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SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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To the people who think a child is better off in foster care, better off being separated from their siblings, better off being bounced house to house with no one really caring, than being adopted by an LGBTQIA+ person, fuck you.

Fuck you. Its been nine years and I still break down in the bathroom over what happened. It screwed me over almost as much as the actual abuse they tried to save us from. 

Fuck you for your small minded bigotry blinding you to acting like a decent human being.

After You

Part: 1/?

Masterpost: {x}

Pairing: Snowbaz

Summary: What if Simon had never gone off that night in 2008?

Warning: cussing

Word Count: 2k+

Tags: @muchachadeningunaparte, @deathbycaptainswan (tell me if you want to be tagged!)

Dedication: @carryonsimoncarryon, @futuristicallygayduck, and @emilyforrestar for betaing! Thank you!

A/N: This is my first Snowbaz fic and I’m still truly observing their characters, so if I mess up the dynamic between the two or go a little off canon, please politely point it out and I will fix it! Please enjoy!!

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what do you like about the five dragonets? (Glory, Tsunami, Sunny, Starflight, and Clay)

ooOOOH HERE I GO [im doin this in book pov orders]

clay - i love how his whole story line is him being protective and loving of his foster siblings. like his whole arc makes you THINK it’s going to be that annoying, traditional “dude has a monster inside of him….he has to battle the monster…” but than u figure out that he doesnt have a monster inside of him, those urges to hurt and defend is bc he’s sorta just born to be a protective older brother. i love how sweet he is and how much he adores his siblings, to the point where he was ok w/ the concept of dying as long as it was to protect sunny and starflight, he’s a peach and i love him so much he’s such a well written boy

tsunami - i love how she’s super headstrong but she acknowledges that this has caused her to be selfish about what she wants; i love how she was able to recognize at the end of her book that she needed to pay more attention to her siblings, that they were her real family, and that she grew so much and learned how to balance herself more

glory - i love love love her whole arc. she’s so strong and im just honestly so happy that her arc is that she became a queen and helps to make the rainwings stronger/more unified again, how she’s sorta “i kinda dont care but also i really really do care”

starflight - oh god WHERE do i begin. i love how starflight is nerdy and hes kinda a know it all, but he’s not pretentious about it??? starflight is one of the first to recognize the strength of his siblings AKA knowing that glory would be a fantastic queen, teling tsunami how much he admires her, etc. he’s so sweet and i just love starflight

sunny - she… so sweet. like who in the world could hate sunny. she’s so sweet and loving and i love how her book shows that she’s not just naive, i love how she calls out the fact that her sibs have sorta ignored her/thought she couldnt handle some secrets, and how she’s able to just call it out and PROVE that thats not the case. she’s super sweet and her book made me happy bc shes just so gentle and layered

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Prompt idea: (not really crack? Sorry) Andrew Mineyard is not good at expressing himself but at one point in a foster house that didn't really give a shit what he did he got really good at painting his foster sisters' fingernails and his own. And then we have Neil Josten who has basically no regard for gender roles (example: will let Allison do his makeup and nails, and Renee bleaches and dyed a few curls pastel colors) so I find it an obvious progression that at some point nail painting happens

thank you for this prompt anon m sorry its so late!!

  • alright so andrew has been in a shit ton of foster homes and as far as he can remember none of them were good and he’s damned to remember every little detail of those miserable days forever
  • but even tho none of them were good there were some good things, one of them being a foster sibling he had when he was five
  • rosie was a year older than andrew but it didn’t really matter bc she was the only friend he had. other kids were at least 3 or 4 yrs older so naturally andrew gravitated towards rosie and she loved him too
  • they played together all the time. any time they weren’t supposed to be doing anything aka school work or small chores or whatever they were playing
  • they were best friends

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Weiss: Episode Six Analysis

So I’ve had a bit of time to think about it and there are a couple of things I want to point out about this scene. 

First and foremost is that it’s entirely about control. 

