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dare i ask....what is critical role?

oh boy, okay, so THIS IS GONNA BE LONG, HEADS UP

Critical Role is a series on Twitch produced by Geek & Sundry where (famous) voice actors Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham, Taliesin Jaffe, Marisha Ray, Liam O’Brien, Ashley Johnson, Sam Riegel and Matthew Mercer play Dungeons & Dragons. Sometimes there are guests players and they are all always AMAZING.

They are all very close friends (some are spouses and married) and had this D&D campaign even before it started being broadcasted. Matthew is the Dungeon Master. Everyone is always in-character during the games, thanks to their talent, the voices and acting and RP is TOP NOTCH and you cry and laugh a lot.

The episodes can be up to 4 hours long sometimes, and there is 110 episodes so far (roughly the same length as a TV show with 7 seasons). It’s very intimidating, but you can also just listen to it and not watch them.. although (and i’m not even biased when I say that) watching Laura Bailey react to everything is like, one of the best thing about CR. Also the physical acting is sometimes important! The show is being uploaded in podcast form tho!

It’s broadcasted every Thursdays on Twitch, and then the episodes are added to Youtube on Mondays.

Who’s in the Party aka Vox Machina (some things will be left unsaid to avoid spoilers):

Vex’ahlia (Vex) played by Laura Bailey *harp music*

Half-Elf Ranger. Went from Neutral Good to Chaotic Neutral, and currently is Chaotic Good. Vax’s twin sister. She has a bear named Trinket whom she loves more than anything in the whole world (tie with Vax, probably). She winks a lot and flirts with everybody. SHE LOVES MONEY. A good person but sometimes does questionable things like lying and stealing. Self-worth issues. Lowkey bisexual, only kinda confirmed off-screen.

Vax’ildan (Vax) played by Liam O’Brien

Half-Elf Rogue. Chaotic Good. resident emo boy, but also a Soft Boy. Vex’s twin brother. Very emotional. A bit obsessed with Death. Depressed. Loves to prank Grog, and would die (literally) for his twin sister. Bros with Grog and Scanlan. Loves to braid hair. An actual bird. Canon bisexual.

Grog Strongjaw played by Travis Willingham

Goliath Barbarian. Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral? VERY TALL. Has an intelligence of 6. Pike’s best friend. Thinks water is poison (but not anymore, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT). The cutest murder machine. Fighting is like yoga for him. LOVES women and brothels. Also ale.

Pike Trickfoot played by Ashley Johnson

Gnome Cleric. Chaotic Good. The Mom friend. Grog’s best friend. Loves the goddess of Light and Healing, Sarenrae, whom she is a cleric of. She will swing her holy mace in your face if you threaten her friends. An actual angel?? Played by an actual angel? Plays only when she isn’t busy on the set of Blindspot.

Keyleth played by Marisha Ray

Half-Elf druid. Neutral Good. Percy’s best friend. Basically The Avatar. Most powerful member of the party. Vox Machina’s moral compass, she is 90% of their impulse control. Very wise but very socially awkward. (Spoilers) She jumped off a cliff, turned into a goldfish and died that one time. She’s okay tho. She loves the twins. She loves all of her friends tbh. Gets arrested a lot??. Scared about her future. Lowkey bisexual, kinda confirmed off-screen.

Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III (Percy) played by Taliesin Jaffe

Human Gunslinger (Fighter). Neutral Good. Keyleth’s best friend. A little bit haunted. Obsessed with contracts and demons tbh. THE SMARTEST BOY. Build a lot of impressive stuff. Sometimes he makes jewelry for the party out of sea shells or dragon scales. Talks fancy. Loves explosions. Has PTSD.

Scanlan Shorthalt played by Sam Riegel

Gnome Bard. Neutral Good or Chaotic good? Unsure. Probably Chaotic Good. Bros with Vax and Grog. Really fancies Pike. A player. Has a lot of issues but hides behind humor. The funniest and most talented. Is often naked. Very loyal. A complex character. He doesn’t like Trinket. Canonically not Straight. Probably Pan??

Taryon Darrington (Tary) played by Sam Riegel (for a while)

Human Alchemist. Alignment?? He’s a good boy. A REAL DIVA. Rich. Super smart. Has an automaton named Doty who writes down his adventures. Vex’s best friend. Bros with Percy. His arc was brief but he started as a pompous brat and ended being a soft and loyal member. Scared easily. Loves being an adventurer. Canonically very gay.

