the situation. You were thinking he was mad at you. This was your fault, why wouldn’t he be mad at you? Maybe you really weren’t fit for Neverland after all.

“No, no. Please don’t cry, Y/N. It’s okay. I’ll figure something out.”

You gasped for air, suddenly it becoming even harder for you to breathe. It was as if you were going into shock or something. Peter had no idea what was going on, but he was losing you.

“No! You can’t die. Please don’t die!” Peter was by your side again, still having no clue what to do. He knew one thing when it came to someone having problem breathing, and that was mouth-to-mouth. He was in such a panic that he quickly placed his mouth on yours, breathing air into your mouth. He did that for a single minute, that not helping.

“What did you do!” He shouted, so scared for your life.

“I…” It was even harder, but you gave it all your might. “Fell from a tree… Trying to… Set a trap…”

You did what? Y/N, why?” He asked, but quickly shook his head. “Never mind that. I know what to do.”

Peter picked you up, doing something he never wanted to do. He went to the Mainland. Went to a hospital in Boston. Peter never had to deal with this. If a Lost Boy got hurt and died, it wasn’t that big of a deal. But you were different. Peter wanted to protect you. He came to terms that you wouldn’t be the best fighter. You were good at being a mother, and taking care of the boys. But someone had to take care of you, and that was Peter’s job.

“Help me, please. My friend… She’s hurt, please!” It was a busy day in the hospital, but a few nurses and doctors came and put you on a gurney. They said a few medical terms that Peter had ever heard of, but they wheeled you away.


“Sir, you have to wait here,” a lady said. And so he did, knowing he wasn’t in his world.

Hours went by. It seemed forever. Peter was getting even more anxious by the minute. Questioning what was going on and why it was taking so long. He was getting agitated and angry.

But finally, a doctor walked up to him.

“Is she okay?”

“Just a second,” he said. “Where are her parents? What happened?”

“I-I don’t know! What’s going on with her? She fell out of a tree!”

The doctor sighed. He wasn’t supposed to give this information out to a friend of the patient, but something told him he should tell him anyway.

“Because of this fall, I’m assuming, she broke two ribs. One of which punctured her lung. She’ll be fine, we just have to see if she’ll wake up.”

Chills sprawled all over Peter’s being. Wake up? He didn’t have time to wait for you to wake up. He needed to take you back home that instant. He was about to rage and yell, but he held himself back. He already had an outburst an hour ago that nearly got him kicked out of the lobby. 

“I need to see her.”

“I’m sorry, I have to have parental permission. Where are her parents? What’s her name? I have no records of her. I need all the information I can get.”

Peter began to panic. You were taken to Neverland in the late nineties. You’d been gone for nearly twenty years, but in Neverland time, it had only about two years of you living there. Who knew where your parents were. Who knew what they were up to. All Peter knew was that they were awful parents.

“I don’t know where her parents are…” Peter said quietly.

“Then I can’t let you see her until they get here. Have they been notified?” 

Peter only nodded, and the doctor left. Peter had to wait.

Under Pressure.

Description: At eight months pregnant everything seemed well, everyone was eagerly waiting to meet the little one but when news of an accident involving Spencer and your daughter, that meeting might come earlier than expected.

A/N: This is the first of the personalised fics I’ll be posting so thanks to @frickin-bats for requesting this! Obviously everyone else can still read it just substitute the name for your own!

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Can we have tsukishima, kuroo, tendou, Kenma, and Akaashi react to meeting their s/I'd parents and her dad being a hit man?

This was a little harder to write than it really should’ve been, so I’m sorry about that Anon, but I hope you like this regardless!

Also, I did a but of research on hit men and assassins for this. Generally, their jobs are top secret - for obvious reason, it’s murder, lol - and most things I read said how they move around a lot to avoid being targeted themselves, so I couldn’t really see him coming out with what his ‘day’ job is. Which is the reasoning for his serious demeanor through all of them - man has taken life! He had a hard shell - and why the main suggestions for his work are more vague. Make sense?


