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look I know it’s been like 3 years since any women had a a meaningful conversation in an MCU movie but that’s no reason to skimp on the femslash there are so many possibilities

  • Helen Cho and Claire Temple go out for coffee; end up falling in love over mutual complaining about their ridiculous superheroes.
  • Pepper Potts and Hope Van Dyne meet up to negotiate cooperations between Stark Industries and Pym Tech. Aggressive negotiating turns into eye fucking turns into making out in someone’s office.
  • Sharon Carter having a ridiculous crush on Bobbi Morse ever since S.H.I.E.L.D. boot camp and wanting to tear her hair out every time Bobbi gets back with Hunter.
  • Ayo accompanies T’Challa to Avengers Tower on business; is so hot that Useless Bisexal ™ Helen Cho actually drops whatever she was holding.
  • The Avengers appear on Trish Talk and after being totally unimpressed by any of the guys Trish Walker discovers she can’t even make eye contact with Natasha Romanoff without turning bright red. What are coherent sentences?
  • Jane Foster and Lady Sif get tired of waiting for Thor to quit dicking around and notice one of them; Sif sweeps Jane off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together.
  • Jessica Jones starts jokingly flirting with Claire Temple, asking if she wants to cross another Defender off her list. To her absolute shock Claire takes her up on it. 
  • Before she infiltrated Stark Industries, Natasha Romanoff went undercover at Pym Tech. She stole their corporate secrets and Hope Van Dyne’s heart.
  • Daisy Johnson and Wanda Maximoff take a day off from being stressed out baby superheroes with crappy lives and messed up families to go see a movie together. Making out ensues.
  • Melinda May, who deserves nice things and rough sex, starts hooking up with Agent Piper, who’s a little scared but also really doesn’t want to question her luck.
  • Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis have been living together for a year and a half, but don’t realize they’re married until they absentmindedly kiss in the lab one night.
  • Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, becomes a stammering dork when faced with Mantis being completely adorable. Mantis is puzzled.

I could do these literally all day please come talk to me about MCU femslash or tell me yours I need more gay MCU ladies


Speaking of kisses, you know who is the best kisser on the team? Demoman, hands down (not spy do not be fooled). Tavish is by faaaar the best smoocher, mainly because he is versatile!
You want a soft, gentle kiss? Demo has very soft lips and can be incredibly tender.
You want a rough kiss? Oh he’s a master at that, you will not be disappointed. You want a goofy, scruffy kiss that leaves you laughing and shoving his face away for being the big DORK he is? Well, that’s his specialty. Demo kisses are the best kisses

Things I love about B99

- Jake Peralta
- Jake Peralta’s tiny bits of chub in season 1
- Jake Peralta’s fluffy hair in season 1
- Johnny and Dora
- Rosa’s smiles
- Amy being a dork
- The faces people make in the background
- All of Holt’s gay/rainbow paraphernalia on his desk
- Kevin and Ray
- Cheddar
- Jake Peralta
- Gina
- Terry and yoghurt
- More Jake Peralta
- When Holt makes a joke and no one laughs
- When Holt shouts something out of context
- Ginas dancing
- Jakes roleplaying and undercover stuff
- Peraltiago
- The ‘Jake Peralta is Bisexual’ Theory
- Holt not understanding modern things
- Terry and his kids
- Jake and random children
- Charles shipping Peraltiago
- Jake in general

Mario Kart

When Ethan and Mark play it, Mark usually wins because of experience but eventually ends up letting the blue boy win just so he can smile at Ethan being a dork, shouting “YES!!” and rubbing it in his face.

Tyler does no such thing and will agree to every rematch Ethan demands, keeping a straight face every time he gains another victory. He plays round after round for hours, never breaking and never showing mercy. Eventually Ethan becomes so defeated and hopeless he gives up.

Bonus: Ethan comes home early one day and Ty doesn’t notice. Eth walks into the living room to catch Tyler playing some single player Mario Kart, experiencing indescribable joy as the words “You got 12th Place” pop up on screen.


-Aunt May. the ultimate cock block

-being with Peter when Tony shows up and Tony making all sorts of comments about how Peter not only has a hot aunt, but a hot girlfriend too?

-staying in New York while Peter goes to ‘fight team Cap’ because you have school

-Peter would totally be skyping, texting and calling you 24/7

-maybe even during the fights

-”wait a sec metal arm guy, my girlfriend is calling. hey Y/N! what am i doing right now? well theres this guy with this huge metal arm and- wooooah! stop throwing things at me! can’t you see im on the phone?!”

-”hey babe, you know that old movie with the giant things that walk and the spaceships that wrap stuff around their legs? yeah! Starwars! i should have remembered the name, thanks babe.”

-i dunno, he seems like a ‘babe’ guy

-adorable awkwardness

-but you fit so perfectly together when you hug

-he’d love giving you piggy back rides

-adorable cuddles

-he would love burrowing his face against your neck and kissing your neck and just… neck.

-if you ever wanted to put yourself in harms way he would totally just spider web you to things.

-”its too dangerous.” “nah i’ll be fine… Peter. did you just spiderweb me to the door?” “yes???”


-him teaching you computer stuff

-”you sure you’re not bored by all this computer stuff?” he would ask. you would say no. 

-holding hands

-long walks around Queens because yes

-he would know all the super cool places

-Aunt May would loooove you

-you’d be invited to every dinner at that house

-Aunt May would make you little food take home bags

-OH MY GOSH! you and Peter would be ‘love bugs’ (get it? because he’s a spider *insert troll face*)

-endless honey moon phase

-being dorks

-being nerds

-being who you are with each other, no need for false fronts

-i love you, i love you, i love you


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Why do people hate on Belgium? I mean really. .__. She is a really cute character, plus she makes waffles, come on. Even if someone dislikes her, why call her a bitch or a whore? All she ever does in canon is talk to her brother and Spain and Romano. How has she been mean or flirty enough to be called those things? Does she get in the way of the yaoi pairings?? Seriously? She’s a bubbly, sweet, and caring character. She likes cats and smiles like 98% of the time. Just like any other character, she can be deep. Why hate on this little thing? Why hate on any of the female characters??

You almost have an asthma attack when a random jerk blows cigarette smoke in your face (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he went from being dork to pushing the guy far away from you and made sure you were getting your inhaler- “morons are lucky you always carry that inhaler or more people would be going to the hospital today”

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Jin: -he had to restrain himself from doing something dumb, he had never been so mad at a man before and the boys told him to calm down- “I’m sorry does your girlfriend have asthma? Do you know what happens if she has an attack?” 

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Suga: -it may have been one of the only times he had to stop himself from hitting the man who did it. He stopped himself and made sure you were alright- “you want me to teach him a lesson? Maybe something with manners”

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J-Hope: -when you told him you were okay. He wasn’t calm about what happened never wanted anything bad about you- “I just don’t want anyone to hurt you. In any way. I should be able to protect you”

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Jimin: -he was mad because he couldn’t really help you other than make sure you were as far away from the smoke as possible.- “there’s something wrong with people who do stuff like that”

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V: -he looked at the man in disgust. After what he did all he could do was look at him like that- “I should kill that guy but the cigarettes will do it for me” 

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Jungkook: -he was ready to kill the man. No one should ever do that to you. After he helped you get your breathing back to normal he was the one who needed help calming down- “he almost caused you to have an attack. I should end him now”

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I just find it really funny that England and France’s relationship is basically England with “DO YOU WANNA FUCKING GO?” And Francis probably chimes in with “MAKE OUT BEHIND A BUILDING.” And England answering like “YEAH I KNEW YOU WANTED TO YOU WANK-WAIT.”