Beloved NPCs, played by Matthew Mercer (but only some of them because Matt plays over 100+ NPCs)

  • SHAUN GILMORE. Human. The prettiest and (canonically) gayest shopkeeper in all the lands. Actually an incredibly powerful sorcerer. Had a crush on Vax and vice versa.
  • Allura Vysoren. Human. Very graceful and smart. Amazing arcanist (wizard). Vox Machina’s number one emergency contact tbh. She loves Kima, in a gay way. Canonically bisexual.
  • Lady Kima of Vord. Halfling Paladin. She serves the deity Bahamut, The Platinum Dragon. Small but will kick everyone’s ass.  Sassy. Will kill you if you prank her. Butch Icon. Loves Allura very much. Canonically very gay.

/!\ SPOILERY NPCs /!\ :

  • J’mon Sa Ord. Nonbinary. SO ELEGANT. Barefoot at all times. Kind of tired of Vox Machina’s shit, but is still fond of them nonetheless. Spoilers x1000: Actually a (good) Dragon. The coolest sovereign. I’m in love.
  • Cassandra De Rolo. Human. Percy’s sister. Is running a kingdom while her brother is out and about shooting at bad dragons. NEEDS A FUCKING NAP. LET HER SLEEP, MATT.

Characters came and went (Tiberius Stormwind played by Orion Acaba for example) and some guests come back more often than the others, but this is getting way too long so let’s stop here.

Honestly, CR is the best thing I’ve ever watched. I never laugh as much as I do in front of a TV as I do in front of CR. Same for surprise and tears and stress and everything a show can make you feel. It’s truly something else.

“What is Critical Role” video. A good and fun recap.

You can watch Critical Role HERE

Good luck!

Tired of your character’s style being limited by their Spellcasting Ability?

Try asking your Dungeon Master if you can switch it up!

Intellect: Study world lore and the chronicle current and past events.
Wisdom: Use compassion and empathy to hit just the right note.
Charisma: Create stunning performances that enthral and inspire.

Intellect: Study religious lore and follow your deity’s tenets as written.
Wisdom: Interpret your deity’s will and act as an extension of it.
Charisma: Become a beacon of inspiration and lead the faithful.

Druid and Ranger
Intellect: Catalogue the natural world and apply this knowledge.
Wisdom: Feel in-tune with the land and anticipate its needs.
Charisma: Mimic creatures of the wild and become a part of nature.

Intellect: Study your Order’s tenets and follow them as written.
Wisdom: Interpret your Order’s tenets and act as an extension of it.
Charisma: Inspire and lead those around you.

Intellect: Learn to control your innate magic through study and practice.
Wisdom: Guide your innate magic through passion and instinct.
Charisma: Project your innate magic through intricate performance and gesture.

Intellect: Learn magic by studying and practising forbidden lore.
Wisdom: Gain an innate understanding of your Patron’s magic.
Charisma: Barter for power with your otherworldly Patron.

Intellect: Become a master of the arcane through diligent study & practice.

Sorry Wizards ~ No alts for you. This is just who you are!

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Six- Dean x Reader

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Six

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love.
Word Count: 2,317
Warnings: Sexual Content.  Language.

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I’m so addicted to all the things you do
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…
From Addicted by Saving Abel

Something more.

The words rattled you to your soul and you swallowed thickly.  It wasn’t like you could come up with a reply.  Every time you went to say something, your voice died in your throat.  The air didn’t seem to want to push its way out of your lungs and the only thing that came out was a strangled choke.

Dean had gone quiet too.  His eyes staring straight ahead, but his hand never left yours.  You looked down and you felt your heart stop when you noticed how perfect they seemed to fit together.  It was an odd idea to you.  That you could feel so much for someone but still want to hide yourself from him.  

Dean was never meant to be yours and it was going to be hard to let go of  something that never could be.  Chewing on your bottom lip, you gave his hand a squeeze.  You didn’t want to hurt him, but your heart was already dying inside.  There was something broken in you and there was no fixing it.

 Dean didn’t know that and you wouldn’t let him find out.  You would simply let him see that you weren’t meant for him.

Ten minutes later, you and Dean had arrived back to the motel.  You stopped in front of the door to your room and watched as he disappeared into his.  You allowed yourself to finally let the tears you had held back to fall.  Shaking in relief as you did.   