Think about it. Weiss could have summoned any kind of Grimm here (she’s killed a lot) from a regular Beowolf to the huge Nevermore they took down during initiation. Or hell, even a piece of the Knight like she did when helping Velvet take down the Paladins - that’s at least something she’s somewhat familiar with. But instead we get the Boarbatusk from Port’s class. 

This is a deliberate choice (overlooking practical, narrative considerations, such as keeping Weiss from summoning something massive that would immediately harm numerous guests). It seems pretty clear that Weiss can’t summon deliberately yet, so anything she does summon is instinctual. Why, then, would her subconscious choose the Boarbatusk? I think it’s because above all Weiss in looking for control in her life and she fears a further loss of that control - a fear that this early scene represents. 

Back in “The Badge and the Burden” Weiss has escaped her father’s presence for (presumably) the first time, but she’s also just learned that she’s not the leader of Team RWBY, a role she both expected and partly needed, to have as much power as possible in this new part of her life. (There’s a reason that Weiss is so “bossy” and it has everything to do with abuse, not how ‘awful’ she is). But instead this young, “childish” girl is given that power, a girl who then proceeds to boss Weiss around in a capacity outside of battle (waking Weiss up with the whistle, telling her it’s time to decorate their dorm), acts immaturely in class, and - worst of all - continues to give orders when Weiss declared that she would be the one to kill the boar, all by herself. Ruby, of course, has only the best interests, but Weiss only sees someone else trying to control her in this moment, someone who is not even as respected/educated/powerful/etc. as her father. 

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Name: Fasa

Nickname: Lion

Age: 24

Species: Unknown but his DNA is fused with an African Lion.

Gender: Male

HT: 8 feet tall WT: 500lbs

Likes: Fighting worthy opponents, steak, being a loyal leader

Dislikes: Fighting for position, starvation

Personality: Proud, Loyal, Brave

Appearance: Tall and muscular built, red manelike hair, red goatee, red eyes, tan skin, golden earings, red and orange wrist bands, red shorts

Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities: Mighty roar

Weapons: Teeth and claws

Bio: Fasa aka Lion is the ringleader of the Animal Jungle Gang. Despite being leader he is middle of terms of age compared to his foster siblings. He is fast and strong due to what animal he resembles. But he has a hard time telling his foster siblings what to do due to some of their dense or uncaring personalities, he acts like the voice of reason.

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Psst i have come again with more Angst. Can imagine the show doing a Game of Thrones Quote "a Targaryen alone in the world it's a terrible thing" ---------- ok here it goes, ahem -------------------------------------------------------------------- "An Altean alone on earth, not knowing who you were, must've been a terrible thing to go through" - like someone could be saying that to Keith or thinking about Keith.

Oh darling ;A;

Imagine little Keith, getting shuffled from foster home to foster home every time he accidentally did something just a little too odd or inexplicable for his foster parents to handle like suddenly flashing yellow slit-pupiled eyes when angry or upset or instinctively catching a falling cabinet that was about to crush a foster sister. It should’ve been too heavy for a child to hold and yet he caught it and pushed it back upright like it was nothing and next thing he knows he’s back in the system and he doesn’t know why. He was being good this time he was getting along with his foster siblings and doing his chores and everything! 

And rumors start to build around him, rumors of impossible things, and no one wants to take him anymore. He’s upset and confused and angry and things are happening to him that he doesn’t understand and no amount of searching provides an explanation, there’s no WebMD entry for “skin suddenly turning purple after burning your finger on the stove” or for “anger-induced glowing yellow eyes” or for “I have super strength?”

And then one of the social workers suggests maybe they can send him off to the Galaxy Garrison, at least he’d be out of trouble and getting an education and learning skills, plus it’s a boarding school so he could just stay there. But he never really liked school, the rules and rigidity of it all. The only good thing at school was Shiro, who was one of Keith’s flight/pilot instructors and really seemed to get Keith, who took him under his wing at a time no one else would and under Shiro’s tutelage Keith flourishes. 