Stern. Serious. Rigid.

Tsukishima had been told many times what her father would be like in preparation for his first visit to her home. And he had told her that all would be fine. He was respectful to his elders. Especially in this case, he knew where he stood with her father even before meeting the man.

They were already enemies and that was not to change as long as he was dating his daughter.

He had dressed the part; button down shirt, nice jeans, dress shoes. Disappointment was something he didn’t want to deliver, he wanted them to like him, to say that she had picked a good one. And she wanted the same thing, so he couldn’t mess up. Not tonight.

Rapping his knuckles against the door, he waited patiently, hands clasping together before him as his fingers twisted together. He was expected her to answer, but that was not the case when the front door was finally pulled open. A feeling of momentary dread filled the boy’s stomach especially when he saw… holy shit, was that a gun?

“You the boy?”

His throat felt dry as he was finally able to tear his eyes away from the weapon and meet with the unamused stare of the man before him. He was shorter than Tsukishima, but he in no way felt bigger than him. Licking at his lips, he gave the smallest of nods as an answer, unsure of how to speak. When all he got in response was the raising of an eyebrow, he forced out a choked, “Yes, sir.”


It wasn’t a reaction Tsukishima was expected. In fact, now that he stood there, he realized that it was wrong of him to have expected anything. He soon heard her voice calling his name before she pushed past her father to take hold of his hand and pull him inside. The man stepped to the side, but Tsukishima was hyper aware of the weapon in his hand; this was going to be an interesting evening.

Nervous was the only term Kuroo could associate with his current situation. He was seated next to her on the couch within their living room, his eyes fixed on the objects decorating the walls. A variety of guns hung as ornaments around them and he was sure that he couldn’t breath for a split second. Clearing his throat, he attempted to bring his gaze back to her, his voice higher than expected her he spoke: “And, uh, what does your dad do again?”

She gave a shrug, her eyes following his to the walls. “Not sure, honestly,” she answered, “something for the military, but it’s classified work so he can’t tell us anything.”

The information instantly swirled around Kuroo’s head at an alarming rate when he heard the heavy footsteps approaching. What kind of dangerous work did this man do? And what kind of death was he about to experience by dating his daughter?

Standing to his feet instantly, Kuroo was already extending his hand out when he saw the figure of the man walk into the living room with them. “S-sir,” he cleared his throat the moment the stutter left him, “I’m Kuroo Tetsurou, it’s a pleasure–”

“Sit,” the man demanded, his voice deep.

Kuroo’s body instantly did as he was told, his eyes wide as the man took his seat before the couple in the chair opposite them. He stared and Kuroo stared back. He felt sweat begin to gather at the back of his neck as the gesture continued, but he refused to speak, refused to do anything that he wasn’t told to do. Her father was sizing him up and he was ready for whatever was about to come, even if he was terrified about it.

Dinner was so close to being a delight. The food was good, she was beautiful, her mother was a lovely woman, but then there was her father who didn’t remove his eyes from Tendou the entire meal. It had been unnerving. As though the man was not only dissecting everything he had to say, but every single movement he made as well. Like he was scoping out his prey.

And now her and her mother had gone into the kitchen for dessert, leaving Tendou alone with the predatory man at the other end of the table. Tendou shifted, his hands gripping and loosening on the fabric of his pants, unsure of whether he should meet the gaze across from him head on or occupy his eyes elsewhere.

“And, uh, what do you do, sir?” he brought himself to ask, pulling a smile onto his face when he looked up again. This was a good line of topic, no? Something the man would be comfortable with sharing and Tendou would get further insight into her family life.

“Work that could potentially kill you,” was the answer he got, forcing racing chills down the boy’s spine. Who the hell was this man and what did he do for a living? A small questioning noise left Tendou’s lips as his smile dropped away, fear falling into the pit of his stomach. He wanted to probe further only to know what that meant, but didn’t get the chance where both ladies returned with slices of pie for everyone.