What the hell were you going to do with yourself?

You reached up and wiped away the tears as you stood in the cool night air.  It made your skin prickle and you reached up to rub your arms.  You had momentarily forgotten that your outfit was so suggestive until someone drove by in the parking lot to scream lewd things your direction.  You jumped and let out a surprised screamed when they honked loudly.

The door to Dean’s room came flying open as he came barreling out.  

“Y/N?” He asked as his peered around the corner at you.  You had pressed yourself to the adjoining wall as you tried to calm down.  You were overwhelmed by everything that had gone on that night. You desperately tried to regain your composure as you breathed in deeply.  Dean had rounded the corner and had you in his arms.  

You leaned into his touch and wrapped your arms around his waist.  Your heart thudded in your  chest as you tried to ignore the growing desire.  A desire to be that girl he called his own.

“What the hell are you doing out here sweetheart?”  He asked softly.  His hands coming up to stroke the top of your head.  You shook your head and clung closer to him.

“I don’t know what the hell I’m doing at all…” You mumbled into his shirt.  You were cold, tired, and confused.  You heard Dean let out a sigh before he pulled away and lead you to his door.   Your eyes snapped to him as he motioned for you to come inside.  
“Ummm….  Heh….  Ummmm…  I thought we’re gonna take things slow.”  You whimpered as you took a step backwards.  The pure nervousness that you had felt that first night in the bar was settling itself back into your stomach.  Dean let out that laugh of his and you turned to glare at him.

“What the fuck, Winchester!  Why are you always laughing at my expense? Not the best way to get in a girl’s pants!” You hissed.   Dean continued to laugh as he went inside his room.  You hovered in the doorway and stared into the darkness.  What the hell was he up to now?

First he confesses that he wants something more than sex from you.  Then he’s trying to get you into his motel room.  Was he trying to fuck with you?  You choked on your tongue  when the overhead light flickered on and Dean stood there in nothing but his boxer and t-shirt.  

You had never seen the man without his five layers of clothing except for the other morning.  Then it had only been brief and a lot less sexually driven.   Dean gave you a look as if to say, ‘You know you like it, sweetheart.’  You grunted and rolled your eyes.  

“Are you coming to bed or you just going to stand there all night?”  He asked with another chuckle.  You froze as you looked up at him with a questioning look.  

Was he just trying to get in your pants after all?  You glowered at him but took a step inside.  Dean approached you and closed the door behind you.  When it slammed shut, you couldn’t help but feel you were suddenly being locked in a dungeon of doom.   Dean, of course, being your own personal dungeon master.  You squinted as the idea of that being a dirty thought weaseled through you.  Your face twitched a bit at the thought of Dean spanking you while you called him Daddy flashed through your mind.  

You slow blinked at the thought and wondered what the hell you were even thinking.  The things this man made you think about.  No wonder woman’s panties seemed to literally drop at the sight of him.  You had never understood it until now.  Having Dean Winchester’s attention was the best high you had ever experienced.  It was also the most pissed off you had ever been.

Dean had been watching your facial expression with peaked interest.  He wished that he could just for a moment get inside that pretty head of yours, but mainly he wished he could get into those panties. 

 He snorted to himself and shook his head at that lie.  He knew damn well that what he was saying earlier was the truth.   What he wanted to get into was your heart and your panties.  Though he really didn’t care of the order that it happened.  He smirked at the thought and the way you had pressed your back against the door.

“Relax, sweetheart.  I just thought that maybe we could cuddle.  You know ease you into all this a little slower this time.”  He said with a toothy grin.   You eyed him for a moment and inspected him for any lies to be told.  All those years of hunting had given you a nose for sniffing out lies.    

“Alright… I’ll give it a try.”  You murmured.  “But any funny business Winchester and I’ll make you regret the day you were born.”  You warned as you eyed him with suspicion.  Dean just gave you that smirk of his in return before sprawling across the bed.  

“I’ll be right back.  I need to get out these clothes….  I smell like a bar threw up.”  You mumbled as you head towards the adjoining door.  Making your way quickly to your duffel bag, you rummaged around for your pajamas.   Yanking off your nuisance of an outfit, you sighed as the soft fabric of your favorite old band tee smoothed over your skin.  

Cringing when you noticed how wet your underwear still was, you slipped them down you legs in favor of a newer pair.  You blanched, when after searching for some time, realized that you didn’t have any more clean pairs.  You would have to do laundry soon.  Slipping on your sleep shorts, you grabbed your tooth brushed before sucking in a deep breath.  