And then Shiro disappears into thin air. And no one will tell Keith why or how. There’s no way he believes that bs about “pilot error,” the Shiro he knows doesn’t make mistakes this big, that’s the whole reason he was sent to Kerberos in the first place! Without Shiro to make things fun and interesting school becomes unbearable, plus he’s constantly distracted by his worry about what happened to the mission, he’s not paying attention in class, his grades slip, he starts getting insubordinate. So he purposefully gets himself booted out as soon as he’s of age and goes to live on his own in that little cabin so he can do his own thing and search for answers his way.

Okay but seriously I feel like I need to take a second just to talk about how freaking important adult!Ben/Bea (and for that matter, the rest of the gang) is to me, because like it’s weirdly something that just means so so much to my shipping. Just thinking about them growing up together and staying a couple and being that one pair from high school that actually do get married, even if it’s also the weirdest thing in the world cause like it’s Bea and Ben, and really who the fuck would expect them to be to get married? Just… the entire group growing up and into themselves is seriously one of the main show-related head-canons I think about (right next to the various ways Ben and Bea get together… so many thoughts, so many half-written fics), and I seriously need to take a minute to just talk about all of it.

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Okay, so I made this post about my CS wedding headcanons, and not only did it turn out to be more popular than I imagined (434 converts and counting), but it got my mind rolling in certain directions and I might have expanded on one of those points. Nothing major, just 1500 words or so (you have been warned). And since Valentine’s is tomorrow…I just thought, why not? So Happy Valentine’s Day CS fandom. Here’s the to most epic half yet. Also, I have to dedicate this to the lovely @sammmtacular, who gave me the prompt “Come here. Let me fix it.” way back in December. Slowly, but surely all of these prompts are getting written. (As always, it’s at where you can leave a lovely review if you’re so inclined or just flail in the tags, I’ll see that too.)

I love you guys!

Emma never pegged herself as the type to cry at weddings. Not that she’d been to many in her life. But that didn’t change the fact that Emma never thought she’d ever cry at any wedding. Least of all her own.

The Father-Daughter dance was what did her in.

The first dance, her dance with Killian, went perfectly. No surprise there. Killian could dance with an elephant with two left feet and it would still be the most graceful thing you’d ever seen. And yet, despite the hours of practice her mother forced upon them, it was the dance with her dad that made her nervous. There were actual people watching now and—despite everyone’s reassurances that she was a natural—she knew she would mess something up. With Killian, the whole world disappeared—with her dad, she was painfully aware of everyone’s gaze on her, especially his.

“You’re doing fine,” David whispered when he caught her looking at her feet.

Emma looked up, with a sheepish smile to find her dad was crying. Not anything messy or ugly, just the sheen of water in his eyes and glistening track down one side of his face.

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Don't you think it's kinda funny that some clexa shippers desperately tags everyhing about bellarke as brotp? They always mention that it's bro-sis relationship. It makes me think that they think otherwise or just do it to make bellarke shippers get mad. I'm telling this to you because I know that you are objective about this whole bellarke clexa thing. I don't know it seems so forced, really it's so irritating

Honestly, for all the Bellarke shippers, I think that it should make you feel good that so many people that ship Clexa love the Bellarke dynamic. Most Clexa shippers love Bellamy and how he has grown as a person, and how he has helped and supported Clarke.  Now, the same can’t be said for Bellarke shippers with their opinions on Lexa. There are a few Bellarke shippers that like Lexa, but just see more romantic potential in the Bellarke relationship. These people don’t villianize Lexa to legitimize their ship. Each dynamic has to be looked at separately; we can’t compare the two – context is needed. All of this //stupid// shipping drama can be avoided if we just respect one another or just zip their lip and not respond or publish asks sent to them. 