Tendou tried not to think about the threat that was potentially just placed on his life.

The night hadn’t gone exactly as Kenma had thought it would. Not that it had gone… terribly wrong. Just that he wasn’t sure he should be walking home alone tonight. Not after he had been shown the safe full of weaponry that was opened by her father. Small comments being made about some of them being illegal to own by normal citizens. Which made him either a crook or over qualified by the government.

Kenma wasn’t sure he liked either of those options. Especially when those options concerned his well being.

He liked this girl, a lot. So to have her father approve of him was something that was important for the future of their relationship and for a moment he was terrified that he would never receive it. The man had barely said two words to him - granted, Kenma barely spoke the entirety of his time there either. And he was sure the constant fidgeting and shifting he had displayed under the man’s scrutiny was not something that suited well with him.

Standing with her on the porch, he felt his body freeze up when she leaned to press her lips against his. Thought of that man coming forward with one of those many firearms for being too close to his daughter ran through Kenma’s mind. Despite the momentary fear, a smile tugged at his lips when she leaned back, stating how she was glad he came. Because really, despite the imminent threat, she was totally worth it.

Too many questions probed Akaashi’s mind as he wandered back home, feet carrying him faster than truly necessary. He felt nervous in the dark streets as though he hadn’t really left the man that was her father back at her home. Not the he hadn’t been nice - he hadn’t said anything to Akaashi of malcontent - but he definitely didn’t give the warmest of welcomes.

Akaashi got it; father’s were protective of their little girls, but this man gave off a dangerous air that he hadn’t been able to place. The way he had observed their entire evening as though cataloging information had put Akaashi on edge most of the night. And then there was the silent yet obvious display of a weapon in the corner of the room. That had been hard to look away from.

Then there was the looming presence as he had sat with her on the couch, their fingers intertwined and her head of his shoulder. The feeling made his hair stand on end, but he said nothing to her nor did she say anything to him. It was not until he was saying goodbye for the night that she gave a small apology.

“I hope he didn’t scare you,” she gave a sheepish smile, “he’s can put on the scary act, but he’s a not so bad.” The tacked on information about his classified government work didn’t keep him as reassured as it might have been. And despite such a foreboding presence, Akaashi was determined about her.

He was back the next day, gaining a morsel of respect.

i wonder a lot about what shmi actually, you know, did, since being a slave isn’t exactly a job description. anakin works at the shop but shmi sits at home being a Good Single Mother i guess, thanks george, but i’m gonna Discuss This because i’ve seen it floating around and please consider: midwife shmi