You made your way through the door and stopped just short of the bed.  Dean was lying propped back on the pillows.  Shirtless.  A whimper got caught in the back of your throat and it made you sound like a mouse squeaking.  Dean smiled broadly at you and his fingers ghosted over his ab muscles.  Your eyes would have been come glue there if you hadn’t torn them away.

“Please tell me you have on boxers.”  You asked.  Your voice a little higher than normal from embrassessment.  You had never actually touched a naked man before and you couldn’t handle him if he was.   Dean laughed lowly and pulled the covers up to reveal his boxer.  You nodded before cautiously climbing into bed with him.  Crawling up to his side, you laid your head on his chest while he draped his arm around you.  

Dean sighed in contentment as he felt your warmth pressed against him.  His hand coming to rest just above your elbow as he gently ran his fingers over your skin.  You founded yourself snuggling closer into his warm chest.  Your whole body felt light as you allowed yourself to relax and enjoy the moment.  Dean was warm and smelt like mint.  Your hand began to trace circles into his right bicep as you hummed yourself to sleep.  

Dean noticed as you slowly began to fall asleep.  Your body stilled, your breathing became more even, and your eyes closed.  He smiled before placing a kiss on your forehead.  He gently ran his fingers through your hair and he couldn’t help thinking that this was how life was suppose to be.  He had a taste of this kind of life with Lisa, but that couldn’t have been.  You,though,were different.  He wouldn’t be dragging you into the life as you were already a part of it.  You understood him and he understood you.   

Dean spent the next few hours just watching you sleep.  He had chuckled when you had began to mumbled about him in your sleep.  You were frowning and you scolded him several times for being a pervert.   And then things got very interesting.   You had rolled away from him and seemed to moan his name.  He lifted himself so that he could try to make out your facial expressions in the dark.  From what he could tell, your face reflected what he thought was going on in that dream of yours.

“Dean please…  Touch me.”  You whispered.   A cocky smirk drew on Dean’s lips when his suspicions were confirmed.  You were having a sex dream about him.  

Dean could only watch completely transfixed as your hand roamed down your body.  It stopped at the waistband of your shorts and Dean had to swallow hard.  He sent out a little prayer to whomever the fuck would listen that you would go for gold.  Of course the opposite of that happen and Dean rolled his eyes.  Yours had popped open and were looking at him in horror.  He smiled knowingly down at you.  

That ever so cocky grin becoming wider as your eyes gave everything away.  Much to your protest, Dean leaned over and kissed you.  His lips lingering sweetly there.  It wasn’t raw and wild like the other you had shared.  It was soft and loving.  His lips moving against yours gently as his fingers slipped through your hair.  When he pulled back, you were a panting mess of a girl.  

You furrowed your eyebrows together at the action.  You had expected him to make some comment or lewd suggestion.  Not kiss you like you were his first love.  You reached up and scratched your head from nerves as he continued to smile at you.  Annoyance creeped up your spine as you glanced away from him.  You rolled over but could still feel those green orbs boring into your back.  The need to strangle him flashed through your mind and you sat up to glare at him.

“What Winchester?”  You snapped as your eyes narrowed into slits.

The smile was a not there anymore.  The smug grin on his face made you want to slap him or kiss him.  You just weren’t sure which one it was anymore.

“So…  How many of those dreams have you had about me?”  He asked in a cocky tone.  

You groaned and turned away from him.  Making sure to pull the covers over your head as you did.  

“Go to sleep, Dean.”  You mumbled from your blanket prison.  Dean snickered as his hand roamed under the blanket for you.  You yelped when his arms wrapped around you.  Pulling you into his chest as his fingers began to dance along your ribs.  You squealed loudly and tried to squirm away, but he locked you into his embrace. His fingers lingered in the place that he found you were the most ticklish.  You laughed until you were crying and he laughed with you as his heart swelled with joy.

“Dean stop!  STOP. Aahahahhahaha.” You well managed to shriek between rounds of laughter.   You hated being tickled and you wonder for a brief moment how he knew.  Then you remembered that you had confessed to him once.  Bastard, how did he remember that?

“Not until you tell me how many dreams you’ve had.”  He said with a laugh of his own.  You wailed harder as his fingers skimmed across your ribs again.  You jerked and wiggled but his grip was tight.  