I’ll admit, I felt like if I was part of the Clexa fandom and I wrote about Bellamy or Bellarke and how they care for one another, I would be ‘shunned’ by the Clexa fandom; however, that wasn’t the case. It was actually met with “i agree” and “I love Bellamy”. I don’t know if the same could be said for a Bellarke shipper that has anything positive to say about Lexa or the Clexa dynamic. I use the word ‘dynamic’ because you can like the Clexa friendship or Lexa as a person and not see them as a good romantic match. 

So, this thing about brotp…you might not like hearing this but I am a very honest person: I see Bellamy and Clarke’s dynamic of a friendship/familial one. I see their friendship and willingness to save one another just like how Abby would do anything for Clarke, and how Bell would do anything for Octavia. Don’t you think that is a beautiful thing? That these two people trust and care about each other with there no romance or sexual attraction linking the two of them. I think that is something special and I love that representation. 

For me, if Bellarke ever becomes canon I wouldn’t be mad about it. The only thing I would be mad about is if Lexa had to die for Bellarke to happen. I personally would love them to stay platonic and have a deep meaningful friendship for the representation. Male and female friendships that have no romantic undertones, or end up being romantic by the end of the show, is lacking in the media. Time and time again I see a male and female friendship being ruined by it becoming romantic. I say ‘ruined’ because I want there to be m/f friendships that stay platonic so that their isn’t this stereotype that men and woman can never be just friends and that there will always be sexual attraction. The 100 is a show that breaks a lot of social and media norms and I could see this being the ‘endgame goal’ for Bellarke; a wonderful friendship where they feel like family and would do anything for each other. I am a firm believer that a romantic relationship is no way ‘superior’ to a platonic one. Each type of relationship has a place in a person’s life that shapes them as individuals and helps them grow as people.

Getting back to this brotp stuff: I actually use the analogy of Bellamy and Clarke being ‘teenage foster siblings’ that have bonded and are each other’s rock through trials and tribulations in their current living situations (think about Jess and Tish’s bond from Jessica Jones). Foster siblings are often separated when one of them moves to a different home. However, that bond is still there and they would go to the ends of the earth to help or see each other. Bellamy and Clarke are like these ‘foster siblings’ to me. They formed a deep bond that is usually only reserved for blood relatives; however they aren’t related. So, if you ship a romantic Bellarke, it isn’t ‘incestual’ or gross (it would be like Brandon and Callie in The Fosters– i haven’t watched this show in a while so idk how good that analogy is anymore). They didn’t grow up together; they met when they were adults and formed a deep bond. 

So, that is basically my opinion of Bellarke in a nutshell. I used the ‘teenage foster siblings’ analogy to show how the bro-sis brotp notion isn’t attacking your romantic ship; it is actually validating that your ship has a wonderful connection…but we just don’t see (at this point in the story) it having romantic undertones. I don’t let my ‘shipping google’ deter me from seeing the show and the story that the writers have written. If they decide to make Bellarke a canon romantic relationship, I will respect their vision because I am just an observer of THEIR story. Entitlement is a huge problem on both sides of the fandom that leads to a hostile environment for the cast, writers, and fans. Can’t we all just get along and be respectful? 


30 Day Fosters Challenge

Day 18: A scene that made you laugh - Brallie’s attempt to be just friends.

As much as I love the two of them together as a couple, this scene had me smiling from ear to ear and laughing so hard. I love the tension and awkwardness between them. What gets me most would be Callie’s facial expressions. She hates being just friends (almost siblings) with him.


Tasha tugged at the hem of her skirt. It was starting to unravel, which only inspired her to tug more, despite the social workers gentle insistence that she stop.

She was being moved to a new home today, her previous family had decided to adopt one of her foster siblings, so Natasha was being moved to a home with another kid, around her age. 

The social worker helped her out of the car, and Natasha followed her through the nice looking yard, and up to the door. She had her fist in her mouth, and she held tightly to the nice ladies pants, as the woman knocked on the door.