  • midwife shmi who was highly valued for her skills, for tatooine births are never easy and she can work with countless species 
  • (she probably even birthed a hutt or two when gardulla owned her)
  • the name ‘skywalker’ invokes so much imagery. imagine her mother, a mystic before her, who worked as a healer and spiritual advisor in a settlement. shmi learned from her before being stolen. generational. the matrilineal line is where the name comes from
  • (also, trans anakin, let’s talk about that some day, the infamous ‘where that Y gene come from tho’. shmi doesn’t get what’s happening when she realizes she’s pregnant, is terrified of what it could mean, who gives birth by herself probably in a bantha stable or something, lbr. whose ‘daughter’ informs watto “i’m a BOY” upon being given to him and she rolls with it. she’s birthed enough children for enough species with divergent gender/sex customs to know the flesh is just one aspect. if it’s gonna be space jesus give me something new.)
  • shmi crossing thru a desert storm to help a woman in need, braving winds and sands that will strip a man to the bone so she can help. she’s practically a folklore hero. and her son, a jedi! her presence at a birth is good luck for the child’s future, hope that the child will be free too
  • shmi who helps birth some of those tusken children that anakin slaughters
  • shmi who loses some, who doesn’t? maybe a tusken – it’s personal, when they take her, not just revenge on cliegg. or, alternatively, they take her so they can have her skills for themselves
  • (sidenote: i can’t abide the ‘he frees then marries her’ nonsense so. he frees her anonymously. but she tracks him down anyways, and things go from there.)
  • shmi who taught anakin much of what she knew, and he keeps these skills close to his heart – contrary to every other damaging part of him, he’s a good healer, good at giving life. he teaches obi-wan some of this in one of those Wacky Situations they get into, and obi-wan uses them with padmé, so in a way, shmi was present for her grandchildren’s births
  • shmi skywalker, she who brought life, birthing anakin skywalker, killer of things, is so potent and nigh-mystical
  • shmi skywalker, who deserved so much more than she got
Stephen Sondheim-themed Asks!
  • 1: Least favorite thing about your favorite SS show
  • 2: Favorite thing about your least favorite SS show
  • 3: Best SS character
  • 4: Worst character
  • 5: Favorite collaborator
  • 6: Best book of a SS show. Why?
  • 7: Worst book....
  • 8: Erase one show and all its traces from SS's canon (question courtesy of @non-binary-sally-bowles)
  • 9: If he ever jumped the shark, what show is emblematic of that?
  • 10: Favorite bitchy moment
  • 11: Who would SS marry as part of a sham marriage?
  • 12: Thoughts on the book to Follies
  • 13: Make one edit to SS show xxx
  • 14: What would SS do to you in the sex dungeon?
  • 15: Cast Patti in a role she hasn't done yet
  • 16: Which Tony would you take away
  • 17: Novel/book/play SS should adapt
  • 18: Favorite quote
  • 19: Desert island song (singular)
  • 20: On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being Foxy Sondheim and 10 being the Virgin Mary, rate how good of a mother Rose is
  • 21: What's your gimmick?
  • 22: Nervous breakdown song that best represents your last mental breakdown
  • 23: Has SS ever written a true love song?
  • 24: SS sex jam
  • 25: SS funeral jam
  • 26: SS wedding dance song
  • 27: Toss in the trash- his music or his lyrics
  • 28: Which SS do you perform in front of crowd
  • 29: Which SS song replaces Don't Cry for Me, Argentina in Evita?
  • 30: Choose a ALW song to replace Color and Light in SITPWG
  • 31: Which Brecht play does SS adapt at gunpoint
  • 32: SS's current thoughts on Lady Gaga
  • 33: What pastry do you order at Mahler's?
  • 34: What would Oscar have made of Follies?
  • 35: FMK: SS, Hal Prince, and James Lapine
  • 36: Is SS a sub or dom?
  • 37: Miscast Bernadette
  • 38: Miscast Elaine Stritch
  • 39: ALW goes missing and SS offers you some pie. Do you eat it?
  • 40: What do you order at Mrs. Lovett's?
  • 41: Is Road Show an unappreciated masterpiece or a lesser entry in the SS canon?
  • 43: Which American president do you cast as Bobby? Georges? Sally? Fosca?
  • 44: Other than Rose, who is the most Shakespearian character?
  • 45: That Frank or Rich and Happy?
  • 46: Rob Marshall-ize a SS show
  • 47: Which show is most problematic ®
  • 48: Most Sobdhemian Seth Rogen movie?
  • 49: Who would play SS on SNL?
  • 50: Does Bobby find happiness by age 50?
  • 51: Tumblr user most likely to be the man himself
  • 52: A SS show you seem to forget exists
Clichés - Vernon

Title: Clichés

Member: Vernon

Genre: Fluff, childhood friend!au

Summary:  Ironic how one person can make your most hated thing as your favorite. The credits go to your childhood friend, Chwe Hansol. 

Word count: 2.2k


  • After a long while, another piece I’m quite satisfied with the outcome with. 
  • One of the few continously pushed back ideas on my memo. ((Yeah, just “one” of the few.)) 
  • I do hope you’d come to like this one too. :D 

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