“ALRIGHT. ALRIGHT!  I don’t know!  I’ve lost count!”  You cried in defeat as his fingers stop their torture.   

“Umm.  That’s the answer I wanted to hear.” Dean said as he kissed the top of your head.  Settling down behind you, he pressed himself into your back.  You stiffened when you could feel every muscle and smooth piece of skin.   Oh god damn it, the man was even built like a god.  You hadn’t allowed yourself to get a really good look at him.  You had always tried to avoid staring at him.  It had to be the same concept as staring at the sun.   If you stared to long you’d certainly go blind.

Dean, in the meantime, was taking advantage of your distracted state.  He leaned down and buried his face in your hair.  Sighing when you smelt sweet and light, he kissed the back of your neck.  A last fleeting thought flickered through his mind before sleep overtook him.

This was were you both belonged.

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Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet Part 2

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Part 1

Paring: Steve X Reader

Synopsis:  You’re Chief Hopper’s Niece, just moved to Hawkins from Philadelphia to finish your senior year and help with Jane. This is what insues…

Tag List: @wefracturedmotivation @fangeekkk @vilivejo

Authors Note: If you want to be tagged, let me know. I am willing to do up to 15 tags to start. Follow for more updates and please leave feedback! I love hearing it! I have a lot of ideas for this story, so let me know if you really want more!

                                        PART 2

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I posted something about this months ago, but I still like the idea, enough that I added a little more to it because it will never stop being amusing to me. Midoriya Izuku would be the best dungeon master ever and nothing and no one can convince me otherwise.

Midoriya: Dungeon Master

  • Best DM: super attention to detail, great memory, and keeps good organized notes
  • awesome imagination for putting together campaigns
  • gets super enthusiastic about storytelling so it’s fun for everybody
  • Can cry on command for roleplay purposes
  • Bases several NPCs on his favorite heroes and/or people he knows. It becomes a game of “Spot-the-teacher/classmate” with the other players
  • Once created an entire NPC with an in-depth backstory and complex motivations for the sole purpose of roasting Bakugou for an entire subplot

Uraraka: Aasimar sorcerer

  • Her character and Kirishima’s are BFFs
  • flirts with Tsuyu constantly
  • Loots everyone and everything
  • Keeps finding loopholes in gameplay rules, which keeps the DM on his toes

Todoroki: Half-elf bard

  • Had never even heard of D&D before being invited, but Midoriya said it’d be fun so he’s down
  • He’s not always sure what’s going on but he’s happy to be here
  • Keeps accidentally seducing his way out of problems
  • “Todoroki quick, show some leg!” is becoming an uncomfortably common phrase.
  • in-game charisma is unreal, irl charisma is ???

Kirishima: Dragonborn rogue

  • Gets into roleplay, like REALLY into it
  • Surprisingly good at improv???
  • Makes little suggestions to Midoriya to make the campaigns cooler
  • Sometimes he cries and everyone’s cool with it

Kaminari: Halfling cleric

  • So many terrible rolls, it’s unreal
  • How is his character still alive
  • Seriously it’s to the point where he’ll roll to do the opposite of what he wants to do

Jirou: Dwarf barbarian

  • Was skeptical at first but now has way too much fun
  • “guys we’ve literally fought against actual villains before, why do you even need a power fantasy” quickly turns to “fuck it, I’m gonna Rage.”
  • Keeps encouraging Kaminari to engage in ill-advised Leeroy Jenkins nonsense

Tsuyu: Elf ranger

  • Kaminari’s cosmic balancer
  • Magic hands, way too many nat 20s and high rolls to be statistically probable
  • Needs a good chiropractor from carrying the party sometimes

Mina: Tiefling fighter

  • Tries to befriend every NPC, especially the obviously evil ones
  • Pets all the random-encounter monsters
  • The ultimate Chaotic Neutral

Bonus guest party members:

All-Might: Half-orc monk

  • Super jazzed to participate because boy does this bring back memories
  • He hasn’t played since 1st edition but he picks things up pretty quick
  • Gets just as much into the storytelling/roleplay as Izuku and Kirishima do

Mirio: Elf paladin

  • He bases his character on Tamaki, it’s not subtle at all but it sure is adorable
  • Mirio rushes in!

Yoarashi: Human druid

  • No one told him??? Endeavor’s asshole son???? was such a dweeb????

Rated: G

Summary: Mike and Eleven have a movie night…that ends on an unexpected note.

“You two behave yourselves now,” Dustin razzed as he clattered up the stairs from Mike’s basement with the other boys.

“Yeah, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Lucas gleefully joined in, only a few steps behind him on the stairs.

“Shut up, Lucas,” Mike threw back, blushing in spite of himself.

The other boys laughed hilariously.

“See ya later, Mike.” Will was bringing up the rear, and merely grinned without adding a comment. “Bye, El!”

“Bye,” she called back from the couch as she and Mike returned his wave.

Bye, El,” Lucas and Dustin chimed on their way out the door, drawling her name and making exaggerated kissy noises before giggling together madly.

Mike shook his head and met her eyes sheepishly as he went to go join her on the couch. She was sitting with her back against the armrest, a magazine splayed open across her upraised knees, and she returned his gaze with a corner of her lips turned up, unsure whether to be exasperated or amused at their friends.

“Sorry that took so long. I really didn’t think that campaign would last that long,” he apologized, sitting next to her feet, and turning sideways on the cushion to face her. “Were you totally bored?”

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Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 11)

(So, I’m taking it slow today to rest after being glued to my computer all yesterday, but as promised, here’s a D&D imagine! Many, many thanks to the wonderful @221b-locked for making this possible, and I hope you guys enjoy!)

Imagine the Egos playing a “friendly” game of Dungeons and Dragons. Host stumbled across a podcast of people playing one day while browsing for things to listen to, and he quickly fell in love with the entire concept. He got Amy to help him order all the necessary supplies online and finally convinced the others to give it a try.

Imagine the Host being the ULTIMATE Dungeon Master. He has every detail meticulously planned, each path and every sudden turn. There are plot twists and locations he can describe down to the very last detail. But he’s also quick on his feet, ready to improvise should the party diverge from his intended story. Two minutes into their first game, the entire table is so into it that they totally forget they’re just sitting around a table rolling dice. He even sometimes employs his abilities to create subtle effects like the sounds of clashing swords and clanking armor, the heat of a dragon’s fiery breath, or the thick fog of a haunted forest.

Imagine Bim Trimmer being the best at creating new characters, so they all go to him with their ideas, hoping that he can point them in the right direction. He’s imaginative enough to keep things interesting, but he also knows how to help other players reach their full potential. He likes to play as druids, and he’ll even bring a few of his plants to the table “for effect.” (Really, he just likes holding them when things get intense.) He’s typically pretty quiet, not being the one to make decisions, but Bim has a great eye for the details that are important and keeps them all recorded in a notebook for when the party might have need of them.

Imagine Dr. Iplier refusing to play anything other than a cleric. He’s so intent on being the one to keep the others in one piece, and no one argues with him. He’s excellent at performing in the place of his character, so much so that half the time the other Egos forget where Dr. Iplier stops and his characters begin. Not only that, but he keeps the party together when things start to get hairy. He acts as sort of a voice of reason when Bim is panick-screaming, Dark is threatening to slice everyone in half, and Wilford is charging off on his own. Host refuses to start a game without the Doc at the table.

Imagine Google being ridiculously good. He exploits every strength, memorizes every detail with perfect accuracy, and may or may not know the precise movements with which to roll a nat 20 (“Though he would never use that knowledge to his advantage,” the writer says with more sarcasm than should be humanly possible by Google’s calculations). So, if he wants to participate, Host makes him read the parts of the NPC’s—Oliver usually obliges when the others get upset because Host won’t let them play. However, he’s the only other Ego that the Host will hand over the reins to. As a DM, he’s skilled and extremely knowledgeable but a little unimaginative, but he’s fair, ruthlessly so.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache, the Bard (move over Shakespeare), who will readily use his abilities to create any musical instrument imaginable to play as he sings along. He’s good at making up lyrics on the spot to suit the situation at hand, just for fun. But he’s also a merciless fighter when it comes down to it. He’s not much for strategy, but his gut instincts are invaluable in any situation. His characters typically range across the board, no one is ever like another. It’s why he plays, the chance to get into another character and play things out the way that they would. And Warfstache definitely has a set of sparkly, pink dice that he uses, but he has to constantly keep replacing them because whenever he gets a bad roll, he shoots them with pin-point accuracy, effectively killing both the dice and the table.

Imagine Dark being enthralled with the idea of testing his abilities by being encouraged to manipulate the others into thinking he’s someone else. It’s almost (no, it’s definitely) disturbing how in-character he can become, especially when he plays a character that is absolutely nothing like himself. He enjoys playing as angelic paladins with rosy cheeks and leading the party with his breath-taking skills of strategy. Host doesn’t typically like Dark, far from it in fact, but he has to admire his ability to use each of the party members in a way that optimizes their chances of surviving to the very end. But once (once) they decided to let Dark be the DM. It was a bloodbath, slow and painful, picking off one character at a time. Even Google couldn’t survive, and they all agreed never to let that happen again. Dark just shrugged it off and agreed. “It wasn’t much of a challenge, anyway.”

Imagine King of Squirrels playing once, only once, as a Beastmaster Ranger with a squirrel army at his beck and call. Needless to say, an army of fluffy creatures didn’t fare well against the dragon, and King refuses to ever play again.

Going to be DMing for the first time, which is also my first time playing Dungeon Dragons as well. Reading the campaign book to get a feel and I’m almost done however I feel like I’ve already forgotten most of what I’ve read. For those that DM, did you ever feel like this?

 We don’t start the game for a while, so hoping I gave myself plenty of time to prepare. 

Would anyone actually be interested if I made a blog about being a Dungeon Master that has ADHD? The blog would go over my attempts at managing symptoms at the table, how I manage to prep with ADHD, my routines, resources, answering questions and maybe using Ko-Fi donations to write up short adventure hooks/summaries with a either a homebrewed map or enemy???

Tips for fantasy writers, a guide to magic systems.

Being a fantasy writer myself, I know how hard we all try to make in depth world’s, interesting characters, environments, possibly creatures, and even plant life. But most of all, we try to make interesting magic systems.

I have been writing ever since I was 8, and I’ve always wanted to be an author. I go through tons of creatively stimulating things such as being the dungeon master for a d and d group, with a campaign that is roughly based off of my book that I am currently writing. As well as taking multiple creative writing classes in school.
I have “attempted” to write multiple books, all with a cool idea in mind, then I would rush into them and see what would happen.

All failed.

The things that bug me about “fantasy writers” is that … They still do this. People who claim to be good writers but just make their character so grossly over powered it’s irritating to even read. Powers where they have no problem fighting a massive horde of enemies and not even taking any drawbacks from the magic, let alone even a scratch from their opponents.

In my opinion, the most interesting part about a magic system is its consequences.
for example, a magic system that allows you to change the forces of nature around you. How hot things are, how fast things move how quickly things heal, even other forces like magnetism or gravity. What is the exchange for someone altering the world? Maybe something like blood. People who use their magic will destroy their blood cells to change forces around them.

sure you can be somewhat over powered if you have TRAINED AND PRACTICED in this magic for years, but no matter what, you’ll still have a limiting factor just like everyone else. Blood. No one has infinite blood.

For some reason these so called fantasy writers give their characters a massive wealth of power, without even explaining it’s origins or even what the power comes from.

So, to put an end to my rambling, let’s go onto some tips.

TIP 1: the 3 magic types.
Magic is all about consequences. I’d say that their are 3 types of systems which we can categorize most magics into. Soft, average, and hard magic.
Soft magic is very wishy washy, doesn’t give much explanation about where the powers come from, and you never really know what a magic can do. I’d say tolkeins magic systems are the key definition of this. You never really know what gandalf can do. They talk about magic, but just briefly and it’s this sort of tabooed, ominous thing to be left alone. Don’t get me wrong, soft magic can still be incredibly interesting, and the excitement of not knowing what the magic can do is always entertaining. BUT, this doesn’t make an excuse for giving your character thousands of powers they can use infinitely at their disposal. Their has to be consequences.

The next average magic. Average magic is well, what you normally see in most fantasies. Magic that is somewhat explained, and generally, the cost of using the magic is simply growing tired. You can cast huge amounts of magic, but maybe they might feel woozy, or even pass out. I CANNOT BEGIN to explain how overused this consequence is. One spin that I’ve seen on it that was quite interesting was the exact opposite of this. Using magic made the user more awake. This can be very helpful, keeping the user more active and alert in the heat if a battle. however it becomes maddening. As the more magic used, it keeps the user from falling asleep. Eventually the ability to stay awake makes the user so groggy and tired, and their ability to remain alert generally turns into a sensory overload. When they finally doze off they try to sleep for days. This was actually very interesting. The consequences give you extra bonuses but crushing, and debilitating consequences. 

 The next, my favorite, is hard magic. Hard magic is clearly explained, and has definite laws and rules that are made known to the reader. Brandon sandersons books are a good example of this. Mistborn, clearly explains the rules, and what the magic can do, and what the magic can’t do. It’s turned into more of a science really. I really like this system as I know exactly what can happen, and what can’t happen. Don’t let my bias get in your head however. Soft and average magic systems can still be very affective. This is just my personal opinion. 

 Tip 2: term definitions; cost, requirement, limit, and rules. 
- First off, let’s define these for the reason of this post. I’ll be using avatar the last Airbender magic systems for this. 

 Cost- the consequence for using the magic. Cost dosent have to be a physical drawback. While bending for hours can make the user exhausted, we saw in some episodes where you could even be imprisoned for using earthbending. And while Aangs use of Airbending gives him an edge over his opponents, it will also reveal him as the Avatar. These are clearly costs of the magic system. 

Requirement- what you need to cast the magic. Whether it be chanting magic words, having a catalyst or staff, a magic stone of tome. In avatar, we clearly see that a requirement for something is motions. Toff couldn’t earthbend with her hands tied, but she can still use it with her feet. Iro was chained up but he still managed to use a hidden technique by drawing from his breath, and even firebending from his NOSE. nothing in avatar has ever been bent without motions. It is not a mental thing it is a physical thing. As well as with some elements, like water, the element needs to be present to manipulate. 

Limit- what the stretch of the magic is, how far it can go, what it can do. Avatar sets the rules for what it can do early on. More skill with bending means you can do more things. We saw Toff manage to hone her earthbending so much that she was able to manipulate the sediments of elements left over in metals. Allowing her to bend metal.
Zuko learned to channel and redirect lightning from Iro, and katara learned to turn her water into ice, and even learned to manipulate the water in other people’s blood. These are clearly limits to what the magic can do.
And with aang, being able to bend the air does not mean he can fly, as that would require constant hand motions and probably begin to exhaust him. Instead he uses a glider, using the natural air currents to glide. 

 Rules- pretty self explanatory. What the magic cannot do, no matter what. Generally a summing up of the previous 3 rulings. These could even be literal or ethical rules for using the magic. In Harry Potter using curses is forbiddened. These could be actual rules for using it. But otherwise these are things the magic must follow, and can be a summing up of the last 3. So, now that we see this, what are your magics rules? What is the consequence for using it? consequences don’t have to be physical. They can also be emotional or social. Such as losing sanity when you use magic. Or magic can be incredibly tabooed and social reputation is ruined. 

 One book I read, magic made your hair change color. And people with colorful hair were shunned and even hunted and linched by extremists. Consequences are much more interesting then what the magic can actually do. That’s why we read novels, is to see how to over come trials. If you have more trials, more consequences for using a magic, it gives you leave to make it more powerful. 

Remember, it’s what the magic can’t do that makes it interesting. If your character has the powers over everything there is literally no challenge he can face that he won’t win. Instead of giving your character a new power to get over some block in a story reason, give them a new way to use what they already have. 
- Like how katara learns to turn water into ice, Zuko learns to redirect lightning and Toff learns to metal bend. They are already using what they have at their disposal, but with more practice with the magic, they can get over something.

 And if your magic system is based off of things like spells, where you literally do learn new powers, have the learning of spells be slow. Go through what the spell can’t do, write your character messing up with a spell! 

 Final tip: show, don’t tell. I cannot tell you how boring it is to read pages and pages of how a magic system works. Instead of telling me how something works, show it to me! You don’t have to explain it either, which makes it all the more fun to learn about later. If you need to clear something up about magic, have a mentor explain it to them, but don’t go over every single aspect, secret, or specific ruling of it. 

 Stretch out the rules throughout the book, so that the reader can learn what the magic can do. That way when the character(s) face something intense, the reader knows exactly what they can do to fight against it. 

 Anyway, these are just my personal opinions and advice on how to write magic systems. I hope this helped! If you have any questions, please message me!

*Edit* OH MY GOODNESS people actually re-blogged this post! I saw how horribly constructed it was (apparently editing a draft is hell) so I went on my computer to edit it and fix my countless spelling mistakes and set up. Thank you all for re-blogging! If you have any questions please ask me! 


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